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					February 2009 At last here is the long awaited newsletter. Attached to this is an up to date calendar of events that we are aware of at time of print. If you require any further details about any of the events look out for more information in the newsletter, via email or on the notice boards. You can, as always, also ask Mrs Houston or any of the Instructors. We would like, in future, to email the newsletter and details of any events etc. If you would like to be added to the email list please could you email me at I appreciate that many of you have already supplied your email address but as some children have supplied their own address we would like to set up a new list. On the last newsletter we did ask for feedback and also suggestions of any seminars, events etc that you would like to see. To date we have not received any ideas. Surely, you must have some suggestions?! Instructors – who’s who? We are now lucky enough to have a team of experienced instructors and assistants. All classes are overseen by Mr Houston – Chief Instructor and all his assistants report directly to him. He also has a monthly meeting with them to discuss the classes. As far as TaeKwon Do is concerned we now have the following Assistant Instructors – Mrs Rachel Houston, Mrs Nicole Jarvis, Miss Laura Jones and Miss Emma Moscrop (Little Dragons Assistant). With Kickboxing we now have Mr Mark Townley, Mr Richard Berry, Mr Eric Laffin, Mrs Rachel Houston, Mrs Nicole Jarvis and Ms Wendy Moscrop.

All Assistant Instuctors have a wealth of knowledge to share and their own specialist areas. It is intended that the Instructors will move around the classes so that everyone gets to know the whole team. New Classes – Shrewton and Bishopdown Farm Welcome to all the new students at Shrewton. Attached to this newsletter is a full list of all our classes. Commencing on Saturday 28th February we have new classes starting at Bishopdown Farm. This is for Little Dragons and Kickboxing. All students are welcome to attend these sessions and we would love to see you. Bo Staff Seminar – Sunday 5th April – 11am We are holding a bo staff seminar at the Five Rivers Leisure Centre on Sunday 5th April. This is open to everyone and is for 2 hours. You don’t need a bo staff but if you have anything that could be used as a bo staff on the day that would be useful (a broom handle, piece of dowling etc). We will have some spare to use so don’t panic. The cost of this seminar will be £10. Please book your place by 29th March. Black Belt Training (Taekwon Do) and Fighter Clinic We are going to be holding Black Belt Training every two weeks followed by a fighter clinic. The fighter clinic is open to everyone regardless of discipline or grade. The first session will be on Sunday 1st March 2 – 3pm and 3 – 4pm. The next session will be on Sunday 15th and then Sunday 29th. Please support these sessions. Gradings and Attendance Cards We now only use attendance cards for the Little Dragons class as they have badges to work towards. The grading dates for the coming year are all on the calendar. Each grading will be for Little Dragons, Taekwon Do and Kickboxing. This will then be followed by a Black Belt Grading and then a Black Belt Seminar (Taekwon Do). After the March

grading with the exception of the Little Dragons Class all students will need to attend a pregrading. All payment and licence booklets will need to be handed in on this date. If you are intending to do the March grading please have your grading fee in by 6th March. Merchandise etc Within the next few weeks all the new licence books, certificates, tshirts, hoodies and bags will be available. Look out for ……. Kids Camp details, Family Summer Camp, Club Celebration Evening, Summer fun days, Parties and social events and Childrens newsletter with competions, Thai Boxing Classes Calling all Mums and Dads Remember that we have a family class on Wednesday evenings where you can train with your children. Also on Wednesday evenings we have a fitness session at the Boxing Gym – this is only £3 per session for family members of £5 for non family members. Why not give it a go. March Training Offers Offer 1 - Taekwon do & Kickboxing students paying unlimited fees can train in the other art for no extra cost. So Kickboxers why not give Taekwon do a go and Taekwon do er’s give kickboxing a go. OFFER 2 - During March all friends and family members of existing students can train for free. On joining you will receive a discounted suit offer. So come on all you mums and dad’s, you know you want to join in really!! I am lonely – please ring or email me

Please feel free to email me at or ring me on 01722 744554 or 07810 616464 anytime. I would love to hear your suggestions or comments and at the very least add you to the email list. Campbell Houston 3rd Degree

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