How to Remember Song Lyrics by lfsmj2010


									How to Remember Song Lyrics
Want to remember the lyrics of a song to impress your friends? Want to
just know the lyrics so you can sing along? If so, read this article.
1Pick a song youreallylike. Don't just remember any old song lyrics. Pick
a song that you listen to the most and one that you really enjoy.<
2Listen to it over and over. It may seem boring, but you have to know the
order of the verse, chorus, etc. Most songs go like this: Verse, Chorus,
Verse, Chorus, Bridge, Chorus. Some songs are different. Figure out which
one is which. Listen to the guitar patterns. Usually it's the same for
all verses, same for all choruses, but dramatically different for
3Start slowly. Listen carefully. Once you think you have a part, write
down what you think it is, and go to areliablelyrics site to check it.
4Repeat step 3 for each section. (Each verse, the chorus, and bridge.)
5Write down the lyrics to the whole song. Once written, go to the lyrics
site and check and see how you did. If you missed a few lines, parts, or
even words, go back to that part of the song, and repeat step 3.
6Once you think you have it for sure, repeat step 5.
7Pick another one of your favorite songs and try to remember it! Don't
worry, once you have song lyrics remembered, you most likely won't forget

Try not to pick a song with fast lyrics (bands like SR-71 and Sum 41 have
pretty fast lyrics.)
Go slow and have fun with it!
Take lyrics tests to that song every once in a while to jog your memory.

Some lyrics sites may not be reliable. Pick one that you can trust. (e.g.
ones that got great ratings)
If possible, don't write down lyrics at school. If the song has a bad
word, your teacher might see it.
If the song says "you" and has the word "hate" in it, don't let anyone
see it or don't even write it down! They may think it's a hate note.

Things You'll Need
A song you like
Some paper and pencil
A trusted lyrics site
A quiz site to test your memory (optional)

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