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                                      Bangladesh Association of
                                  Software and Information Services

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BASIS               BASIS has been organizing its annual mega event BASIS SOFTEXPO since 2003.
SoftExpo            Over recent years, SOFTEXPO has become Bangladesh's biggest showcase for
                    software products; IT enabled services (ITES) and ICT system solutions. For
                    business organizations ranging from large conglomerates to SMEs,
                    government departments & agencies, non prot & development organizations
                    as well as individual buyers, SOFTEXPO is the show to and what technologies
                    and products are contemporary and demonstrate the exciting things that are

                    Apart from the showcasing of products, services and solutions, SoftExpo also
                    hosts a range of side events including - seminars and roundtables on policy
                    and strategic issues, technical workshops, product presentations, contents for
                    young talent search, IT job fair, business match making with foreign clients etc

                    This year’s theme for SOFTEXPO is Empowering Next Generation.
                    • More than hundred exhibitors are taking part. Exhibitors include software &
                      ITES companies providing business solutions, e-Governance solution
                      providers, mobile content and application developers, communication
                      solution providers, e-commerce merchants, IT training institutes, outsourcing
                      companies etc.

                    • Over 50,000 visitors (including prospective corporate, institutional &
                      individual buyers as well as wide range of people including
                      investors/entrepreneurs, government officials & policy makers, professionals,
                      journalists, academicians, students) expected during the 5 day long event.

                    • Participation of companies and visitors from a number of countries including
                      USA, UK, Netharlands and Denmark.

                    • IT Job Fair through witch IT companies will be able to interview the
                      candidates for recruitment.

                    • Business match-making between local and foreign software/IT Enabled
                      Services companies and clients.

                    • Talent Search Programs titled “Abiskarer Khoje” to award innovative IT
                      projects developed by young talents (students/professionals).

                    • Programming contest titled “Code Warriors’ Challenge”.

                    • Award giving for “BASIS Freelancer of the year 2012”

                    • A number of seminars and business sessions to be participated by key
                      decision makers of the country and renowned experts from home and

BASISSOFTEXPO2012                                                                BASIS SoftExpo 2012
    Bangladesh Association of
Software and Information Services

An Overview         Bangladesh Association of Software and Information Services (BASIS)
on BASIS            is the national association for Software & IT Enabled Services
                    companies of Bangladesh. Formed in 1997, the association has been
                    working with a vision of developing vibrant local software & IT service
                    industry in the country. In persuasion of this vision, BASIS has been
                    working relentlessly to create IT awareness in the society through
                    projecting the high importance of making the country more IT enabled
                    for a better future of the nation. At the same time the association has
                    been working hard for creating an enabling environment for the
                    software & ITES industry of the country so that it can flourish by rightly
                    utilizing the huge market potential- both home and abroad.

                    BASIS started with 17 charter members in 1997. Today the
                    membership stands over 495. BASIS Member companies account for
                    lion’s share of local software & IT Service Market.

                    BASIS tries to pursue the following broad goals through its regular
                    programs and activities:

                    1. Domestic market development by creating awareness
                    2. Helping the local software and ITES companies penetrate the
                    international market
                    3. Capacity building of the member firms
                    4. Persuasion for business friendly government policies for the industry

                    BASIS Secretariat
                    Bangladesh Association of Software & Information Services
                    BDBL Bhaban (5th Floor-West), 12 Kawran Bazar, Dhaka-1215,
                    Tel: +880-2-8151196, 8144708-9, 09612322747
                    Fax: + 880-2-8151197
                    E-mail: secretariat@basis.org.bd | www.basis.org.bd

BASISSOFTEXPO2012                                                         An Overview on BASIS
General                    Venue
Information                Bangabandhu International Conference Center(BICC)
on                         Entry to the Exhibition
BASIS                      Taka 50 per person
SoftExpo 2012              Free entry for students (valid student ID card needs to be shown) & corporates.
                           Ticket counter will be situated in front of the venue gate.

                           The parking for the corporate visitors/Exhibitors has been arranged within the
                           premises of the BASIS SoftExpo center inside premises.

                           Information Center
                           Information Center will be situated at the main entrance of the exposition area.
                           The latest information on the event and activities will be available here.

                           Expo Zones
                           Business Software Zone
                           Outsourcing Zone
                           Mobile Application & Solution Zone
                           Cloud & Communication Zone
                           ITES & BPO Zone
                           IT Education Zone
                           e-Commerce Zone

                           Number of local companies exhibiting: 132

                           Press and Media Center
                           The Press and Media Center is the focal point of disseminating information
                           about happenings of the event. (1st Floor of the venue, near Windy Town)

                           Food Courts
                           Food and drinks, including lunch, snacks etc. will be available for sale during
                           exhibition time.

                           Prayer Room
                           A prayers area is also there inside the centre.

                           In case of any emergency, please contact the staff at the Organizers Temporary

                           The organizers reserve the right to order the expulsion of any person whose
                           conduct in their opinion renders such a course occasion appropriate. Lighting
                           fire, smoking, carrying harmful object/articles or creating disturbances in the
                           exhibition halls is strictly disallowed. Appropriate sound volume should be

  General Information on                                                                    BASISSOFTEXPO2012
   BASIS SoftExpo 2012
SoftExpo            Convening Committee
Organizing          Mr. Tamzid Siddiq Spondon, Joint Secretary General, BASIS - Convener
                    Mr. AKM Fahim Mashroor, Senior Vice President, BASIS - Member
                    Ms. Farhana A Rahman, Vice President, BASIS - Member
                    Mr. Syed Almas Kabir, Treasurer, BASIS - Member
                    Mr. AK Sabbir Mahbub, Director, BASIS - Member
                    Mr. Rafiqul Islam Rowly, Managing Director, CSL Software Resources Ltd. - Member
                    Mr. Nahid Ahmad, Managing Director, Valuplus Computer Systems Ltd.- Member
                    Mr. Uttam Kumar Paul, Managing Director, Best Business Bond Ltd. - Member
                    Mr. Sk. Abul Hashem, Managing Director, IECB Ltd. - Member
                    Mr. M. Rashidul Hasan, Managing Director, Systech Digital Ltd.- Member
                    Mr. Shah Imraul Kaeesh, Technobd Web Solutions (Pvt.) Ltd. - Member
                    Mr. Ariful Hasan Opu, CEO, e-Soft -Member
                    Mr. AKM Ahmedul Islam, Head of Operation, ServicEngine Limited
                    Mr. Emran Hasan, Co-Founder and CTO, Right Brain Solutions Ltd.

                    Event Coordinator : Mr. Biplob Ghosh Rahul, Coordinator - Events & PR, BASIS

                    Organizing Sub-Committees
                    Sponsorship Committee
                    Mr. Forkan Bin Quasem, Secretary General, BASIS
                    Ms. Farhana A Rahman, Vice President, BASIS
                    Mr. Syed Almas Kabir, Treasurer, BASIS
                    Mr. Shoeb Ahmed Masud, Business Automation Ltd.
                    Mr. Sk. Abul Hashem, IECB
                    Mr. Shameem Ahsan, eGeneration Ltd.

                    Venue and Logistics for Exhibition
                    Mr. Sheikh Abul Hashem, IECB Ltd.
                    Mr. Amir Hossain, Electrocraft Corporation Ltd.
                    Mr. Gopal Debnath, Mediasoft Data Systems Ltd.
                    Mr. Rashed Kamal, The Databiz Software Ltd.
                    Mr. Iqbal Ahmed Fakhrul Hasan, Divine IT Limited
                    Mr. Suny Md. Ashraf Khan, MCC Ltd.

                    Web and Social Media Presence
                    Mr. Shah Imraul Kaeesh, Technobd Web Solutions (Pvt.) Ltd.
                    Ms. Rezwana Khan, Star Computers Systems Ltd.
                    Mr. Emran Hasan, Right Brain Solutions Ltd.
                    Mr. Md. Abul Kashem, Xponent Infosystem Ltd.
                    Mr. Sheikh Shaer Hasan, Nascenia Ltd.

                    Publication, Media & PR
                    Mr. Ariful Hasan Opu, e-Soft
                    Mr. Imtiaz Ilahi, Graphicpeople Limited
                    Mr. Suny Md. Ashraf Khan, MCC Ltd

BASISSOFTEXPO2012                                                          SOFTEXPO Organizing Committees
SoftExpo                         Seminars
Organizing                       Mr. Fahim Mushroor, Senior Vice President, BASIS
                                 Mr. Syed Almas Kabir, Treasurer, BASIS
                                 Mr. AK Sabbir Mahbub, Director, BASIS
                                 Mr. M. Rashidul Hasan, Systech Digital Ltd.
                                 Mr. Shoeb Ahmed Masud, Business Automation Ltd.
                                 Mr. Nahid Ahmad , ValuePLUS Computer Systems Limited

                                 IT Innovation Search Program (Abiskarer Khoje)
                                 Mr. Jahidul Hasan Mitul, Business Automation Ltd
                                 Mr. Ariful Hasan Opu, e-Soft
                                 Mr. Amir Hossain, Elector Craft Corporation Ltd, Member
                                 Mr. Manjur Mahmud, Datasoft Systems BD Ltd.
                                 Mr. Syed Almas Kabir, Treasurer, BASIS
                                 Mr. Rezwanul Haque jami, MM service

                                 Programmer Talent Search (Code Warriors’ Challenge)
                                 Mr. M. Rashidul Hasan, Systech Digital Ltd.
                                 Ms. Rezwana Khan, Star Computers Systems Ltd.
                                 Mr. Shah Imraul Kaeesh, Technobd Web Solutions (Pvt.) Ltd.
                                 Mohammad Sanowarul Islam, CEO, Innovation Information System
                                 Engr. Shohorab Ahmed Chowdhury, Managing Director, Synesis IT

                                 Technical Sessions
                                 Mr. Md. Emran Hasan, Right Brain Solution Ltd.
                                 Mr. AK Sabbir Mahbub, Director, BASIS
                                 Mr. Shah Imraul Kaeesh, Technobd Web Solutions (Pvt.) Ltd.
                                 Mr. Mirza Rashedul Amin, Prime tech
                                 Mr. Fokhruz Zaman, iPaholics
                                 Mr. Md. Abul Kashem, Xponent Infosystem Ltd.

                                 IT USE Award Program
                                 Mr. Rafiqul Islam Rowly, CSL Software Resources Ltd.
                                 Mr. AKM Fahim Mashroor, Senior Vice President, BASIS
                                 Ms. Farhana A Rahman, Vice President, BASIS

                                 Freelancer Award
                                 Mr. AKM Fahim Mashroor, Senior Vice President, BASIS
                                 Mr. Emran Hasan, Right Brain Solutions Ltd.
                                 Mr. Shah Imraul Kaeesh, Technobd Web Solutions (Pvt.) Ltd.
                                 Mr. Ariful Islam Opu, E-Soft
                                 Mr. Mohammad Kawsar Uddin, President, BIJF

                                 Networking Session (Industry Match Making)
                                 Mr. Rafiqul Islam Rowly, CSL Software Resources Ltd.
                                 Mr. S Kabir Ahmed, Director, BASIS
                                 Mr. AK Sabbir Mahbub, Director, BASIS
                                 Mr. Uttam Kumar Paul, Best Business Bond Ltd.

SOFTEXPO Organizing Committees                                                                BASISSOFTEXPO2012
Programs,           Inauguration Ceremony
Events &            Date: February 22, 2012 , Time: 10:00 am
                    Venue: Celebrity Hall, BICC
                    Exhibition for the Public
                    Exhibition remains open for the public from 10:00 am to 8:00 pm everyday
                    Date: February 22 to February 26, 2012
                    Venue: Exposition area (Milky Way, Harmony Hall & Carnival Hall)
                    [List of exhibitors with booth numbers is available in the next section]

                    Seminars and Roundtables
                    A number of seminars and roundtables will be arranged by BASIS during
                    SoftExpo 2012
                    Date: 22-26 Feb
                    Venue: Seminar room (Media Bazar, Windy town and Green View)
                    [List of seminars is numbers is available in the next section]

                    Technical & Open Sessions
                    A number of technical sessions on emerging technology and technical issues
                    will arranged by BASIS during SoftExpo 2012
                    Date: 22-26 Feb
                    Venue: Session room (Open stage of Harmony Hall and Green View)
                    [List of open & technical sessions available in the next section]

                    International business match making sessions
                    (between European companies and IT companies from Bangladesh)
                    Date: 23 & 24, Feb
                    Venue: Media Bazar

                    Business Meet & Match for Local Industries
                    (3 sectors: Government Sector, Banking and Financial Sector & Garments and
                    Textiles Sector)
                    Date: 22, 25 & 26 February
                    Venue: Media Bazar

                    Programmer Talent Search program “Code Warriors’ Challenge”
                    Final round of competition to be held on February 25, 2012 at Windy Town

                    IT Job Fair
                    CVs to be collected on 22 & 23 February. Face-to-Face Interview of short-listed
                    candidates on 25 February. 13 IT Companies are taking part.

                    Award Ceremony
                    Grand award night to give special honorary awards. Awards will also be given to
                    winners of all the contests.
                    Date: 25 February
                    Time: 6:30 pm to 9:30 pm
                    Venue: Celebrity Hall, BICC
BASISSOFTEXPO2012                                                                       Programs Events & Activities
Seminars & Roundtables
Morning Session              e-Governance: The Experience of Norway
11:30-13:00                  Organized by: GPIT

Morning Session              e-payment and m-payment as Alternative Transaction method: Adoption Challenges
11:00-13:00                  Organized by: BASIS

Evening Session              Knowledge Management in Practice
14:30-15:30                  Organized by: CIMSoluions Bangladesh Ltd.

Evening Session              Building Effective Industry Linkage for the ICT education
16:00-18:00                  Organized by: BASIS Under BITMAP-II

Evening Session              Role of Satellite Image on i) Earthquake Disaster Management and ii)Digital Land Management System (DLMS)
18:00-20:00                  Organized by: BASIS

Evening Session              Outsourcing in the Emerging Cloud Eco System-Opportunities & Challenges for SME providers
16:30-18:30                  Organized by: Jointly BASIS & CBI-ITC

Evening Session              Private Equity funding for IT ventures
19:00-20:00                  Organized by: Albatross Technology Limited

Evening Session              Mobile Applications Development and Smart Technologies for Citizen Services in Bangladesh
15:00-17:00                  Organized by: Worldsoft Limited

Evening Session              Women Empowerment and the role of ICT
17:30-19:30                  Organized by: Jointly BASIS & ITC

Evening Session              Achieving operational excellence throught process improvement
17:30-19:30                  Organized by: BASIS Quality Forum

Morning Session              Doing business in National Portal Framework
11:30-13:30                  Organized by: Jointly BASIS and A2I

Evening Session              National Portal Framework-Future Prospects
12:00-12:40                  Organized by: Jointly BASIS and A2I

Evening Session              Mitigating Current Business Challenges in terms of Quality & Security through
                             Standardization: ISO 20000 & ISO 27001
15:00-16:30                  Organized by: GPIT

Evening Session              Dell’s Winning Enterprise – Take the Lead
17:00-19:00                  Organized by: Dell

Evening Session              Opportunity in e-Governance Managed Services
17:30-19:00                  Organized by: BASIS
    Seminars & Roundtables                                                                                           BASISSOFTEXPO2012
Technical Sessions
14:30-20:00         phpXperts DevCon 2012
Celebrity Hall

10:30-12:30         Architecting your applications for the cloud
Green View

12:30-14:30         Next generation cloud deployment: Self help is the best help!
Green View

15:00-17:00         Designing good API and its importance
Green View

17:30-20:00         Bioinformatics: why should we be serious about this?
Green View

10:30-13:00         Build Social Apps for Facebook
Green View

14:30-17:00         HTML 5 and CSS 3 - The next BIG thing in web front end
Green View

17:30-20:00         Achieving Hyper-productivity
Green View

10:30-13:00         Setting Up A Web Business , Promoting it using internet
Green View          marketing strategies like SEO, Social Media & Email Marketing.

14:30-19:00         securITy – A Session on Information Security
Green View

12:30-14:00         Getting Start with web development using SharePoint 2010
Green View

14:30-17:00         Ride on the Fast Track of Web with Ruby on Rails
Green View

BASISSOFTEXPO2012                                                                    Technical Sessions
Business Meet & Match
Evening Session             Business Meet & Match Session for Government Sector
14:30-20:00                 Organized by: BASIS
Media Bazaar

Morning Session             International Business Match Making Program (NTF-II Program)
10:00-17:00                 Organized by: BASIS
Media Bazaar

Morning Session             International Business Match Making Program (NTF-II Program)
10:00-16:30                 Organized by: BASIS
Media Bazaar

Morning Session             Business Meet & Match Session for Banking and Financial Sector
10:00-17:00                 Organized by: BASIS
Media Bazaar

Morning Session             Business Meet & Match Session for Garments and Textiles Sector
12:30-17:30                 Organized by: BASIS
Media Bazaar

    Business Meet & Match                                                                    BASISSOFTEXPO2012
Idea & Innovation Platform Harmony Hall
12:30-13:00         BRAC Bank Online Payment Gateway and Online Business
                    Prensented by: BRAC Bank
15:00-16:00         An Assessment of Software Process in a typical software house in Bangladesh
                    Prensented by: UIU
16:30-17:30         Robotics, Gaming and Pervasive Intelligent Environment Exhibition and Technical Session
                    Prensented by: Wordsoft Ltd.
11:0-12:00          VoIP Billing Plus
                    Prensented by: DataCenter Bangladesh
12:30-13:30         e-Ticketing service for bus transport passengers of Bangladesh
                    Prensented by: Electro CRAFT Corporation Ltd.
15:00-15:30         BRAC Bank Online Payment Gateway and Online Business
                    Prensented by: BRAC Bank
16:00-17:00         IT Engineers Examination
                    Prensented by: JICA
17:30 -18:30        GPIT Product Showcase
                    Presented by: GPIT
19:00 - 19:30       Prospects of Mobile Financial Service
                    Presented by: bKash
10:10 -10:30        Affordable Marker Less Motion Capture Solution
                    Presented by: Hasinur Rahman Reza
10:30-10:50         An Intelligent Military Robot Using Machine Learning Techniques
                    Presented by: Feroz Ahmed siddiky
11:00-11:20         BDDRUGS.COM
                    Presented by: Saiham Ahmed Bin Halim
11:30-11:50         Automatic Tabulation Sheet & Progressive Report
                    Presented by: Md. Yousuf Ali
12:00-12:20         TALKING ASSISTANT
                    Presented by: Kazi Bazlur Rahman
12:30- 13:30        Proven approach makes Offshore development a success
                    Presented by: CIM Solutions
14:00-14:20         Doctor Software
                    Presented by: Dr. S. M. Ashraful Alam
14:30 -14:50        Change
                    Presented by: E. M. Yeaseenur Rahman Tuhin
BASISSOFTEXPO2012                                                                                     Idea & Innovation
                                                                                                   Platform Harmony Hall
15:00-16:00                 How can technology ensure victory of women over social evils?
                            Presented by: Bijoya
16:00- 16:30                Ecosystem of Mobile Financial Service
                            Presented by: bKash
17:00-18:00                 A Strategic Choice for Bangladesh
                            Presented by: CIMSolutions Bangladesh ltd.
18:00-19:30                 Social Media in Bangladesh
                            Presented by: Qubee
10:30 -10:50                BartaVubon
                            Presented by:Muhammad Tajul Islam
10:50-11:10                 Super Mobile Technology
                            Presented by: Md. Shafayat Hossain
11:10-11:30                 Design and Development of Online Library for Visually Impaired
                            Presented by: Achie Khaleda Nila
12:00-12:30                 BRAC Bank Online Payment Gateway and Online Business
                            Presented by: BRAC Bank
13:00-13:30                 Future of Mobile Financial Service: Opportunities and Challenges
                            Presented by: bkash
15:00-16:00                 IT Engineers Examination
                            Presented by: JICA
16:30 -17:30                The Myth of Dev. & QA and the Development Process
                            Presented by: Prime Tech
12:30-13:00                 Smart Accounting/Financial Solution For Your Business
                            Prensented by: MATEORS DOT COM LTD
13:30-14:00                 "E-school" - a free school management system and e-learning platform for you
                            Presented by: Informatix Technologies
14:00-14:30                 Prospects of Mobile Financial Service in BD
                            Presented by: bKash
15:30-16:30                 Decision Making through Business Intelligence
                            Presented by: The Databiz Software Ltd
18:30-19:00                 BRAC Bank Online Payment Gateway and Online Business
                            Presented by: BRAC Bank

       Idea & Innovation                                                                                   BASISSOFTEXPO2012
    Platform Harmony Hall
Inspiration Platform Outdoor Events
17:30-19:30         Interactive session with the youth

14:30-19:00         fvlvi gv‡m evsjv e‡Mi GKwU wgjb‡gjv

14:30-18:30         Open session with the Freelancers - BIMPA

19:00-20:00         Closing Program of SoftExpo 2012 (Best stall award, Fanush Show and Laser Show)

BASISSOFTEXPO2012                                                                                Inspiration Platform
                                                                                                   Outdoor Events
IT Job Fair         BASIS is going to arrange IT job fair on the occasion of BASIS SoftExpo2012.
                    The job fair is arranged with the objective of creating suitable employment
                    opportunities for IT professionals at the BASIS member companies. Also, by
                    taking part at the job fair and sharing information of current activities, vision
                    and future plans about their respective companies, IT companies will be able
                    to project a realistic and practical scenario with respect to future opportunities
                    for the career aspirant young talents.

