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					University College London Application for Fairtrade University Status

Name of University Contact Name Position

University College London (UCL) David Coward Director of Special Projects Estates and Facilities Division University College London Gower Street London WC1E 6BT Daytime Evening 020 7679 1230 07831 242934



E-mail Address Number of Students circa 19000

Goal 1: Date achieved:

Approve official Fairtrade policy February 2009

Any other progress or achievements: The Policy will be reviewed annually by the Steering Group.

Goal 2: Date achieved: Details of outlets:

Commit to selling Fairtrade products in all outlets Ongoing

Any other progress or achievements:
UCL UNION Fairtrade (and other ethical) Products currently available: Coffee Tea Hot Chocolate Orange juice Apple Juice Smoothies Water – (One Water) Sugar Divine Bars - Geo Bar Tradecraft Cookies Flapjacks All cafes serve Fairtrade coffee, tea and hot chocolate and we have introduced an ‘ethical meal deal’ to include: 1 x Sandwich from our ethical range 1 x Life Water 1 x Fruit Both Urban Grazing and Figo’s (sandwich suppliers) provide an ethical range of sandwiches and support ‘Tree for Life’. Union Shops supply a full range of Fairtrade Cotton Clothing and support ‘Pants to Poverty’. Pants - T-Shirts Hoodies Sport Training Tops Union Shops sell ethical paper (recycled) and note pads. We also sell pens made from recycled pens.

Biodegradable and sustainable products: Figo’s and Urban Grazing use biodegradable packaging. We are currently changing our disposable packaging and drinking vessels range to environmentally friendly packaging as currently used in Gordon’s and Print Room Café’s. We use reusable platter packaging and presentation packaging for Function catering. We now operate a non-print policy on our cups. London Universities Caterers’ Association UCL Student Residences are active members of London Universities Caterers’ Association (LUCA) and comply with the LUCA Environmental Sustainability Procurement Policy: The LUCA is committed to being a responsible and environmentally conscientious organisation and to the principles and practice of sustainable development. This document is intended to incorporate the objectives of the Environmental Sustainability Policies of each of the member institutions. To affect this, the procurement activities of the LUCA will be conducted in a sustainable and environmental manner. The LUCA procurement will: Make procurement decisions based on a balance between economic, social and environmental factors to achieve best value for money. Encourage procurement to take account of whole life costs where applicable to ensure sustainability and minimise impact on the environment. Set specifications for products and services which include sustainable, renewable and recycled resources and processes and consider the end of life options to ensure minimal impact on the environment. Comply with legislation relating to sustainability and the environment. Encourage best practise in procurement. Work with suppliers to encourage better processes and improvements to the supply chain and the products and services supplied. Develop the use of Fair Trade and other ethically traded products and services. Encourage Small and Medium Enterprises (SME`s), local and regional suppliers to bid for supply agreements. Provide guidance and training to members to adopt a more sustainable approach to procurement. Work with other sectors to share information and sustainable initiatives. Communicate this policy to the LUCA members and suppliers. Review this policy on a regular basis to ensure continual improvement.

Goal 3:

Commit to using Fairtrade products at internal meetings and events

Date achieved: Details Any other progress or achievements:

Goal 4:

Commit to campaigning for increased consumption of Fairtrade products Ongoing

Date achieved: Details:

Any other progress or achievements:
Recent Campaigns Campaign to support Pants to Poverty - Fairtrade fortnight 2008 Feb/March Campaign to support Divine Chocolate - Fairtrade fortnight 2007 Feb March One World Week – February 2009

Goal 5:

Set up institutional Steering Group 11 November 2008

Date achieved: Details of Steering Group: David Coward (Chair) Richard Furter Ray Harding David Squires Tim Carey William Wilson Charlie Clinton Isabella Gerber

Director of Special Projects (Estates and Facilities Div.) Director of Estates and Facilities Director of Administration Student Union General Manager Student Union Commercial Services Manager Director of Student Residences Student Union (Communications and Services) Student Union (Environment and Ethics)


Minutes of inaugural meeting (15 September) and first full meeting (11 November’08).

Any other progress or achievements: Agreed that: the Steering Group would meet as required during the application process and once each term when Fairtrade status has been achieved; the Steering Group will report to the Facilities Sub-committee of the Estates Management Committee and the Procurement Policy Committee on a regular basis and to other committees on an ad-hoc basis, including the Student Accommodation Committee.