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FS.646 Frankly PDF set-up - County Home


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									                                                                                                                                                               THIRD QUARTER 2004
                                                                                                                                                               VOLUME 9 • NUMBER 3

                                                   F R A N K L Y                                                          S P E A K I N G
A                           N E W S L E T T E R                      F O R         A N D          B Y        M A R I N              C O U N T Y                 E M P L O Y E E S

                                                 Emergency Control                                                       Civic Center
                                                                                                                         remains intact.
                                                                                                                                                    and focused. EOC staff members know
                                                                                                                                                    what to do because of ongoing training
                                                                                                                         Eventually the             and exercises. ■ With this activation,
Photo by Janice Hughes

                                                                                                                         panic dissipates           employees from throughout the county
                                                                                                                         and electrical             report to their previously designated
                                                                                                                         power is restored.         disaster service assignments. “A” shift,
                                                                                                                         Then, the Sheriff’s        the first of three EOC shifts, reports to
                                                                                                                         Office Emergency           work. Laura Armor (HR) and Mariano
                                                                                                                         Operations Center          Zamudio (HR) assume duties as the
                                                                                                                         (EOC) swings into          Public Information Officers; Steve
                                                                                                                         action to direct dis-      Jensen (DPW) assesses damage in the
                                                                                                                         aster relief opera-        field; Linda Ferguson (H&HS) monitors
                                                                                                                         tions. ■ The EOC,          public health needs; Gerry Norton
                                                                                                                         located in the Civic       (HR) maintains EOC staffing; Patrick
                         L to R: Don Morosi, Ralph Lunan, Chris Godley, Ursula Hanks, Steven Hancock, Eva DeNegri        Center, has work-          Faulkner (Co. Counsel) is the legal
                                                                                                                         stations configured        officer and assists EOC Director Mark
                                                  By Ursula Hanks — Sheriff’s Office
                                                                                                  for management, operations, planning/             Riesenfeld (CAO); Ken Tisdale (DPW)
                                                  “Duck, cover, hold! This building is            intelligence, logistics, and finance/             monitors road conditions; and Jim
                                                  shaking!” Imagine a major earthquake            administration. Telephones, cords, and            Engelman (Sheriff) assumes leadership
                                                  today, large enough to cause damage,            wires get plugged in, status boards get           as the section chief for finance/admin-
                                                  injury, and confusion. As a result of           hung on walls, and electronic equip-              istration. ■ Emergency Services
                                                  retrofits, our own Frank Lloyd Wright           ment is activated. The activity is intense        Manager Chris Godley leads the staff
                                                                                                                                                                             …continued on page 11

                                                 Energy Meets

                                                                                                                                                                                                     Photo by Colleen Weems
                                                 By Colleen Weems — HR
                                                 You may have seen them in the halls of your nearest county
                                                 office, traveling swiftly between the desks, stacks of paper in
                                                 hand or with their heads buried thoughtfully in a project.
                              At any time        Maybe there is one following you around, observing your
throughout the year,                             every move. They are here to learn, and here to help…they
                         the county boasts       are interns. ■ The student internship program is operated by
                                                 Human Resources’ Civic Center Volunteers and places gradu-               L to R: Affordable Housing Interns Ryan Kim and Emi Louie-
            about 100 interns.
                                                 ate, undergraduate, high school, and vocational students into            Nishikawa, supervisor Barbara Collins, and intern Ariel Birtley. Not
                                                 substantive internships throughout county departments. Some              pictured: Andy Feng
                                                 internships offer a small stipend, though the majority of the
                                                 work is unpaid. The distinction between volunteers and interns           interns. In the last year, nearly 50 new internship positions
                                                 is that internships are designed with learning objectives and            were created and filled. At any time throughout the year, the
                                                 give course credit. ■ “Our interns supplement the work that              county boasts about 100 interns. In addition, the Public
                                                 we do as county employees, while they gain professional                  Defender’s Office, the District Attorney’s Office, and some
                                                 experience,” says Internship Coordinator Joy Fossett (HR).               H&HS programs maintain close relationships with academic
                                                 “They also bring us fresh perspectives and great enthusiasm.”            institutions to recruit their interns directly. ■ Barbara Collins,
                                                 ■ Joy works closely with departments to develop meaningful               Affordable Housing Strategist for the Community Development
                                                 jobs, and also with colleges and universities to recruit quality         Agency, has utilized interns in many capacities since 2001.
                                                                                                                                                                             …continued on page 10

                                                                                                                                Photo by Joan Brown
                                            FRANKLY SPEAKING                                                                                                                                             Kelley Comes on Board
                                            Editorial Board                                                                                                                                              By Joan Brown — HR
                                            Joan Brown, Managing Editor, Human Resources,                                                                                                                The Frankly Speaking Editorial Board welcomes new member
                                            Civic Center Volunteers, 499-7167
                                                                                                                                                                                                         Kelley Litz (H&HS). Kelley, the Administrative Secretary to
                                            Heather Burton, Auditor–Controller, 499-6169
                                                                                                                                                                                                         H&HS Director Larry Meredith, is known as “Flight Control”
                                            Jack Govi, County Counsel’s Office, 499-6117                                                                Kelley Litz                                      around her office. She brings technical expertise and a fine
                                            Larry Kay, Public Works, Nicasio Corp.Yard, 446-4421                                                                                                         eye for detail to the board. She has been with the county for
                                            Kelley Litz, H&HS Admin., 20 N. San Pedro Road,                                                                                                              three years, after more than 25 years with the College of
                                            San Rafael, 499-6924                                                                                                                                         Marin, where she worked on a variety of publications. ■
                                            Dulce McAllister, H&HS, Social Services,
                                            San Rafael, 499-7114
                                            Joe Spaeth, Public Defender, 499-6321                                                                                                         County of Marin Family Day—Labor Day at the Lake!
                                            Colleen Weems, Staff to Editorial Board, Human                                                                                             ■ Sunday, September 5, 5–9 p.m.                    ■ Stafford Lake Park in Novato
                                            Resources, Civic Center Volunteers, 499-7407
                                                                                                                                                                                  ■   Fireworks, music, food, and great fun!    ■   Tickets are free to employees & their families
                                            Design:                   Rob Roehrick, Roehrick Design                                                                                                   Call Melissa Hundley at 499-7371 with any questions.
                                            Copy editor:              Bill Pryor, CC Volunteers
                                            Photographer:             Janice Hughes, D.A.’s Office
                                            Proofreaders:             Jane Donohue and Leslie Miller,
                                                                                                                                                                                                                          Rack ‘n Roll
                                                                                                                                Photo by Rick Fraites

