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					                                    D&B European Report

Werner Muster Holding AG                                                                                                                   DB / 06.11.2012 13:33

Identification & Summary

 Risk evaluation                                                                   Identification
                   D&B Risk Indicator               1       2    3    4    -       Company              Werner Muster Holding AG
                   D&B Rating                                             BB2
                                                                                   D-U-N-S® Nbr.        48-129-5678
                   D&B Score                                         71 of 100
                                                                                   Domicile             Bahnhofstrasse 67
                   D&B Credit Recommendation                    CHF 215.000                             8902 Urdorf
                   D&B Paydex®
                                                                                   Postal address       Postfach
 Company structure                                                                                      8010 Zürich-Mülligen
 Parent company                                                           Yes
                                                                                   Legal seat           8902 Urdorf
 Employees (company)                                                           2                        Switzerland
 Registered individuals                                                        4   Phone                +41 44 735 61 11
 Legal form                                          Joint stock company
                                                                                   Fax                  +41 44 735 61 61
                                                                                   E-Mail                  info@dnb.ch
 Financial summary
                                                                                   Homepage                www.dnb.ch
 Real payment references
 Last debt collection extract                                    05.09.2008        Primary SIC code     6722

 Capital                                                        CHF 500.000        SIC Description      Management Investment Office, Open-End

 Turnover (company)                                         CHF 10.000.000

Risk & Credit assessment
Low risk of business failure. According to Dun & Bradstreet's investigations the subject's financial situation is considered to be good.
Risk Appraisal

 D&B Rating                                                                        D&B Credit Recommendation
                               Financial strength CHF 0.5-0.9 mio.
 D&B Financial strength BB
                               based on paid-up capital
                                                                                   The recommended D&B credit for a business
 D&B Risk Indicator     2 of 4 means low risk of failure                                                                              CHF 215.000
                                                                                   relationship is
 D&B Rating                 BB2

 D&B Score

 71        out of 100

 D&B base of analysis
 The commercial sector in which this company is active appears stable and involves a low risk.
 This company is older than 11 years and is considered to be low-risk.
 This company's legal form is considered as risk neutral.
 The human resources of this company are between one and ten people and represent a micro enterprise.
 This company can rely on the support of the parent company.
 This company has branches or subsidiaries.
 The company's capital is in the medium range.

Risk trends & Benchmark

Benchmark D&B Score                                                               Benchmark D&B Paydex®
D&B Score for this company                                              71        D&B Paydex® for this company
Average D&B Score for the same industry sector                          46        Average D&B Paydex® for the same industry sector                       78
Companies within the same industry sector                              513        Companies within the same industry sector                           513
Max. D&B Score company (04.06.2009)                                     97                          ®
                                                                                  Max. D&B Paydex company
Min. D&B Score company (26.11.2010)                                     50        Min. D&B Paydex® company

Trend (last 6 months)                                          Company
D&B Score
D&B Rating
D&B Credit Recommendation
D&B Paydex®

Debt collection extract
Any check for outstanding debt recovery action requires written proof of interest according to Article 8 of Swiss Bankruptcy Law. On presentation of
proof of interest it was possible to check for debt recovery proceedings on 05.09.2008 in Urdorf. There was no legal action outstanding.

During the past 24 months, D&B has received information that some open accounts have been placed with external collection agencies for recovery
from this business.


Nominal capital               CHF 500.000, 100% paid up                          Capital at foundation          -
Type of shares                100 shares with restricted transferability         Last change of capital         -
                              of CHF 5.000,00

Financial figures (company)

Type                                                                 2012 ( )                                 2011 ( )              2010 (CHF in millions)
Turnover                                                                     -                                      -                      (approx.) 10,00


Management is in the hands of Vincent Muster.

Agencies & Committees

Board of directors
There are 3 members of the board of directors.

Name                      Citizenship             Current location               Role / Signing authority                                   since
Werner Muster             Zürich                  Zürich (Schweiz)               Chairman with joint signature w. one other                 25.06.1985
Peter Muster              Zürich                  Wädenswil (Schweiz)            Member with single signature                               25.06.1985
Hans Muster               Zürich                  Zürich (Schweiz)               Member with single signature                               25.06.1985

Authorized signatories

There is 1 authorized signatory.

Name                      Citizenship             Current location               Role / Signing authority                                   since
Vincent Muster            Zürich                  Urdorf (Schweiz)               Managing Director with single signature                    01.01.1995

Corporate structure

Parent & Ultimate company

Parent company                                                                   Ultimate company (global parent)
Company Name                                   Swiss Test Case 10-21             Company Name                                     Swiss Test Case 10-21
Address                                 5452 Oberrohrdorf, Switzerland           Address                                   5452 Oberrohrdorf, Switzerland
          ®                                                48-345-1501                     ®                                                48-345-1501
D-U-N-S Nbr.                                                                     D-U-N-S Nbr.

D&B Rating                                                         1AA2         Foundation                                                         2000
Foundation                                                          2000
Share in %                                                         80.00


Company Name                                      D-U-N-S Nbr.          Address                            Shares owned %         Foundation
Muster Marketing AG                               48-129-5975           8902 Urdorf, Switzerland           100.00                 1963
Muster Technology                                 -                     Zürich, Switzerland                 80.00                 -


Type                                              D-U-N-S Nbr.          Address                                                                Foundation
Headquarters / Branch                             -                     1008 Prilly, Rue des Métiers 2                                         -

Operation & History


NOGA 2008 code (BFS)               649901 / 642001
Description (NOGA)                 Investment intermediation / Activities of financial holding companies
SIC code                           6722 / 6799 / 6711
Description                        Management Investment Office, Open-End , Investors , Holding Company

Activity as described in the trade register of the canton

Beteiligung an Industrie- und Handelsgesellschaften. Die Gesell- schaft kann im Rahmen ihrer Tätigkeit finanzielle Engagements eingehen und
Liegenschaften erwerben und/oder veräussern.

Sales areas according to D&B's investigation

Import/Export, Sales in Switzerland.

Das Unternehmen ist international tätig.
Employees                                                                              2012
Employees (company)                                                                        2
Employees (group)                                                             (approx.) 160
Employees (consolidated)                                                      (approx.) 160

Legal structure

Additional company names       -                                                Legal form                          Joint stock company
Year of foundation             1985                                             Last SOGC update                    -
Year of incorporation          25.06.1985                                       Capital                             CHF 500.000


The company has been in existence since 1985. Starting on June 1985 the subject has been active as Joint stock company.

Registered as a Joint stock company since 25. June 1985

Real estate

The business premises are rented by subject.
Asset type                         Commercial building
Location                           Urdorf
Proprietor                         Brütsch Rüegger AG
Address                            Urdorf

Banking details

Bank name                      SWIFT Code                Street address                         Postal code                       Town
CREDIT SUISSE                  CRES CH ZZ 50A            Bahnhofstrasse 20                      5001                              Aarau

This report is provided for your internal business use only. It is subject to the conditions of your contract and may not be reproduced or redistributed in
any manner whether mechanical or electronic without the permission of D&B. D&B shall be liable only for damages resulting from grossly negligent
behaviour from D&B. According to the legislation of data protection the delivered data is only to be used for the specific purpose that they have been
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Customer Service on 044/735 64 64 or your respective local D&B Customer Service.


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