How to Protect Fur from Moth Damage

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					How to Protect Fur from Moth Damage
Moths cause damage to our forests. Moths causes damage to our crops.
Moths cause damage to our clothes.
There are approximately 200,000 different types of moth. They can come
into your home through an open window or you can bring them in your
clothes by accident. There have been cases where even new clothes have
contained moth eggs. The bottom line is that you have no insurance
against moths and it¡¯s a bit depressing. Unless you¡-

1Know where the danger is. Well, first off, the moth you see flying
around is not the one who eats your clothes. The moth you see in its
adult stages is the one who lays the eggs. As the egg develops into a
caterpillar, it then eats your natural clothes. Moths love having your
fur for breakfast, silk for lunch, and wool for dinner.<
2Use natural plants and herbs as repellents. This is a natural solution
to a natural problem and is extremely effective, easy, and inexpensive.
The only solution out there specifically designed for fur and high end
clothing belongs to Lana's Moth Away bags.<

Quick Review:Adult Moth ? Eggs ? Caterpillar ? Your Closet is full of
ruined clothes

Do not use chemicals or mothballs to protect your fur as it may actually
ruin it.

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