                    CVs against speci c job announcement (to be made available at SOFTEXPO
                    web site) will be received on 2nd & 3rd day of BASIS SoftExpo 2012 (February
                    23 & 24, 2012). These CVs will be short-listed by respective companies and the
                    interview schedule will be announced by the evening of February 24, 2012 at
                    SOFTEXPO website.

                    Face-to Face interviews will be arranged at Expo Venue on February 25, 2012
                    for the short-listed candidates. Participating company representatives will take
                    the interviews.

                     List of Participating Companies (13)
                     Genuity Systems Limited
                     DNS Software Ltd.
                     Rise Up Labs Limited
                     Right Brain Solution Ltd.
                     Grameenphone IT Ltd.
                     DEVNET Limited
                     Epsilon Consulting & Development Services.
                     Brain Station 23
                     Cygnus Innovation Limited
                     MF Asia Ltd.
                     Eyeball Networks
                     Prime Tech
                     ServicEngine Limited

      IT Job Fair                                                                     BASISSOFTEXPO2012
International       During second and third days (February 23 & 24) of BASIS SoftExpo 2012, a
Matchmaking at      number of match making meetings between Bangladeshi Software & ITES
                    companies and a number of European companies (coming from three
BASIS Softexpo
                    European countries Netherlands, UK and Denmark under the NTF II project, a
                    ITC project funded by CBI, Netherlands and with the implementation support
                    from BASIS and DCCI) will be held. The Bangladeshi companies who have
                    already been enlisted through EOI submission will be able to take part at the
                    meetings. The meetings will be coordinated by ITC team.

                    Companies Participating International Business Matchmaking
                     Company                                                        Country
                     Berlingske                                                     Denmark
                     SILICOSYS                                                      UK
                     ATOS Orign NL                                                  Netherlands
                     Iris Huisstijlautomatisering                                   Netherlands
                     www.documentservicesvalley.com                                 Netherlands
                     Parkingware                                                    Netherlands
                     Delft University of Technology                                 Netherlands
                     727 Online                                                     Denmark
                     727 Communication                                              Denmark
                     Powerpointdesign                                               Denmark
                     UNI-C                                                          Denmark
                     Bitabiz                                                        Denmark
                     Lillienhoj Consulting                                          Denmark
                     Kuadriga ApS                                                   Denmark

BASISSOFTEXPO2012                                                           International Matchmaking at
                                                                                 BASIS Softexpo 2012
IT Innovation                   IT Innovation Search Program (ABISHKARER KHOJE) is a yearly contest arranged
Search Program                  by BASIS regularly since 2005. The objective of the program is to encourage
                                young talents for developing innovative ideas of implementable IT projects.
                                100 candidates participated in the contest this year. After 2nd presentation ( 3rd
                                round) of competition 10 candidates have been selected for showcasing their
                                innovation from February 22-26 during SoftExpo 2012
                                Short List of IT Innovation Search Program 2012 (Third Round):
                                A ordable marker less motion capture solution
                                Leader Name: Hasinur Rahman Reza | E-mail: topureza@gmail.com
                                It is used in military, entertainment, animated film making, computer gaming,
                                sports, and medical applications, and for validation of computer vision and

                                An Intelligent Military Robot Using Machine Learning Techniques
                                Leader Name: Feroz Ahmed Siddiky | E-mail: fa.siddiky@gmail.com
                                Build an efficient Human Computer Interaction (HCI) by Giving command over
                                GSM, Control from a Remote Place and send images to the user of its
                                surrounding environment.

                                Leader Name: Saiham Ahmed Bin Halim | E-mail: info@bddrugs.com
                                BDdrugs.com is the first online drug index of Bangladesh. The aim of this site is
                                to be the internet’s most trusted resource for drug and related health
                                information for the Bangladeshi healthcare professionals and students.

                                Automatic Tabulation Sheet & Progressive Report
                                Leader Name: Md. Yousuf Ali | E-mail: shikkhafirst@gmail.com
                                This is an Automatic Tabulation sheet & Progressive Report for the students of
                                class Six to ten.

                                TALKING ASSISTANT
                                Leader Name: Kazi Bazlur Rahman | E-mail: kazi.electro@gmail.com
                                Talking Assistant is to help disable type of people with an assistive device for
                                alternative communication.

                                Doctor Software
                                Leader Name: Dr. S.M. Ashraful Alam | E-mail: ashrafulsbmc@gmail.com
                                Use Artificial Intelligence and Save life. This Software will guide throughout
                                the process of Patient arrival to Prescribing of drugs or treatments.

                                Leader Name: E. M. Yeaseenur Rahman Tahin | E-mail: tahin.36@gmail.com
                                Change is a Crowd sourcing platform for the mass population of Bangladesh to
                                facilitate a change in the country's current state of affairs.

                                Leader Name: Muhammad Tajul Islam | E-mail: tajulju@gmail.com
                                Barta Vubon is a Social Media website in our Mother Language.
 IT Innovation Search Program                                                                     BASISSOFTEXPO2012
IT Innovation       Super Mobile Technology
                    Leader Name: Md. Shafayat Hossain
Search Program
                    This super mobile technology is able to control many security systems.

                    Design and Development of online library for Visually Impaired
                    Leader Name: Achia Khaleda Nila | E-mail: nila_cse@yahoo.com
                    The online library for the visually Impaired and print disabled provides books
                    in accessible formats like Sound and Braille Ready Format.

                    Jury Board of IISP 2012
                    Syed Faisal Hasan, Assistant Professor, CSE, University of Dhaka
                    Dr. Anaynna Raihan, Executive Director, D.Net
                    Dr. Mumit Khan, Professor & Chairperson , CSE, BRAC University
                    Dr. M. Rokonuzzaman, Professor, Independent University Bangladesh
                    Mr. Rafiqul Islam Rowly, Former President, BASIS
                    Mr. Manjur Mahmud, CEO, Datasoft Systems Bangladesh Ltd.
                    Mr. Md. Kawsar Uddin, President, BIJF
                    Mr. Ahmed Nadir, CEO, Albatross Limited
                    Syed Akhter Hossain, Head of the Department, CSE, DIU
                    Tareque Barkatullah, Senior System Analyst, BCC
                    Mr. Jahidul Hasan Mitul, Executive Director, Business Automation Ltd.
                    Mr. Shah Imraul Kaeesh, Technobd Web Solutions (Pvt.) Ltd.
                    Mr. Ariful Hasan Opu, CEO, e-Soft

BASISSOFTEXPO2012                                                            IT Innovation Search Program
Code Warriors'               For the Second time, BASIS organized a software programming contest with
Challenge                    the objective of sensitizing young professionals and IT students on industry
                             required skills and for engaging them in real life industry practices. The contest
                             is arranged for two categories- Students and Professionals on four technology
                             tracks- PHP, Dot Net, Java and Android. A total of 200 teams with 800
                             candidates participated in the contest. After two rounds of competition, 28
                             teams were selected for the final round which will be held on February 25
                             during SoftExpo. At each category, Champion team will be awarded.

                                                        Finalists for (PHP track)
                              Professional Category                                      Student Category
                              Mukto XSS                                                  BUET OUT OF LIST
                              Freelancer BD                                              BUET BARE BONES
                              PHP Warriors                                               Adroit
                                                                                         Bad Timing

                                                        Finalists for (.Net Track)
                              Professional Category                                      Student Category
                              Smart Warriors                                             IITDU Zero
                              Riddler                                                    IIT Snipers
                              Crafted                                                    SUST Triangle

                                            Result of Professional Category (Java Track)
                              Professional Category                                Student Category
                              Spectrum Warriors                                    BUET Nobodiez
                              Coders                                               IIT Lone Gunmen 2.0
                              IS-4                                                 JU Inspire
                                                                                   3 Challengers

                                              Result of Professional Category (Andoid Track)
                              Professional Category                                   Student Category
                              The Incridibles                                         BUET Dev Droids
                              Runtime Exception                                       Surge
                              Runtime Exception                                       Strawberries and cream
                                                                                      Creative Brains

  Code Warrior's Challenge                                                                    BASISSOFTEXPO2012
Code Warriors'      Jury Board for Code Warriors’ Challenge
Challenge           .Net Track
                    Shah Ali Newaj, CTO, Secure Link Services Ltd
                    Zahidul Amin, Senior Software Engineer, ASD
                    Zohirul Alam Tiemoon, Consultant, BASIS
                    Asif Atick, CTO, PrimeTech
                    Nahidul Kibria (Security Specialist), OWASP
                    Moshiul Islam(Security Specialist), OWASP

                    PHP Track
                    Hasin Hayder, Founder (Leevio)
                    Md. Emran Hasan, Co-Founder & CTO, Right Brain Solution Ltd.
                    Anis Uddin, Co-Founder & CTO, Wneedf Ltd. Co.

                    Java Track
                    Fokhruz Zaman, Chairman, IpaHolics Ltd
                    Faqueer Tanvir Ahmed, Managing Director, MF Asia Ltd.
                    Mahabobur Rahman, Director, MF Asia Ltd.
                    Manik Roy, Director, MF Asia Ltd.
                    Nafi Ul Karim, somewherein.net
                    Raihan Masood

                    Android Track
                    Ahsanul Karim, CEO, Sentinel
                    Raquibul Bari Shimul, Sentinel
                    Fokhruz Zaman, Chairman, IpaHolics Ltd

BASISSOFTEXPO2012                                                                  Code Warrior's Challenge

                          SEARCH IS ON FOR THE STAR FREELANCERS

                       BASIS Freelancer of the year 2012
                       BASIS is going to award top freelancers who have been continuously
                       upholding Bangladesh's image in the Global IT Space and at the same time
                       contribution socially by earning foreign exchange and creation employment.
                       10 Award Winning Freelancers will be given reception and handed over awards
                       in a Grand Award Night on February 25, 2012 during BASIS SoftExpo 2012.

                       A total of 200 freelancers registered for this year’s award competition in three
                       categories- Group, Individual and Student. The jury board will select top 10
                       freelancers from the applicants in those categories through several round of
                       selection steps.

                       Jury Board for Freelancer Award
                       Pallab Mohaimen, Prothom Alo
                       M.A. Haque Anu, Computer Jagat
                       Emran Hasan, Right Brain Solution Ltd.
                       Shah Imraul Kaeesh, Technobd Web Solutions (Pvt.) Ltd.
                       Mohammad Kawsar Uddin, President, BIJF
                       Ariful Hasan Opu, e-Soft

    Freelancer Award                                                                    BASISSOFTEXPO2012
Platinum            Grameenphone IT Ltd. (GPIT)
Sponsor             Grameenphone IT Ltd. is the leading fastest growing IT Company registered
                    with the Registrar of the Joint Stock Companies and Firms of Bangladesh under
                    the Companies Act 1994. It is a 100% subsidiary company of Grameenphone
                    Ltd. which is the largest mobile operator company in Bangladesh with more
                    than 30 million subscribers.
                    GPIT provides IT solutions for business excellence through our world class IT
                    products and services which are unsurpassed in value and quality. Among
                    them GPIT’s own customized Human Resources Management Systems
                    (HRMS), Approval Management Systems (AMS), CRYSTAL (Remote
                    Distribution Performance Tracker) are to name a few.
                    As a leading IT company, GPIT is also providing end to end Business
                    Intelligence services solutions for Bank, Financial Institute, FMCG,
                    Pharmaceuticals and Telecom Industry leveraging the global strategic alliances.
                    GPIT has a team of talented individuals dedicated to creativity, service and
                    efficiency and is purely devoted to bringing clients noticeable transformations
                    in their operational efficiency.
                    GPIT aspires to leading Bangladesh into the global IT arena as it has the proven
                    capabilities in driving initiatives to surge forward a nation’s technological
                    development. With a diverse array of IT experience, GPIT brings the promise of
                    change, the change that will take organizations forward.
                    Products & Services To Be Exhibited
                    GPIT Solutions:
                    Our capable solutions have helped build the largest IT Infrastructure in
                    Bangladesh. These proven solutions are of global standards and rich in
                    technology. Today our solutions touch the lives of over 30 million people in
                    Bangladesh. We welcome you to explore how our solutions may transform
                    your business and enlighten your customers: GPIT can deliver any IT products
                    to help you improve efficiency and productivity of your core business. Just let
                    us know what you may need: E-life - Comprehensive HRMS product, Iris -
                    Fraud Management and revenue leakage, AMS - Approval Management
                    System, Crystal, RFID
                    GPIT Products: GPIT can deliver any IT products to help you improve efficiency
                    and productivity of your core business. Just let us know what you may need:
                    ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning), Core Banking, Process Automation, Call
                    Center Solutions, Disaster Recovery, Data Center

                    Target Business Audience
                    Target Verticals: Banking & financial, Government, Telecom, Enterprise

                    Contact Person: Jahrat Adib Chowdhury | Designation : Deputy General Manager
                    Mobile: +880-1711082988
                    e-mail: info@gpit.com | Website: www.gpit.com

BASISSOFTEXPO2012                                                                Platinum Sponsor
Gold               Dell
Sponsor            Dell listens to customers and delivers innovative technology and services that
                   give them the power to do more. The company’s broad portfolio of end-to-end
                   IT solutions—desktops, notebooks, servers, storage, security, networking,
                   mobility solutions, software and peripherals, cloud applications and IT
                   services—support millions of customers in 180 countries around the globe,
                   including 95 percent of global Fortune 500 companies, governments,
                   educators, healthcare organizations, consumers and more than 10 million
                   small-medium businesses. With more than 103,000 team members, 75,000
                   channel partners and 60,000 retail locations around the world, and total
                   revenues exceeding US$60 billion, Dell today is a global leader in delivering
                   customer-centric technology solutions for businesses and consumers. Today,
                   Dell engages in 2 billion customer conversations each year — on the phone,
                   in person, on Dell.com and, increasingly, through social media.
                   Dell exists to provide inspired IT solutions that work harder for all our
                   customers, giving every person, business and organization the tools they need
                   to grow and thrive in the ways most important to them.
                   Our Goal: Our people leverage technology to enable our customers’ success.
                   We recognize that when our customers succeed, we succeed. We’re able to
                   deliver these differentiated customer benefits because of our heritage – our
                   direct model gave us the benefit of closer relationships with customers than
                   any of our rivals, our approach has always been based on finding ways to
                   leverage technology to enable our customers’ success.
                   Our Approach: We deliver collaboratively developed standards-based
                   technology: At a time when competitors are producing increasingly proprietary
                   products, we combine leading technology hardware, software and services –
                   our own and those created by and with partners – to deliver customers open,
                   high-performing, high-value solutions. We’ve relied on standardization,
                   simplification and automation to deliver greater efficiency, reliability and
                   performance. And today, we offer a full gamut of end-to-end IT offerings:
                   mobility, servers, storage, networking, software, cloud applications, services.
                   Our Solutions: Our innovative and practical approach, with solutions that are
                   designed to scale, distinguishes us. Our competitors have a vested interest in
                   legacy, closed, proprietary systems that charge a premium and offer
                   compromised performance. Our customers achieve unprecedented efficiencies
                   through technology without compromising performance because that’s been
                   our promise from the beginning of Dell … one that we’ve continued to carry
                   with us as our company has grown, diversified and entered in complex, new
                   Our Values: We are open, optimistic and resourceful in all we do. From
                   creating leading technology products and services and running our business, to
                   empowering youth, enabling entrepreneurship and minimizing the
                   environmental impact of IT.

    Gold Sponsor                                                                  BASISSOFTEXPO2012
Co-Sponsor &        BRAC Bank Limited
e-Commerce          Brac Bank Limited Is The Only Visa And Mastercard Certified Bank In
Zone Sponsor        Bangladesh That Provides E-commerce Program For All Cardholders. Electronic
                    Commerce Is A Convenient And Affordable Way To Buy And Sell Products Or
                    Services Online.
                    E-commerce Software And Service Enables Individuals To Maintain An Online
                    Business While Performing Transactions Right From The Web. It Is The Fastest,
                    Convenient And Cost Effective Way Of Making Transaction Through Web Site.
                    Merchant’s Bene ts
                    1. Seller Has The Ability To Reach Customers All Over The World Rather Than
                    Being Limited To A Certain Geographical Location
                    2. Overhead Cost Of An E-commerce Web Site Is Generally Much Less Than The
                    3. Cost Of A Physical Storefront
                    4. Increase In Sales Volume
                    5. Everything Is Maintained Through Secure Software So Need Less Human
                    6. Intervention
                    7. No Cash Handling Risk
                    8. 24/7 Customer Support
                    Cardholder's Bene ts
                    Search And Find What They Are Looking For Instantly, Choosing From A Variety
                    Of Options Such As Size And Color, Viewing Any Or All Of Product Specifications
                    And Photographs, Purchases Will Be Delivered Directly To Their Door, Order
                    Products Without Leaving Their Home, Security Knowing Every Transaction Is
                    Secure, Checking How Much They Have "Spent" Before Committing To A
                    Purchase, Some Of The Services Are Supported By Individual Merchants. Please
                    Check Their Websites For Details Of The Services
                    Products & Services To Be Exhibited
                    Brac Bank Online (E-commerce) Payment Gateway For Potential Entrepre-
                    neurs, Existing E-commerce Merchants Product And Business Display, Basis –
                    Brac Bank Co-branded Platinum Credit Card Exclusive For Basis Members
                    Target Business Audience
                    1. Potential Entrepreneurs
                    2. Basis Members

BASISSOFTEXPO2012                                                           Co-Sponsor & e-Commerce
                                                                                  Zone Sponsor
Cloud &                   Huawei Technologies (Bangladesh) Ltd.
Communication             Huawei is a leading global information and communications technology (ICT)
Zone Sponsor              solutions provider. Through our dedication to customer-centric innovation and
                          strong partnerships, we have established end-to-end advantages in telecom
                          networks, devices and cloud computing. We are committed to creating
                          maximum value for telecom operators, enterprises and consumers by
                          providing competitive solutions and services. Our products and solutions have
                          been deployed in over 140 countries, serving more than one third of the
                          world’s population.
                          Huawei's vision is to enrich life through communication. By leveraging our
                          experience and expertise in the ICT sector, we help bridge the digital divide by
                          providing opportunities to enjoy broadband services, regardless of geographic
                          location. Contributing to the sustainable development of the society, economy,
                          and the environment, Huawei creates green solutions that enable customers to
                          reduce power consumption, carbon emissions and resource costs.

                          Products & Services To Be Exhibited
                          Datacom Solution, Desktop Cloud Solution, Tele-presence, IP Contact Center
                          and e-Education solution.

                          Target Business Audience
                          Government, Multinationals, Local Large Enterprise, Education

                          Contact Person: Sourove Kanty Bhadra | Designation : Enterprise Account Manager
                          Phone: +88-02-8834986, +88-02-8834890 | Fax: +88-02-8834986,
                          +88-02-8834890 | Mobile: +880 1819413075
                          e-mail: sourove.bhadra@huawei.com | Website: www.huawei.com

  Cloud & Communication                                                                   BASISSOFTEXPO2012
       Zone Sponsor
Outsourcing         CIMSOLUTIONS Bangladesh Limited
Zone Sponsor        CIMSOLUTIONS is one of the Top Software Houses operating from its 6 offices
                    in The Netherlands and 1 office in Dhaka, employing 250 highly qualified and
                    dedicated ICT professionals. We are ISO certified and have been awarded “Top
                    ICT Employer” for 2011”, this year for the 5th time. Our clients are global
                    market leaders, e.g. Philips, Ericsson and Volvo, have an outstanding reputation
                    and are renowned for their innovative excellence, cutting-edge products and
                    applications. Our dedication is to help our clients to be successful in their
                    projects and goals. Our expertise covers all phases of the software life cycle
                    from specification and feasibility through design, development, test &
                    implementation, to maintenance and support of both tailor-made as well as
                    standard applications, systems, hardware and networks. For more information
                    please visit www.cimsolutions.com.bd or www.cimsolutions.nl. Interested? If
                    you are interested in a job at CIMSOLUTIONS in Dhaka (Bangladesh) or in The
                    Netherlands, please send your application letter including the position you are
                    applying for and CV to hrm@cimsolutions.nl. If you are interested to become
                    our client or want to know more about us, please contact us at
                    m.hossain@cimsolutions.nl or at cimsolutions@cimsolutions.com.bd.
                    Products & Services To Be Exhibited
                    The professional ICT services provided by CIMSOLUTIONS will be illustrated by
                    means of demonstrations and exhibitions of systems, applications and ICT
                    projects successfully designed, developed, tested, implemented and managed
                    by CIMSOLUTIONS.
                    Target Business Audience
                    Government, Banks, Insurance Companies, Medical & Healthcare,
                    Telecommunications, Electronics, Manufacturing, Energy, Trade, Transport,
                    Automotive & Aerospace, Publication, Multimedia, Internet & Web
                    Applications, ICT professionals, students, teachers, educational institutes,
                    education community, media.

