; The Cay
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The Cay


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									        The Cay

      By Alec Wandler
6th Grade Reading/4th hour
     February 2, 2010
        Final Project
•   Survival
                     Themes of This Book
•   Trust
•   Wisdom
•   Hope
•   Adventure
•   Life or Death
•   Loneliness
•   Maturity
•   Prejudice
•   Happiness and sadness
     Main Character (Phillip
 Philip-is very snotty, doesn’t like to listen
  to orders, doesn’t like to be treated like a
  little 4 year old, thinks he’s better than
  Timothy and others, blames things on
  people that wasn’t their fault, has very
  little hope of being rescued and that he
  will be able to see ever again, very
  prejudice (racist)
Main Characters (Grace,
Phillip Enright Senior, Henrik
Van Boven)
  Grace Enright- very prejudice,
   Phillips mother,wants to leave
   island because of the war.
  Phillip Enright Senior- Phillips
   father, doesn’t want to leave the
   island, works at an oil refinery.
  Henrik Van Boven- Phillips best
   Main Character (Timothy)
 Timothy is a very old man
 He is very smart and has a lot of
  survival skills
 Helps Phillip with his blindness and
  helps him around
 Gives Phillip positive hope and tells him
  that they will be rescued.
      Timothy (2 traits)
1 of Timothy’s traits is surviving.
 Timothy uses what he knows to survive
 and keep Phillip alive.
Another 1 of Timothy's traits are hope.
 Timothy has to hope for an aircraft and
 that they will be rescued and cannot be
 negative and think they will never be
Timothy is a tall big black man and he
 has ragged clothes and a big white
       Timothy’s survival skills
 Timothy tells Phillip to not look at the sun.
 Timothy tells Phillip not to look at the water cause
  of the glare of the sun
 Timothy helps catch fish for them to eat
 Timothy saves the water for them cause they
  might need it for later
 Timothy makes them a hut to live in on the Cay.
 Timothy makes fishing poles and hooks for Phillip
  and shows him how to fish so if he dies he will
  know how to live on the island alone.
      Phillip’s Rudeness
» Phillip always yells at timothy
» He says your saving all the water
  for yourself
» He is very mad at timothy and his
  mother cause he yells at timothy
  and says “I wouldn’t even be on
  this raft if it wasn’t for my mother.”
 Phillip is very prejudice
 Phillip calls him ugly
 Phillip calls him a big black negro
Theme (Beginning of Book)
The theme for the beginning of the book
 is survival. I think its survival cause when
 Phillip gets hit on the head with a board in
 the ship he gets knocked out and gets
 hurt. He is now stranded on an raft with
 someone he doesn’t know and they
 don’t get along to well because Phillip is
 prejudice against Timothy. He now has to
 try to survive with lack of food water and
 try not to get eaten by sharks and other
       Theme (Middle of Book)
The Middle of the books theme is survival. In
 the middle of the book, they find the island and
 they go there and try to live life till they are
 rescued. They have hard times trying to find
 food. There is no water at all because the ocean
 water is not drinkable. There is no food around
 and they have very little recourses and food to
 use and eat. So they have trouble with some of
 the work they will do, but luckily Timothy is
 there and knows what he is doing. He makes
 life easier for them.
    Theme (End of Book)
The theme for the end of the book
 is survival because after Timothy
 dies Phillip has to live life on the
 island without Timothy’s help. He
 is blind so it is very difficult for
 Phillip to live life on the island, till
 he gets rescued and taken back to
 his mother and father.
              Dr. Kings Dream
• To Dr King’s dream, which can
  only come true if the very young
  know and understand.
        When I revisited the cay it was different. The structure had changed and it was smaller. The whole
cay looked almost completely different but I knew by the looks of the island that it was mine Timothy ’s and
Stew cats. It was kind of similar and all the debris had blown away except for the palm trees. The cay was
 almost different but the way it looked the same was that Timothy ’s grave was still there and you could see
   where we had built our little old hut on top of the hill where we shared a lot of our good times together.
This time I could finally see the cay with my own eyes and see how it looked instead of just feeling around
                                                                          and knowing what I was touching.

                                                                        Feelings about returning to the cay

         I felt very sad when I returned to the cay because when I went to Timothy ’s grave I had wished he
      could be here with me right now but I knew he was in a better place now which made me feel better.
 Although timothy wasn’t with me in person I knew his spirit was on the island with me. I didn ’t feel lonely
    and I knew he would always be with me and at my side when I needed him. I remembered all the good
 times we had together on the cay. Even though there was bad times with us sometimes there were always
better times on the cay. We started out as not liking each other as much but we adjusted to each other and
                                                                                            had a lot of fun.

                                                                                    Experiences on the Cay

    Timothy and I had many good experiences on the cay and some bad. We learned to trust one another.
   We had a lot of fun on the cay and sometimes didn ’t have a lot of fun. Life was tough on the cay and we
 had to make the best of it. We had more good times on the cay than bad times on the cay. I learned not to
  be prejudice and to treat blacks and whites equal to one another. I learned to trust Timothy and became
  very good friends with him. We taught each other about things we didn ’t know and we learned from our
                                         mistakes. And that is my epilogue on the Cay. Hope you enjoyed.

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