                                                                      CC Volunteers
                                            Printing:                 Marin County Printing Services
                                                                                                                                                                                                                          By Rick Fraites — BOS
                                            Frankly Speaking is a quarterly publication for and
                                                                                                                                                                                                Ben Berto of the Community Development
                                            by Marin County employees. Send articles, cartoons,
                                            photos, poems, etc., to Joan Brown, HR, Room 407,                                                                                                   Agency takes advantage of one of the six new
                                            Civic Center. E-mail info to jbrown@co.marin.ca.us or                                                                                               bicycle lockers located at the rear of the loading
                                            send a disk using Microsoft Word, with hard copy                                                                                                    dock at the south arch of the Civic Center.
                                            attached. Identify disk with subject, your name and                                                                                                 Thanks to a grant from the Bay Area Air Quality
                                            phone number. On photos, include all names and the
                                                                                                                                                                                                Management District, county employees who
                                            name of the photographer. Digital photos must be
                                            shot at the highest quality setting.                                                                                                                bike to work at the Marin County Public Health
                                                                                                                                                                                                Lab and Clinic at 920 Grand Avenue, San
                                            Reporter of the Quarter: Margaret Bohan                                                                                                             Rafael, can now protect their noble mounts in a
                                                                                                                                                                                                 fully secured bike locker. Kim Hansard (H&HS)
                                                                                                                                                        Ben Berto
                                            Schedule                                                                                                                                             and Mark Castagnoli (H&HS) are thrilled, and
                                            Articles Due                       Publication Date                                                         predict the rest of the staff at that site may all jump on their bikes now. Two bike
                                            Tues., Sept. 7                     Fri., Oct. 29, 2004                                                      racks were also installed at 10 and 20 North San Pedro Road. During May’s “Bike
                                            Tues., Nov. 7                      Fri., Feb. 4, 2005                                                       to Work Week,” free bike tune-ups, bike route maps, and lunches were provided
                                            Tues., March 8                     Fri., May 13, 2005                                                       to employee cyclists. Thanks go to Carey Lando (DPW), who continues to promote
                                            Tues., June 14                     Fri., Aug. 5, 2005                                                       alternative means of transportation. ■
                                            Tues., Sept. 6                     Fri., Oct. 28, 2005
                                                                                                                                                        Photo by Janice Hughes

                                        “How far you go in life depends
                                      on your being tender with the young,
                                          compassionate with the aged,
                                           sypathethic with the striving,
                                     and tolerant of the weak and the strong.
                                             Because someday in life
                                        you will have been all of those.”
                                                       George Washington Carver

F R A N K L Y                  S P E A K I N G                        Purpose and Priorities                                                                                     More than 130 employees attended the recent lunchtime “Walk for Health” around the
C O M M U N I C A T I O N •D I V E R S I T Y •R E C O G N I T I O N •E D U C A T I O N •N E W S •F U N •I N T E R A C T I O N                                                    Civic Center lagoon. The Human Resources Department provided pedometers for the first
                The Marin County newsletter is intended for internal communication. The                                                                                          100 walkers as well as nutritious snacks. H&HS Director Larry Meredith kicked off the
                newsletter will not include partisan or non-partisan political activity, or issues                                                                               walk with motivational comments and health tips.
                related to labor disputes and grievances.
                           Library Makes a Smooth Landing
                           By Sarah Houghton—Library
                                                                 A library in an old airplane hangar? Yes! The
Photo by Alysanne Taylor

                                                                 South Novato Branch of the Marin County Free                                                           P E T T E R L E’S

                                                                                                                     Illustration by Phoenicia Thomas
                                                                 Library moved to hangar six at Hamilton Field
                                                                 along with Library Technical Services and
                                                                 MARINet (the Marin Public Library consortium)                                          By Steve Petterle — POS&CS
                                                                 in May. ■ The South Novato Library was                                                 I write a lot of letters and a lot of memos.
                                                                 closed for two weeks while the books, furniture,                                       And I write articles sometimes, too. When I
                                                                 computers, and staff moved to the new loca-                                            began writing for business, I often found
                                                                 tion. While patrons were disappointed that                                             myself searching for just the right word to
                                                                 their favorite local library was closed temporar-                                      convey a thought or an idea. I soon began
                                                                 ily, they were excited about the prospect of the                                       to realize that I was spending a dispropor-
                                                                 new space. Says South Novato Library’s                                                 tionate amount of time trying to find the
                                                                 Branch Manager, Helen Romero, “I love the                                              correct words for my texts. So, one day in
                           Excited patrons go through the doors  spaciousness and the warm feeling from the
                           of the new library at the grand open-
                                                                                                                                                        my frustration, I devised a solution, which
                                                                 new colors and carpet. There is extra shelving                                         ensured that I would always have just the
                           ing at Hamilton Field.
                                                                 space and, best of all, there is room to grow                                          right word at my fingertips. I call it the
                           when the library’s budget allows.” ■ The South Novato Library reopened with                                                  wordialerator (sounds just like it’s spelled,
                           festivities on Saturday, June 5. A crowd of over 200 people was in attendance,                                               spelled like it sounds). The wordialerator
                           including many families. The celebration was kicked off with an opening ceremony                                             system is not terribly complex, although it is
                           by the Boy Scouts and some inspiring words from library leaders and Friends of the                                           novel. Simply outlined, wordialerator works
                           Library, and ended with Helen cutting the ceremonial ribbon, allowing the anxious                                            like this: I’m allowed up to 45 seconds to
                           crowd to enter. Food and entertainment rounded out the day. ■ All of the popular                                             think of a word that says what I want to say
                           services of the old library are available at the new branch. The Family Literacy                                             and fits into the context of my document. If
                           program continues to have space for tutoring services. The hugely popular Summer                                             I can’t find a word within that time, I’m
                           Reading Program includes a number of children’s programs, and regular story                                                  required to make up a word, which sounds
                           hours are scheduled for pre-schoolers. The South Novato Library Book Club and                                                like it could mean what I want to say.
                           Internet classes continue right on schedule. ■ Hamilton Landing is one of the                                                Wordialerator means making the commit-
                           fastest-growing areas of Novato. The new library is close to senior housing, work-                                           ment to an automatic elosceration for word
                           force housing, schools, and a rapidly growing residential area. The new facility                                             development. ■ I have found that people
                           is about 50% bigger than the old location and has comfortable new furniture.                                                 generally have a good nature and will
                           Working with the Friends of the Novato Libraries, Mark Schatz, the library’s archi-                                          accept almost anything that is presented to
                           tect and a Hamilton resident, personally raised more than $37,000 for the furniture.                                         them, if it is presented to them in a pleasant
                           ■ The new South Novato Library also has a number of technological innovations                                                and intelligent fashion. They will make up
                           in place. The raised flooring in the building will allow easy installation of power                                          meanings for words they do not under-
                           and data cables to the study tables, so that customers eventually will be able to plug                                       stand. This is the key to wordialeratoring. It
                           personal laptops into the library network. Two self-check machines are available to                                          relies upon an individual’s desire to appear
                           speed up checkout. ■ Library Director Carol Starr commented, “We’re thrilled to                                              smart, even to themself. Wordialerator
                           be able to offer expanded services to our South Novato customers at Hamilton.” ■                                             works best when “synthesized” words are
                                                                                                                                                        composed of at least four syllables and
                                                                                                                                                        sound meaningful. Resorting to a single
                                                                                                                                                        syllable word vags no one (see?) and is
                           Photo by Janice Hughes

                                                                                            David Herlocker,                                            just plain shidilerate. ■ I also employ the
                                                                                            Naturalist with our
                                                                                                                                                        concept of prelimination, which eliminates
                                                                                            Open Space District,
                                                                                            led a nature walk on                                        words from consideration before I even
                                                                                            May 22 onto Mt.                                             consider them to be considered (they’re
                                                                                            Burdell in Novato.                                          preliminated). This is part of the wordialer-
                                                                                            Several county                                              ator process and speeds my writing up
                                                                                            employees saw the
                                                                                                                                                        spirodally. ■ I did not copyright nor
                                                                                            notice in the county’s
                                                                                            FYI and joined the                                          patent the idea, so I hope you’ll give it a
                                                                                            hike.                                                       try. If you are like me, you will find that you
                                                                                                                                                        will not have to worry about calimestering
                                                                                                                                                        anymore. ■