                    Contact Person: Mr. Moynul Hossain B.Sc. (Hons. Eng.) MBA
                    Designation : Managing Director
                    Phone: +88-02-8189680, +31-347-368100
                    Fax: +88-02-8189680, +31-347-368100
                    Mobile: +31-6-53753788
                    e-mail: m.hossain@cimsolutions.nl, cimsolutions@cimsolutions.com.bd
                    Website: www.cimsolutions.nl, www.cimsolutions.com.bd

BASISSOFTEXPO2012                                                              Outsourcing Zone Sponsor
Internet               QUBEE
Partner                Augree Wireless Broadband Bangladesh Limited (“AWBBL”) is a public limited
                       company by shares registered on July 02, 2008 and incorporated in
                       Bangladesh. Obtaining license from the Bangladesh Telecommunication
                       Regulatory Commission (“BTRC”), AWBBL is engaged in the business of
                       providing broadband wireless access and related services in Bangladesh under
                       the name and style of “QUBEE”.

                       Qubee is the creation of a group of global telecoms professionals who saw that
                       a new technology called WiMAX could really change the internet experience
                       for millions of people worldwide. WiMAX means that you don’t need
                       telephone lines or cable to get connected: all you need is to live close enough
                       to a transmitter to receive the internet wirelessly QUBEE is one of the leading
                       broadband internet service providers in Bangladesh from Augure. We are a
                       multinational with global experience, offering you a trouble-free access to
                       internet that you deserve. Being just over 2 year old, we are constantly trying
                       to hear from our customers and discovering more that we could value. QUBEE
                       now operates in Dhaka, Chittagong and Sylhet.

                       To make your journey better with us, our engineers check each installation, to
                       make sure you have network coverage before we sell our connection to you.
                       Apart from being the first to launch 4G, we brought the first Pre Pay Internet in
                       Bangladesh and we are the first to provide wireless broadband at less than 500
                       Taka. More than 150,000 QUBEE users consume over 20% of total bandwidth
                       in Bangladesh. QUBEE is also the first corporate brand in Bangladesh to have
                       more than 100,000 Facebook fans and growing.

                       At QUBEE, we are dedicated to continuously provide uninterrupted internet
                       experience using WiMAX technology, which is a latest 4G wireless solution.

                       We are not just making the internet work; we are making it work beautifully.
                       And at the core of our company, we strongly believe this technology can be
                       yours to bring delight to your everyday life.

                       Hotline: 02 895 99 11 | Email: qubee@qubee.com.bd
                       Facebook: www.facebook.com/QubeeZone | Website: www.qubee.com.bd

    Internet Partner                                                                  BASISSOFTEXPO2012

            Best Business Bond Ltd. (3BL)            P-02
            BITS Solutions Ltd.                      P-07
            Daffodil Computers Ltd                    P-05
            DNS Software Ltd.                        P-08
            Flora Systems Limited                    CP-01
            Genuity Systems Ltd.                     P-06
            IBCS-PRIMAX Software (Bangladesh) Ltd.   P-01
            Japan International Cooperation Agency   P-09
            LEADS corporation Ltd                    CP-02
            SYMPHONY SOFTTECH LTD.                   P-04
            Talukder ICT Limited                     P-03
                    Best Business Bond Ltd. (3BL)
                    Founded in 2003, 3BL has built its success around the development of a core
                    product called Troyee-Business Solutionware, which encompasses innovative
                    solutions in Financial Accounting, Inventory Management, Business Analysis
Pavilion : P-02     and Decision Support Systems. With an established support service system
                    spanning all over the country 3BL has a clientele of about Fifteen Hundred.
                    3BL also deals with all customized software development works.
                    Products & Services to be exhibited
                    Accounting & Financial Solutions for all sectors, Payroll, Provident Fund, Fixed
                    Assets, Hire Purchase Management Software, POS solution for Sales
                    Outlets/Super Shop, Diagnostics & Hospital Management Software, ERP for
                    Real Estate & Home
                    Target Business Audience
                    Vertical target sectors include Small to Medium sized Trading, Non-Trading,
                    Manufacturing, Distributing, Marketing business organizations as well as
                    Government and Non-Government Organizations(NGOs)
                    Contact Person: Uttam Kumar Paul | Designation: Managing Director
                    Phone: 9674471, 01817-566720, 0167-7748141 | Mobile: 01819-461717
                    Email: troyeebd@gmail.com | Website: www.troyeebd.com

                    BITS Solutions Ltd.
                    BITS Solutions Ltd. has built its success around the development of customized
                    business solutions with a motive to contribute its proficiency with the help of
                    recognized expert in strategic global models to deliver ICT products including
Pavilion : P-07     innovative value-based end-to-end ERP business solutions of the highest
                    quality both in domestic and international arena.
                    Products & Services to be exhibited
                    net.ERP Total Accounting with FA, net.ERP Real Estate Mgt., net.ERP Textile &
                    Garments Mgt., net.ERP HR & Payroll Mgt., BITS Providing Local & outsourcing
                    service for development of custom business applications and software product
                    Target Business Audience
                    All type of Manufacturing, Trading & Non-Trading Concern including Real
                    Estate, Textile, Garments including the modules of-Ac,Pur,Sal,Inv,LC
                    (Exp&Imp),CRM,T&A, FA,HR&Payroll.
                    Contact Person: Md. Tofazzal Hossain Mollah | Designation: Managing Director
                    Phone: 88-02-8827064, 9880756 | Fax: 88-02-8827064 | Mobile: 01819462010
                    Email: bits@dhaka.net | Website: www.bitssolutionsbd.com

BASISSOFTEXPO2012                                                                     Pavilions
                     Da odil Computers Ltd
                     Daffodil Computers Ltd. is a public listed and ISO 9001-2000 certified most
                     prominent, experienced and trusted ICT conglomerate of the country. DCL
                     have made an indelible mark in the ICT field and curved a niche for itself
Pavilion : P-05      through consistently and constant
                     Products & Services to be exhibited
                     Business ERP, Education ERP
                     Target Business Audience
                     We are trying to reform the business operation with the latest ICT application.
                     Accordingly, Daffodil Software Ltd being a part of the Daffodil is developing
                     reliable and scalable commercial off-the-shelf software for Bank, Manufactur-
                     ing & Non Manufacturing.
                     Contact Person: Md. Sabur Khan | Designation: Managing Director
                     Phone: 9116600, 8115986 | Fax: 8116103 | Mobile: 01711526230
                     Email: md@daffodil-bd.com | Website: www.daffodil-bd.com

                     DNS Software Ltd.
                     DNS Software Ltd (DSL) is medium sized software development and IT
                     enabled service Provider Company. It was founded in the year of 2001 as third
                     new member of Delta Network Systems (DNS) Group (Which was established
Pavilion : P-08      in 1993).
                     Products & Services to be exhibited
                     For Banks: SMS/Mobile Banking, IST Switching Software
                     MVAS: CCP [ For Bulk SMS ], Subscription Based Service, CRBT & WAP service,
                     Push / Pull Service, Online Recharge, Online Payment Gateway
                     Target Business Audience
                     Bank,Financial House,Airline,Hotel,FMCG, Educational institute,Advertising
                     agency etc.
                     Contact Person: Md. Rafel Kabir | Designation: Managing Director
                     Phone: 02-9893093-4, 02-8817513 | Mobile: 02-9893093-4, 02-8817513
                     Fax: 02-8817270 | Email: info@dnsgroup.net | Website: www.ccp.dsl.com.bd

         Pavilions                                                                     BASISSOFTEXPO2012
                    Flora Systems Limited
                    Flora Systems Ltd is one of the largest ISO 9001 & ISO 27001 certified SW
Pavilion : CP-01    Company in Bangladesh. We have over 158 SW & IT professionals providing
                    customized SW solutions. We have core banking SW called FLORABANK which
                    is already in use in 8 banks in 1421 sites. We also provided BTTB billing services
                    for 5 years, developed online TIN & VAT registration SW for NBR. We have
                    strategic partners: Temenos,SAP,Microsoft,Oracle,HP,Alcatel-Lucent etc.
                    Products & Services to be exhibited
                    Flora Bank Online CBS, Flora-FINO FI & Mobile Banking in ASP/Cloud, Flora
                    ERP, CIB & BFTN SW. Features: Retail & Corporate Banking *CRM *GL
                    *Treasury *Trade & Foreign Exchange *Internet Mobile and FI Banking *Ten
                    Taka Farmer’s Acct.
                    Target Business Audience
                    Banks/Lease Financing/NGOs/Telcos. “This system is incredible; it makes the
                    whole banking so simpler that it is just one click away to create a core relation
                    with our customers” Jamuna Bank
                    Contact Person: Md.Aminur Rahman | Designation: Deputy General Manager
                    Phone: 8802-8881236-40 (PABX) , 8802-8881250 | Fax: 880-2-8881248
                    Mobile: 01711538969 (MD), 01973538380 (DGM)
                    Email: duke@floratelbd.com, amin@floratelbd.com | Website: www.floratelbd.com

                    Genuity Systems Ltd.
                    Genuity Systems Ltd. established in year 2003. The company was established
Pavilion : P-06     to take advantage of the window of opportunity to participate in the ongoing
                    information Technology (IT) revolution. Genuity offers gPlex Call center
                    solution, mobile application development, soft-switch and billing. Genuity is
                    striving to provide quality services to its client and keeping up with the global
                    nature of the IP based businesses.
                    Products & Services to be exhibited
                    gplex Call Center, Application development for Symbian, Android & iphone,
                    Genuity IT Training
                    Target Business Audience
                    Corporate, Telecom, Large Manufacturing Companies, Universities
                    Contact Person: Md. Habibur Rahman
                    Designation: Manager, Admin and Human Resource | Phone: +880 2 8057038
                    Fax: +880 2 8034548 | Mobile: +8801714007822
                    Email: info@genuitysystems.com | Website: www.genuitysystems.com

BASISSOFTEXPO2012                                                                     Pavilions
                     IBCS-PRIMAX Software (Bangladesh) Ltd.
                     IBCS-PRIMAX Software (Bangladesh) Ltd. is primarily an onshore and offshore
                     software development and system integration house, that started its journey
                     in 1989, we are now a CMMI Level 3 appraised, ISO 9001:2008 certified
Pavilion : P-01      company and partner of Oracle, RedHat and Zend with over 150 full time IT
                     personnel including certified professionals on Oracle, JAVA, PHP, .NET and
                     other technology stacks. IBCS has offices in Dhaka Chittagong and in UK.
                     Products & Services to be exhibited
                     Computer Integrated Insurance System (CIIS), Real Estate ERP, LOTUS
                     Brokerage Solution, Micro Credit System, Media Management System, Online
                     Admission System, Oracle E-Business Suite, Oracle Campus Management,
                     Onsite and DBA support
                     Target Business Audience
                     Government Education and Health (GEH), Manufacturing Retails and
                     Distribution (MRD), Communication Media and Utility (CMU), Financial
                     Services and Insurance (FSI), NGO, News Paper
                     Contact Person: Sheikh Kabir Ahmed | Designation: Managing Director
                     Phone: +8802 8110699,9141876,9143775 | Mobile: +8801713397550
                     Fax: +8802 8125407 | Email: info@ibcs-primax.com | Website: www.ibcs-primax.com

                     Japan International Cooperation Agency
                     JICA aims to contribute to the promotion of international cooperation as well
                     as the sound development of Japanese and global economy by supporting the
                     socioeconomic development, recovery or economic stability of developing
Pavilion : P-09      regions.
                     Products & Services to be exhibited
                     ITEE Contest2010 Brochure, JICA Pamphlets, JOCV Pamphlets, What's
                     Target Business Audience
                     ICT companies, professionals, policy makers, industry leaders, students and
                     other ICT stakeholders of the society interested in Digital Bangladesh.
                     Contact Person: Takashi Sone | Designation: Vounteer
                     Phone:(880-2)9891897 | Fax: (880-2)9891689 | Mobile: 01730373342
                     Email: takashi.sone@gmail.com | Website: www.jica.go.jp/english/

         Pavilions                                                                  BASISSOFTEXPO2012
                    LEADS corporation Ltd.
                    Since 1992, LEADS Corporation Limited has been supporting clients
Pavilion : CP-02    nationwide in managing the evolving role of information technology in
                    business. As a strategic business partner, we provide diversified IT solutions
                    and services that support attainment of our clients' business objectives. Our
                    services and solutions include custom application software development,
                    network infrastructure building, plastic card personalization, and delivery and
                    installation of PCs, Servers, POS, and ATMs.
                    Partnerships with some of the world’s "best-in-class" corporations provide
                    LEADS with unique expertise and experience in providing diversified
                    Information Technology solutions, including Information Technology
                    consulting and systems integration. LEADS represent Cisco, DataCard Group,
                    Dell Inc., NCR Corporation, TCS BaNCS, Teradata and VeriFone Holdings, Inc.
                    Products & Services to be exhibited
                    Cisco IP Based Contact Center, Contact Center System Integration Service, IP
                    Telephony Solution
                    Target Business Audience
                    Financial Institutions, Non Banging Financial Institutions, Government,
                    Manufacturing, Healthcare, Retail, FMCG, NGO, Educational Sector
                    Contact Person: Rubaead Tanver Ferdous | Designation: Account Manager
                    Phone: 02-9552145 | Fax: 02-9552145 | Mobile: 017-30-311-366
                    Email: rubaead@leads-bd.com | Website: www.leads-bd.com

                    SYMPHONY SOFTTECH LTD.
                    SYMPHONY SOFTTECH LTD. is a leading software company providing business
                    management software and services designed for small to large sized
                    businesses and organizations of national and multinational companies (MNC)
Pavilion : P-04     since 1999. Very recently SYMPHONY SOFTTECH LTD. is merged with
                    Superstar group (www.superstargroupbd.com) to mobilize current infrastruc-
                    ture and improve corporate performance with product & services to address
                    clients' requirement.
                    Products & Services to be exhibited
                    1) Sage 300 ERP (formally known as Sage Accpac ERP) Software: a)General
                    Ledger, b)Accounts Receivable & Payable,c)Inventory Control, d)Sales &
                    Purchase Order,e)Fixed Assets Management, 2) Busy Business Accounting
                    Software, 3) MAFS OPTIMA-Custom Software
                    Target Business Audience
                    Accounting and business management software designed for small and
                    medium-sized businesses including national & multinational (MNC), Profit &
                    Non Profit, Trading & Manufacturing companies etc.
                    Contact person: Mr. Anwar Hossain | Designation: Manager, Sales & Marketing
                    Phone: 880-2-9119812, 880-2-8151714 | Fax: 880-2-9104352
                    Mobile: 880-01817584895 | Email: anwar.hossain@symphonysoftt.com
                    Website: www.symphonysoftt.com

BASISSOFTEXPO2012                                                                     Pavilions
                     Talukder ICT Limited
                     Talukder ICT is an accomplished interactive professional services firm
Pavilion : P-03      specializing in user centric, dynamic application development, design,
                     marketing, and hosting. Our solutions empower forward thinking companies
                     to redefine their business through the innovative use of advanced technology.
                     It’s a privately held company established in 1998 based in Dhaka, Bangladesh.
                     The company is comprised of a select group of designers, developers and
                     Products & Services to be exhibited
                     Talukder ICT is offering a wide range of products to Domestic ICT sector as well
                     as to European Union. We are providing full fledged multimedia, ERP and web
                     based software to all our honorable clients:
                     ERP Solution, Interprise Solution, Web based
                     Target Business Audience
                     Manufacturing Unit, Trading Unit, Retailer, End Customer
                     Contact Person: Dr. Talukder Farid Ahmad (Ph.D), MJF | Designation: Chairman & CEO
                     Phone: +88 01730061999 | Mobile: +88 01611541620
                     Email: tfahmad@talukdergroup.com | Website: www.talukderict.com

         Pavilions                                                                     BASISSOFTEXPO2012
Software Zone

                ADDIE Soft Ltd.                                     B-15
                Advanced Software Development                       B-14
                Ankur ICT Development Foundation (AIDF)             B-12
                Arena Phone BD Ltd.                                 B-10
                Bangladesh Export Import Company Limited            MP-21
                BASE Ltd                                            B-21
                Bdjobs.com Ltd.                                     MP-08, 09
                BIBAHABD.COM                                        B-11
                Code Arrow Ltd.                                     B-07
                Computer Ease Limited                               B-36
                Core Knowledge Ltd.                                 MP-15
                CREASH                                              MP-03
                Data Head Pvt. Ltd.                                 MP-07
                DataSoft Systems Bangladesh Limited                 MP-13
                Divine IT Limited                                   MP-04
                Embedded Engineering And Robotics Technology Ltd.   MP-14
                Epsilon Consulting & Development Services           MP-06
                ERA InfoTech Ltd                                    B-19
                G5 Technologies Ltd.                                MP-11
                Genuity Systems Ltd.                                MP-16
                gNet Technologies Ltd.                              B-18
                Gonona Technologies Limited                         B-17
Grameen Communications                 MP-01
GreenSofts System Ltd.                 B-34
HawarIT Limited                        B-09
IMpulse (BD) Ltd.                      MP-17
Infinity Technology International Ltd   B-31
InfoLink                               B-28
Informatix Technologies                MP-10
Innovation Information System          B-16
Maayas Secutronics Ltd                 MP-20
MF Asia Ltd.                           B-06
MicroMac Techno Valley Ltd.            B-25
Millennium Information Solution Ltd    MP-18
MIR Technologies Limited               B-26
MononSoft Limited                      B-02
Express Systems Limited                B-23
ONE SIMTECH LTD.                       B-04
Onecall Solutions Limited              B-29
Oneworld Infotech                      B-27
Optimum Solutions Ltd.                 B-05
Satcom IT Limited                      MP-05
ServicEngine Ltd                       MP-19
SOFTBANGLA Automation Limited          B-32
Softtech Limited                       B-20
Solution9                              MP-22
SourceCode Solutions BD                B-22
Sphuron Technology ( Sphuron Labs )    B-30
Square InformatiX Limited              B-13
Sysnova Information Systems Limited    B-33
TechnoCount Software Ltd.              B-24
Technohaven Company Limited            B-35
TechnoVista Limited                    MP-02
The Computers Ltd                      B-03
The Databiz Software Ltd               MP-12
The Decode Ltd                         B-08
bKash Limited                          O-10
Advanced ERP (BD) Ltd.                 M-05
Casada Technology Bangladesh Ltd.      M-04
                    ADDIE Soft Ltd.
                    ADDIE Soft Ltd. is a Professional IT company that offers Customized Software
                    Development, Web Application Development, Web Design, Networking, Data
                    Entry & Corporate IT Services in home and abroad.
Stall : B-15        Our goal is to provide quality and effective solutions that are focused on
                    reducing your costs and adding to your bottom line. We're committed to
                    develop long-lasting relationships with our customers.
                    Products & Services to be exhibited
                    ODHYYON - Education Management System, HR & Payroll Management
                    System, Attendance Solution, Accounting Solution, Inventory Solution, Web
                    Design & Development, Networking Solution, Data Entry Service, SMS
                    Notification Service & Corporate IT Services.
                    Target Business Audience
                    Government, NGO, Education Sector, Garments Sector, Corporate Sector, Real
                    Estate & Construction Engineering Companies, Manufacturers, Security
                    Services, Retail Stores, Merchandiser & Any Enterprise.
                    Contact Person: Ms. Mahbuba Moni | Designation: Asst. Manager, Business Development
                    Phone: +88 02 9613289, +88 02 9614494 | Fax: +88 02 9613289, +88 02 9614494
                    Mobile: +88 01678 077 199 | Email: info@addiesoftltd.com
                    Website: www.addiesoftltd.com

                    Advanced Software Development
                    Advanced Software Development is a complete solution provider of software
                    development, computer networking and end-to-end communication
Stall : B-14        services, IT consultancy, outsourcing, data entry, processing and analysis. ASD
                    has begun its operation with a vision to provide on-time, on-budget solutions
                    to meet customer needs. Our advanced technology platform solutions help
                    unlock the potential of our customers.
                    Products & Services to be exhibited
                    eMediaDesk, SPMIS, AutoBillsPay, ASDERP
                    Target Business Audience
                    Government bodies, Local organizations, Multinationals, Research Organiza-
                    tions, NGOs, Media Organizations, Researches, Teachers, Students, Individuals
                    Contact Person: Md. Monirul Islam | Designation: Director Marketing
                    Phone: +88 02 9852823 | Mobile: +88 017 14047805
                    Email: info@asdbd.com | Website: www.asdbd.com

