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									Warrensville Heights High School

Student Dress Code for Grades 9 – 12

Tops All tops must be tucked into bottoms. Solid colors only: white, tan/cream, yellow, green, blue, black Solid colors only: tan, navy, brown, black.

Oxfords/polos/blouses Must have collars. Turtlenecks, sweaters, vests, suit jackets/blazers. Pants, skirts, capris, skorts, shorts. Skirts/skorts and shorts must be knee length or longer. Shorts: April-October Worn with all pants, capris & shorts in grades 4 – 12. Jumpers worn with approved tops underneath. Dresses must have tops with collars or turtlenecks. Clothes which identify school district/athletic team/student activity. Hoodies allowed, but hoods must be down. Hard-soled or tennis shoes with closed toes and closed backs.

Appropriately sized – no oversized or tightfitting. Long or short sleeved. No sleeveless. No oversized or tight fitting. Must be worn at waist. Must have belt loops (except skirts/skorts) in grades 4 – 12. Skirts/skorts that have belt loops must be worn with a belt. Knee length or longer. No sleeveless dresses.

Bottoms All tops must be tucked into bottoms.


Solid colors only: tan, navy, brown, black. Solid colors only: white, tan/cream, yellow, green, blue or black. Blue, gold, yellow, white/cream, navy, black, gray.

Dresses/Jumpers for Girls

Spirit Wear

May be worn on Fridays or other days designated by principal. No sweatpants. Maximum heel height: 1 ½ inches. No boots during school hours. No shoes with wheels.


Any color.

LOGOS may be worn on garments, but may be no larger than
the size of a quarter. No more than two logos per garment.

What NOT to wear to school…..
*Jean or jean-style pants *cargo pants *cut-offs *sweat pants *rolled-up pants *sagging pants *athletic shorts * leggings – unless worn with a skirt, dress or jumper *hats/hoods/bandanas/ sweatbands & other head coverings *outerwear—including coats/jackets, gloves, boots, sunglasses, outerwear vests * any clothing with tears or holes *transparent clothing that reveals undergarments *derogatory tattoos *belts made of chain link, or with wording, name plates or oversized buckles *chains or metal accessories attached to clothing *jewelry with spikes, and other articles judged potentially harmful.

For more information on the dress code, visit the Warrensville Heights City School District’s website at: http://www.warrensville.k12.oh.us/

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