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					Welcome to the
6th annual Chamber Music

7:00 P.M. March 26, 2006
Shoreline Unitarian Church, Shoreline, WA.
Dear Friends, Thanks for joining us for this special event. Chamber Music Madness, formerly known as Expression Enterprises, is a nonprofit organization (501c3) dedicated to the musical and personal development of young people through chamber music. Director is Karen Iglitzin, former first violinist of the Philadelphia String Quartet. Karen and her staff help young people to develop ensembles skills, improve their playing and musicality and gain confidence. Students also develop strong bonds with other student string players from Washington and

beyond. With concerts like these, we are helping to promote an appreciation of the string quartet and other chamber music classics. Karen created the “AntiContest” event in 2001, as a fun commentary on the competition that inevitably arises in all our lives. It is soon to be replicated for the first time: in Spokane, and hopefully will catch on around the country! We are asking for help in raising funds for our work. We have raised $21,000 towards our goal of $40,000 to help sustain the program. We also continue to build the “Irv Eisenberg Scholarship Fund”, in honor of our beloved friend, violinist and indefatigable coach. We invite you to view the wonderful poster on display about Irv‟s life in music. Please consider an extra donation, or if this is your first opportunity, please join our „family‟ of supporters! All donations are taxdeductible. We need strong financial

support from those who value the unique contribution we are making to young people. Thank you for joining us in supporting this exciting program! Sincerely, Michael H. Korpi, CMM Board President

Rachelle Sous-air-de-l'eau (pronounced Rachel Swerdlow) hails from the famous east of France. She just returned from one week in Paris where she ordered a carburetor, medium-rare in a very nice restaurant. She also made people cringe by saying things like "I need to get to the airport yesterday" and "how do I get to the beautiful cathedral with the famous stained-glass chickens?" Rachelle has ambitions of someday forming a successful punk-rock band. As for her current job playing the viola, well, you have to start somewhere...Hobbies include frequent shopping trips, for her extensive and elegant wardrobe, at Valoo Veelaaage… Alias: Rachel Swerdlow This is my 19th year as a violist in the Seattle Symphony. My 11 year old triplet boys all play instruments but not ones with strings on them. First met Karen in 1981...And yes, I have run a marathon at a record-slow pace. Herr Professor Doktor Daniel Fluegel comes to us from Heidelbeeren, Deutschland. He is an active professional violist (but no shifts past 1st position, no treble clef, and certainly no vibrato, please!). Herr Fluegel was a Finalist for the Nobel Prize in Physics, and surely would have won had it not been discovered that he flunked calculus in high school (and has never heard of Einstein). He has advanced university degrees in Music Stand Repair, Chair Set-up, Podium Hauling, Photocopy Technology and Viola Joke Pedagogy. Herr Fluegel is delighted to Herr Fluegel is delighted to judge this prestigious event, especially if he scores a few macaroons. Alias: Dan Wing has been the orchestra director at Shorewood H.S. for the past 18 years. His orchestras have earned many awards, highlighted by a performance at New York‟s Carnegie Hall in 2003. Dan has been a professional violist in Germany, Italy and U.S.A., as well as having toured extensively throughout Europe. This is his Anti-Contest judging debut. Heywood Jabuzzoff (aka Danny) I spend much of my time contributing to the removal of "boy bands" from the pop culture scene. In my early years, I was an

undercover ninja spy for the Republic of Zanzibar. I became enamored of the wonderful melodies of classical composers while attempting to assassinate Pinchas Zukerman during a gala concert. I enjoy riding a good tricycle, and most people find me to be a very likeable person. I have to take their word for it though, because after a freak whale watching accident, I developed short term memory loss. After my occupation as a ninja, I became addicted to number 2 pencils and am now finishing the final steps in my "pens are friends" recovery program. Alias: Danny Balaban I am 17 and go to Olympia High School where I am a junior. I try to stay as active as I can through as many sports as I can. I also play cello, and I believe there aren't many things better in life than a good Beethoven quartet. Participant in CMM‟s Camp Nirvana „05 and will attend in „06. Candi S. Dandi (aka Emily), child prodigy, has been performing since the age of 2 (and 3 months). Born on February 30, Emily plays the electric viola while dancing to the songs of her new screenplay; M.H.C. (Must Have Chocolate). When she isn't performing, she is placed in a muffin tin, covered in plastic wrap, sprinkled with a pinch of flour and cooled for 2 hours in the refrigerator. She tastes better that way. Alias: Emily Shack is a 13 year old student at Washington Middle School, plays piano and participates in drama activities for fun. Martha Van Beethoven (assistant judge) is the 226 year old wife of Ludgwig. She shares a story of something that happened recently at the cemetery. Three robbers were digging at Mr.Beethoven‟s grave,… and one said, “Beethoven is decomposing” !!!! Alias: Elizabeth Grubb, Judges Assistant, is 10 years old and has been playing violin with Mini Chamber Madness since Jan.2004

