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How to Build Grinch Gadgets


									How to Build Grinch Gadgets
This article provides some tips on how to build some of the hard gadgets
from the Grinch on Playstation, Dreamcast, and PC. There are some hard
gadgets such as the Octopus Climbing Device, Marine Mobile and The Grinch
Copter. This article is being created because there are no easy tips

1Find the blueprint pieces that are located inWhoville,Who Forest,Who
DumpandWho Lake. You might want to findonlya few of them at a time, to
make the task a lot easier.<
2Once you find them, head towards the computer.
3Start assembling.<

The Solved Marine Mobile:
Try to find only SOME of the pieces.
Get someone who is really good at puzzles and math skills.
Try to solve the ones you already found. That way, it can be a lot
The G box is located in the bottom right corner of all the seven gadgets.
Solved Grinch Copter:
When you are assembling, look at the perimeter lines. The top has the
most color, the bottom is almost faint, the right has a little bit more,
and the left has normal color for the last three gadgets.
There is a G (if you look carefully) in the background with a loopy slide
shape in all seven gadgets.
Solved Octopus Climbing Device:
Solved Octopus Climbing Device
Solved Marine Mobile
Solved Grinch Copter

If you are moving pieces around, and highlight a spot, you might think
you are missing a piece.
Don't move pieces around and rotate them all over the place unless you
know what you're doing.

Things You'll Need
Blueprints (in the game)
Video Game Console
The Grinch for the Playstation, PC or Dreamcast

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