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NABARD Arunachal State Focus Paper00001


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									                                                                         SFP-2010-11 - Arunachal Pradesh

                                  Broad Sector-wise Projections-2010-11

                                                                                          Rs. In Lakh

Sl. No          Sector                                                                 Financial

           1 Short Term Credit for Production and Marketing – Crop Loans                         1811.10

           2 Investment Credit for Agriculture and Allied Activities                             5962.71

           3    Total Credit- Agriculture and Allied Activities                                  7773.81
           4    Non Farm Sector                                                                  1545.87

     1.         Other Priority Sector (OPS)                                                      3016.28

     2.         Total Priority Sector (3+4+5+6)                                              12335.96

                             Pie- Diagram (Below) showing share of the broad sectors

                                                                          Crop Loans -
                      Other Priority                                       Short Term
                      Sector (OPS)                                           Credit
                          24%                                                 15%

                      Non Farm
                        13%                                                    Investment
                                                                                 Credit for
                                                                             Agriculture and
                                                                             Allied Activities


                                                                     SFP-2010-11 - Arunachal Pradesh
                Summary of detailed sector / sub-sector-wise projections-2010-11
                                                                                   Rs. In Lakh
 Sr. No               Sector                                                PLP Projections
       1              Crop Loan                                                          1811.10
       2              Water Resources                                                     268.91
       3              Land Development                                                    275.83
       4              Farm Mechanisation                                                 1135.81
       5              Plantation and Horticulture                                        1552.67
       6              Forestry and Waste Land Development                                 260.57
       7              AH – Dairy Development                                              443.65
       8              AH – Poultry Development                                            351.41
       9              AH – Sheep/ Goat/Piggery Development                                792.95
      10              Fisheries Development                                               259.41
      11              Storage Godowns/ Market Yards                                       484.17
      12              Renewable Sources of Energy and Waste Utilisation                    58.29
      13              Others (Agriculture)                                                 79.04
      14              Term Loans for Agriculture (2 to 13)                               5962.71
                      Total Agricultuiral Credit (Term Loans and Crop
      15              Loan)                                                              7773.81
                      Non Farm Sector- Investment Credit
      16                                                                                 1315.53
                      Non Farm Sector - Working Capital
      17                                                                                  230.34
                      Non Farm Sector – Total
      18                                                                                 1545.87
                      Other Priority Sector                                              3016.28

      20              Grand Total                                                     12335.96


                                                                        SFP-2010-11 - Arunachal Pradesh

State Focus Paper (2010-11)- Arunachal Pradesh
Executive Summary

PART - I: Chapter-wise summary

1. Introduction:
NABARD has been set up by Government of India as a Development Financial Institution (DFI) with
a mandate of providing credit and other facilities for promotion and development of agriculture, small
scale industries, cottage and village industries, handicrafts, other rural crafts and other allied
economic activities in rural areas with a view to promoting sustainable and equitable agriculture and
rural prosperity through effective credit support, related services, institution development and other
innovative initiatives. It came into being on12 July 1982.

Potential Linked Credit Plans (PLPs) for Districts and State Focus Paper.
One of the important initiatives is the preparation of potential Linked credit plan(PLP) in the district to
guide the bankers to prepare District Credit Plan based on the potentials available in the district. RBI
has instructed the Banks to make use of PLPs while preparing the District Credit Plan on Annual
Basis. PLP preparation is an annual exercise. State Focus Paper (2010-11) is the aggregated
position of estimated financial and physical outlays for all the districts as given in the district PLPs of
Arunachal for 2010-11.

Objectives of the State Focus Paper

The State Focus Paper (SFP) is a comprehensive document of potentials for rural economic activities
both in physical and financial terms. It also attempts to assess the gaps in infrastructure support,
which needs to be filled in, in order to fully exploit the realizable potential. The objectives of SFP are:

•    To enable the various organizations involved in the process of rural development (including
     private bodies/business entities) in directing their efforts in a planned manner, in accordance with
     the potentials available for exploitation.

•    To enable optimum utilization of scarce financial resources specifically bank credit by channeling
     the same into sectors with growth potential.

•    To assess the gaps in infrastructure support which have to be taken care of, for exploiting
     the potential and segregate the same into commercial infrastructure and developmental

The potential for credit flow for all sectors of the State for 2010-11 is estimated at
Rs.12335.96 Lakh.

2. State Profile
Arunachal Pradesh is the largest State in terms of area in North Eastern Region. The State covers a
geographical area of 83,743 sq.km which accounts for about 2.7% of the total geographical area of
the country. The State is divided into 16 districts, 85 blocks and 3863 villages. The average rainfall of
the State is 2665.36 mm (2005). As per 2001 census the total population of the State was 10, 97,968.
Of this about 80% of people live in rural areas. The average density of population per sq. km was 13
in 2001 as against all India average of 324. The State is predominantly inhabited by scheduled tribes
who constituted about 64% of the total population. The percentage of literacy in Arunachal Pradesh
was 54 % as against 64.84% for all India as per 2001 census.



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