BASISSOFTEXPO2012                                                                  Business Software Zone
                              Ankur ICT Development Foundation (AIDF)
                              Ankur ICT Development Foundation is a Non Profit Organization established in
                              October 2002, having office at House: 65, Road: 06, Sector: 04, Uttara, Dhaka:
                              1230, Bangladesh. The mission of the organization is to eliminate the
Stall : B-12                  linguistic, economic and social barriers to the widespread use of information,
                              Communication and Technology in Bangladesh.
                              Products & Services to be exhibited
                              Class IX-X Computer Text Book, 2 Training Manual (Windows and Linux
                              Version), Ankur Utility CD (With 5 bangla application software), Shishir Linux
                              DVD (With latest version of Ubuntu 11.10), Ankur leaflet etc.
                              Target Business Audience
                              Education Sector (Teachers and students), Govt. Sector, Corporate Sector,
                              Media, General people and basically Grass Root people who does not know
                              Contact Person: Mahay Alam Khan | Designation: General Secretary
                              Phone: 027912214 | Mobile: 01915825911 (GS)
                              Email: mak@ankur.org.bd | Website: www.ankur.org.bd

                              Arena Phone BD Ltd.
                              Arena has been providing dedicated development services to the various
                              organizations in their diverse projects related to Website, Web application,
Stall : B-10
                              Software, mobile apps and mobile content development since 2007. Our
                              portfolio include Robi, Grameenphone, Banglalink, Citycell,IBA, Electro Group
                              etc. Arena also provide offshore development service to Italy,Spain,UK,USA
                              etc. through its partner by its experience development and support team.
                              Products & Services to be exhibited
                              Faltu(Mobile Apps), www.Bangladeshgiftshop.com
                              www.garmentdirectory.com, Leasing Solution, Mobile Banking solution
                              Service: Website Development, Website Maintain, SEO, Mobile and Facebook
                              Marketing, Mobile Apps Development
                              Target Business Audience
                              Business Audience from, Offshore company, Financial Sector, Telecom, SME,
                              Garments Industry, Mobile Operator
                              Contact Person: Fazla Rabby | Designation: Director
                              Phone: +88029861858 | Mobile: +8801711049638
                              Email: bizdev@arena.com.bd | Website: www.arena.com.bd

     Business Software Zone                                                                      BASISSOFTEXPO2012
                    Bangladesh Export Import Company Limited
                    Bangladesh Online, a division of Bangladesh Export Import Company Limited,
                    is the leading Internet Service Provider in the country. Since its launch from
                    August 1998, BOL has been able to set an example of excellence with its
Stall : MP-21       subscribers with the help of updated technology and dedicated support
                    service. BOL has succeeded as the best Internet Service Provider of the country,
                    by using the latest technology available.
                    Products & Services to be exhibited
                    Website Design and Development, Dedicated Internet Access, Intentional
                    Private leased Circuit(IPLC), IP Telephony, Video Conferencing, Network
                    Security Solutions
                    Target Business Audience
                    Multinational Companies, Embassies, Banks & Financial Institutions, NGOs,
                    Local Corporate Houses, Small and Medium Enterprises(SMEs).
                    Contact Person: Enam Elahe Mullick
                    Designation: Sr. Manager, Communication & Marketing
                    Phone: 8815152, 8815559 | Fax: 8815747 | Mobile: 01713030949
                    Email: info@bol-online.com | Website: www.bol-online.com

                    BASE Ltd.
                    BASE Ltd is a premier Information and Communication Technology Services
                    Company that provides real values to business & individuals from digital
Stall : B-21        technology. Established in 1999, BASE offers ICT products, services, business
                    application development and IT training.
                    Products & Services to be exhibited
                    BASE offers products and services in three main areas.
                    Business Application Development, Education/IT Training, Consulting
                    Target Business Audience
                    Education: Individuals and organizations that need Red Hat, Cisco, Oracle &
                    other IT training.
                    Software: Organizations that need customized web based solutions, HR,
                    Payroll packages etc.
                    Contact Person: Md. Sohel Iqbal | Designation: Business Development Manager
                    Phone: +880-2-8622075-76 | Fax: +880-2-9615755 | Mobile: +88-01713144219
                    Email: sohel@baseltd.com | Website: www.baseltd.com

BASISSOFTEXPO2012                                                              Business Software Zone
                              Bibahabd.com is an international matrimonial web Portal aimed at fulfilling
                              the needs of Bangladeshis both at home and abroad. It is designed to provide
Stall : B-11
                              its members a secured and private environment to find their ultimate life
                              partners by providing them a
                              Products & Services to be exhibited
                              Bibahabd.com Portal and its Servicess
                              Target Business Audience
                              Worldwide Bangladeshi marriageable persons
                              Contact Person: G.M Frazer | Designation: C.E.O
                              Phone: 9331172, 9352508 | Mobile: 8801712923826
                              Email: info@bibahabd.com | Website: www.bibahabd.com

                              Code Arrow Ltd.
                              codeArrow Ltd. started on 2006 with the vision of developing innovative
                              software solution for global business. We have widest array of technologies
                              and services designed to fit your business challenge and we are committed to
Stall : B-07                  deliver quality software solution with cost-effective manner. With software
                              solution, we provide domain consultancy that enables our clients to optimize
                              their business capability and lifelong collaboration with us.
                              Products & Services to be exhibited
                              Unified Business Management System (Accounting, Inventory, Procurement
                              and Security Module), Project Management System, Job Monitoring System,
                              Target Business Audience
                              Finance & Insurance Sector, RMG Sector, Trading & Manufacturing Sector.
                              Contact Person: Mohammad Mohiuddin Maruf
                              Designation: Manager, Business,Operations & HRD | Phone: +88 02 8715141-2
                              Fax: +88 02 8715143 | Mobile: 01915633057 | Email: maruf@codearrow.com
                              Website: www.codearrow.com

     Business Software Zone                                                                  BASISSOFTEXPO2012
                    Computer Ease Limited
                    CEL was established 20 years back with the target of automating business
                    processes, helping in developing business intelligence and decision support
                    tools. It is now a 65-person company with expertise in MS Visual Studio 2008.
Stall : B-36        We are equally adept in MS SQL Server and Oracle as RDBMS. For mobile
                    applications we use JavaMe or Android platforms. We are also in the business
                    of National level roll out of business applications and software Help Desk.
                    Products & Services to be exhibited
                    HR & Payroll, Fund Management Sales & Distribution System (Primary and
                    Secondary Sales & CRM), POS, PPIC, Financial Accounting, Electronic Fund
                    Transfer (Remittance management), Mobile based survey and field level data
                    collection tools, Help Desk.
                    Target Business Audience
                    FMCG, Telecom, Banks & Financial Institutions, Industries (Cement, Tobacco,
                    Electronics, Steels, Pharmaceuticals, Garments), Hospital, Retail Chains
                    Contact Person: Ishtiaque H Khan | Designation: Managing DIrector
                    Phone: 880-2-9122311 | Mobile: 880-1713000131
                    Email: info@celimited.com | Website: www.celimited.com

                    Core Knowledge Ltd.
                    Core Knowledge Ltd., a Rahimafrooz initiative, started in Jan 2010 to be the
Stall : MP-15       first Education & Training focused Digital Content Distributor. It is dedicated in
                    helping revolutionize Education and Corporate Training delivery.
                    Core-K's goal is to equip institutions and organizations as best as possible in a
                    digital age. Online Learning Tools, a product of Core Knowledge, is delivered in
                    partnership with SkillSoft, the largest e-learning provider.
                    Products & Services to be exhibited
                    Online Learning Tools (OLT) is focused on delivering: e-learning courseware,
                    multimedia content, e-books & e-reference materials for workforce training &
                    OLT provides over 3000 courses in three distinctive areas- Business, IT &
                    Target Business Audience
                    Our targeted business audiences are corporate professionals, fresh graduates
                    and students who are looking for world class training/ learning material at
                    their fingertips anytime, anywhere.
                    Contact Person: S. M. Asheque Yamin | Coordinator, Organizational Learning & Training Solutions
                    Phone: 880-2-8814442 & 880-2-8822304 | Fax: 880-2-8814442 & 880-2-8822304
                    Mobile: 01611286638 | Email: asheque@core-k.com, asheque@rahimafrooz.com
                    Website: www.core-k.com

BASISSOFTEXPO2012                                                                          Business Software Zone
                             We believe there exists no limit of creativity. And this belief helped us to solve
                             many tough and unique problems in programming. We are providing
                             software and web application development service to several local and
Stall : MP-03                international companies and customers. Since the beginning at 2006, we are
                             offering something different than others in this field. Our solutions are always
                             creative, most optimized and cost effective
                             Products & Services to be exhibited
                             at2clicks.com- Unique online shopping solution.
                             TaxSolution- Tax return preparation and submission software.
                             Creash Development- Software and web application development.
                             Target Business Audience
                             Corporate companies or individuals looking for IT solutions, Day to day internet
                             Contact Person: Md. Ashiqur Rahman | Designation: CEO
                             Phone: +880 2 9102162 | Mobile: +8801731493242
                             Email: info@creash.com.bd | Website: www.creash.com.bd

                             Data Head Pvt. Ltd.
                             From its inception in 2000, Data Head Pvt. Ltd. has its major works in
                             developing generalized and customized software. The main product ACCLINE
Stall : MP-07
                             is a rapidly growing business software suite covering major features of an ERP.
                             Data Head also provides IT Consultancy, Software Implementation Partnering,
                             Business Intelligence Implementation services.
                             Products & Services to be exhibited
                             ACCLINE GL (Accounting Software), ACCLINE ERP Lite (Desktop version),
                             ACCLINE ERP Enterprise (Web version), ACCLINE Life (Accounting for Life
                             Insurance), ACCLINE HR (HR, Payroll & Provident Fund Solution), ACCLINE
                             CMO (Capital Market Operation Softw
                             Target Business Audience
                             Manufacturing/Retail/Wholesale/Distribution /Trading, Consumer Goods
                             (FMCG), Life Insurance, Foods, Pharmaceuticals, Chemicals, Cosmetics, Agro,
                             NGOs, Real-Estate
                             Contact Person: Mizan Fareed | Designation: Managing Director
                             Phone: 9138966, 9137785 | Mobile: 01711-541366
                             Email: info@datahead-bd.com | Website: www.datahead-bd.com

    Business Software Zone                                                                    BASISSOFTEXPO2012
                    DataSoft Systems Bangladesh Limited
                    DataSoft Systems Bangladesh Limited is a CMMI Level - 3 & ISO 9001:2008
                    certified leading software company in Bangladesh. Founded in 1998, DataSoft
                    has successful track records for delivering most innovative and cost-effective
Stall : MP-13       technical services to custom
                    Products & Services to be exhibited
                    Banking Service, Micro Finance, Port & Logistics
                    Target Business Audience
                    Government Sector, Private Sector
                    Contact Person: Md. Harunur Rashid | Designation: Manager
                    Phone: 880-2-9110136, 880-2-9110169 | Fax: 00-880-2-9114747
                    Mobile: 01712-546534 | Email: info@datasoft-bd.com | Website: www.datasoft-bd.com

                    Divine IT Limited
                    Divine IT Limited is a technology intensive conglomerate in the areas of
Stall : MP-04       integrated business solutions, system applications, product development, and
                    communication & network management services. Our exceptional heritage,
                    outstanding customer base, financial strength and intellectual proprietary will
                    ensure that Divine IT Limited continues to serve companies of every size and
                    across a wide range of industries.
                    Products & Services to be exhibited
                    Enterprise Applications: PrismERP, Sphere Accounting, LinesPay HRMS,
                    Centroid LC. Telecom Application: Core4VoIP Billing, Core4VoIP Mobile Dialer,
                    AccounticaVL, Fleximan. Services: PC & Server Backup (Win / Mac), Dedicated
                    & Cloud Server Hosting, Application & Web Development, API Integration.
                    Solutions: Travel ERP, Multilevel Marketing, Brokerage Application, Mobile
                    Target Business Audience
                    Manufacturing, Wholesale Distribution, Readymade Garment, Solar Industry,
                    Stock Trader, Educational Institution, Buying House, Indenting Enterprises,
                    General Trading, Retailers, Telecom
                    Contact Person: Iqbal Ahmed F. Hasan (Russell) | Designation: Chief Executive Officer
                    Phone: +880 2 8956074, 8953460, 8932417 | Mobile: +880 1730071001
                    Email: office@divineit.net | Website: www.divineit.net

BASISSOFTEXPO2012                                                                  Business Software Zone
                             Embedded Engineering And Robotics Technology Ltd.
                             EERT is a leading provider of software and embedded system solutions as a
                             part of global technological movement. It ensures technology transfer, top
                             class support and enhancement. The R&D section continuously acquires skills
Stall : MP-14                in new technologies to offer products & services.
                             Products & Services to be exhibited
                             Various simulators, Android Application ,Robotics training,Game engine, GPS
                             Driven solution ,cloud computing.
                             Target Business Audience
                             Industrialist, Investor, Education & Training, New entrepreneur.
                             Contact Person: Faruq Ahmed Jewel | Designation: Managing Director
                             Phone: 01911311636 | Mobile: 01911311636
                             Email: faruq.ahmed@eertbd.com | Website: www.eertbd.com

                             Epsilon Consulting & Development Services
                             ECDS is a 5+ years old software firm based out of Dhaka. It specializes in
                             Enterprise Class software solutions for the local market. It also provides open
                             source and Oracle outsourcing services. Adnan Rahman, Founder & CEO, has
Stall : MP-06                over 15 years of experience in the IT industry and is a former Engineering
                             Manager at Polycom, USA. He is also a Director of Pubali Jute Mills Ltd &
                             Kapna Tea Co. Ltd.
                             Products & Services to be exhibited
                             EMPRESA Core: HR, Payroll, GL, Inventory, Procurement, Sales with POS
                             EMPRESA Solutions: EMPRESA extensions for Education, HealthCare
                             TILA: Specialized ERP for the Tea Manufacturing Industry
                             Outsourcing Services: CMS, E-Commerce, JQuery, APEX, etc.
                             Target Business Audience
                             Businesses requiring a web tech. based business ERP to centralize and
                             streamline their operations. Also, foreign clients interested in professional
                             Open Source and Oracle dev. services at low costs.
                             Contact Person: Adnan N. Rahman | Designation: CEO
                             Phone: 9552567 | Fax: 9552567 | Mobile:01715021678, 01191000950
                             Email: adnan.rahman@ecds-tech.com | Website: www.ecds-tech.com

    Business Software Zone                                                                    BASISSOFTEXPO2012
                    ERA InfoTech Ltd.
                    ERA InfoTech Limited (ERA) was established in 2002 as a Joint Venture IT firm
Stall : B-19        between Bank Asia, RANKS ITT and ETA Info Tech LLC of Dubai. ERA is engaged
                    mainly in the development of financial software for Organzations.
                    ERA is ISO 9001:2008 (Quality Management Certification) certified. It also
                    obtained ISO 27001:2005 (Information Security Management Certification);
                    the first company in Bangladesh to do so. ERA has also been audited by Planet
                    Products & Services to be exhibited
                    ERA InfoTech Ltd (ERA) has developed and is marketing the following products
                    in Bangladesh: $telar- Online Core Banking Solution, Hikmah- Online Islamic
                    Core Banking Solution, My Bank- Web-based Online Banking So
                    Target Business Audience
                    Banks, Insurance Companies, Financial Institutions, Groups of Companies,
                    Multinationals, etc.
                    Contact Person: Md. Serajul Islam | Designation: Chief Executive Officer
                    Phone: 7118006,7116738 | Fax: 7126240 | Mobile: 01714033599
                    Email: info@era.com.bd | Website: www.erainfotechbd.com

                    G5 Technologies Ltd.
                    G5 Technologies Ltd. is duly incorporated and run by a set of domain experts in
                    technology and business with the mission to be a global leader in Telecom
                    VAS solutions, GIS Solutions, IP Telephony, and software outsourcing
Stall : MP-11       worldwide. With the vision of “Technology for Better Tomorrow”, some of the
                    most innovative thinkers are persistently pushing the range of product
                    through exploration of new technologies to provide the best solutions.
                    Products & Services to be exhibited
                    EzzyDialer - Ultimate mobile dialer, EzzyTrack - Vehicle tracking and fleet
                    management system, Bindu - Location based social networking system.
                    Target Business Audience
                    Telecom Operator, Corporate Business Organization, Worldwide Migrant
                    People, IP Telephone Service Provider, Outsourcing Company
                    Contact Person: Md. Saifuzzaman | Designation: Managing Director
                    Phone: +880 1731500353 | Mobile: +880 1755225511
                    Email: saifuzzaman@g5tech.net | Website: www.g5tech.net

BASISSOFTEXPO2012                                                                   Business Software Zone
                              Genuity Systems Ltd.
                              Genuity Systems Ltd. established in year 2003. The company was established
Stall : MP-16                 to take advantage of the window of opportunity to participate in the ongoing
                              information Technology (IT) revolution. Genuity offers gPlex Call center
                              solution, mobile application development, soft-switch and billing. Genuity is
                              striving to provide quality services to its client and keeping up with the global
                              nature of the IP based businesses.
                              Products & Services to be exhibited
                              gplex Call Center, Application development for Symbian, Android & iphone,
                              Genuity IT Training
                              Target Business Audience
                              Corporate, Telecom, Large Manufacturing Companies, Universities
                              Contact Person: Md. Habibur Rahman | Designation: Manager, Admin and Human Resource
                              Phone: +880 2 8057038 | Fax: +880 2 8034548 | Mobile: +8801714007822
                              Email: info@genuitysystems.com | Website: www.genuitysystems.com

                              gNet Technologies Ltd.
                              gNet comes in with the aim of creating a new dimension in quality
                              professional training, research and software solution services in
                              Bangladesh.gNet brings authorized training and certification facilities for a
Stall : B-18                  wide range of highly demanding courses that are conducted by experienced
                              local and foreign faculties.
                              Products & Services to be exhibited
                              Professional Training on Project Management, IT, Business Management, HRD,
                              Marketing, Finance & Banking, Accounting&Auditing, Quality and Operations
                              Management, workshops.
                              Software Solutions: ERP(RMG,Manufacturing), Financial Accounts,POS,Back
                              Office Suit.
                              Target Business Audience
                              Training: Corporate Business & IT Professionals, Students, Entrepreneurs
                              Software Solutions: Industries,Corporate Offices, Sales Outlets
                              Contact Person: Md. Mahmudul Hassan | Designation: Managing Director
                              Phone: +8801718262645 | Mobile: +8801718262645
                              Email: mahmudul@gnet.com.bd | Website: www.gnet.com.bd

     Business Software Zone                                                                     BASISSOFTEXPO2012
                    Gonona Technologies Limited
                    Gonona Technologies Limited is one of Bangladesh's leading IT solution and
                    Creative Service provider with inspiring ideas, innovation and vision. Our
Stall : B-17        vision is to enrich people's lives through the easy, creative and
                    customized application of digital technology.
                    Products & Services to be exhibited
                    Web based Office Management System, Inventory Management System,
                    Website Design, Graphic Design, Domain & Hosting Services
                    Target Business Audience
                    Small and Medium Enterprises
                    Contact Person : Nazmul Karim Chowdhury | Designation : Managing Director & CEO
                    Phone : +88028810404 | Fax : +88028813456 | Mobile : +8801712444444
                    Email : nazmul@gonona.net | Website : www.gonona.net

                    Grameen Communications
                    Grameen Communications, a member of Grameen family of enterprises, was
                    initiated by Dr. Muhammad Yunus, recipient of the 2006 Nobel Peace Prize in
                    1997 as a “Not-for-Profit” company. It is one of the fastest growing IT
Stall : MP-01       companies in Bangladesh, with significant international operations. It is one of
                    the leading providers of high-end software products and services, internet
                    services, hardware & networking services and IT education services in B
                    Products & Services to be exhibited
                    This software integrates Branch Loan Monitoring system, Deposit Banking,
                    Payroll, Inventory, Fixed Asset and Accounting system.
                    Target Business Audience
                    Micro Finance Organization
                    Contact Person: Ms. Nazneen Sultana | Designation: Managing Director
                    Phone: 9005350 | Fax: 9005350 | Mobile: 01711511168
                    Email: gc@grameen.com | Website: www.grameencommunications.org

