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					                                       Team Values
                   Each team member will be prompt and arrive at the team meetings on time. If an unexpected
                   conflict comes up, the absent team member will notify at least one teammate prior to the
                   expected absence. An absent team-member should confirm that a teammate has received their
                   Each team member will complete their tasks thoroughly and completely, so that the work does
Thorough           not have to be re-done by a peer on the team. If a member does not know how to complete a
                   task, feels overwhelmed, or needs assistance then the member notifies peers, and seeks
                   assistance either from a peer, the faculty guide, a faculty consultant, or another person

Accurate           Each team member completes their work accurately and in a way that can be easily checked for
                   accuracy by peers and the faculty guide. All work is fully documented and easy to follow.
Timely             Each team member will fully complete their tasks at or before the due date for the deliverable.
                   Each team member gives credit where credit is due. All work completed includes citations to
Professional and   appropriate literature, or sources of assistance. If a team member has gotten assistance from a
Ethical            publication or individual, then that assistance or guidance is fully documented in the reports
                   prepared. Each team member is honest and trustworthy in their dealings with their peers.
Committed          Each team member will contribute an equal share to the success of the project

                   Each team member will be supportive of one another. All must realize we are working to achieve
                   a common goal. If any conflicts are to arise during problem solving or execution they shall be
                   resolved professionally and timely. If necessary, mediation will be provided by group leads.
                       Examples Team Values
                   Team members were always on time to team meetings as well as traveling to Olean, NY.
Punctual           Whenever a team member could not make a meeting they let another member know ahead of
                   time so that arrangements could be made.
                   All of the team members completed acceptable work. Work did not have to be redone as a result
Thorough           of doing a poor job the first time around. When needed, team members sought out help from
                   each other to ensure high quality.
                   Work was completed accurately. Files were shared using SVN software making it easy to build off
Accurate           of each other’s work. All work on edge and the technical paper are straightforward and easy to
                   Each team member completed work by designated due dates. Occasionally, deliverables would
Timely             slip a couple of days as a result of unforeseen issues (for example, the team was not able to travel
                   to Olean one week pushing data collection of the facility layout back a week).
                   The team acted professionally and ethically both in the presence of the customer and while
Professional and   interacting as a team. Credit was given to the individuals that helped complete the project (i.e.
Ethical            the team completed a 4 block that had acknowledgements for all of the factory works that
                   helped provide information).
                   Each team member completed an equal share of work. The group was committed at making sure
Committed          a difference was made at Dresser-Rand and that the company would want successive projects in
                   the future.
                   Each team member was supportive of one another. Every week we spent 4 hours in the car
                   together without any incidents.

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