Chamber Music Anti-Contest The Program
Ballard High School The Wizard of Oz
Award: “Most bewitching” “Staccatos, dynamics and rests, Oh my!” Gold sticker: most colorful shoes; scariest face Bribe: tootsie roll pops Heidi Oveson, coach; Michael James, orchestra director

Haydn String Quartet opus 74 no.2, Allegro Spirituoso
1 violins: Corrina MacFarlane, Peter Exner nd 2 violins: Holly Dahlstrom, Owen Burbank Viola: Elena Zavala Cello Jordan Bensky Bass: Sam Booth

Islander Quartet, Mercer Island
Charles Atwood, coach

“Where is the telephone?”
Awards: 'Most reception” Gold seal: “best impromptu cellist” most „together‟ sound Bribes: cell phone cookies, heart cookies, Mozart chocolates

Mozart Piano Quartet in g minor, K.478, 1st mvt, Allegro
Becky Yoda, violin; Ryan Ghods, viola; Matti Niemisto, cello; Michele Zemplenyi, piano

Beyond Nirvana

Karen Iglitzin, coach

The Glass Slipper (Cinderella)
Awards: “Most Charming Ensemble” Best “Pumpkin” Coach award Gold seal: “Most into your piece” Bribes: Pumpkin pie for each judge

Shostakovich Piano Quintet, mvt 3
Lisa Kim, 1 violin Skyline HS nd Katie Kowalski, 2 violin Marrowstone Island, homeschool Wenhao Sun, viola Skyline HS Ariana Nelson, cello Nathan Eckstein Connie Kim, piano Middle School Skyline HS

The Northwest School Chamber Orchestra, Heather Bentley, director Northwest Rainbow Connection
Awards: “Most Colorful Sound” “Special Western Washington Rain-Bow Award” Gold seal: “Fullest Sound” Bribes: skittles

Tchaikovsky Serenade for Strings in C, 1st mvt

1st violins: Carol Wolf, Elena Degel, Zachary Liao, Chunsoo Park Flute: Perrin Romine 2nd violins: Ellie Akimoto, Tera Benet-Stone, Steven Tsao, Kyla Uehling, Emuna David Viola: Robert Wakeley Cellos: Eli Weinberger, Alex Irwin, Jennie Renn, Peter Fowley

Central Kitsap Sextet Leah Gowers, coach The Wonderland Tea Party Minstrels (Alice in Wonderland)
Award: The Most Hare-Raising Performance Gold seal: “Best Feel To The Music” “Better Late Than Never” Bribes: Scones and various assorted flavors of Stash Tea

Brahms Sextet op.18, 4th movement, Rondo
Claire Sledd, Carey Batschi, violins Kitsap High School Zoe Zadworny, Sarah Patterson, violas Daniel Brody, Leanne Riddle, cellos Central Kitsap Junior High Central Kitsap High School Central

Olympia High School Bass Quintet
Chip Schooler, Director

“I Can't Believe It's Not Music!”
"Best use of Hendrix for the 'Development' Section Award". "We haven't the foggiest idea of what they were doing". Gold seal: "Best Unison Headbanging" Bribes: set of one-of-a-kind priceless autographed headshots of all of the group members; and brownies.

Dvorak G major Quintet, 4th mvt
Jonathan Schooler, Nicolas Peterson, violins; Nathan Lee, viola; Meredith Course, cello; Paul Cannon, string bass

Beyond Nirvana Octet

Karen Iglitzin, coach

Beyond Narnia (The Lion, the Witch and
the Wardrobe)

Awards: “Beyond Narnia for the Best Wardrobe” and “Turkish Delight” Gold seal “Most Harmonious” Bribes: Turkish Delight Candy

Mendelssohn Octet, 4th movement, Presto
Greta Gothard, 1 violin Edmonds, homeschool nd Katie Kowalski, 2 violin Marrowstone Island, homeschool rd Maggie Duggan, 3 violin Tacoma School of the Arts th Julia Chalker, 4 violin Mercer Island High School Joelle Arnhold 1st viola Edmonds-Woodway HS Jesse Yukimura 2nd viola Lakeside HS st Julian Schwarz, 1 cello Lakeside HS nd Ariana Nelson, 2 cello Eckstein Middle School

Thank you to season volunteers:
Susan Leslie, Bookkeeping Services Marife Maliksi, Volunteer Coordinator Mary Chalker, Reception Coordinator Anti-Contest volunteers: Kimiko
Akimoto, Gordon Assadi, Vhey Benet, Mary Chalker, Patricia and Guy Chan, Sono Hashisaki, Tracie Kim, Lynne Iglitzin, Jessica du Mas, Marife and Miguel Maliksi, Nikki Niemisto, Sally Sekijima, Donald Grubb and Mary Shwetz, Elaine Thomas, Neill Warfield, Tom Pratt, photography. And to the many other folks who helped out, including our judges!

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