BASISSOFTEXPO2012                                                               Business Software Zone
                              GreenSofts System Ltd.
                              GreenSofts System Ltd. is developing software for local market Since 1996. We
Stall : B-34                  develop integrated software for following company: Paragon Poultry, Usha ,
                              Jessore Feed, Chittagong Feed, National feed, Lion, Mono, Aleya, Index Feed,
                              Mars Feed, BFC, Electra Int., Meem Knitting, Shamrat Shoe, Sports Zone,
                              Tweed Sweater, Hazi Nagar/Rahmania Tea Estate, Paragon GP Project.
                              Paragon Plastfiber, Elite Paint, My One etc.
                              Products & Services to be exhibited
                              GreenSofts ERP v10.2.1, GreenSofts Account MIS., PMIS Software., Feed mill,
                              MIS., Fast Food/Restaurant MIS., Knitting Factory MIS, Sweater Factory MIS,
                              Garments MIS, Store Inventory MIS, Hatchery & Flock MIS, Gym MIS., Service
                              Center MIS, Distribution House MIS.
                              Target Business Audience
                              Manufacturing Industries, Trading Business, Service Industries, Feed Mill,
                              Poultry, Fast food, Distribution, Garments, Knitting, Sweater, Tea Estate,
                              Ceramics Factory, Paint, Chain Shop.
                              Contact Person: Sirajul Majid Mamun | Designation: Managing Director
                              Phone: 08801713361930 | Mobile: 08801713361930
                              Email: info@greenSofts.com | Website: www.greensofts.com

                              HawarIT Limited
                              Hawar Information Technology jv is a Dutch company who was outsourcing to
                              ERP Systems Limited, a Bangladeshi compnay since 2000. After eight years of
                              suceesfull outsourcing we established a new joint venture compnay since
Stall : B-09                  2008 and ERP Systems Limited renamed to HawarIT Software Services
                              limited.The joint-venture company HawarIT Bangladesh limited established
                              with two production houses- HawarIT Software Services and HawarIT Data
                              Services Limited.
                              Products & Services to be exhibited
                              Web/E-commerce Application, Android/iPhone Application, Digitized work
                              (Geo-referencing , Drafting, Topology and Tiles creation), Web Map
                              application development , hosting and maintenance
                              Products:, ChaloIS, ChaloTracker, HITCMS
                              Target Business Audience
                              All types of Manufacturing/production Units, Sales & Services, CAD/GIS users
                              Contact Person: Md. Shah Alam | Designation: Director
                              Phone: +88029131551 | Mobile: +880171-5668632
                              Email: s.alam@hawarit.com | Website: wwww.hawarit.com

     Business Software Zone                                                                          BASISSOFTEXPO2012
                    IMpulse (BD) Limited
                    We are an information management and business consulting services
                    company committed to delivering innovative and powerful solutions which
                    bring rapid and measurable business advantages to our customers.
Stall : MP-17
                    We draw on the expertise of a dedicated team of IT professionals and combine
                    it with the right technologies and the extensive international business
                    experience of our leadership personnel to craft the perfect solution to meet our
                    clients’ needs.
                    Products & Services to be exhibited
                    Off-shore software development for enterprise applications and outsourced
                    software maintenance & support. Mobile Application development and
                    PowERPlay: Enterprise Resource Planning solution
                    Target Business Audience
                    Small & Medium entreprises and Information Management/Consulting
                    services companies. Pharmaceutical & Healthcare companies interested in GxP
                    compliant solutions and services.
                    Contact Person: Md. Zakir Hossain Razu | Designation: Software Engineer
                    Phone: +880 2 8824575(NEW: +880 2 8878418), 8832260 (NEW: +880 2 8878419)
                    Fax: +880 2 9885062 | Mobile: +880 1711110542
                    Email: zakir.hossain@impulsebdltd.com | Website: www.impulsebdltd.com

                    In nity Technology International Ltd.
                    Infinity Technology International Ltd. (ITIL) was founded in November 1993
                    with its ambition of providing multi-user Software solution for different levels
                    of customer with consultancy, services and training. ITIL also provide LAN and
Stall : B-31        WAN solution to its customer depending on customer’s requirement with their
                    satisfaction through Internet or by Telecommunication. It is the largest
                    Banking Software provider in Bangladesh
                    Products & Services to be exhibited
                    Infinity Banking Solution (IBS), Infinity Foreign Remittance Management
                    Software, Infinity Local Remittance Management Software, Infinity
                    Web-based Remittance Management Software, Infinity ATM Software,
                    Infinity SMS Banking Software.
                    Target Business Audience
                    Rupali Bank Limited, Sonali Bank Limited, Agrani Bank Limited, Janata Bank
                    Limited, Bangladesh Krishi Bank, Somobay Bank, Rajshahi Krishi Unnayan
                    Bank, Agrani Exchange house Malaysia
                    Contact Person: K.M. Rahmatullah | Designation: Managing Director
                    Phone: 9571518, 9562869, 7119013, 7119028, 7115292, 7115298,
                    Fax: 88-02-9570529 | Mobile: 88-01678004300, 88-01713015836
                    Email: infinity@citechco.net | Website: www.infinity-bd.com

BASISSOFTEXPO2012                                                                 Business Software Zone
                              InfoLink is an IT solution company. InfoLink started its journey with aim of
                              providing very high level software and technology support. The Company has
Stall : B-28                  developed with very talented force of IT experts who are creative and forward
                              thinking in their approach. They are always ready to provide proper IT related
                              solution based on clients demand. InfoLink believe in quality and service
                              because, quality and service creates its own demand.
                              Products & Services to be exhibited
                              Hotel & Resort Management (I hotel), Hospital & Medical ERP Solution (I
                              Medical), Web based Shop management (I Shop), Android wireless
                              Target Business Audience
                              Corporate Office, Hospital & Medical, Educational Institute, Developer & Real
                              estate, Hotel & Restaurant, Anybody who want customize software.
                              Contact Person: Sakif Ahmed | Designation: Chief Information Officer (CIO)
                              Phone: +8801757602902 | Mobile: +8801714420001
                              Email: info@infolinkbd.com | Website: www.infolinkbd.com

                              Informatix Technologies
                              Informatix Technologies is established software and web Development
                              Company delivering software and web development services of any complex-
                              ity to clients worldwide. We provide service in custom application
Stall : MP-10                 development, iPhone and Android application, e-commerce, e-learning, CRM,
                              ERP, Enterprise CMS, open source solution. We have dedicated teams for
                              outsourcing services as well as our own product development.
                              Products & Services to be exhibited
                              We will exhibit our services to our potential clients including some of our
                              products. We will exhibit "E-School", a complete free and open source school
                              management system for Bangladeshi schools along with our free community
                              blog "Ekushey Blog"
                              Target Business Audience
                              Local clients including businesses and schools. As well as international buyers
                              looking for a reliable and affordable outsourcing companies.
                              Contact Person: M. Mizanur Rahman | Designation: C.T.O
                              Phone: 8835054 | Mobile: 01714075160
                              Email: mizan@informatixbd.com | Website: www.informatixbd.com

     Business Software Zone                                                                      BASISSOFTEXPO2012
                    Innovation Information System
                    Innovation Information System is a full software development company,
                    offering a variety of services from basic Website Design to complete
                    e-commerce website development including custom-made software such as
Stall : B-16        Point of Sale(POS) and Hotel Management System(HMS). We have designed
                    and launched hundreds of successful websites and software for many different
                    types of businesses, small and large, inside and outside of Bangladesh.
                    Products & Services to be exhibited
                    ERP(I-CUBE 7), POS, Human Resource Management(REALX),Hotel
                    Management System (I-CHECK-IN), Restaurant Management
                    System(RECIPE-SYS), Accounting Software(ACC-MASTER), Trading Business
                    Solution(B-PACK), Construction MIS,Doc2p.com (Medical Web Portal)
                    Target Business Audience
                    Manufacturing Company, Super Shop, Pharmaceuticals, Real Estate, Hotel,
                    Restaurant, Trading
                    Contact Person: Mohammad Sanowarul Islam | Designation: CEO
                    Phone: +88 02 9138507 | Mobile: +88 0191 4740013, 0171 2557976
                    Email: info@iisbd.com | Website: www.iisbd.com

                    Maayas Secutronics Ltd.
                    Maayas Secutronics Ltd. is a customer oriented electronic security and
                    customized IT solution provider with a far reaching vision of adding values to
                    the society and industry we operate in. Most of our solutions are backed up by
Stall : MP-20       years of market experience and extensive RnD. This results in better
                    understanding of our customer’s requirements and satisfy them by providing
                    unique solutions specifically tailored to individual customer’s need and also
                    enables us to provide unparalleled after sale service.
                    Products & Services to be exhibited
                    CCTV Camera, Access Control Device, Fire Alarm System, Intruder Alarm
                    System, ERP system, HR and Payroll software, Inventory Management
                    Software, Time Attendance Software, Queue Management System
                    Target Business Audience
                    Banks & Financial Institutions, B2B, Real Estate, Manufacturing company,
                    SMEs, Advertising agency, Software companies, Hospital, Academic institution
                    Contact Person: M. Saifur Rahman | Designation: Chief Executive Officer
                    Phone: 02 961 1191 | Fax: 02 961 1191 | Mobile: 01712 194 944
                    Email: saif@maayasbd.com | Website: www.maayasbd.com

BASISSOFTEXPO2012                                                                 Business Software Zone
                              MF Asia Ltd.
                              Metafour offers innovative and reliable software solutions in the logistics and
                              travel sectors, streamlining processes and offering an outstanding return on
                              investment. With our 30 years of experience we commit to work in partnership
Stall : B-06                  with you and deliver the right solution for each of our clients.
                              Products & Services to be exhibited
                              NetCourier: The latest high-end systems for logistics, courier and freight
                              Empower: A comprehensive suite of cloud-based solutions for travel and tour
                              Bespoke Development: Bespoke solutions for business process optimisation.
                              Target Business Audience
                              Sameday-overnight and international couriers, Storage and facilities
                              management companies, Travel and tour operators, Package holiday
                              Contact Person: A.K.M. Ahsan Kabir | Designation: Administrator
                              Phone: +88 02 912 7972 | Mobile: +88 01914 726 426
                              Email: info-bd@metafour.com | Website: www.metafour.com

                              MicroMac Techno Valley Ltd.
                              MicroMac is one of the emergent software development stiffs in Bangladesh.
                              Initialing from 2004, it is providing its services to engineer and automate
                              business organizations through providing automation software, website and
Stall : B-25                  adding values to the expertise of professionals by professional trainings. We
                              are also engaged in IT education and ICT Research. The firm has a pool of
                              prominent experts who are available to provide the services.
                              Products & Services to be exhibited
                              Services: Software and Website Development, Domain Registration and Hosting,
                              IT Education, Data Entry and Conversion and Computer & Accessories Sale.
                              Products: Banking Application, Hospital Management System, Inventory &
                              Sales Management System etc
                              Target Business Audience
                              Banking/Finance, Capital Market, Health Care/Hospital, Educational
                              Institution, Insurance Company, Retail/Wholesale/Distribution, Online News
                              Portal , Travel, Hotel & Tourism,Real Estate, E-Commerce
                              Contact Person: Engr. Anisur Rahman | Designation: CEO & Managing Director
                              Phone: +88-02-9342717 | Mobile: +88-01928-702702
                              Email: postmaster@mmtvbd.com | Website: www.mmtvbd.com

     Business Software Zone                                                                     BASISSOFTEXPO2012
                    Millennium Information Solution Ltd.
                    Millennium is one of the pioneering companies of Bangladesh providing
                    business process solution to its global as well as local clients with great
Stall : MP-18       customer satisfaction since its inception. Apart from our two software products
                    targeting for two business domains, we have been providing consulting
                    services in business solution space to a number of renowned multinationals
                    and local conglomerates for last decade.
                    Products & Services to be exhibited
                    "Ababil", A True Online and Centralized Islamic Banking Solution.
                    "Sylvia", A Web Based Human Resource Management Solution.
                    Target Business Audience
                    Islmai Banks, Islamic Financial Institutions, Conventional Banks, Financial
                    Institutions, Non-Banking Financial Institutions, Micro Finance Institution,
                    Local Enterprises, Multinational Companies.
                    Contact Person: Abu Hena Md. Shahin | Designation: Assistant Manager, Business Development
                    Phone: +880-2-9514570-71 | Fax: +880-2-9514572 | Mobile: 01717017565,
                    01671402776 | Email: shahin@mislbd.com | Website: www.mislbd.com

                    MIR Technologies Limited
                    MIR Technologies Limited is a reputed ICT solution and consulting company,
                    operating in Bangladesh and Canada since 2005 under the umbrella of the
                    most renowned business conglomerate Mir Group (www.mirakhter.net)
Stall : B-26        which is serving the nation since 1968. Our customers typically engage us to
                    analyze their business processes and thereafter assist them in their
                    technology-driven business transformations.
                    Products & Services to be exhibited
                    MIR ERP, MIR HRM, MIR Insurance management System, MIR - Finance
                    Management System, MIR - CRM, MIR - POS, MIR - Financial Solutions, MIR -
                    School / College / University Management System
                    Target Business Audience
                    Manufacturing Industry, FSI, Real estate
                    Contact Person: Rafiul Alam | Designation: Managing Director
                    Phone: 880 28319164 | Fax: 880 2 8319168 | Mobile: 01755523029
                    Email: rafy.alam@mirtechbd.com | Website: www.mirtechbd.com

BASISSOFTEXPO2012                                                                      Business Software Zone
                              MononSoft Limited
                              MononSoft Ltd. a Gold partner of Oracle Corporation, is an enterprise software
                              solution provider for medium to large business organizations, focusing on ERP,
Stall : B-02                  HCM, CRM and POS. We offer business consulting, IT services and solutions
                              that enable our clients to transform themselves continuously. As a Gold
                              partner of Oracle Corporation, its promoting Oracle Database, Technologies,
                              Tools and Applications in the Bangladesh market
                              Products & Services to be exhibited
                              IT infrastructure consultancy, ERP Consultancy, ERP Implementation,
                              HealthCare Information System, Hospital Management System,
                              TeleMedicine,Campus Management System,TeleLearning
                              Target Business Audience
                              Any Small, Medium or Large Business organization, Hospitals, Educational
                              Institutes, Service provider etc.
                              Contact Person: Abdullah Al Masum | Designation: Senior Executive
                              Phone: 01678131590 | Mobile: 01717057672
                              Email: info@mononsoft.com | Website: www.mononsoft.com

                              Express Systems Limited
                              In 2008, ESL emerged as a consolidated business conglomerate, with core
                              business focus of Systems Integration Solutions, countrywide chain store of
                              TECNO mobile handsets and gadgets, and a diversified Portfolio of Venture
Stall : B-23                  Capital activities overseeing the management of 7 different Strategic Business
                              Units (SBUs)for ICT Product Distribution, Mobile Phone and Telecom Product
                              Marketing, Agro-Fisheries, Garments Machineries, and other FMCG products.
                              Our primary business focus is on offering professional services in critical
                              systems integration, we also enjoy the strength of having a country wide
                              distribution channel network for ICT products, mobile phones, garments
                              machineries and sophisticated electronic gadgets.
                              Contact Person: Abdul Fattah | Designation: Chairman
                              Phone: 88-02-913 93 14, 913 03 63, 812 94 91 | Fax: 88-02-912 84 57
                              Email: 88-02-912 84 57 | Website: www.esl.com.bd

     Business Software Zone                                                                       BASISSOFTEXPO2012
                    ONE SIMTECH LTD.
                    ONE SIMTECH LTD is one of the leading software firms in Bangladesh. It started
                    its journey in the year 2001 as Anindyo Software. In the year 2010 its renamed
                    ONE SIMTECH LTD as software and SMS base technological company with a
Stall : B-04        mission to provide quality IT solution and support to GoB, Corporate House,
                    Bank, Private Company, NGO, etc. Our main focus on Software Development
                    (Desktop and Web application), Security Devices, and Consultancy Services.
                    Products & Services to be exhibited
                    ONE SIMTECH LTD offers Attendance & Access Control System, Amader Bank,
                    Customize Software Development, Website & Web Application Development,
                    IT Consultancy, Network Solution, Special Training on Oracle Database and
                    Centralized Monitoring System.
                    Target Business Audience
                    Corporate Office, GoB, Donor Agency, Bank, Pharmaceutical, Telecommunica-
                    tion Sector, National & International NGO’s, Hospital, Educational Institution,
                    Financial Institution, Garments, etc.
                    Contact Person: Md. Razaul Karim | Designation: Managing Director & CEO
                    Phone: + 01556326947, 01191669743, 01199002442
                    Mobile: + 01556326947, 01191669743, 01199002442
                    Email: info@onesimtech.com | Website: www.onesimtech.com

                    Onecall Solutions Limited
                    Onecall Solutions Limited,is a concern of Windmill Group, established in 2007,
                    is a solutions provider and system integrator of unified business communica-
                    tions solutions for contact center automation, enterprise IP telephony,
Stall : B-29        enterprise messaging, exclusively deploying UC products.Our R&D Team has
                    invented own unified communication Solutions "OneXchange". Onecall is the
                    elite partner of global market leader Interactive Intelligence Inc., AVAYA etc
                    Products & Services to be exhibited
                    ONEXCHANGE has been designed holistically to integrate all-in-one
                    capabilities catering to Customer Interaction Management for Contact Centers
                    and Enterprises.OneXchange Modules are as: Contact Center Solutions,
                    IP-PBX, SMS Gateway, A
                    Target Business Audience
                    We serve to all, Geographic,Verticals & Industries
                    Government/Private Limited, BPO&Outsourcing, Telecommunication,
                    Financial Services, Health Care Hospitality, Retail,Transportation & oth
                    Contact Person: Shakil Jowad Rahim | Designation: Cheif Executive Officer
                    Phone: +88 02 8831598 | Fax: +88 02 9891253 | Mobile: + 88 01713190050
                    Email: shakil@onecallbd.com | Website: www.onecallbd.com

BASISSOFTEXPO2012                                                                       Business Software Zone
                              Optimum Solutions Ltd.
                              Year of establish 2006, May. We provide enterprise solution for any industry.
                              Highly regulated enterprise solutions for Garments Industry, Hospital
                              Information System (HIS), City corporation holdings Software, City
Stall : B-05                  Corporation Pay Roll and Birth Registration.
                              Products & Services to be exhibited
                              Pair Pumpkin (Garments Solutions) and others.
                              Target Business Audience
                              All kind of Enterprise and Corporation.
                              Contact Person: Nawshad Chowdhury | Designation: Support Manager
                              Phone: +88 02 8144814 | Fax: + 88-02-8122981 | Mobile: + 88 01714 - 412924
                              Email: nawshad_osl@yahoo.com | Website: www.oslbd.net

                              Satcom IT Limited
                              Satcom IT Limited has software development wing consists of hoghly
                              proficient programmers who have foreign exposure and years of experience in
                              this area. We have state-of-the art IT facility, which enable us to execute small,
Stall : MP-05                 medium and large software contracts of differents level of complexity. Satcom
                              is committed to developing human resources who ca enhance their career by
                              engaging themselves in software development.
                              Products & Services to be exhibited
                              Accouting; Hospital Management;ERP; Result Processing for school,college and
                              educational institute; Share Management, Inventory, Billing system
                              Target Business Audience
                              Trading and Manufacture company, Hospital & Diagnostic centre, educational
                              institute, Banks and Financial institute
                              Contact Person: Swadesh Ranjan Saha FCA, FCS | Designation: Vice Chairman
                              Phone: 7172025-26 | Fax: 7175704 | Mobile: 01711531423
                              Email: saha@satcombd.com | Website: www.satcomit-bd.com

     Business Software Zone                                                                     BASISSOFTEXPO2012
                    ServicEngine Ltd.
                    ServicEngine is an ISO 27001:2005 & 9001:2008 certified Business Process
                    Outsourcing company with US Office in New Jersey, USA and Global Offices in
Stall : MP-19       Dhaka,Bangladesh.We have one of the largest team in Bangladesh mainly
                    focusing on BPO, Software & Web development and Software Testing and
                    verifications services.
                    ServicEngine is one of the most innovative ITES services and outsourcing
                    provider, helping its clients transform their business.
                    Products & Services to be exhibited
                    Regulatory Compliance – Data Analysis, Digital Advertising Operations, Web
                    & Software Development, Software Quality Assurance and Testing service,
                    Back Office Processing, Digital media advertising and add trafficking
                    Target Business Audience
                    Any small and medium enterprise in both the public and private sector.
                    Contact Person: AKM Ahmedul Islam | Designation: General Manager
                    Phone: +8802 8822396 | Fax: +8802 8827193 | Mobile: +88 01713453337
                    Email: ahmedul.islam@servicengine.net | Website: www.servicengine.net