                        Photo by Janice Hughes
                                                                                                                                              Marin. CHAT offers comprehensive
                                                                                                                                              treatment to abused children, advocacy
                                                                                                                                              and support to child victims and their
                                                                                                                                              families, and assistance with the crimi-
                                                                                                                                              nal justice system. The program involves
                                                                                                                                              children who have been victimized by
                                                                                                                                              family violence. CHAT mental health
                                                                                                                                              professionals contact referred families
                                                                                                                                              to set up assessments for the children.
                                                                                                                                              Based on the assessments, treatment
                                                                                                                                              plans are developed and referrals are
                                                                                                                                              made to appropriate agencies. ■ If a
                                                                                                                                              family violence case is prosecuted and
                                                                                                                                              children are required to appear in
                                                 L to R: Victim/Witness Advocates Roseann George, Josie Koch, Mary Anne McDonough, Legal      court, Victim/Witness Advocates help
                                                 Process Specialist Anna Macias and Nilda Fernandez, Victim/Witness Advocate. Not Pictured:   the children understand their roles in
                                                 Yolanda Johnson, Victim/Witness Advocate
                                                                                                                                              the proceedings, using tools such as
                                                                                                                                              illustrated activity booklets for children,
                                                 When “Family” Means Fear                                                                     entitled “What’s Happening in Court?”
                                                                                                                                              and “What’s My Job in Court?” ■
                                                 By Helen Donahey — DA’s Office                                                               Many of the cases referred to the DA
                                                 Domestic violence can be devastating            For example, the department has              involve the Jeanette Prandi Children’s
                                                 to kids. Children exposed to family             purchased a set of videos by Dr. Bruce       Center (JPCC), a multidisciplinary center
                                                 violence witness a range of aberrant            Perry of the Child Trauma Academy            where children can safely discuss their
                                                 behaviors —physical battering (from             that discusses the effects of family         family violence or abuse experiences
                                                 slapping and shoving to murder), sexual         violence on children. These videos           and where forensic interviews are
                                                 abuse, harassment, verbal abuse, and            are being shown to community organi-         conducted by law enforcement, social
 Law enforcement,                                                                                                                             services, and other trained profession-
                                                 more. The children often suffer abuse as        zations, childcare providers, and at
social services, and                             well, particularly if they try to intervene.    homeless shelters. Rebecca is also           als in a child-friendly environment. ■
        mental health                            For them, home can be a place marred            coordinating the development of best         Law enforcement, social services, and
                                                 by fear. What are we doing for kids             practices and training modules related       mental health providers are increas-
        providers are
                                                 who witness this violence? ■                    to screening for family violence at          ingly aware that family violence can
increasingly aware                                                                                                                            have a lifelong impact on children.
                                                 According to Mary Anne McDonough,               H&HS clinics and programs. ■ Other
that family violence                             the District Attorney’s (DA) Victim             divisions within H&HS try to ensure that     The goals of county departments,
can have a lifelong                              Witness Program Coordinator and the             the child victims receive assessments        working with the Domestic Violence
                                                 current co-chair of the Marin County            and counseling. For instance, when           Coordinating Council, Marin Abused
impact on children.
                                                 Domestic Violence Coordinating                  Women’s Health Services professionals        Women’s Services (MAWS), and other
                                                 Council, the experience of victimization        interact with a domestic violence victim,    involved community groups, are suc-
                                                 by family violence is far too common            they make sure that child witnesses are      cessful education and training, and
                                                 among children. These children com-             noted in the police report so that they      provision of all services necessary for
                                                 monly exhibit problems such as depres-          can obtain counseling through the            these victimized children. ■
                                                 sion, low self-esteem, sleeping or eating       Victim/Witness Program. Upon receiv-
                                                 disturbances, and substance abuse.              ing a referral, Child Protective Services
                                                 Current research also shows that expo-          conducts a family assessment and                Enter to Win
                                                 sure to violence can even affect brain          provides services that may include child        Winning photos of the 9th Annual
                                                 development in very young children. ■           and family counseling and referrals             Vacation Photo Contest will be published
                                                 With October as National Domestic               to community service providers on a             in the Fourth Quarter Frankly Speaking,
                                                 Violence Awareness Month, Rebecca               case-by-case basis. ■ When a family             displayed in the Civic Center Cafe, and
                                                 Smith, Health Planner/Evaluator for             violence case is referred to the DA’s           awarded prizes! Employees must be
                                                 Health and Human Services (H&HS),               Office, the assigned Victim/Witness             either the photographer or in a photo
                                                 acknowledges that there is a growing            Advocate evaluates the children’s               taken anytime since the fall of 2003.
                                                 concern nationally about the direct             mental health needs. The parent or              Previous participants are welcome! Any
                                                 impact that family violence has on              parents are referred to community               size or format (including high-resolution
                                                 children. Rebecca and Community                 agencies or to the Child Abuse                  digital) is welcome and should be submit-
                                                 Health and Prevention Services staff            Treatment Program (CHAT), a collabo-            ted to Janice Hughes c/o DA Office,
                                                 are spearheading efforts to educate             rative program developed by the DA              Room 130, or jhughes@co.marin.ca.us
                                                 service providers in the community.             and the Family Service Agency of                by Tuesday, September 7, 2004.
 New Looks at Breast Cancer                                                                                                     as alcohol consumption, hormone

                                                                                                                                                                                       Photo by Gina Bessire
                                                                                                                                replacement therapy, family his-
 By Xania Robinson — H&HS                                                                                                       tory, parity, and late childbearing.
                                                                                                                                ■ In addition, H&HS is conducting
 Health and Human Services (H&HS) is                            performance, and tumor characteris-                             projects identified by the county’s
 supporting several new breast cancer                           tics of women receiving mammograms                              National Breast Cancer Research
 research projects aimed at investigat-                         in Marin compared to San Francisco.                             Advisory Group to develop a better
 ing the high incidence of breast cancer                        The second UCSF project is evaluating                           understanding of the biologic risk
 in Marin. The projects are funded by                           the types of tumors found in Marin                                                                                                             Epidemiology Program
                                                                                                                                factors associated with socioeco-                                              Team. Back row, L to R:
 the county through a grant from the                            women in terms of known risk factors,                           nomic status and breast cancer.                                                Kathy Koblick, Breast
 Centers for Disease Control &                                  primarily hormone replacement ther-                             They also will examine the relation-                                           Cancer Research
 Prevention. ■ “We are absolutely                               apy and alcohol. A third effort                                 ship between trends in invasive and                                            Coordinator; Andrew
 committed to research-based projects                           involves the State Department of                                                                                                               Horvath, Communicable
                                                                                                                                in situ breast cancer in Marin, to
 that bring a greater understanding of                          Health Services and the Breast Cancer                                                                                                          Disease Epidemiologist;
                                                                                                                                discover whether increased mam-                                                Lani Hink, Secretary;
 breast cancer in Marin County, and                             and the Environment Research Center                             mography screening might account                                               Xania Robinson, Project
 can serve as a model for communities                           at UCSF. Marin Breast Cancer Watch                              for increased incidence. They will                                             Coordinator. Front row, L
 across the country,” said Rochelle                             is planning a conference for October 9                          use these findings to develop and                                              to R: Lee Ann Prebil,
 Ereman, MPH, Epidemiology Program                              on the risks and benefits for individu-                                                                                                        Epidemiologist; Rochelle
                                                                                                                                implement a risk communication
 Coordinator. ■ There are four exter-                           als and groups of bio-monitoring. A                                                                                                            Ereman, Epidemiology
                                                                                                                                plan to distribute breast cancer                                               Program Coordinator.
 nal projects, including three involving                        fourth project is by the University of                          information and research findings
 University of California, San Francisco                        Michigan, and is calculating the pro-                           to the public. ■ For more infor-
 (UCSF). The first is the conducting of a                       portion of breast cancer cases in                               mation on these and other projects
 survey of breast cancer screening                              Marin that can be attributed to combi-                          visit marinbreastcancer.org. ■
 practices, risk factors, screening                             nations of traditional risk factors such

