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									              Top Free Digital Photo Editing Software
Everyone knows that Photoshop is the best photo editing software but it is very expensive and not
very easy to learn or use . If you learn to master the tools in these freeware programs you will have
no need forPhotoshop at all.

When looking for a good free digital photo editing software I look for tool within these programs and
what they can do . I look for how easy it is to use and how good are the tools , also I look for digital
photo editing software that will do more than just edit photos.

I have found a great collection of digital photo editing software that I think are the best at what they
can do and all are very easy to use, with many useful tools and filters within them .

I hope you will find some of them if not all of them very useful for all your graphicand photo needs .

PhotoFiltre 7.1.0
PhotoFiltre is a complete image retouching software. It allows you to do simple or advanced tweaks
to an image and apply many filters to your photos.. It is simple to use, and very easy to learn . The
toolbar, giving you access to the standard filters with just a few clicks .


Its many filters allows users to quickly use this software for graphics and photo editing . You can find
the standard adjustments, Brightness, contrast, saturation and many more also artistic filters
watercolor, pastels, Indian ink, and many more.
There are more than 100 filters you can use on your photos and computer graphics .
                                        Graphic made in Photofiltre

Tool bar

The toolbar is easy to read and understand and is made up of all the drawing tools, such as fill ,
aerosol, brush, blur, cloning stamp, smudge and many more ..

This is the full version which also contains masks, selections and patterns.

See below to download

Photoscape 3.6.3
PhotoScape is an all-in-one photo editor plus much more, this software is like the Swiss army
knife it does a little of everything to help edit and beautify your photos and graphic art work .

Key features are:



Batch editor

Combine Photos or Graphics

Animated GIF
                                       Graphic made in Photoscape


Screen Capture

Color Picker


Raw Converter

And much more to help you to fix your photos or graphic needs .

See below to download

Photo Pos Pro 1.8.9
The Photo Pos Pro photo editor is a powerful program, it has a user-friendly interface enabling you
to work easily and fast. If you are a beginner you can easily begin to use the program quickly and
faster by reading the on board users guide. The program offers beginning users a easy to follow step
by step Help system to give them a quick start to editing digital picture or just doing computer
graphics . With the Help system, you can turn from a beginner to a professional user in no time.

If you are an experienced user, you will probably be amazed to discover the endless possibilities
which this software has to offer with digital Image and computer graphics. Advanced users will find
advanced editing and creating potential not found with any other freeware software; they will find all
the tools they need and to work with in a well organized and easy to learn format .

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