                    SOFTBANGLA Automation Limited
                    SOFTBANGLA Automation Ltd is a Private Limited Company have been Acted
                    from 1994. SBAL is an National software development company based in
                    Dhaka. We employ highly qualified software development engineers in
Stall : B-32
                    several department; we can provide our clients with the security and
                    operational development framework they require. The company that would
                    act in the market not only for business success but also for the sake of
                    Products & Services to be exhibited
                    An ERP software product ACTION5 for Real Estate Endeavor
                    Target Business Audience
                    Complete package for Real Estate Enterprises
                    ACTION5 IS INEXPENSIVE - About 1/10th the cost of any known competition
                    Contact Person: Md. Ashikur Rahman | Designation: IT Manager
                    Phone: +8802 8714162-4 | Fax: +8802 8753474
                    Mobile: +8801757833433, +8801678043746 | Email: emailashik@gmail.com

BASISSOFTEXPO2012                                                                  Business Software Zone
                              Softtech Limited
                              Softtech Limited is leading an international software development company
                              based in the BANGLADESH with its branches in SAUDI ARABIA, INDIA, and UK.
                              We employ highly qualified software development engineers in several
Stall : B-20                  countries.
                              we offer: Customized Software Development, E-Commerce Solution
                              Development, Web Development, Mobile Application Development, Offshore
                              Development, MIS Solution Development, Consulting, and Quality Assurance.
                              Products & Services to be exhibited
                              Retail Business Application, Restaurant Management Soft, Real Estate
                              Management Soft, Hospital Management Soft, HR & Payroll Management
                              Soft, Accounting Solution, Time Attendance Solution, Hotel Management,
                              Garments, Fixe.
                              Target Business Audience
                              Garments & Buying Houses, Financing & Leasing, Bank, Multinational, NGO,
                              ISP, Pharmaceuticals, Pharmacy, Real Estate, Telecommunication, Insurance
                              Hotel & Restaurant, Retail Shops, Super Market, Fur
                              Contact Person: Md. Kamruzzaman Kadre | Designation: Executive Marketing
                              Phone: 028981853 | Mobile: 01811483491
                              Email: sales@softtech-bd.com | Website: www.softtech-bd.com

                              Solution9 one of the leading software developer and promoter company in
                              Bangladesh. We work in various sector, we have different type software's for
                              SME companies. Our company growing very fast and we hope we will able to
Stall : MP-22                 make our-self one of the Top Software developer company in Bangladesh.
                              Products & Services to be exhibited
                              Project/Company Management Software, Real Estate Recurring system, Video
                              Conferencing Solution, Personal/Company Accounting Software, POS Software,
                              Telco Billing, E-Commerce Solution, Payment Gateway Services & Customized
                              Target Business Audience
                              All kind companies in Bangladesh Specially Banks, Garments, Real Estate,
                              Contact Person: CEO | Mobile: +88-019-1111-9966
                              E-mail: admin@solution9.com | Website: www.solution9.com

     Business Software Zone                                                                    BASISSOFTEXPO2012
                    SourceCode Solutions BD
                    Sourcecode Solutions BD is one of the most promising companies in the arena
                    of software development. A group of young, energetic, vibrant and highly
Stall : B-22        experienced IT professionals, who are intrinsically motivated to develop and
                    add new dimensions to software, are involved in it. That is what makes
                    Sourcecode solutions BD distinct from and superior to others. Giving real as
                    well as charming shapes to the desires of our clients is our primary goal.
                    Products & Services to be exhibited
                    BDLaptops.com, Domain & Hosting, Hospital Management System, Website
                    Development, Software Development
                    Target Business Audience
                    All sorts of companies, institutions, individuals who need assistance in the
                    development of software or in different IT solutions, are our target audiences.
                    Contact Person: M. Aminul Sazzad | Designation: C.E.O
                    Phone: 031-751573 | Mobile: 01920476545
                    Email: aminulsazzad@sourcecodebd.com | Website: www.sourcecodebd.com

                    Sphuron Technology (Sphuron Labs)
                    Sphuronlabs is a leading vendor of development, automated testing, and team
Stall : B-30        productivity tools, as well as UI components and content management
                    solutions. Created with passion, Sphuronlabs products help Clients every day
                    to be more productive and efficiently. Sphuronlabs was founded with a simple
                    idea – to “deliver far more than expected”. Sphuronlabs works in LAMP,
                    Windows .net and mobile platform according to requirements.
                    Products & Services to be exhibited
                    Sphuronlabs is the leading software development and distribution company
                    located in Bangladesh.Beside software development, Sphuronlabs is the
                    authorized distributor of Bitdefender antivirus, Rapidshare, DU Meter, Babylon,
                    IDM etc for Bangladesh.
                    Target Business Audience
                    Sphuronlabs is looking for potential in both local and foreign clients to be
                    much bigger and better. Moreover, Sphuronlabs will promote the products as
                    a distributor for Bangladesh to the visitors.
                    Contact Person: Mohammad Mizanur Rahman | Designation: CEO
                    Phone: 01752060030 | Mobile: 01190795920
                    Email: mizanur.rahman@sphuronlabs.com | Website: www.sphuronlabs.com

BASISSOFTEXPO2012                                                                 Business Software Zone
                              Square InformatiX Limited
                              Square InformatiX Limited (SIL), a Private Limited Company, established in
Stall : B-13                  2000. SIL is a complete solution provider of software development, computer
                              networking, end to end communication back bone service provider through
                              VSAT and RADIO Link, Nation wide Internet Service Provider.
                              Products & Services to be exhibited
                              ERP System, Sales order management, Planning, Production, Inventory,
                              Procurement, Accounts & Finance, HR & Payroll management, Attendance
                              Management, Vehicle Management, POS
                              Target Business Audience
                              Manufacturing and trading companies specially Pharmaceuticals, Toiletries,
                              Consumer Product Manufacturers and all kinds of trading companies.
                              Contact Person: Goutam Basak | Designation: Assistant General Manager
                              Phone: 8833047-56, 8859007 (10 lines) | Fax: 8828768 | Mobile: 01713140934
                              Email: goutam@squaregroup.com | Website: e-home2u.com

                              Sysnova Information Systems Limited
                              Sysnova Information Systems Ltd a sister concern of Kazi Farms Group was
                              formed in 2008 with the intention of providing open source software
Stall : B-33                  implementation and customization service for both local and international
                              clients. Since its inception Sysnova is providing open source ERP solutions to
                              large group of companies in Bangladesh. Our goal is to exceed the
                              expectations of every client by offering outstanding customer service.
                              Products & Services to be exhibited
                              Adempiere ERP(Enterprise Resource Planning), OpenMRS Medical record
                              system, Mifos microcredit management software
                              Target Business Audience
                              Owners of companies.
                              Contact Person: Moin Khan | Designation: CTO
                              Phone: 8802 9612419 9134276 | Fax: 8802 8156127 | Mobile: 8801730016491
                              Email: info@sysnova.com | Website: www.sysnova.com

     Business Software Zone                                                                   BASISSOFTEXPO2012
                    TechnoCount Software Ltd.
                    The tools that people use to conduct business today have changed. Business is
Stall : B-24        everywhere, business is real-time and business is always online. The world has
                    changed and with TechnoCount, ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) has too.
                    In fundamental nature, TechnoCount ERP systems are centralized databases
                    within which sophisticated software automatically picks up data from across
                    the whole range of business functions.
                    Products & Services to be exhibited
                    TechnoCount - Ownership base ERP software, docsNcount - Rental basis
                    Integrated Business solution software
                    Target Business Audience
                    Manufacturing Companies, Distributors Companies, Hospitality Services
                    Companies, Professional Services Companies, Educational Institute, Chain
                    Shop or Store
                    Contact Person: Salim Rahman | Designation: Chairman
                    Phone: 891 8091 | Mobile: 01817 040 722
                    Email: s.rahman@technocount.com | Website: technocount.com

                    Technohaven Company Limited
                    For 24 years as an independent software and system integration house
                    Technohaven has been providing software solutions, product distributions,
                    and IT outsourcing services to a large number of financial houses,
Stall : B-35
                    multinational companies, local corporate bodies, government organizations
                    and international development agencies. ISO 9001 quality assurance practices
                    in Technohaven since 2001 ensure high quality IT services and customer
                    Products & Services to be exhibited
                    Automated Event Management, Business Process Automation, Consulting
                    Services, Custom Software Development Services, Facilities Management,
                    Project Management, Software Maintenance, Specialized ICT Education,
                    System Integration
                    Target Business Audience
                    Development Agencies, Financial Institutions, Govt. Organizations, Large
                    Manufacturing Companies, Multinational Companies, Oil, Gas And Energy
                    Companies, Retailing & Distribution Companies
                    Contact Person: Saeed Ahmed | Designation: Business Development Officer
                    Phone: +880-2-9673607 | Mobile: 01911024871
                    Email: saeed@technohaven.com | Website: www.technohaven.com

BASISSOFTEXPO2012                                                                Business Software Zone
                              TechnoVista Limited
                              As a winner of the National Innovation Award of 2011, our commitment to
Stall : MP-02                 quality & customer satisfaction differentiates us as the leader of the industry.
                              The driving philosophy of our team is to offer high quality solutions & excellent
                              after sale support. TechnoVista has successfully delivered large & complex
                              solutions for the Government of Bangladesh, and different Multi-National and
                              Local companies. We have also exported software & ICT services to countries
                              such as Denmark, Germany, UK, USA, Indonesia, Vietnam & Nepal.
                              Products & Services to be exhibited
                              E-Governance Solutions, Business Software, E-Commerce Solutions, Web
                              based solutions & Database driven websites.
                              Target Business Audience
                              Government, Semi Govt., NGO, SME, Banks & Non-Banking Financial
                              Institutions, Educational Institution, Business Services, Manufacturing,
                              Commercial Organizations, RMG Sector etc.
                              Contact Person: Mr. Navidul Huq | Designation: Director
                              Phone: 7912274 | Fax: 8959254 | Mobile: 01713014147
                              Email: navidul.huq@technovista.com.bd | Website: www.technovista.com.bd

                              The Computers Ltd.
                              The Computers Ltd.(TCL),established in 1983 is currently involved in software
                              development (Java platform) and in IT Education and Training. TCL has a suite
                              of competitively priced business software products for Micro and SMEs. More
Stall : B-03                  reputed among them "NIKASH" - Accounting System available in destop and
                              web version. The web version is sold on Saas model - SOftware as a service.
                              The Compnay is headed by K Atique -e- Rabbani, BTech (Hons), UK, FCA.
                              Products & Services to be exhibited
                              "NIKASH Integrated" with General Ledger Accounting-Inventory Control,
                              Invoicing-Order Processing with graphical outputs and easy interface,
                              "Ishkool" School management system, "Daktari" Clinic Management System,
                              plus, Tk 5000 business software sho
                              Target Business Audience
                              Micro and SME, Schools and Colleges, Clinics
                              Contact Person: K Atique -e- Rabbani | Designation: Managing Director
                              Phone: 028317357 | Fax: 028319091 | Mobile: 01711538673
                              Email: tcl_It@yahoo.com | Website: www.tcl-bd.org

     Business Software Zone                                                                      BASISSOFTEXPO2012
                    The Databiz Software Ltd.
                    Databiz (founded in 1999) is an ISO certified ICT Solution Provider Company
Stall : MP-12       from Bangladesh managed by a group of professional engaged in Software
                    Development, Web Solutions, Mobile Application Development and Software
                    Outsourcing services.
                    For local market, the company offers a wide range of industry specific solutions
                    for different sectors with a special emphasis on Distribution and Supply Chain,
                    Hospitality and Educational Institutions.
                    Products & Services to be exhibited
                    BiznessRoots(Distribution and Trading ERP), Educational ERP (For University
                    and other Educational Institution Management), Real Estate Management
                    ERP, Highlights (Inventory and Accounting Software, Restaurant Management
                    Software, Smart Phone Apps
                    Target Business Audience
                    Production and Distribution Companies, Real Estate Companies, Any SMEs,
                    Educational Institutions, Restaurants
                    Contact Person: Mr. Mamunur Rashid | Designation: AGM
                    Phone: +88-02-8714185-6 | Fax: +88-02-8714186 | Mobile: +88-01912-125792
                    Email: mamun@databizsoftware.com | Website: www.databizsoftware.com

                    The Decode Ltd.
                    Decode is specialized in photogrammetric mapping services, LiDAR data
                    editing, remote sensing, GIS and 2D, 3D animation. It is the largest & only
                    production centre for photogrammetric mapping in Bangladesh. Our aim is to
Stall : B-08        establish long-term satisfactory working relationship with our customers.
                    Over the years Decode has considerably enriched its HR and Infrastructure to
                    provide a wide range of solutions.
                    Products & Services to be exhibited
                    GIS & Photogrammetry, 3D City Models for planning and development, Digital
                    Stereo Mapping & Digital Elevation Model (DEM) from Satellite/Aerial image,
                    Aerial Triangulation, Orthophoto, Geo-information software development,
                    Web GIS
                    Target Business Audience
                    Bangladesh Government agencies, out source, Development agencies & NGOs
                    Contact Person: B.M. Rabiul Islam | Designation: Head of Production and Chief Technical Officer
                    Phone: +88029116193 | Fax: +880 2 811 6490 | Mobile: +8801711567377
                    Email: info@decodemap.com | Website: www.decodemap.com

BASISSOFTEXPO2012                                                                        Business Software Zone
                              Bdjobs.com Ltd.
                              Bdjobs.com Ltd. is a private limited company established in 2000. The
                              company has been operating the largest online employment exchange of
Stall : MP-08, 09             Bangladesh for the last 11 years. Over 80,000 unique persons daily visit
                              www.bdjobs.com , 6,000+ corporate clients use the site to meet their regular
                              recruitment needs. Besides successfully operating the largest job portal in the
                              country www.bdjobs.com, it has diversified in related business areas that
                              include software development, HR & Recruitment consultancy, corporate
                              training etc.
                              Products & Services to be exhibited
                              Online Job Advertisement, Corporate Membership, e-Recruitment System,
                              Corporate Training, HR Consultancy
                              Target Business Audience
                              Decision makers (top management and head of HR) of different corporate
                              houses and NGOs
                              Contact Person: Prokash Roy Chowdhury | Designation: GM, Sales & Marketing
                              Phone: 9117179, 9140345, 8124366 | Fax: 9117179, 9140345, 8124366
                              Mobile: 01819261788 | Email: prokash@bdjobs.com
                              Website: www.bdjobs.com

                              bKash Limited
                              bKash Limited is a joint venture between BRAC Bank Ltd., Bangladesh, and
                              Money in Motion LLC, USA. Ensuring access to a broader range of financial
                              services for the people of Bangladesh is the ultimate objective of bKash. It has
Stall : O-10                  a special focus to serve the low income people of the country and promote
                              sustainable micro-savings to achieve broader financial inclusion by providing
                              financial services that are convenient, affordable and reliable.
                              With this vision bKash launched it’s services on 21st July, 2011.
                              Products & Services to be exhibited
                              bKash Mobile Financial Services:
                              Registration: Sign up for bKash services, Send Money: Transfer between 2
                              bKash accounts, Token: Money transfer between unregistered customers,
                              Payment: Payment through bKash, Cash In: Depositing money into bKash
                              account, Cash Out: Withdrawing Money from bKash account, My Wallet:
                              Balance/statement check, PIN change process
                              Target Business Audience
                              Any visitors having mobile phones.
                              Contact Person: Mirza Ferdous Ohid | Designation: Activation Officer
                              Phone: +88029860560 | Fax: +88029894916 | Mobile: 01711081888
                              Email: ferdous@bkash.com | Website: www.bkash.com

     Business Software Zone                                                                    BASISSOFTEXPO2012
                    Advanced ERP (BD) Ltd.
                    Advanced ERP (BD) Ltd. is a software solution provider of international repute.
Stall : M-05        It has its base in U. S. A. and operating in Bangladesh for the last decade with
                    good reputation and a host of satisfied clientele. Advanced ERP has strong
                    capability of delivering international standard software at an affordable price.
                    Products & Services to be exhibited
                    Full range of industry specific ERP products that consists of Purchase,
                    Inventory, Production, Sales, Accounts, HRM & CRM. Besides ERP, there is POS,
                    Airlines reservation system, Hospital Management, Co-operative
                    management system, Cold storage Management system , Airlines GSA
                    system, Garments Management System, Real Estate Management System and
                    many more.
                    Target Business Audience
                    Almost any organization, specially, Manufacturing concerns, Trading Houses,
                    Financial Institutes, Academic Institutes, Retailers, Co-operative society,
                    Airlines GSA, Real Estate & Developers, Supermarkets etc.
                    Contact Person: Md. Mostafizur Rahaman Sohel | Designation: Director
                    Phone: 8412966, 8413379 | Fax: 8412966, 8413379 | Mobile: 01819218125
                    Email: sohel@dreamapps.com | Website: www.advancederpbd.com

                    Casada Technology Bangladesh Ltd.
                    Casada Technologies is the sole agent in Bangladesh for WinMate-Electronic
                    Company and AlertPay - Online payment service provide. WinMate Communi-
                    cation INC. with Corporate Headquarter in Taipei, Taiwan is focused on
Stall : M-04
                    developing LCD application products, digital signage solutions and embedded
                    system with integrating GPS, Wireless, and touch screen technology which is
                    ISO 9001 accreditation, also provide solution to medical, military, industrial,
                    banks, in-flight entertainment, communication, security, and automotive
                    Products & Services to be exhibited
                    Casada Technology Bangladesh Ltd. is the only approved agent and facilitator
                    of AlertPay - Online Payment Gateway Service Providers in association with
                    Bank Asia. Primarily we will provide three types of services.
                    AlertPay for Shoppers, AlertPay for Sellers, AlertPay Prepaid Debit Card
                    Target Business Audience
                    Freelancers & IT
                    Contact Person: Jamal Shah | Designation: COO
                    Phone: +8802-8822365 | Fax: +8802-8822365 | Mobile: +8801680922600
                    Email: jamal@casadatech.com | Website: www.casadatech.com

BASISSOFTEXPO2012                                                              Business Software Zone

              Albatross Technologies Limited             O-07
              Amravi Limited                             O-04
              Codemen Solutions Inc.                     O-05
              CSL Software Resources Ltd.                O-09
              Habib Intelligent Software Ltd. (hisoft)   O-06
              Infrablue Technology                       O-03
              nazdaqTechnologies Inc                     O-08
              Syntech Solution Ltd                       O-02
              US Software Limited                        O-01
                    Albatross Technologies Limited
                    Albatross Technologies Limited is a leading ITES company providing
                    application, software, web design and development, Internet marketing
                    consulting services, setting up dedicated offshore software development
Stall : O-07        teams for outsourced product development, e-business application
                    development, quality assurance and maintenance services. It has strong
                    expertise in open source (LAMP) technologies.
                    Products & Services to be exhibited
                    Online Accounting Software (AlphaSys), POS and MLM Software.
                    A complete spectrum of services in Web based solutions and Internet based
                    consultancy services including software, web design & development, SEO
                    Services, eCommerce, Graphic Design etc.
                    Target Business Audience
                    Small to large enterprises or individuals interested in outsourcing their
                    application, software, web design and development, SEO Services,
                    eCommerce solutions and Internet marketing services needs.
                    Contact Person: Ahmed Nadir | Designation: Chief Executive Officer
                    Phone: +88 02 7912178 | Mobile: +88 01730197878
                    Email: info@albatrossbd.com | Website: www.albatrossbd.com

                    Amravi Limited
                    Cefalo is a Norwegian outsourcing / offshoring and consulting company with
Stall : O-04        our main services and development department in Dhaka, Bangladesh. The
                    company offers IT-development and maintenance services to European
                    Contact Person: Mohammad Golam Kabir | Designation: Chief Operating Officer
                    Phone: +88 0197 645 2247 | Mobile: +88 0197 645 2247
                    Email: kabir@cefalo.no | Website: www.cefalo.no/en

BASISSOFTEXPO2012                                                                      Outsourcing Zone
                          Codemen Solutions Inc.
                          At Codemen we start with a notion as simple as it is overlooked: We listen to
                          you. Codemen’s mission is to provide you with the facts, so that you can make
                          an informed outsourcing choice. Once you’ve made the choice, it’s our
Stall : O-05              commitment to give you
                          Products & Services to be exhibited
                          Web, Mobile and Desktop App Design and Development; CMS, Blog,
                          eCommerce, SEO, Online and Offline Marketing; Website Maintenance;
                          Dedicated Hosting; Remote IT Support; ERP, Mobile Apps
                          Target Business Audience
                          Foreign or Domestic Small to Midsize business interested in outsourcing,
                          Individual and Companies interested in US Phone number and 1800 number
                          Contact Person: Aminul Hossain | Designation: Chief Technology Officer
                          Phone: 15168740506 | Fax: 15162247257 | Mobile: 01741117283
                          Email: info@codemen.com | Website: www.codemen.com