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     By Cathy Selmi — IST                                             and method by givi us to be                                                       whe            e
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     Today most people would agree that it’s hard to                            tion ng our
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     imagine either our professional lives or our personal       Don                    for t              staff yment,                                   ail h
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                                                                               lon —                   ayer to resea                                      men revoluti .
     lives without the World Wide Web, e-mail, and                                                             s in                r
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     Google! Noting the convergence of anniversary                                              ount
                                                                                                       ant,                      .”           mee ated the on and
                                                                                   ”V                         Trea                                  tings             need          has
     dates of web-related events—August 1 is the World                                irt                             s/Ta                   and            ,c
                                                                                 env ually
                                                                                                                              x                    corr onferen for man
     Wide Web Anniversary (8/1/90), August 12 is the                                                                                                      espo            c              y
                                                                              of ironm vern
                                                                                                   o                                       Lynn                 nden e calls,
     anniversary of the PC (8/12/81), and October 20                              info          ent           igh                                 Dury                  ce.”                                      We asked some
                                                                           info         rm            . W t, w                                            ee —
     is the anniversary of the creation of the Internet                 how rmati tion, here e ha                                                               Judg
                                                                                                                                                                       e, C                                       county employees
     (10/29/69)—we asked some county employees how                   info muc
                                                                                         on             it is a p ve m                                                      ourts
                                                                           rm         h ti vaila now rimar ade                                                                                                    how their work life
     their work life has changed due to Internet access. ■        is e        a            me            b             the           y li       at
                                                                       nou tion                   w le t                      e          m         ra
                                                              Bo             gh befo e ca o us. ffecti iting nsitio                                                                                               has changed due to
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                                                                                                                     pu oor is w g e-
                                                                 h P &H

                                                                  s m ter rm

                                                                                                       sL                bli din eb ser
                                                                    oli S


                                                                      m in

                                                                                                                            c.” at
                                                                       ibr le


                                                                                                              ari                         ing -bas ices




                                                                                                                     ,L                              ed



                                                                                                                        ibr                             ,


                                                                  O D D S                &      E N D S                          B y    M a r g a r e t        B o h a n

                                                County employees walk the talk, with         When the annual Spring Cleanup is

                                                                                                                                                                                             Photo by Tony Louie
                                                many in the forefront of volunteerism        underway, you never know what
                                                to make this a better world. Becky           you’re going to find behind those files.
                                                Snyder (BOS) received an award from          Two enormous spiders were deported
                                                the Petaluma Animal Shelter as their         from Dorothy Jones’ (Co. Counsel)
                                                Volunteer of the Year 2003-04 for her        office, and a 3-foot snake from
                                                work as a “cat cuddler.” In apprecia-        beneath Jim Selmi’s (DPW) desk. ■
                                                tion of the five years she spent training
                                                                                             A lovely new daughter, Sarah, was
                                                others how to handle and work with
                                                                                             born to Karla Kelly (H&HS) on April 4.
                                                cats, she was presented with a beautiful
                                                                                             Marilyn Cannon (Aud-Cont.) gained                   Evelyn Li on the grounds of the Leaning
                                                basket of plants, a certificate, and an
                                                                                             a new granddaughter, Kayla Marie,                   Pagoda of China
                                                engraved pin. ■
                                                                                             on March 28. Marilyn was privileged
                                                Sheriff’s Dispatchers Scott Tipton,          to be present at Kayla’s birth, and                 You could call it a pilgrimage that
                                                Caroline Mercado, Patty Taylor, and          also loves being “Grammie” to Kayla’s               Evelyn Li (Probation) took back to her
                                                Michelle Higgins recently received           3-year-old sister, Emily Ann. Teresa                homeland, China. At age 7, she and
                                                lifesaving medals from Sheriff Robert        Ramirez (Courts) got to travel to                   her mother left Shanghai before the
                                                Doyle for their outstanding efforts that     Brighton, England, to meet her new                  Communists took over. Evelyn, who
                                                led to many lives being spared, includ-      granddaughter, Isabella Marie, born                 has always wanted to return, did so at
                                                ing talking a 9-year-old through CPR,        May 24, where her daughter and son-                 the end of April. She visited Shanghai,
                                                assisting with a kidnapping investiga-       in-law, Michele and Steven Mendoza,                 Beijing, Fengdu, Wuhan, Nanjing, and
                                                tion, and helping a woman administer         live. Renee Giacomini Brewer (Co.                   Xian. She cruised the Yangtze River
                                                CPR on her husband. Dispatcher Karen         Counsel) is the proud mom of Brett,                 and saw the Qutang and Xiling gorges
                                                Cornett and Sheriff’s Negotiator Jim         born June 9; Brett is her third child. ■            and Yellow Mountain. She visited a
                                                Hickey also were honored at the Marin                                                            factory in Suzou where silk was spun
                                                                                             Three’s a charm for Rita Widergren                  from cocoons, and climbed the Great
                                                County Police Officer Awards Dinner
                                                                                             (H&HS) as she experienced three                     Wall. Her last stop was Hong Kong,
                                                for their roles in talking a suicidal
                                                                                             exciting events in a three-week period.             where she met Patrick Fan (Courts),
                                                person off the Golden Gate Bridge. ■
                                                                                             She was honored as the Outstanding                  whose visit coincided with hers. ■
                                                             County employees raised         Supervisor of Volunteers on April 27,
Photo by Barry Shafer

                                                             approximately $1,500 for the    and then welcomed new granddaugh-                   Putting out fires is nothing new to most
                                                             annual MS Walk at Crissy        ter, Regan Taylor, on May 5. Rita said              county staff—but Liz Lewis (DPW) took
                                                             Field in San Francisco on       she was able to get in lots of cuddles              her shovel and single-handedly extin-
                                                             April 17. Those burning         and kisses with Regan before she and                guished a small fire in the wood chips
                                                             calories and earning dona-      her husband set off on the two-week                 by the Administration archway on May
                        L to R: Paulette Engler, Maria       tions included Farhad           trip to Madrid, Spain, to visit their               25. As the fire engine raced up the hill
                        Rohner Storniolo, Farhad                                                                                                 to the now non-fire, Liz nonchalantly
                                                             Mansourian (DPW), Marilyn       daughter at the end of a semester
                        Mansourian, and Marilyn Filbrun                                                                                          walked away to put the shovel back
                                                             Filbrun (IST), Barbara Gately   abroad. They then traveled on to
                                                   (former Marin County Law Librarian),      Marbella on the Costa del Sol. ■                    in her county truck, oblivious to the
                                                   Maria Rohner Storniolo (Co. Counsel),                                                         applause of employees on the bal-
                                                   and Paulette Engler (Co. Counsel).                                                            conies watching. ■
                                                   Incidentally, Farhad was also one of
                                                   the top 150 fundraisers in 2003. ■
                                                                                                                                                                                             Photo by Margie Lazo

