Dec Diary 07 by shitingting


									Date                                                               Daily weather diary for Coventry - December 2007

01     Rain until c0105hr, windy until 0230hr, clearing skies; continuous sun until 1200hr, prolonged sunny spells in the afternoon; cool in a brisk south-westerly breeze.
02     Clouding over, persistent rain from before 0615 to 1005hr, light shower 1025-1043hr; sunny spells 1100-1600hr, windy & mild day; light rain c 2014-2110hr.
03     Clear dry breezy night; continuous sunshine until 1100hr, cloud developing, some sun 1100-1600hr; light shower 1410-1429hr, breezy by day, LR c1859hr.Cool evening
04     Clouding over, milder overnight, dry all day - rather overcast all throughout, bright at times, brief sun 1200-1500hr; breezy by evening with temperatures rising.
05     Very mild, maximum @0200hr; LR c0353-0509hr, 0720-0740hr, 0800-0815hr, rain spots 0835-0908hr; brightening, some sun 0900-1200hr, 1300-1600hr, sunny spell
       1200-1300hr, light showers 1030-1045hr, 1055-1130hr, 1325-1338hr, 1340-1350hr, 2mm ice pellets @ 1330hr, 5mm hail @1344hr, thunder 1346hr. Temp fell 3C
06     Dry night, clear intervasl. Light drizzle 0740-0820hr, LR 0820-0920hr; overcast all day, very mild & breezy pm - light rain 1720-1920hr. Moderate shower c2326hr.
07     LR c0216hr, c0541hr, windy by 0500hr, gale force gust @ 0545hr; sunny spells 0800-1200hr,1100hr, 1200-1600hr; breezy by day, feeling cool. Clear evening.
08     Clear at first, GF @ 0400hr; clouding over, persistent LR from 0735-c1408hr, c1627hr; remaining dull & dark all day, breezy from 1000hr, cold morning, milder afternoon.
09     Clear spells, slight GF @0500hr; occasional LR c0654-1115hr> heavier, persistent rain to 1330hr, rain spots pm; brief sun 1000-1100hr;cold, breezy pm, windy by midnight
10     A windy night, LR c0239-0314hr, 0725-0735hr, 0805-0830hr; brightening, continuous sunshine 1000-1600hr, cold day, breezy, lighter breeze & GF by 1800hr
11     Clear & dry, AF 0300-1000hr, hoar frost, continuous sunshine, cloudless skies for most of the day; dry in a light SW-W breeze. Early ground frost by 1600hr, AF by 2100hr.
12     Hard frost overnight, hoar frost, AF until 1000hr; continuous sunshine dawn to 1100hr, 1200hr to dusk, some cloud in between.Clear evening, GF by 1600hr, AF by 23oohr
13     Thick hoar frost, clear & dry; AF until 1000hr, GF until 1100hr, sunny spells 0800-1100hr, 1200-1500hr, patchy cloud. Dry & cold day, GF by 1600hr, AF by 2100hr.
14     Becoming misty, drizzle by dawn, AF until 0600hr, 0900hr all day until 2000hr, dull, cold and damp day with mist thickening late afternoon. Temperatures rising by 2100hr.
15     Maximum temperature by 0200hr, GF 0300-1000hr; remaining overcast all day, but brightening with clear intervals by dusk; GF by 1700hr, AF by 1800hr, clouding over.
16     AF until 0200hr, GF to 0800hr, cloudy, dry airstream; overcast morning, brightening midday, prolonged sunshine 1300hr to dusk, cold day; GF by 1500hr, AF by 1800hr.
17     Clouding over, thick hoar frost, AF until 0800hr, GF until 1000hr; a cloudy morning, brightening with some sun 1200-1400hr; a cold dry dayin a brisk E/ENE breeze
18     Cloudy, frost free night with a dull dawn -remaining overcast all day, brighter afternoon. A dry butcold day (2.7C maximum) in a moderate ENE breeze- frost fee evening.
19     A frost free dry breezy cloudy night & a dull dawn; brief sun 1000-1100hr, 1200-1300hr, continuous sun 1300-dusk; GF 1500-1700hr & from 2000hr, AF by midnight.
20     Freezing fog developing, 400m visibility @0900hr, depositing rime; fog persisting all day throughout daylight hours. AF until 1400hr & @1600hr. GF until 1200hr
       Fog lifting in the evening into mist as the maximum temperature reached 1.1C @ 2100hr, A cold damp day in a light easterly breeze.
21     Cloudy, misty night, AF until 1100hr, GF until 0900hr; cold overcast dry day, brief sun 1300-1400hr, AF @ 1700hr & 1900hr, GF 1700-2000hr, then frost=free.
22     AF 0400-0600hr, fog developing, 800m visibility @0900hr; brightening up sunny breaks 1000-1300hr, light rain 1445-1615hr, milder day, clear evening, GF by 1800hr.
23     AF by 0300hr, freezing fog forming, 250m visibility @0900hr;fog thinning, sunny spells 0900hr to dusk, prolonged pm. Cold day, GF 1500- 0000hr, fog patches.
24     Frost free, milder night, spectacular sunrise, bright start, clouding over, mild; LR 1600-1810hr, rain spots until more persistent light rain throughout the evening.
25     Persistent rain overnight, heavier at first; a dull wet start, dry by 1045hr, brighter afternoon, brief sun 1400-1500hr. A cool day, GF 1700-2200hr then temperatures rising
26     GF 0200hr, 0400-0900hr, cool bright start; some sun 0900-1500hr, unbroken sunshine 1100-1300hr. Maximum by day 9.0C, a frost-free evening.
27     Very mild breezy night, 10.3C by 0500hr, a very mild dry and breezy day. Rather cloudy but bright with sunn spells 1000-1200hr, brief afternoon sun 1300-1600hr.
28     Very mild night, cloudy breezy and dry; overcast day, rain spots 1015-1030hr then LR to 1315hr, 1335-1710hr, squally showers 2050-2115hr, 2220hr. Mild & breezy.
29     Light shower c 0051hr, skies clearing by 0400hr; bright start, prolonged sunshine 0900-1400hr, clouding over but dry pm. Breezy and quite mild. Light shower c1957hr.
30     Clear intervals 0400-0600hr, cloudy dawn; remaining overcast all day but dry with brighter skies by afternoon. Feeling respectably mild in a ligh westerly breeze.
31     Cloudy mild and dry night- cloudy start; remaining cloudy but dry all day in a light south to south-westerly breeze. Quite a mild benign day for New Year's Eve.
       Abbreviations:- MR = Moderate Rain, LR= Light Rain, Th= Thunder, GF= ground frost, AF= air frost

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