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					UNIVERSITY OF NOTTINGHAM STUDENTS' UNION MINUTES OF THE 3rd MEETING OF SABBATICAL COMMITTEE HELD ON MONDAY, 24th AUGUST 2009 AT 1.00pm IN COMMITTEE ROOM 1, PORTLAND BUILDING ae ae ae Rob Greenhalgh Dan Downes Claire Game Stewart Bailey ae ae ae ae Dave Hind Alex Hingley Roxy Shamsolmaali Sam Wilkinson

In Attendance: MGB – General Manager, BT – PG Officer. 3. 1 3. 2 3. 3 3. 4 3. 5 APOLOGIES An apology was received from Claire Game. NOTIFICATION OF COMPETENT BUSINESS After Dark, Facebook. ACCEPTANCE OF AGENDA With this amendment the agenda was accepted. MINUTES OF THE LAST MEETING The minutes were accepted. MATTERS ARISING Safety cards: Taxis: Need to be finished by end of the week for Freshers’ stuff to be made up. DD and SW jointly finishing. It was noted that regulation is of importance in choosing a taxi firm. Contacting Nottingham Council about potentially utilizing taxi wardens. Blueprint will be discussed after Town Taken Over training and meeting with Trent University. IMPACT FUNDING Impact have requested an increased budget from £26,000. It was argued that Impact believe they require this extra budget to run an effective magazine. Exec agreed that the printing budget would remain at its current level, but there would be increased support from SB and DH in helping Impact to manage their budget. JCR & HALL EXEC ATTACHMENTS Exec agreed that Exec attachments were fine. RG suggested immediate initial contact with assigned halls. RG also suggested that Exec could act as a mentor during training and elections to their corresponding halls. STUDENT BUSINESS Ronfix has asked for the Students’ Union to be associated with student businesses. It was noted that student business could be an area which the Students’ Union is not supporting. It was further noted that we should not be supporting a business that is making money for personal gain and not for charity. It was stated that student businesses are only accountable to themselves and can have personal gain motivations. It was additionally thought that in some cases, businesses could end up conflicting and competing with our commercial services

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and that the benefit of this proposal would not be for the majority, towards the wider student population, but the individuals running the business. SB noted that it may be useful to provide a service that sign-posts students to businesses with essential and good services. It was additionally thought that it may be too large a human resource to complete, and would result in the opening of flood gates to larger commercial companies. Exec agreed that the Students’ Union would not affiliate or support student run businesses due to the vast amount of complications that could arise. 3. 9 3.10 EXECUTIVE AND REPRESENTATION OFFICER EXPENSES This item was not discussed. ANY OTHER COMPETENT BUSINESS Stash - AH The bill for Stash has come through - hoodie not included in the free deal; the question arises whether it should be included under officer expenses budget or out of officers’ own pocket. A conflict of interest was noted. Due to hoodies being used for Branding and GOATing, it was seen that hoodies are applicable to be put on expenses. SW rugby top however, is not. SB will define in Officer expenses. ‘IN CAMERA’ ITEM An ‘In Camera’ item was discussed. 3.11 DATE OF NEXT MEETING The next meeting was scheduled for Tuesday, 1st September at 12.00pm in Committee Room 1.