                                                Even more calories were burned by
                                                those folks who ran the Bay to Breakers
                                                in San Francisco in May, almost 7.5
                                                miles of fun in the sun. Some people,
                                                however, do take the race seriously.
                        Please e-mail
                                                James Nielsen, son of Jim Nielsen (PD)
                        information on
                        the people in your      is an elite runner who placed 14th with
                        dept. to Odds &         a time of 38:52. James is a member
                        Ends columnist          of the Nike Farm Team. On a slower
                        Margaret Bohan,         note, Josie Ceniceros (PD) came in at
                        mbohan@co.                                                           What a great idea! Francie Hubert and Margie Lazo hosted a lunch-hour clothing swap in
                                                1:16:24. No costume, but she did run
                        marin.ca.us or fax                                                   the Auditor-Controller’s office. Participants brought in their unwanted clothing to swap with
                        her at 499-3799.        as part of the KRON 4 team. Not bad
                                                                                             co-workers. Leftover clothing was donated to charities. L to R: Wendy Noonan, Nancy
                                                for a first-time racer. ■                    Zaharin, and Francie Hubert.
Open Wide!                                   perfect time to appreciate the staff of        are always han-

                                                                                                                                                   Photos by Janice Hughes
                                             the clinic! Registered dental assistants       dled within a day
By Jody Timms — H&HS                         Denny Phan, Israel Gonzalez, Maria             or two, but regular
                                             Maldonado, Vicki Llaverias, and Sally          dental care may
Few single words can strike fear in          Landis, all College of Marin graduates,        have to wait for up
the hearts of grown adults, but “dentist”    Sr. Clerk/Typist Nancy Quintanilla,            to four months. The
is one of those words. For many of us,       scrub nurses Daniel Gonzalez and               clinic also offers a
the word might as well have a perma-         Nereyda Hernandez, and energetic               “toothprint” for
nent exclamation point attached!             manager Shirley Watt form a team               kids, wax impres-
Though dentists suffer when it comes         that impresses the eight or so special         sions of their bites
to popularity, the support staff at the      appointment dentists who work at 411           for identification
Marin County Dental Clinic definitely        Fourth Street, San Rafael, serving low-        purposes. ■
does not. October is Dental Hygiene                                                                                  Shirley Watt
                                             income children, adults, and seniors. ■        Dental Clinic staff
Awareness Month, and October 1               Shirley started the clinic in 1992 and         make monthly trips to West Marin, toting
is World Smile Day, making it the            is assisted by a staff that patients “just     eight portable suitcases stuffed full of
                                             love!” Shirley praised her bi-lingual          dental equipment, x-ray and compressor
                                             staff, citing their competence, flexibility,   machines, and patient and dentist chairs,
                                             reassuring manner, commitment to               allowing them to provide a full range of
                                             public health, autonomy, and pride             services in collaboration with the Point
                                             in their work. “Dentists are astounded         Reyes Health Clinic. Community out-
                                             at their skill level and try to steal them     reach is ongoing, and one highlight is
                                             away,” she says proudly. ■ The clinic,         the annual winter “Festival of Smiles.”
                                             with a nice big sign reading “Servisio         It is usually held at Pickleweed Park in
                                             Dental Del Condado de Marin,” serves           San Rafael, but is slated for Novato in
                                             nearly 50 patients a day, Monday               2005. If you know of someone in need,
                                             through Friday, providing complete             be sure to send them to the happy
Dental Aide Nancy Quintanilla and Nancy
                                             restorative treatment under the scope of       smiling staff at our own county Dental
Derham, D.D.S                                general practice. Dental emergencies           Clinic, 415-446-3325. ■

Five Glasses a Day Keeps the Doctor Away
By Pam Doerr — H&HS
                                             of Marin’s population is over age 65.          men, although both
If you knew drinking five glasses of         ■ With that in mind, what happens as           men and women suffer
water daily could reduce your chance         we age, and what can we do to make             from “equal opportunity
of a heart attack, would you drink that      it a positive and more healthful experi-       diseases,” such as diabetes,
much? What if you knew it would              ence? Things such as loss of some              cancer, and heart ailments. ■ One of every
reduce your chances by a staggering          height, changing sleep patterns, and the       three women will die from heart disease. The
41%? ■ Scores of people packed a             thinning of our hair may be unavoid-           number of women with heart problems is
San Rafael conference room on May 13         able. However, muscle function can be          greater than the number of all women with
to get this and many other tips, and a       maintained with exercise—any time is           breast, ovarian, and uterine cancers, and
little inspiration, about healthful aging.   the right time to start. Here is some food     stroke combined. In Marin County, death due
The presentation, “How Do We Age             for thought… we can continue to gener-         to heart disease in women is eight to ten times
& Do Women Do It Better?” was a              ate brand new brain cells through stim-        higher than death from breast cancer, with
first-time collaboration, initiated by       ulating and thought-provoking activities.      more women dying of heart disease than
the Commission on Aging, and co-             We can even control the way our skin           men. ■ The statistics may be alarming, but
sponsored by the Marin Women’s               ages — 90% of skin aging is from sun           the opportunities for prevention are encour-
Commission, and both Marin General           damage and not from added years at             aging. As county employees know, walking
and Novato Community hospitals. The          all! Personality and the nervous system        10,000 steps a day is good for you. What you
conference featured an introduction by       do not change, but vocabulary grows,           may not know is that 10,000 steps a day can
Larry Meredith, Director of Health &         and wisdom increases with life experi-         reduce the risk for cognitive decline by 30%. It
Human Services, and discussions led          ence. People in their 50’s and 60’s also       makes you want to put your pedometer on,
by U.C. Davis geriatrician Michael           reportedly enjoy greater life satisfaction     doesn’t it? ■ As grandma said, eating right,
McCloud, M.D., and Marin cardiologist        than younger folk do. ■ Women and              exercising, getting adequate sleep, and mini-
Mark Wexman, M.D. ■ Marin has the            men face varying health and aging              mizing stress are good for you, and could
fastest-growing population of persons        issues and challenges. Women continue          give you additional years to gain wisdom
over 60 years old in the state, and 18%      to have a longer life expectancy than          and grow your vocabulary. Happy aging! ■
                        Employee Team of the Quarter — IST Help Desk
                        By Jennifer Walter — Treas/Tax

                                                                                                                                                                                                    Photo by Janet Lirette
                        The IST Help Desk has been selected as the Team of the
                        Quarter. Anyone at the Civic Center with a computer has
                        probably had the opportunity to meet one or more of the
  The IST Help Desk     members of this valuable team, which includes Steve Morse,
        staff handles   Steve Mackewicz, Shanea Thompson, Peter Johnson, Steve
    approximately       Marthinsen, Kathy Kimball, Senti Kironde, intern Yolanda
                        Turner, and supervisor Alan Kristal. ■ Alan says that the
   2,000 incoming
                        IST Help Desk staff is chosen for being responsible, having
requests per month.     initiative, and possessing customer service skills. Their aim is
                        to “change the public’s perception of bureaucracy to one of
                                                                                                 L to R: Yolanda Turner, intern, Steve Mackewicz, Senti Kironde, Peter
                        competency and friendliness by supplying the tools which                 Johnson, Steve Marthinsen, Alan Kristal, Kathy Kimball, and Steve
                        allow the rest of the county to meet its strategic plan goals of         Morse. Not pictured, Shanea Thompson.
                        providing excellent customer service.” ■ The IST Help Desk
                        staff handles approximately 2,000 incoming requests per                  vice, the team initiated system alert messages, and convenes
                        month, and acts as a single point of contact for requesting              a Tech Support group which meets to share information
                        IST services, including telephone and remote access requests,            countywide. ■ Congratulations to the IST Help Desk staff
                        software requests, and training. To improve quality of ser-              for a job well done! ■