                          CSL Software Resources Ltd.
                          CSL Software Resources Ltd. is one of the oldest software Development
                          Company in Bangladesh, since its inception in 1998 CslSoft has created
                          software products working deeply in manufacturing business vertical. Over the
Stall : O-09              years CslSoft has created its own niche in the market by providing professional
                          implementation consulting service coupled with its products. CslSoft soft
                          products its clients a clear vision of value proposition.
                          Products & Services to be exhibited
                          KANDAREE™- (ERP Solution for Apparel/textile Manufacturing Industry),
                          SHOILEE™ – (ERP Solution for Real Estate & Construction Industry), KORMEE™
                          – (Human Resource Management System), DHEERAJ™ – (Financial
                          Management Solution)
                          Target Business Audience
                          Garments Industries, Pharmaceutical Companies, MNC, Govt. Organization,
                          Real Estate
                          Contact Person: Lutfun Nahar | Designation: Manager, Admin & HR
                          Phone: +88 02 8954154, 8955334, 8958176 | Fax: +88.02-8961946
                          Mobile: 01718145774 | Email: info@cslsoft.com | Website: www.cslsoft.com.bd

       Outsourcing Zone                                                                     BASISSOFTEXPO2012
                    Habib Intelligent Software Ltd. (hisoft)
                    Hisoft is an intelligent business software solution & service provider
                    established by experienced & skilled IT professionals for a business enterprise.
                    Hisoft professional has strong analytical, logical and pragmatic knowledge to
Stall : O-06        deliver as per schedule. Hisoft specializes in data driven software, web
                    application solution development and data analysis, sorting, processing and
                    printing solution.
                    Products & Services to be exhibited
                    Online Accounting Software SmartCashBook.com; Share BackOffice
                    Management System (SharePlus); Real Estate ERP Application (AssetERP),
                    Micro Financing Application Software; Billing Application Software; Data
                    Sorting, Processing, Printing Solution.
                    Target Business Audience
                    Outsourcing Business Alignment with IT Concern in International Market and
                    All Listed Public Limited Company in Local Market. Bank, Financial Institution,
                    Garments, Online Shopping, Remittance, etc.
                    Contact Person: M Ashraful Haque | Designation: Managing Director & CEO
                    Phone: 880-2-8032454 | Fax: 880-2-9006400 | Mobile: 880-1819494535
                    Email: ceo@hisoft.com.bd | Website: www.hisoft.com.bd

                    Infrablue Technology
                    IBT has effectively extended its services to South East Asia and the U.S. The
                    company has experienced steady growth in the IT industry over the past two
                    years and expects to take its growth further in the U.S. and European market in
Stall : O-03
                    2012. IBT offers a wide array of software solutions and web development
                    services with a highly satisfied client base from around the world.
                    Products & Services to be exhibited
                    Legacy Champ (Social Fitness Network), Ten Haute (Deal Site), Facebook Apps
                    (Twenty 20, Street Football, Winning Eleven)
                    Target Business Audience
                    Other Software Service providers (preferably, foreign visitors), who are doing
                    large projects and want to distribute the work; Facebook users so that they can
                    play IBT games applications.
                    Contact Person: Tashfique Ahmed Chowdhury | Designation: Business Development Manager
                    Phone: 9880777 | Fax: 9897774 | Mobile: 01719368016
                    Email: raymon007@gmail.com | Website: www.bluebd.com

BASISSOFTEXPO2012                                                                   Outsourcing Zone
                          nazdaqTechnologies Inc
                          Founded in 2009, with offices in New York, London and Dhaka, nazdaqTech-
                          nologies Inc is a young and dynamic technology consulting firm that builds
Stall : O-08              advanced solutions for the industries across the various vertices. The executive
                          team has over 75 years of combined business, in-depth technical and
                          management experience with each member an expert in their respective
                          industries and having had roles in leading global top tier organizations.
                          Products & Services to be exhibited
                          Banking Solutions, E-Commerce Solutions, Healthcare Solutions, Student
                          Management Solutions, Virtualization Solutions, Interactive Board Solutions,
                          Networking Solutions
                          Target Business Audience
                          Banks, Hospitals and Clinics, Telecommunications, Schools and Universities,
                          Garments Industries
                          Contact Person: Mohammed Sayem | Designation: Senior Marketing Associate
                          Phone: +88-02-9871132 | Fax: +1-917-536-9770 | Mobile: +88-01842-629327
                          Email: mohammed.sayem@nazdaqtechnologies.com | Website: www.nazdaqTechnologies.com

                          Syntech Solution Ltd
                          We would like to introduce ourselves by “Syntech Solution Ltd” which is
                          renowned Software firm & able to provide you all kind of IT solution. Syntech
                          Start Business from 2006 and by this short time Syntech archive a good name
Stall : O-02              by continuous value added services.
                          Products & Services to be exhibited
                          Desktop Software Development, Web Based Software Development, ERP
                          Software, HR & Payroll Management, Accounting Management, Inventory
                          management, Sales Management, CRM
                          Target Business Audience
                          Corporate, MNC, NGO, Government
                          Contact Person: Md.Faruk Uddin | Designation: CEO
                          Phone: +88 029888978 | Mobile: +8801715 054769
                          Email: info@syntechbd.com | Website: www.syntechbd.com

       Outsourcing Zone                                                                    BASISSOFTEXPO2012
                    US Software Limited
                    US Software Limited offers world-class offshore outsourcing and IT-enabled
                    services from Bangladesh, This includes IT Outsourcing Services, Customized
                    Application Development, Business Process Outsourcing, IT Training, Testing &
Stall : O-01        Placement Services.
                    Products & Services to be exhibited
                    Services: IT Outsourcing, Website Design & Development, Customized
                    Application Development, IT Training, Testing & Placement
                    Product: Inventory Management System, HR & Payroll System, E-Commerce
                    Site Solution, Job Portal, Hotel Portal, Multi Level Marketing Solution,
                    Pharmacy Management System, School Management System
                    Target Business Audience
                    Government, Private, National, international Organization who provide IT
                    Outsourcing Services.
                    Contact Person: Mohammad Nurul Alam | Designation: Managing Director
                    Phone: 9668986 | Fax: 9661526 | Mobile: 01819225074
                    Email: info@ussoftwareltd.com | Website: www.ussoftwareltd.com

BASISSOFTEXPO2012                                                                Outsourcing Zone
Application &
Solution Zone

                M.M. Services Limited                      M-03
                Multimedia Content & Communications Ltd.   M-02
                TECHVISION SYSTEMS & SOLUTIONS LTD.        M-01
                World Soft Limited                         M-06, 07
                    M.M. Services Limited
                    M.M. Services Ltd. (MMSL) is a sister concern of Integra Group of Bangladesh
                    and it has engaged itself with the business of the mobile and internet content
                    & value added services and solutions. JoshBox is one of it’s brand name. MMSL
Stall : M-03        had started it’s VAS content business in the early 2006.
                    Products & Services to be exhibited
                    m-VAS: a comprehensive mobile governance platform, enabling the user
                    organization to completely automate large scale data distribution to individual
                    users. E.g. using m-VAS, universities or educational institutions can automate
                    their results
                    Target Business Audience
                    Mass people (government organization, corporate houses, individuals,
                    educational institutes etc.) who would like to deploy sms based services.
                    Contact Person: Fahad Mahmood Khan | Designation: Head of Business Development
                    Phone: 02-9896774 | Fax: 02-9896774 | Mobile: +8801843790786
                    Email: info@mmservices.com.bd | Website: www.mmservices.com.bd

                    Multimedia Content & Communications Ltd.
                    Multimedia Content & Communications Ltd (MCC Ltd.) is specialised in
                    e-content and communication material development.MCC works towards
                    integrating innovative communication methodologies into development and
Stall : M-02        social changes programmes and initiatives; and to equip communities and
                    NGOs with an understanding of communication techniques and technologies.
                    Products & Services to be exhibited
                    Mobile Application. Internet Radio www.lemon24.com , Citizen journalism
                    website www.write3.com & other ITES Services
                    Target Business Audience
                    Local & International NGO, Govt. Institute, Mass people
                    Contact Person: Md. Saidul Islam | Designation: Sr. Assistant Director, Finance & Admin
                    Phone: 8129193 | Mobile: 01552403715
                    Email: sayeed@mcc.com.bd | Website: www.mcc.com.bd

BASISSOFTEXPO2012                                                                    Mobile Application &
                                                                                       Solution Zone
                            TECHVISION SYSTEMS & SOLUTIONS LTD.
                            Techvision Systems & Solutions Limited is an ICT Company registered in
                            Bangladesh. The entrepreneurs of the company comprises of professionals and
Stall : M-01                specialists from a wide range of Information Communication Technology
                            Techvision SSL develops software through promotion and hosting of cutting
                            edge of the ICT, particularly in the Telecom and data communications network
                            applications, remote monitoring and e-health sectors. In tele/data com
                            Products & Services to be exhibited
                            Techvision SSL, after its committed and continuous effort, has successfully
                            built its first ever indigenous IVR software engine. The product has been
                            named as VCDS ver 1.0. VCDS stands for Voice Content Dissemination System
                            and ver stands for version
                            Target Business Audience
                            Mobile VAS Providers and Content Provides. Mobile and Telephone Operators,
                            Young Generation, Students in particular and the lastly the people at large.
                            Contact Person: S.M. Iqbal | Designation: Managing Director
                            Phone: 880-2-9137324,9137325 | Fax: 9138876 | Mobile: 8801819221942
                            Email: iqbal@tcvsn.com | Website: www.tcvsn.com

                            World Soft Limited
                            Since 1989, a sister concern of Brother Group, we always endeavor to
                            synthesize research and innovations into meaningful software and
Stall : M-06, 07            information system solutions for Bangladesh as well as the rest of the world.
                            As an institution of quality hardware software solution development company
                            that promotes and inculcates international standards, values and norms,
                            WorldSoft is committed to the ideals of quality and innovative software
                            Products & Services to be exhibited
                            Mobile Apps and related products, RFID solutions, Mobile and cloud ERP
                            Target Business Audience
                            Mobile Apps developer, RFID ERP solution seeker, Mobile Gamers
                            Contact Person: Mr Sultan Uddin Ahmed | Designation: Chairman
                            Phone: +8802 9882812, 8813156 | Fax: +880 2 8814538 | Mobile:
                            Email: sultan@worldsoftltd.com | Website: www.worldsoftltd.com

     Mobile Application &                                                                    BASISSOFTEXPO2012
       Solution Zone
Cloud &

                AGNI SYSTEMS LIMITED             C-02, 03
                CoLoCity                         C-19
                DataCenter Bangladesh            C-11
                Desh Networks                    C-04
                eMedia Bangladesh                C-01
                Eyeball Networks                 C-15,16
                ICT Solutions Ltd.               C-17
                InGen Technology Ltd             C-14
                J.A.N Associates                 C-09
                MetroNet Bangladesh Limited      C-12, 13
                Moon Networks Limited            C-10
                Oditio Technologies Limited      C-06
                Pi Labs Bangladesh Ltd.          C-08
                Unicorn Software and Solutions   C-18
                Voxvalley Technologies Pvt Ltd   C-07
                               AGNI SYSTEMS LIMITED
                               Agni Systems Limited is a Nationwide ISP, started service in 1995. The
                               company is listed as a public Limited firm in 2003 and now trades on Dhaka
                               and Chittagong stock exchanges under the symbol AGNISYSL. AGNI obtains
Stall : C-02, 03               VSAT operator license, VSAT User Licen
                               Products & Services to be exhibited
                               IP Telephony Solutions, IP PBX Solutions, IP phones, Video Phones, IP PBX,
                               Internet services.
                               Target Business Audience
                               Corporate and Individuals
                               Contact Person: Md. Maktobur Rahman | Designation: General Manager
                               Phone: 09606100700, Ext. 166, Direct: 09606100166 | Fax: +8802-8811902
                               Mobile: 01715011879, 01833310173 | Email: maktobur@agni.com
                               Website: www.agni.com, www.agnitel.com

                               CoLoCity is a TIER-III (Concurrently Maintainable) outstanding Data Center
                               with particular emphasis on adhering to Global Carrier standards. CoLoCity
                               data center collocation service offers you the space, power, cooling and other
Stall : C-19
                               related facilities to install and operate IT & Telecom equipments on a
                               outsource/OpEx model and this service allows IT Department to focus on their
                               job by not invest on the infrastructure setup.
                               Products & Services to be exhibited
                               Multiple Service Options, Tier-III Data Center facilities (Concurrently Maintain-
                               Target Business Audience
                               BANK, Financial Institution, ISP/Telecom, Group of Companies (Corporate),
                               Contact Person: Atik Ullah Sayeed | Designation: Marketing Manager
                               Phone: +88.02.989.0017 | Fax: +88.02.989.0016 | Mobile: +88.017.3032.3052
                               Email: atikullah.sayeed@colocity.com.bd | Website: www.colocity.com.bd

  Cloud & Communication Zone                                                                   BASISSOFTEXPO2012
                    DataCenter Bangladesh
                    DataCenter Bangladesh is an web based application developing company,
                    established in 2011. The company started it journey as developing a fully
                    automated Virtual Data Center with integrated sales and accounting. In the
Stall : C-11        course of time we get the best market for showing our innovation in web
                    developing field. The market is nothing but VoIP. VoIP Billing Plus is one of our
                    best products.Hosting, Dedicated Server rent and web developing our passion.
                    Products & Services to be exhibited
                    VoIP Billing Plus ( VoIP Billing For VoIP Switch ), Flexiload Dialer ( Flexiload
                    from your modile any time ), Hosting and Dedicated Server Rent, Instant
                    website creator, Make your online Radio in a minute, Make your virtual online
                    Target Business Audience
                    Customers they who are willing to develop their own web site or web based
                    application, they whoa re related with VoIP Business, general customers
                    interested in online Radio or online shop.
                    Contact Person: Md. Sozib Ferdous | Designation: CEO
                    Phone: +8801716344112 | Mobile: +8801716344112
                    Email: sozib@datacenter.com.bd | Website: www.datacenter.com.bd

                    eMedia Bangladesh
                    eMedia Bangladesh is a IT solution company and launches world first 24 hour
                    Islamic Call Center +88-09611100200 with Islamic web portal
Stall : C-01
                    Products & Services to be exhibited
                    Web Development, Server, Domain, Hosting, Online Payments, Domain and
                    Hosting Reseller, SMS Marketing, Google and Facebook Ad, E-mail Host,
                    eCommerce. Call Center
                    Target Business Audience
                    Abroad and Bangladesh IT Market.
                    Contact Person: Md. Arif Hossain | Designation: CEO
                    Phone: +88028653581 | Fax: +88028653581 | Mobile: +8801713434345
                    Email: info@live.com.bd | Website: www.emedia.com.bd

BASISSOFTEXPO2012                                                           Cloud & Communication Zone
                               Eyeball Networks
                               Eyeball Networks has delivered carrier-grade VoIP solutions for some of the
Stall : C-15, 16               world's best known service providers, application developers, and mobile
                               device makers for over 10 years.
                               Our patented technology currently serves more than 20 million end users
                               around the world and over 200 licensees, including Polycom, RIM, Nokia, and
                               many others.
                               Eyeball is headquartered in West Vancouver, Canada, with offices in Dhaka
                               and San Francisco.
                               Products & Services to be exhibited
                               Eyeball provides complete carrier-grade Instant Messaging, VoIP, Video
                               telephony and NAT traversal solutions capable of servicing millions of
                               Target Business Audience
                               Tier 1 Service Providers, Application Developers and Device Manufacturers
                               Contact Person: Redwan Haque | Designation: Marketing Manager
                               Mobile: 8801713129670, 8801713129670 | Email: redwan@eyeball.com
                               Website: eyeball.com

                               ICT Solutions Ltd.
                               ICT Solutions Limited (ISL), a trusted global software development company
                               with more than 08 years of professional experience. We deliver a full spectrum
                               of software consulting and development services to clients from more than 4
Stall : C-17
                               countries across the globe.
                               Products & Services to be exhibited
                               Software, Hardware, Outsourcing Services, Surveillance, Security
                               Target Business Audience
                               Real estate, Schools, Colleges & Universities, Garments, Manufactures,
                               Hospitals, Tours & Travel Agencies, Courier Services, Multinational Companies,
                               Contact Person: Khandaker Mosharraf Arafen | Designation: Managing Director
                               Phone: +8801612026862 | Mobile: +8801912016056
                               Email: arafen@ictsolutionsltd.com | Website: www.ictsolutionsltd.com

  Cloud & Communication Zone                                                                     BASISSOFTEXPO2012
                    J.A.N Associates
                    J.A.N Associates Limited was established in 1989 and to provide turn key
Stall : C-09
                    solution as well as to market computer and related products. Since 1995 J.A.N
                    Associates it the sole distributor in Bangladesh for canon Image Communica-
                    tion products. Canon Digital Camera,Ink Jet,Laser shot Printers, Scaner,Large
                    Formaet Printer. Multimedia projector, Multifunction Printer (printer,Scanner,
                    copier & Fax) and newly introduced interactive white board.
                    Products & Services to be exhibited
                    J.A.N Associates newly introduced interactive white board which is more
                    effective for multimedia projector/presentation.
                    Target Business Audience
                    School, College,University,Bank,NGO & Goverment offices, Training Centre,
                    Business meeting,
                    Contact Person: Kabir Hossain | Designation: General manager
                    Phone: 9660601,8611444 | Fax: 8610410 | Mobile: 01711635903
                    Email: kabir.canon76@yahoo.com | Website: www.jan-bd.com

                    MetroNet Bangladesh Limited
                    MetroNet is the Nations 1st & the largest fiber optic WAN in Bangladesh which
                    is maintained by more than 150 employees 24x7. 40 banks are powered by
Stall : C-12, 13    MetroNet. MetroNet’s data transmission is fully digital, which brings you the
                    benefit of high quality, noise free digital transmission.
                    Products & Services to be exhibited
                    Point to Point & Point to Multi-Point Data Connectivity Services, Dedicated
                    Internet Services, Managed Services, IP Telephone Services & Enterprise
                    Target Business Audience
                    Banks, Financial Institutions, Telecom Operators, Corporate House, National &
                    Multinational Organizations, Educational Institutions etc.
                    Contact Person: Md. Shafik Ullah | Designation: Assistant Manager, Sales & Marketing
                    Phone: +88 02 8814996, +88 02 9897612, +88 02 8822259 | Fax: +88 02 9886442
                    Mobile: 01711542763 | Email: marketing@metro.net.bd | Website: www.metro.net.bd

BASISSOFTEXPO2012                                                              Cloud & Communication Zone
                               Moon Networks Limited
                               Originate in 2005, Moon Networks limited providing wide range of solution for
Stall : C-10                   the ICT and telecommunications industry. We explore new opportunities for
                               customers in the ICT world. From the beginning of 2008, we stepped into the
                               business of ICT Hardware sales. We Import bulk quantity of Optical Fiber and
                               related Accessories with wireless networks equipment.
                               Products & Services to be exhibited
                               IP Technology Related Software, E-Cash for VOIP Accounting, Moon Billing for
                               VoIP Switch& VOS3000, Moon CDR&Call shop for Soft Switch, Web bases
                               E-Refill(mobile balance top-up), Business Solution Software, Inventory
                               Software, Vehicle Tracker.
                               Target Business Audience
                               Our target business audience are such as; local and International IP Telephony
                               vendors & service providers, investors, development agencies, policy makers
                               and ICT associations etc.
                               Contact Person: MD.Anwarul karim Mia | Designation: Sales Manager
                               Phone: +8802-9343401 | Fax: +8802-9343257 | Mobile: +8801929996907
                               Email: anwar@moonnetworks.net | Website: www.moonnetworks.net

                               Oditio Technologies Limited
                               Oditio Technologies Ltd. is software and IT enabled services provider delivering
                               technology driven business solutions that meet the strategic objectives of our
                               clients. Oditio has a 'Centre of Excellence' that creates solutions around specific
Stall : C-06
                               needs of industries. We are delivering unmatched business value to customers
                               through a combination of process excellence, quality frameworks and service
                               delivery innovation.
                               Products & Services to be exhibited
                               Training; RedHat Linux (RHCE, RHCSS); Oracle DBA, RAC, DataGuard, Security,
                               Data Warehouse, Developer; Managing Oracle on Linux; Technical Service &
                               Support; Customized Software Development; ERP (Enterprise Resource
                               Planning) - Chowkas
                               Target Business Audience
                               Govt. & Non- Govt. Organizations, Students, Corporate Clients, Garments
                               Industries, Banking, Manufacturing Industries, Telecome Services
                               Contact Person: M.M. Anisuzzaman | Designation: Manager, Business Development
                               Phone: 9121391 | Mobile: 01552372360
                               Email: amin.zaman@oditio.com | Website: www.oditio.com

