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									How to Convert PDF to Jpeg
Portable Document Format (PDF) files are great way to bundle text and
image documents together¡ªthe digital equivalent of those comb-bound
presentations from meetings past. They can be opened on just about any
computer, and while the content can vary, they are generally of high
image quality.
However, if you need to pull a page from a PDF to slip into your
PowerPoint presentation, or otherwise repurposed, having that PDF as a
JPEG can be very useful. We'll show you a few methods for both Macintosh
and Windows to make free and easy conversions. Read on!


Method One: Online Conversion
1Access the online file converter of your choice. Note that not all
converters can convert from PDF format to JPEG. A few that can
include:<Go2Convert This conversion site features a
lot of conversion protocols, and even lets you specify the size and
quality of the converted files.
Neevia Document Converter at Neevia lets
you pick from several popular file formats, set the dpi resolution, and
the quality range¡ªfrom 30 to 100. It also gives you the option of
conversion to browser (which can be slow) or they will send you the
finished file via email.
ZamZar at ZamZar features a large list of conversions.
Upload your file, select the file type for your converted file, then
enter your email address¡ªthey will send you the converted file via
YouConvertIt Like ZamZar,
YouConvertIt emails you your finished file.

2Select the PDF file you want to convert. While the exact methods vary,
clicking "Browse" or "Choose File" will give you an Open dialog to choose
your desired file.Note that most online file converters have a posted
file size limit. If your PDF file is larger than this limit, you'll need
to try a more permissive converter.

3Select the target format (JPEG) if the converter offers multiple
options.If you've found a converter that doesn't allow you to save files
in JPEG format, try saving the file as PNG format instead. You can then
use almost any simple graphics viewing or editing program to open the PNG
file and save it to JPEG format.

4Select a delivery option for the finished file. Your options typically
include e-mail delivery as an attachment, waiting in your browser for the
conversion to finish, or receiving an e-mailed link to download the new
5Convert your file. Click "Start," "Convert Now," or any other obvious
start button to begin the conversion process.

Method Two: Using Windows Snipping Tool
1Open Snipping Tool. For Windows XP and Vista, click on the Start button,
then click All Programs, then Accessories, then Snipping tool.With
Windows 7, click the Start button, then in the search box, type Snipping
Tool. In the list of results, click Snipping Tool.

2Click the arrow next to the New button. Select Free-form Snip,
Rectangular Snip, Window Snip, or Full-screen Snip from the list.
3Select the area you want to capture for conversion. Click and drag to
select the area to snip.
4Save your snip. Click the Save Snip button in the markup window.Choose
your destination, your desired format, enter a name for the snip, and
then clickSave.

Method Three: Software Conversion
1Download a stand-alone software conversion program. There are several
companies that provide free format conversion software. Some applications
that can handle a PDF to JPEG conversion include:Universal Document
Converter only)
Omniformat (PC only)Note that if you use
Omniformat, you must download and install Pdf995 before you install
Omniformat. Find Pdf995

PDF Converter Pro,

2Install and run the downloaded software. The specific method for
converting PDF files to JPEG format will vary between software programs,
but some common procedures include:Specifying a source PDF file, or
dragging and dropping the PDF files into the window to automatically
convert them. With some converter programs you must open the PDF file
directly with the converter program, then designate the new file format
and save location.
You might also need to specify a destination file format (in this case,
Copying PDF files to a folder that the program monitors. When triggered,
the program will convert every file in the watched folder into JPEG
In some cases, you may need to open the PDF file and select the file
converter program you installed as the print driver. Adjusting the print
properties then allows you to choose the destination JPEG format.

Method Four: On Macintosh OS X
1Launch Preview. Preview is an image viewing and conversion application
that is included in Macintosh OS X. It provides a quick and easy method
for working with many image formats, including PDF. If it's not in your
dock, you can find it in your Applications folder.
2Open your PDF. From the File menu, select Open... Preview will present
you with an Open dialog box, where you can open one or more files this
way. This is useful if you have a lot of conversions to perform.
3View thumbnails. Click the Thumbnail button at the top of the Preview
window, then on the left side, scroll to the target page¡ªthe page you
want to convert to a JPEG file¡ªand click on it.Note: you can only
convert a single page at a time with this method.
4Right-click on the target page. This opens a contextual menu. If you
have a single-button mouse, Control-left click will accomplish the same
5"Select Export As..." will bring up an Export dialog box. Choose your
destination, and from the Format menu, select JPEG.
6ClickSave. Your file is converted.<

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