                                                                                                                            to a practitioner for up to five sessions
                        Help, I Need Somebody...or EAP                                                                      per “incident.” ■ Our EAP offers
                        By Ian Roth — CDA                                                                                   assistance in work-related and non-
                                                                                                                            work-related legal, pre-retirement,
                        “Please, not another day of sitting in         choose the web option, follow                        child care, elder care, taxpayer and
                        that parking lot we call 101…am I ever         “Member Services” and register as                    financial consulting, classes in orga-
                        going to get time to organize my               a new member. (Our “Access” or                       nizing life’s affairs, and a host of
                        home office…was I supposed to pick             “Company Code” is marin —all low-                    other issues and circumstances. ■
                        up the kids this afternoon, or was             ercase.) There also are articles and                 Whether it is for you or your family
                        she…oh yeah, I’ve got to call the              other helpful information on the site.               member, the Employee Assistance
                        retirement home before noon —Dad’s             In either case, you’ll go through an                 Program can help you keep your
                        fired his nurse for the fifth time this        intake process and may be referred                   balance on the tightrope of life. ■
                        week, poor lady…I’ll bet I have to
                        deal with my co-worker loudly taking
                        care of his social calendar in the next

                                                                                                                                                                           Photo by Janice Hughes
                        cubicle, again…oh, and my boss….”
                        ■ Sound familiar? ■ This is your
                        Public Service Announcement for the
                        Employee Assistance Program (EAP),
                        a benefit for county employees that
                        helps with a full range of issues that
                        affect our day-to-day mental well-
                        being. The county has contracted with
                        Managed Health Network (MHN) to
                        offer a variety of services and counsel-
                        ing; the EAP is free for you and your
                        family. This completely confidential
                        service begins either with a visit to
                                                                         The new and improved Dispatch Center recently became operational, much to the relief of
                        www.mhn.com or a phone call to                   the Sheriff’s dispatch staff. The center, which moved from the first to the second floor of the
                        800-227-1060. If you phone, select               Civic Center, is equipped with all-new, state-of-the-art equipment, and with the additional
                        “Member Services” for assistance with            space, can house up to 10 dispatchers. The office, which is staffed 24/7, dispatches for 10
                        personal issues, or choose “Manager              fire departments, the Sheriff’s Office, DPW, and the Ross, Belvedere, Tiburon, Sausalito,
                        Services” to discuss an employment               and Mill Valley police departments. In 2003 the center handled 233,389 calls for service,
                                                                         an average of 639 calls a day.
                        situation or critical incident. If you
                               E M P L O Y E E S                                           O F               T H E               M O N T H



                            CHRISTOPHE MENEAU                                        DOUG DION                                       JIM ZORTMAN
Photos by Janice Hughes

                          Christophe Meneau joined the                     Doug Dion has been with the County                The employee who has the most fun
                          Information Services and Technology              of Marin since 1995 as a Shipping/                while getting the job done appears to
                          Department to support Health and                 Receiving Clerk in the Public Works               be Jim Zortman (DPW). His rendition
                          Human Services (H&HS) in the building            Department. Doug’s work in the mail               of “If you’re happy and you know it,
                          of a Client Index to bring together all          room is essential to every department in          clap your hands!” lifts everyone’s
                          the clients from all the programs into a         the building. He works quietly and effi-          spirits and brings surprised laughter
                          single database. Finding all the client          ciently to keep delivery services for the         to those not familiar with his trade-
                          data in more than 15 H&HS databases              Civic Center offices operating smoothly.          mark jingle. ■ Jim is responsible for
                          and deciphering the content was a                Along with his many other tasks, Doug             maintaining the Civic Center and
                          daunting task. Christophe never                  “makes the rounds” throughout the                 other county buildings and facilities.
                          became discouraged and never gave                building, picking up outgoing mail and            Under his leadership, innovative
                          up. The Client Index that he and his             delivering incoming packages to the               energy conservation projects have
                          team delivered provides H&HS with a              many departments. Doug covers all                 been implemented. Jim is legendary
                          wealth of statistical information—in a           aspects of this operation, from maintain-         for his accessibility, his immediate
                          single location —on the clients they             ing postage machines to organizing                responsiveness to problems, and his
                          serve and the programs they deliver.             UPS pickups. He works closely with                “can do” attitude. He also is the ulti-
                          ■ Christophe sees his assignment with            departments to arrange deliveries on a            mate team builder. ■ During winter
                          H&HS as a way of helping those in the            schedule they can manage. ■ Doug is               storms, even those at night and on
                          community with special needs through             always pleasant and courteous. Without            weekends, Jim can be found tending
                          technology. His strength is his genuine          fail, he is willing to do that little bit extra   one of the flood control pumps. When
                          concern with providing his customers             without being asked. ■ With people                the gift shop opened, he stayed after-
                          with the best service he can. He is              like Doug taking care of these important          hours to get it ready by the deadline.
                          enthusiastic and dedicated to finding            responsibilities day in and day out,              Jim’s sense of service and pride in his
                          solutions, for he truly believes that            efficiently and without fuss, the county          work make him a true role model for
                          “technology exists to enhance service,           is able to provide excellent service to           his Maintenance and Custodial crews
                          not to create extra barriers.” ■                 county employees and to the public. ■             and for all county employees. ■
                          By Marilyn Filbrun — IST                         By Margaret Bohan — DPW                           By Margaret Bohan — DPW
                                                                                                                                                                  Photo by Janice Hughes

                            In May, Marin Conservation Corps (MCC)
                            removed old trees and plants from the
                            median strips around the Civic Center for
                            a grant-funded tree removal project of
                            Parks and Open Space. The corps mem-
                            bers installed new sprinklers and shrubs.
                            New trees will be planted in the fall. Kudos
                            to the POS&CS employees who helped
                            make it happen: Steve Petterle did the
                            landscape design; Dave Hattem supervised
                            the crew; and Ed Hulme worked with MCC
                            to obtain the grant that saved the county
                            90% of the project’s cost.
                                                                                                                                                    Roving Reporter

                         Photo by Gareth J. Nicholas
                                                                                                                                                    By Connie Siebler —Assessor’s Office

                                                                                                                                                      “In honor of Relaxation Day (August 15),
                                                                                                                                                        what’s your most relaxing vacation?”

