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									To the Reader
Issue number: 63 Wensleydale and Swaledale Area Meeting July 2009
From the Editor: Recently I have been pleasantly reminded that there are some wonderful youngsters around. So often you hear about the so-called ‘hoodies’ and their disruptive and anti social behaviour. My ‘hoodies’ were extremely polite and helpful when I was trying to quickly load my car in a supermarket car park. They simply came to my rescue and assisted me in loading some DIY products that I admit were a touch too heavy for me to put in the boot of my car. What’s the old saying ‘don’t judge the book by its cover’. It was a good to acknowledge that youngsters, in my eyes anyway, are not all loitering with intent to do harm. I was grateful to the young men and will not forget their kindness on that very wet day. Liz B

The Religious Society of Friends
Area Meeting at Countersett: Janet Quilley writes:
This month was our annual opportunity to meet at Countersett and twelve of us were there. It is an occasion particularly appreciated by Leyburn Friends, who are not able to worship there as often as Bainbridge Friends - ten of us and Sophie, our doggie attender, made the journey up the Dale. This was a significant meeting. Having tidied up details of the appointments to our Area Meeting Council (AMC) and appointed Judy Nicholls as its clerk, we formally adopted our governing document and the terms of reference for the AMC. Anyone who would like a copy of these documents should apply to their AM clerk. We also approved the consolidated report and accounts for 2008, which had been signed off by the Examiner, Robert Blackburn, and will now be forwarded to the Recording Clerk’s Office. Copies will be available in the meeting houses and on the website for everyone to see. We had a useful discussion to clarify the way in which we deal with applications for financial support for those attending courses and conferences. Our AM Treasurer deals directly with paying the costs for those appointed by the AM as its representatives, or in attending courses in connection with their AM responsibilities. Those applying on a personal basis for support to attend an event, need to consult overseers before approaching the Trustees for any possible help. This includes those attending Yearly Meeting when, in future, overseers will need to set a deadline for applications. We received several reports; on the Annual Conference of Treasurers, the QSC Trustees’ Conference in London, Meeting for Sufferings and Ackworth School General Meeting. And finally, a note about the good work done by the Nominations Committee! We made three new st appointments starting on 1 January 2010: Gaynor Hemming as AM clerk, Ann Brown as Elder and Anne Currie as Overseer.

Leyburn Meeting: Ian Hunter Smart writes:
On 21 June Laura Vick provided helpful guidance to a few Friends about writing to our MP’s and MEP’s concerning the United Nations Climate Change summit meeting which will take place in Copenhagen in December. We urged our politicians to lobby those within government, who have responsibility for negotiating at the summit, to take a very strong stance towards a significant reduction in CO2 emissions. All of us can take small steps in seeking to reduce our carbon footprints, but the greatest effects will come from realistic global emissions reduction targets. This will not only help to secure our future in this country but will also assist those poorer tropical countries who will not only be hit harder by changing weather and environment, but are also less able to adapt and deal with it. The outside of our Meeting House has recently been painted and is looking very smart. We also have a new external notice board in which to display outreach posters. Our garden has also been greatly enhanced by the tender care of Carol Neale, to whom we are most grateful.

Bainbridge Meeting – Liz Burrage
While on a sailing trip Graham Watts had an accident when jumping from one boat to another and has damaged his Achilles tendon, very painful. We hope he gets well soon. Trustees are investigating our damp problems on the west wall of our Meeting House and hopefully a successful conclusion will be reached. Although there is no guarantee that we will actually cure the problem.

Passing Thoughts
With Quakers I learned the creative use of silence; with psychotherapists the creative use of ignorance.

