How to Install and Customize an Xmb Forum

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					How to Install and Customize an Xmb Forum
An XMB forum is a message board designed by The XMB Group. A lightweight
program, coded in PHP, it can easily be modified by users. Many hacks, or
modifications, are available for the forum, as well as themes. Everything
to do with this forum is made free to users, who also can share any
modifications or themes they design. In only a matter of 15 minutes you
can have a fully functional forum, ready to go, on your server.


Installing the forum
1If you already have the forum package on your computer, skip this step
and the next. Go tohttp://www.xmbforum.comin your internet browser. At
the top left corner, justbeneath the Download XMB title, select the
option presented, it is the latest version of the forum.<
2Depending on your browser, you should be getting a notification of a
download. Choose the option to save the file, desktop is recommended.
Remember where you saved it, you will need it shortly.
3If you have already created a database for your forum, skip this step.
Go to your server¡¯s control panel and to the database section. Create a
new database, add a user with full privileges to the database, and
remember the database name, and your username and password that can
access it.
4Extract the contents of the forum zip file to a location on your hard
drive. Open your FTP client and connect to your server. Create a new
directory in your server where you wish the forum to be installed. Locate
the forum files on your hard disk and open the main folder and then open
the files folder, transfer all the files and folders within it to the new
directory. This will take a few minutes.
5In your internet browser, go to your domain¡¯s forum folder, and add
install/ at the end. It should look like the
following:http://www.domainname.extension/forumfolder/install/. You
should now be at a page titledXMB Installer.
6Follow the instructions on the webpage until you have installed
everything and end up on a page sayingInstallation Complete. If the
installation did not work, check your database settings and confirm the
location of your forum on the server. For further troubleshooting, go
to Manual

Configuring the forum
1In the upper right corner of the forum, you should see the
optionsLoginandRegister. Login with the information you provided in the
installation steps. Now at the same corner you should see a few more
options, click onAdministration Panel. This page will be where you make
any administrative changes to your forum, see image 2.Administrative
2In the Administrative Panel, under the title General, select the option
Settings. The Board Rules show up as the first step of a new user
registration, as well at in the top menu bar of your forum. Any
additional Languages or Themes will be made available to you if you
download and install them correctly: refer
to For theOptional Fields,
selectingonwill simply add optional fields for the user to enter when
they register to your forum. TheNews in Newstickeris the scrolling text
that is shown at the top of your forum¡¯s index page, modify it to
display any text you wish.
3In the Administrative Panel, under the title Look & Feel, select the
option Themes. SelectNew Themein bold, above and to the left of the
Submit Changes button. Fill out the values as you wish to make your own
custom theme, trial and error by saving and looking at the index page
works well. Remember that the colour values are either in words or
hexadecimal values, visit the following site for a custom hex colour
4In the Administrative Panel, under the title Forums, select the option
Forums. ACategoryis the title for a group of forums. AForumis the place
where threads are posted. ASub-boardis a division within a forum, where
other threads can be posted.
5To make a new category, click on the text field that reads New Category
and type in the name you wish to give it, for exampleWelcome Center.
6To make a new forum, click on the text field that reads New Forum and
type in the name you wish to give it, for exampleIntroductions. In the
dropdown menu to the right of the On/Off dropdown menu, select which
category you want your new forum to be listed under. Making a sub-board
works the same way as making a new forum.
7In theOrderbox, type the number in which you want the function to appear
comparatively to the other categories, forums in the same category, or
sub-boards in the same forum. To delete something, select the checkbox to
its left, and selectSubmit Changes. Remember to hitSubmit Changesevery
time you fill out a form to have the changes take effect, view image 3
for the mentioned examples.Forum editing<

Binary mode should be used for transferring the files. Most FTP clients
will do this automatically, but if you are using a command line FTP
client, use the ¡°bin¡± command prior to transferring.
On step 4 of the internet browser's installation process, the
Configuration Method page, the default method is the simplest. As
indicated on the page, fill out the form (see image 1), copy the
resulting code into a new file called config.php and upload it using your
FTP client into your forum¡¯s main folder. Replace any already existing
files. Only once you have configured your config.php file do you click
Next Step.
You are a Super Administrator, meaning you have complete access to
everything about your forum. You can also see any users appearing in
invisible mode.
At the Themes page, select Details beside an existing theme to edit it.
Also, base yourself off of it to get an idea of which border width, table
width, table spacing and big font work well for new themes.

Failure to upload a file or sub-directory will result in your forum not
functioning properly.
The path to the theme images is defaulted
tohttp://www.domainname.extension/forum/images/themename. When you save
custom graphics, create a directory accordingly at the above path with
the theme name, and point the theme¡¯s Image Directory to it. For
example, a theme and its images by the name Red would be at the
pathhttp://www.domainname.extension/forum/images/redand in the theme
details you would set the image directory to images/red.

Things You'll Need
Internet connection
Internet browser
About 320 MB of room on your hard drive and your server
FTP access to your server
A database on your server

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