                                                                                                                                                      Bin Hsu

                                                                                                                                                                                                 Photos by Connie Siebler
                                                                                                                                                      (Probation): “I went
                                                                                                                                                      to Asilomar State
                                                                                                                                                      Park. Julia Morgan,
                                                                                                                                                      a woman architect,
                                                                                                                                                      designed the build-
                                                                                                                                                      ings. I sat on the
                                                       Cathy Selmi and Cathy Boffi in IST’s Novato Training Room                                      sand dunes and
                                                                                                                                                      watched the sunset. It was very
                                                                                                                                                      peaceful, very calming.”
                                                       IST Inside Out                                                                                 Brenda Grayson
                                                       By Cathy Selmi — IST                                                                           (IST): “Some friends
                                                                                                                                                      and I went to San
                                                       Good citizenship involves sharing                quality training offered with a public        Francisco. We had
                                                       resources! ■ The county’s Novato                 sector slant, and the county benefits by      high tea at the
         The county’s                                  16-seat computer training facility               realizing a revenue boost from charg-         Huntington Hotel.
     Novato 16-seat                                    opened its doors in May to employees             ing a nominal fee for class attendance.       Then went to
                                                       of local Marin governments, such as              Sign-ups have been great; in May              Fisherman’s Wharf,
   computer training                                                                                                                                  and had the world’s most fabulous clam
                                                       the City of Sausalito and the Town of            alone, there were over 35 people from
   facility opened its                                 Tiburon, and local public agencies               these outside agencies attending train-       chowder. We took photos where you
                                                       including the Golden Gate Bridge                 ing sessions. ■ One outside attendee          put your head on someone else’s body.
       doors in May.
                                                                                                                                                      We went shopping. We only allowed
                                                       Highway and Transportation District.             commented, “The equipment and
                                                                                                                                                      ourselves to buy a handkerchief. We
                                                       All classes offered by the IST training          instructor were first-rate.” ■ To find
                                                                                                                                                      spent the night at an older hotel near
                                                       group continue to be available to all            out what classes are coming up, click         the wharf, done in a sort of Venetian
                                                       county employees. ■ The outside                  on the Computer Newsletters link on           style. It was nice.
                                                       agencies benefit from having a place             the MINE home page. ■
                                                                                                                                                      Reuel Brady
                                                       to send their employees to receive
                                                                                                                                                      (DPW): “Most of
                                                                                                                                                      my vacations are
                                                                                                                                                      more hyper than
                                                                                                                                                      relaxing. But, once
                                                       Energy…                                                                                        I went camping
                                                                                                                                                      with a group of
                                                       Continued from page 1
                                                                                                                                                      guys to Twentynine
                                                       One intern helped with the County                in their desire to learn. An internship       Palms. We just sat around and played
                                                       Employee Housing Options Report by               helps them make decisions about who           games and had fun.”
                                                       drafting, distributing, and tabulating the       they want to be.” ■ Barbara says that
                                                                                                                                                      Trisa Reg Dixon

                                                                                                                                                                                                 Photo by Janice Hughes
                                                       survey, producing a quality document.            she and her fellow staff find working
For more information                                                                                                                                  (H&HS): “Because
                                                       Another intern assisted with grant appli-        with interns energizing, and they receive
                                                                                                                                                      I’m a single parent
on developing intern-                                  cations that resulted in $750,000 of             a renewed sense of excitement about           with two young
 ship opportunities in                                 housing money. Recently, Barbara has             their own work by sharing their exper-        boys, the most
                                                       been working with interns Ariel Birtley          tise with others new to the field. ■          relaxing vacation
   your department,
                                                       and Andy Feng, from San Francisco                “Internships are also effective for work-     for me is a peace-
contact Joy Fossett at                                 State, and Ryan Kim and Emi Louie-               force planning,” said Volunteer and           ful, quiet time on a
           499-6028.                                   Nishikawa, both of U.C. Berkeley, to             Employee Programs Manager Joan                beach, reading a book, by myself.”
                                                       develop a website as a resource for              Brown (HR). “They give us access to
                                                       nonprofit developers and people                  the workforce of tomorrow, allowing
                                                       (including county employees) looking             us the opportunity to bring up a new
                                                       for affordable housing to rent or buy.           generation of qualified, smart, and now                By Bob Beaumont—DPW
                                                       ■ “Interns are like sponges—they want            experienced employees.” ■ For more                     Searching for context
                                                       to absorb as much information as they            information on developing internship                   Longing for inspiration
                                                       can,” says Barbara. “They are also               opportunities in your department, con-                 Lost in haiku hell.
                                                       incredibly curious, eager, and energetic         tact Joy Fossett at 499-6028. ■
Health Steals                              as the sponsor of the Entertainment

                                                                                                                                                                                  Photo by Kelley Litz
                                           Pavilion. Taking sponsorship away from
Beer Limelight                             a beer company represents a profound
                                           shift, from a public health point of view.
By Larry Meredith — H&HS                   ■ The six partners behind this quiet
                                           revolution —Bay Area Community
                                                                                        L to R: Supervisor Susan Adams, Kaiser Permanente Medical Group
The Marin County Fair this year offered    Resources, Healthy Marin Partnership,        Advisor Pat Kendall, H&HS Director Larry Meredith install pavilion banner.
everything a fair should —corn dogs        Marin Community Foundation, Marin
and cotton candy, Ferris wheels and        County Department of Health and Human        Play Fair Marin believes that this pro-
midway games, fireworks and rock and       Services, Marin Institute, and the Youth     health, pro-fun “branding” reflects true
roll. But there was one major change:      Leadership Institute—are all committed to    Marin values and will inspire other
“Play Fair Marin,” a six-agency coali-     promoting the health, welfare, and safety    communities to adopt an alternative to
tion, replaced Miller Brewing Company      of all Marin residents and visitors. ■       alcohol sponsorship at local events. ■

Emergency…                                 Should other communication systems

                                                                                                                                                     Photo by Don Morosi
                                           fail, ham radios could save the day. ■
Continued from page 1                      Earthquake risks are many, including
year-round to fulfill the Office of        fire, flooding, and hazardous chemical
Emergency Services’ (OES) mission: “to     releases. Mitigation actions taken to
protect life, property, and the environ-   reduce risk before disasters happen
ment by developing, coordinating,          will save lives and property. Ursula
and supporting programs that prepare       Hanks currently is working with local
for, respond to, mitigate against, and     jurisdictions and special districts to
recover from disasters and emergen-        coordinate the development of local
                                                                                        Planning & Intelligence Section at work at the recent bio-
cies.” The staff includes Steve Hancock,   hazard mitigation planning required by       terrorism exercise. L to R: John Neville, Megan Basinger,
Emergency Services Coordinator, Bruce      the Federal Emergency Management             Linda Alves, Michael Rakitnichan, and Larisa Roznowski
Stahley and Ursula Hanks, Assistant        Agency (FEMA). ■ Supervisor Cynthia          (foreground).
Emergency Services Coordinators,           Murray, director of emergency services
and Eva DeNegri, Support Services          for the county, is proud of the great        directed the “Mayhem Marin” exercise
Specialist. Eva coordinates a beehive      successes and improvements to the            which evaluated systems, staff, and
of activities on any given day. Don        county’s emergency preparedness that         facilities, and built significant confidence
Morosi and Ralph Lunan, volunteer          OES has helped to foster since the           that we will survive the next major earth-
disaster services workers, are valued      Loma Prieta earthquake in 1989. ■ In         quake. In June, Steve Hancock directed
team members committed to getting          addition to earthquakes, fires, floods,      a successful, first-time, multi-county,
special projects done. Working at OES      slides, and tsunamis, threats of terror-     bio-terrorism exercise, focusing on the
part-time, Sang Sayavong supports          ism provide new challenges. The OES          public health system’s response to a
computer systems and functions, key        staff deals with many predictions of         bio-terrorism incident. ■ The Marin
elements for intelligence gathering. ■     doom indeed, but as Chris Godley             Emergency Staff Development Program
During non-disaster times, the 4,400       reminds us, the bright side is that more     is the largest EOC staff-training program
square-foot EOC is used as a training      is being done now than ever before to        in California. OES staff also trains all
facility. As one of the largest EOCs in    prevent loss of life and property. Chris’s   new county employees on the SEMS and
the Bay Area, it has state-of-the art      management of the Federal Homeland           building evacuation procedures, as well
resources to respond to disasters.         Security and Governor’s offices’ grant-      as personal and family preparedness.
One of the six main rooms at the EOC       funding programs is an enormous              ■ If you wish to know more about
features a bank of computer screens        undertaking. Heightened security needs       emergency services and disaster plan-
displaying simultaneous live satellite     for the county and agencies include          ning, please call us at 499-6584. ■
information on weather, road, and          special equipment, training, and plan-
storm conditions, as well as the status    ning. ■ OES staff works with local
                                                                                                                                                       Photo by Don Morosi