Deadline for next Reader is 16th September 2009

Eddie Farmer

Green Burials Threshing Meeting at Leyburn Meeting House Tuesday 8th September at 7.00pm
For quite some time now Leyburn Local Meeting has been concerned that in the Dale there is no ‘Green Burial’ area. In conjunction with the Clerks and drawing on the support of members from both Local Meetings I have managed to put together a possible way in which the concern could be addressed. I am grateful for the help of Jennie White, Hazel Townesend, Wendy Bannon and Vera Holmes and particularly Beryl Gould who is a wonderful person and pushed me when I needed it. I thank the Area Meeting for purchasing several copies of the publication ‘The Natural Death Handbook’. This book has proved most useful and has convinced me that the way forward is not for Friends or Trustees to own and operate a Green Burial Site. I am convinced however that the Dales need a Green Burial area. All this research has lead to a Threshing Meeting being organised. We have been very fortunate to have found a leading expert on the whole range of issues regarding ‘Green Burials’ and who is willing to come to talk with us and give us the benefit of her knowledge of owning and operating a green burial site at Skipton. The lady is Wendy Pratt and Wendy owns the Tarn Moor Memorial Woodland. Indeed Tarn Moor was the Runner Up in The Green Section In 'The Cemetery of the Year Award 2008'. I am sure that between us we can ensure that members and Trustees who come to the Meeting will be as well informed on the subject as anyone in the Dales. This meeting will hopefully lead to th discernment by friends. Hopefully see you on the 8 September at 7.00 pm. Yours in Peace; Peter Neale

6th Sept 8th Sept

Dates for Your Diaries

- Local Meetings - Green Burials Threshing Meeting in Leyburn Meeting House at 7.00pm 13th Sept - 1.30pm Area Meeting, Leyburn 18th Sept - 5.00-6.30pm Taster Evening (see below)

At a meeting of our Elders
we heard of the need for some or all of the following: Worship sharing? Listening to one another? Sharing your spiritual journeys? Exploring the riches of our differences? Meeting one another in the things that are eternal? Discussion group with topics? Meeting for learning? Meeting for action? Which of these might interest you? Could you add to this list? When is the best time to meet? We invite you to come to

a taster evening
at Leyburn Meeting House on Friday18 September at 5.00 - 6.30pm to explore possibilities and find where the spirit leads us followed by a shared supper
If this time and date is not possible for you and you want to let us know your wishes for further developments or to hear the outcomes of this initial meeting, please contact me – Judy Nicholls (e-mail preferred if you can!)

Everyone on the address list is sent a letter asking for financial contribution to the support the work of their Meetings and Britain Yearly Meeting. Whereas we cannot function without financial contributions from Members and Attenders the most important contribution is simply their presence at meeting for worship. Some people, I know, are not even able to physically get to meeting but hold us in their prayers on a Sunday morning. So whether you contribute financially or not you are always welcome, you could always offer to make the tea! Whatever contribution you make please do remember that the only people who know who gives what are the two Collectors and I, as one of them, have a shocking memory! For those who would like to get to Meeting on a Sunday morning but have no means of getting there should contact an Overseer as help is available and already in place. Who ever you are I hope we will see you soon. Hazel Townesend

Work like you don’t need the money; Love like you’ve never been hurt; Dance like nobody is watching; Sing like nobody is listening Live like it’s heaven on earth. Anon

If you want more information about Quakers, how to become a Member, or would like to apply for membership, please speak to an Elder or Overseer or the Clerk to your Meeting.

Published by Wensleydale and Swaledale Area Meeting Editor: Liz Burrage Friends Meeting House, Bainbridge, North Yorkshire DL8 3EF

Summary of Leyburn Local Meeting Minutes of 5th July 2009
  We appointed Sue Holden & Anne Currie to be our representatives at Area Meeting We made the following Appointments LM Clerk st st Hazel Townesend to serve 1 January 2010 - 31 December 2012. LM Assistant Clerk st st Ann Brown 1 January 2010 - 31 December 2012 We decided to give an interest free loan of £1000 to Britain Yearly Meeting and to invest £500 in the Shared Interest Society Ltd and £500 in the North Yorkshire Credit Union


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