  Cloud & Communication Zone                                                                    BASISSOFTEXPO2012
                    Pi Labs Bangladesh Ltd.
                    Pi Labs Bangladesh Ltd. is an IT based research and development institute, run
                    by BUET engineers. We are leading provider of high-end software outsourcing
Stall : C-08        services, specializing in web development, enterprise application
                    development, system integration and business automation tools with
                    industry-specific software expertise in Corporate, financial and media sectors.
                    Our vision to instigate a platform for IT research and IT Product development.
                    Products & Services to be exhibited
                    Software: Share Trading, OMR, Education Mgt., Inventory, Accounting,
                    Municipality Mgt.; Systems: Vehicle Tracking, Access Control, Content
                    Providing, Solar Charge Controller, Microcontroller Training, techShopbd.com
                    qrefill.com, rokomari.com, Website, FireBall
                    Target Business Audience
                    Brokerage Houses, Group of Companies, Garments, Municipalities, FBCCI
                    Members,Schools,Colleges, Universities, Students,Different Offices, Textile
                    mills,Media houses, NGOs, Foreigners, Investors.
                    Contact Person: Ahasanul Kabir | Designation: AGM, Business Development
                    Phone: +88-02-852474 | Mobile: 01833316076, 01833316071, 01811415101
                    Fax: +88-02-9134708 | Email: info@onnorokom.com
                    Website: www.pilabsbd.com, www.onnorokom.com

                    Unicorn Software and Solutions
                    Unicorn Software and Solutions is one of the most reliable software and web
Stall : C-18        development companies in Bangladesh.
                    We are specialized in website and web applications design and development,
                    E-Commerce services, IT consulting, network services etc. We have developed
                    specialized solutions for sectors like accounting management, E-Learning
                    system, logistics management, HR Management, MLM business
                    management, VAT management etc.
                    Products & Services to be exhibited
                    Finamate: Finamate is a web based accounting and ERP solution.; Logimate:
                    Logimate is a logistics management software for the freight forwarding
                    companies; VAT Man: Vat Man is VAT management software which helps to
                    ease the complex process of VAT management.; E-Learning Management
                    System: This software is developed for managing the whole E-Learning
                    management with ease.
                    Target Business Audience
                    Small and medium scale business enterprises, freight forwarding companies,
                    government, educational institutes, foreign companies.
                    Contact Person: Sheikh Abu Ayub Azad | Designation: CEO
                    Phone: +88-02-9360346 | Fax: +88-02-9360365 | Mobile: +8801675368312
                    Email: info@ussbd.com | Website: www.ussbd.com, www.finamate.com

BASISSOFTEXPO2012                                                          Cloud & Communication Zone
                               VOICETONE TELECOM CORPORATIO
                               VoiceTone Telecom Corporation is Telecom Software and System integrator
                               company with own Datacenter in USA. We are dedicated to provide customer
Stall : C-05                   with complete solutions with telecom/ voip providers and S-A-S providers.
                               Products & Services to be exhibited
                               Softswitch , Billing, Calling card, Mobile Dialer, Callback System, Pinless
                               System, MVNO Billing, Wifi Billing,
                               Target Business Audience
                               Telecom , Voip providers, COmpanies
                               Contact Person: Sazzad Khan | Designation: CEO
                               Phone: +8801730017334 | Fax: +8801730017334 | Mobile: +8801730017334
                               Email: voipguru@gmail.com | Website: www.desh-telecom.com

                               Voxvalley Technologies Pvt. Ltd.
                               Started in 2009, VoxValley Technologies is a B2B company which caters to
                               global VoIP Industry. The company has emerged as global soft solution
                               provider for VoIP industry.
Stall : C-07                   Presently, the company caters to the VoIP Industry in more than 18 countries
                               including Japan, Malaysia, Singapore, Germany, France, U.K. and India.
                               Products & Services to be exhibited
                               VoxDialer-an application to make VoIP calls from mobile, MoSIP- PC2Phone
                               dialer application; and VoxBridge-tunnelling solution for VoIP service
                               providers.Company’s flagship product ‘VoxDialer’ is being used by more than
                               0.2 million end users.
                               Target Business Audience
                               VoIP Service Providers and resellers
                               Contact Person: Sajjan Mallik | Designation: CEO & Marketing Director
                               Phone: +914040200617 | Mobile: +918790013939
                               Email: info@voxvalley.com | Website: www.voxvalley.com

  Cloud & Communication Zone                                                                           BASISSOFTEXPO2012

             Devnet Limited                                   I-03, 04, 05
             Orange Business Development Limited (Orangebd)   I-02
             ZANALA Bangladesh Ltd.                           I-01
                          Devnet Limited
                          An ISO 9001:2008 certified organization working in the area of BPO and ECM.
                          For years we have helped companies to turn a commodity into a competitive
                          advantage-with superior transaction automation and outsourcing solutions for
Stall : I-03, 04, 05
                          high volume, document-intensive business processes. Devnet is working with
                          UNDP, HSBC, Metlife Alico, BRAC, Banglalink, Ministry of Education, British
                          American Tobacco Bangladesh, Novartis Pharmaceuticals, DHL Express etc.
                          Products & Services to be exhibited
                          Devnet BPO services, Devnet Document Management Solution, Document
                          Scanning Solution by Kodak, Automatic Data Capture Solution by ABBYY,
                          Innovative Book Scanning Solution by Atiz
                          Target Business Audience
                          Bank & Financial institutions, Insurance, Education, NGO & Research organiza-
                          tions ,Telecommunication, Pharmaceuticals, Government organizations
                          Contact Person: Md.Raziul karim | Designation: Executive , Sales & Marketing
                          Phone: (+8802)8189339,8189349 | Fax: (+8802) 8189350 | Mobile: 8801713249810
                          Email: raziul@devnetlimited.com | Website: www.devnetlimited.com

                          Orange Business Development Limited (Orangebd)
                          Orangebd offer many website design solutions tailored to meet your business
                          needs. Web development alongside software development lies at the core of
Stall : I-02
                          our expertise. Being a top Web Solutions and Web application development
                          company, we offer a full package of Web services, from professional
                          ecommerce Web site design to developing or maintaining advanced Internet
                          Products & Services to be exhibited
                          Web Applications, "Jobsinbd.com" - Jobportal of Orangebd
                          Target Business Audience
                          All Corporates, Governments, Germents, NGOs, Banks, Schools, Universities,
                          Electornic & Print Media and Others..
                          Contact Person: Md. Nuruzzaman | Designation: Director
                          Phone: +880-2-8856610, 8856612 | Fax: +880-2-9891816 | Mobile: 01713005234
                          Email: zaman@orangebd.com | Website: www.orangebd.com

        ITES & BPO Zone                                                                BASISSOFTEXPO2012
                    ZANALA Bangladesh Ltd.
                    ZANALA Bangladesh Ltd. is a new age market communication company,
                    workes in all forms of media, be it product/service promotion or social
Stall : I-01        awareness. Zanala have the people, know-how and professional experience to
                    give the clients a distinct identity in the market.
                    Products & Services to be exhibited
                    infoCentre, a touch screen based kiosk, Internet kiosk, Deposit kiosk
                    Target Business Audience
                    Educational Institutes, Banks, Hospitals, Mega Stores & Shopping Malls, Fairs
                    & Events, Hotels & Tourism.
                    Contact Person: Bahlul Ibn Rahman Shibli
                    Designation: Associate Manager, Client Service & Business Development
                    Phone: +880 2 8129475, 8189361-2 | Mobile: 01730334050
                    Email: shibli@zanala.com | Website: www.zanala.com

BASISSOFTEXPO2012                                                                   ITES & BPO Zone
IT Education

           DATAPARK (BD) LIMITED                                                                   E-03
           Department of Computer Science and Engineering, United International University (UIU)   E-04, 05
           MATEORS DOT COM LTD                                                                     E-01
           Technobd Web Solutions (Pvt.) Ltd.                                                      E-02
                    DATAPARK (BD) LIMITED
Stall : E-03        DATAPARK is committed to investing and retaining industrial talent to provide
                    clients an edge with subject matter understanding along with technological
                    skills. It is a high-end software development & ICT education firm having the
                    status of gold & WDP partnership from ORACLE. DATAPARK is also enriched
                    with the hardware sector due to the venture with SUN ORACLE Microsystems.
                    Products & Services to be exhibited
                    Oracle Solution : Oracle database, RAC, Performance tuning, Disaster recovery,
                    Data warehouse, Oracle data guard, Oracle grid, Oracle ERP
                    Training : Oracle DBA 10g, SCJP, PHP-My-SQL, Oracle dev 10g, SCMDBA, J2EE,
                    Target Business Audience
                    Financial & Banking , Leasing, Telecommunications, Pharmaceutical
                    Industries, SME, Multinational & Group of Companies etc.
                    Contact Person: Liakat Hossain Nayan | Designation: CEO
                    Phone: +880 2 9102209 | Fax: +880 2 9102210 | Mobile: 01755500001
                    Email: ceo@dataparkbd.com | Website: www.dataparkbd.com

                    Department of Computer Science and Engineering, United International University (UIU)
                    Started in 2003, Dept. of CSE of UIU offers BSc(CSE,CTE) and MSc(CSE)
                    Degrees. MSc focusses on Networking & communications, Software Engineer-
                    ing, Computing & intelligence. Researches include Software Engineering, Data
Stall : E-04, 05    Mining, Computer Networks & Wireless communication, AI, Robotics, Bangla
                    Language Processing. We have Cisco networking academy, professional
                    workshops on .NET, PHP, JAVA, Linux, Mobile Application development which
                    are open for all.
                    Products & Services to be exhibited
                    Brochures on CSE, CTE, EEE, ETE; Brochures on CCNA, .NET, PHP and Linux;
                    Student Projects on Networking, AI and robotics, and Software Development;
                    Video on Departmental Activities; Developed Software and hardware products
                    Target Business Audience
                    Software Experts; Students seeking university admission; Want to develop
                    career on .NET, PHP, JAVA, Linux, Mobile Application development; Academic
                    Institutes and Universities
                    Contact Person: Dr Hasan Sarwar | Designation: Professor and Head
                    Phone: +88029125912-5/201 | Fax: +880-2 9125916 | Mobile: +8801715050453
                    Email: hsarwar@cse.uiu.ac.bd

BASISSOFTEXPO2012                                                                    IT Education Zone
                            MATEORS DOT COM LTD.
                            MATEORS DOT COM is a innovative Software Developement Company
                            Established in 2007. We are Devoted ourself in Flexiload Automation Software,
Stall : E-01                Ledger online/desktop & LAN ,WAN Accounting Software, Payroll
                            management Software,E-commerce based Website,Local BRAC/DBBL
                            Payment Gateway Merchant Service and any customized Software
                            Development. We have 5 years of experience in software Development.
                            Products & Services to be exhibited
                            School/college Management Software, Flexiload Automation Software,
                            Ledger Online Accounting Software, E-ticketing For Domestic Highway Bus
                            Target Business Audience
                            School/College Governing body for managing their school/college, General
                            people who has a cellular/mobile phone for flexiload/recharge, Trading/LC
                            Small Medium Enterprise for their Fiancial Accounts
                            Contact Person: Md Mostain Billah | Designation: Chairman
                            Phone: +8801672710028 | Mobile: +8801672710028
                            Email: admin@mateors.com | Website: www.mateors.comcom

                            Technobd Web Solutions (Pvt.) Ltd
                            Technobd Web Solutions Ltd is a Bangladesh based technology focused
                            company operating the business for the last 10 years. Current focus of the
                            company is on web solution and mobile phone application development. It
Stall : E-02                was formed in 2001 by the name of ‘Technobd’ and became a registered
                            private limited company under Joint Stock Commission of Government of
                            Bangladesh in the year 2009.
                            Products & Services to be exhibited
                            Complete web solution includes web application development, web hosting &
                            domain registration, Social networking portal development, Mobile
                            application development mainly iPhone app development, IT based training.
                            Target Business Audience
                            Corporate decision maker & Students
                            Contact Person: Fazley Golam Nomane | Designation: Manager
                            Phone: +88.02.9126385, +88.02.8142040 | Mobile: +88.01715317527
                            Email: sales@technobd.com | Website: www.technobd.com

        IT Education Zone                                                                BASISSOFTEXPO2012
EXPO ZONES                                                                                                                                                                       C-17

    Business Software Zone                                                                                                                                                              C-15, 16
    Outsourcing Zone                                                                                                                                                                               C-14
    Mobile Application & Solution Zone
    Cloud & Communication Zone
    ITES & BPO Zone
    IT Education Zone
    e-Commerce Zone
                                                                                                                         Softexpo                                                       B-30
                                                                                                                        Secretariat                                               B-31



                                                      B-36   B-35   B-34                                                    I-03, 04, 05
                                                                                                P-9                                                  MP-03                    P-1

                           Game Zone                                                                              MP-01                                                                  B-06
                                                                                                                                            MP-11                            B-05
                                                                                              PMP- 01                                                              B-04                                                      nge
                                       Co-Organizer                                                                        MP- 10                        B-03                                                   siness
                                                                                                                                                                                                           o Bu
                                                                                                                                                B-02                                                    exp
   Softexpo                                                                                             PMP- 02                                                                                     Soft
Ticket Counter

       Registration Desk                                                                                                   B-01
                                                                                                                                                               Green View (1st Floor)
                                                                                                                                                                Seminars & Tech Sessions

                                                                                                Windy Town (1st Floor)
                                                                                                  Seminars & Roundtables

                                                                                                  Media Bazaar
                                                                                              Match-making & Seminars

                                                                                    atfo ts
                                                                                n Pl even
                                                                           atio oor
                                                                    In spir for outd
                                                             rm                                           O-09
                                                        t fo
                                                 ion la llents                                                   O-08
                                            ovatn y n ev
                                     a & ovar for n
                                  IdeInnStagem                                                                          O-07
                                 M-06, 07                                                                                                    O-04
            C-09                                         M-04                                                                                                                                                 E-01
                    C-08                                        M-03                                                                                                                                                  E-02
                               C-07                                        M-02                                                                                                                  B-21                        E-03
                                      C-06                                                                                     ne                                                         B-22
                                                                                                                            Zo                                                     B-23
                                             C-05                                                                      erce                                                                                                           E-04, 05
                                                                                                                    mm                                                     B-24
           CP-1                                                                                                e-Co
                                                             C-02, 03                                  M-01
                                                                                                                                                                                                        P-8                                  B-20
                                                                                                                                                                         MP-8, 9                                                      B-19
                                       CP-2                                                                                                                                                                                    B-18
                                                                                   C-01                                                                                                     MP-18                       B-17
       C-12, 13                                              ati
                   C-11                      ud
                                                                                                      B-27                                                                 MP-17                              MP-20

                          C-10                                                                                                                         P-7                                   B-16
                                                         MP-22                                        MP-07                      P-6                                         B-14

             P-5                       B-28                                       MP-06                                                                    B-13
                                                         MP-05                                                                          B-12
                                                                                             MP-15                               B-11
                                MP-04                                                                                 B-10
                                                                         MP-14                                B-09
                                             MP-13                                          B-07


                                                                                      d   Cou
                                                                                              r   t
                           nge                                                                                                       SOFTEXPO
             sin ess
        o Bu

                                                                                                                     Support to Digital Bangladesh (A2I) Program                          Co-Organizer
                                                                                                                     GPIT                                                                 Platinum Sponsor
                                                                                                                     DELL                                                                 Gold Sponsor
                                                                                                                     BRAC Bank                                                            Co-Sponsor
                                                                                                                     ICT Business Promotion Council                                       Co-Sponsor
                                                                                                                     HUAWEI Technologies (Bangladesh) Ltd.                                Cloud & Communication Zone Sponsor
                                                                                                                     CIMSolutions                                                         Outsourcing Zone Sponsor
                                                                                                                     QUBEE                                                                Internet Partner
                                                        Mini Pavilions
                                                        Grameen Communications                              MP-01
                                                        TechnoVista Limited                                 MP-02
                                                        CREASH                                              MP-03
                                                        Divine IT Limited                                   MP-04
                                                        Satcom IT Limited                                   MP-05
                                                        Epsilon Consulting & Development Services [ECDS]    MP-06
                                                        Data Head Pvt. Ltd.                                 MP-07
                                                        BDJOBS.COM Ltd.                                     MP-08, 09
Pavilions                                               INFORMATIX TECHNOLOGIES                             MP-10
                                                        G5 Technologies Ltd.                                MP-11
IBCS-PRIMAX Software (BD)Limited                P-01    The Databiz Software Ltd.                           MP-12
Best Business Bond Ltd.                         P-02    DataSoft Systems Bangladesh Limited                 MP-13
Talukder ICT Limited                            P-03    Embedded Engineering & Robotic Technology Limited   MP-14
Symphony Softtech                               P-04    CoreKnowledge                                       MP-15
Daffodil Computers Ltd.                          P-05    Genuity Systems Limited                             MP-16
Genuity Systems Limited                         P-06    IMpulse (BD) Ltd.                                   MP-17
BITS Solutions Ltd.                             P-07    Millennium Information Solution Limited             MP-18
DNS Software Ltd.                               P-08    ServicEngine Ltd.                                   MP-19
Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA)   P-09    Maayas Secutronics Ltd.                             MP-20
Flora Systems Limited                           CP-01   BOL                                                 MP-21
LeadSoft Bangladesh Ltd.                        CP-02   Solution 9                                          MP-22

BIJF                                            B-01    Emedia Bangladesh                                   C-01
Mononsoft Ltd.                                  B-02    Agni Systems Ltd.                                   C-02, C-03
The Computers Ltd.                              B-03    DESH NETWORKS                                       C-04
ONE SIMTECH LTD                                 B-04    Voice Tone Telecom Corporation                      C-05
Optimum Solutions Ltd.                          B-05    Oditio Technologies Ltd.                            C-06
Metafour International                          B-06    VoxValley Technologies Pvt. Ltd.                    C-07
                                                        Pi labs Bangladesh Ltd.                             C-08
codeArrow Ltd.                                  B-07    J.A.N. ASSOCIATES                                   C-09
The Decode Ltd.                                 B-08    Moon Networks Limited                               C-10
Hawar IT Software & Services Ltd.               B-09    DataCenter Bangladesh                               C-11
Arena Phone BD Ltd.                             B-10    MetroNet Bangladesh Limited                         C-12, 13
BIBAHABD.COM                                    B-11    InGen Technology Ltd.                               C-14
Ankur ICT Development Foundation (AIDF)         B-12    Eyeball Networks                                    C-15,16
Square Informatix Limited                       B-13    ICT Soluitons Ltd.                                  C-17
Advanced Software Development                   B-14    Unicorn Software & Solutions                        C-18
Addie Soft Ltd.                                 B-15    CoLoCity                                            C-19
INNOVATION INFORMATION SYSTEM                   B-16    Mateors Dot Com                                     E-01
Gonona Technologies Ltd.                        B-17    Technobd Web Solutions (PVT) Limited                E-02
gNET Technologies                               B-18    Data Park (BD) Limited                              E-03
                                                        United International University (UIU)               E-04, 05
ERA InfoTech Ltd.                               B-19    Zanala Bangladesh Ltd.                              I-01
Softtech Limited                                B-20    Orangebd                                            I-02
BASE Limited                                    B-21    DEVNET Limited                                      I-03, 04, 05
Sourcecode Solutions BD                         B-22    Techvision Systems & Solutions Ltd.                 M-01
Express Systems Limited                         B-23    Multimedia Content & Communications Ltd.            M-02
TechnoCount Software Limited                    B-24    M M Services Limited                                M-03
MicroMac Techno Valley Ltd.                     B-25    Casada Technology Bangladesh Ltd.                   M-04
Mir Technologies Ltd.                           B-26    Advanced ERP (BD) Ltd.                              M-05
ONEWORLD INFOTECH                               B-27    World Soft Limited                                  M-06, 07
Infolink                                        B-28    US Software Ltd.                                    O-01
Onecall Solutions Limited                       B-29    Syntech Solution Ltd.                               O-02
                                                        Infrablue Technology                                O-03
Sphuron Technology (Sphuron Labs)               B-30    Amravi Ltd.                                         O-04
Infinity Technology International Ltd.           B-31    CODEMEN                                             O-05
SOFTBANGLA AUTOMATION LIMITED                   B-32    Habib Intelligent Software Limited                  O-06
Sysnova Information Systems Ltd.                B-33    Albatross Technologies Limited                      O-07
GreenSofts System Ltd.                          B-34    NAZDAQ TECHNOLOGIES INC.                            O-08
Technohaven Company Limited                     B-35    CSL Software Resources Ltd.                         O-09
Computer Ease Limited                           B-36    bKash                                               O-10
Organized by   Co-Organizer          Platinum Sponsor   Gold Sponsor   Co-Sponsors   Zone & Event Sponsors   Internet Partner   Matchmaking Support

                             Bangladesh Association of Software & Information Services
                          BDBL Bhaban (5th Floor-West), 12 Kawran Bazar, Dhaka-1215, Bangladesh.
                                  Tel: +880-2-8151196, 8144708-9, Fax: + 880-2-8151197
                                       E-mail: event@basis.org.bd | www.basis.org.bd

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