of dispatched fire and police assets.      jurisdictions, special districts, and
The Telephone Emergency Notification       community-based organizations to
System (TERS) server at OES uses high-     prepare a positive answer to the formi-
speed technology to provide important,     dable question posed by any potential
potentially lifesaving instructions to     disaster, “Are we ready?” Routine
selected groups in times of crisis.        countywide exercises provide opportu-
Another room is dedicated to emer-         nities for jurisdictions and districts
gency communications performed             to engage in realistic emergency             Mark Riesenfeld, EOC Director, (second from the right)
by volunteer ham radio operators.          responses. This April, Bruce Stahley         gives staff a status briefing midway through the exercise.
                                              Seasonal Firefighters
                                              Each spring, the Marin County Fire Department prepares for
                                              fire season. This includes recruiting and training extra-hire
                                              Seasonal Firefighters to fill out staffing requirements. This year,
                                              47 were hired. Applicants must pass a grueling physical fitness
                                              test, including carrying a 50-pound hose-pack three miles in a
                                              maximum of 45 minutes. The Seasonal Firefighters are an asset
                                              to the protection that the fire department provides not just to the
                                              county, but throughout the state as well. These people put their
                                              all into work they love, only to have to say good-bye in the fall.
                                              The Marin County Fire Department is grateful to them for their

                                                                                                                       Murat Ozgur
                                                                                                                         FA R E W E L L !
                                                                                                                       Welcome to new employees, listed in order of
                                                                                                                       hire date from February 29 to May 22, 2004

                                                                                                                                                  Title & Department
                                                                                                                                                  Deputy DA I, DA
                                                                                                                       Eric Olson                 Deputy Probation Officer II, Probation
                         Photo by Tim Walsh

                                                                                                                       Gayle Mahoney              Accounting Assistant, Library
                                                                                                                       Vincent Hawkins            Environmental Health Spec. I, CDA
                                                                                                                       Laury Diaz                 Sr. Clerk/Typist-Bilingual, H&HS
                                                                                                                       Lorena Rivera Del Carpio   Sr. Clerk/Typist-Bilingual, H&HS
                                                                                                                       Michael Kirby              Deputy Sheriff, Sheriff
                                                                                                                       Erin Giese                 Deputy Sheriff Trainee, Sheriff
                                                                                                                       Jason Swift                Deputy Sheriff Trainee, Sheriff
                                                                                                                       Sven Ostling               Eligibility Worker I, H&HS
                                                                                                                       John Oakes                 Eligibility Worker I, H&HS
                                                                                                                       Robert Funk                Eligibility Worker I, H&HS
                                                                                                                       Steven Soderman            Reprographic Technician, DPW
                                                                                                                       Donald Allee               Word Processing Operator, CDA
                                                                                                                       Melissa Davis              Deputy Probation Officer II, Probation
                                                                                                                       Darrell Galli              Fire Fighter/Paramedic I, Fire
                                                                                                                       Carol Savio                Public Health Nurse-Bilingual, H&HS
                                                                                                                       Aaron Jarvis               Fire Fighter/Paramedic I, Fire
                                              L to R: Seasonal firefighters Jesse Rudnick, Chad Fedrick, Lorne         Michael Johnson            Deputy Sheriff Trainee, Sheriff
                                              Ahlers, and Graham Groneman                                              Linda Katz-Krieger         Nutritionist-Bilingual, H&HS
                                                                                                                       Gina Fahey                 Group Counselor I, Probation
                                                                                                                       Josh Lowery                Group Counselor I, Probation
                                                                                    For the past year, Linda           Patricia Szerlip           Mental Health RN, H&HS
Photo by Colleen Weems

                                                                                                                       Margaret Fisher            Dental Hygienist, H&HS
                                                                                    Witong (DA) has risen at
                                                                                                                       Catherine Rice             Administrative Aide, BOS
                                                                                    5:00 a.m. every Monday to          Patricia Geib              Sheriff’s Services Assistant, Sheriff
                                                                                    gather flowers to help             Gerald Priddle             Sr. Secretary, H&HS
                                                                                    brighten some lucky Civic          Virginia Beauchamp         Landscape Services Worker II, POS&CS
                                                                                    Center work spaces such as         Vickie Day                 Sr. Clerk/Typist, Farm Advisor
                                                                                    the D.A’s Office, Sheriff’s
                                                                                    Office and the cafeteria. Joe      Farewell to Retirees!
                                                                                    Spaeth (PD) has been known         Clifford Phillips          Sr. Road Maintenance Worker, DPW
                                                                                    to contribute hydrangeas,          Thomas Casebeer            Deputy Probation Officer IV, Probation
                                                                                    while Lori Frugoli (DA) often      Janet Heckscher            Sr. Word Processing Operator, Probation
                                                                                    brings roses. If there are extra   Frank Cox                  Chief Deputy Public Defender, Public Defender
                                                                                    flowers throughout the week,       Susan McCarron             Court Administrative Services Officer, Courts
                                                                                    Linda delivers them to local       David McCarron             Chief of Administrative Services, DPW
                                                                                    police agencies.                   Ed Simpton                 Deputy Sheriff, Sheriff
                                                                                                                       Karen Simpton              Courtroom Clerk, Courts
                                                                                                                       Elena Gulbransen           Deputy Sheriff, Sheriff
                                                                                                                       Linda Todahl               Legal Process Supervisor, PD
                                                                                                                       Robert Burbank             Heavy Equipment Mechanic, DPW
                                                                                                                       Rick Carlsen               Asst. Director of Public Works, DPW
                                                                  In Memoriam                                          Lesbia Oettel
                                                                                                                       Ann Early
                                                                                                                                                  Child Welfare Worker II – Bil., H&HS
                                                                                                                                                  Child Welfare Worker II, H&HS
                                                                                                                       Johannes Roetert           Custodian, DPW
                                                                                                                       Catherine Silveri          Legal Process Supervisor, DA
                                              Bruce McCarthy, 52, died of cancer at home on May 10.                    Norleen Kocen              Legal Process Supervisor, Sheriff
                                              Born in Berkeley and raised in Marin, Bruce graduated                    Ritchie Ginnodo            Sheriff’s Lieutenant, Sheriff
                                              from Redwood High, and later UC Davis. He worked                         James Ostrowski            Telephone Maintenance Tech., IST
                                              alongside CDA’s Environmental Health Services staff and                  Robert Damazio             Heavy Equipment Mechanic, DPW
                                                                                                                       Roger Lion                 Eligibility Worker II, H&HS
                                              public clients for the past 14 years. Bruce loved time with              Sandra Blauvelt            Administrative Aide, BOS
                                              his family, golfing, hiking, and making stained glass. He
                                              was dedicated to his deep religious convictions. He leaves
                                              behind his wife Laurel, son T.J., daughter Hilary, parents
                                              Ted and Cay, and brothers Sandie and Ed. His tireless
                                              passion for environmental health, coupled with his sharp
                                              intellect, humor, and strong moral sense will be sorely

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