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					Minutes of Radio Caley Meeting held on Wednesday 28th January 2009 at 4pm in Room NH208

1. ATTENDEES: Ewan McLean, (Chair); Michael Park, Bec Mounsey, Janika Fuchs, John Carroll, Matt Orsi, Daniel Reid, Ross McCallum, Darren Miller, Joanne Shields, Sinead Trainor, Mustafa El Gaili, Ewan Kerr, Steve McCaul, Michael Archibald, Patric Donnachie (VPSD). In attendance/clerk: Adelle Hopkins (SVC). 2. APOLOGIES SUBMITTED: Jen Ward 3. MINUTES: Considered: Minutes from meeting held on Tuesday 11th December. Resolved: These minutes were confirmed as an accurate record of this meeting. 4. MATTERS ARISING: I. Launch Event(s)

Initial plan was to launch on Monday 9th February. However, after much discussion, it was decided that the launch should be postponed by a week until Monday 16th February. Plan on broadcasting 9-4 from the union via union sound system and internet. It is ok to do this so long as the union have the correct licenses in place. Evening event – Still to be decided. Discussions were had on:    Entering a Radio Caley quiz team in the Monday night quiz in the union Having a general after party in the union. Having a club night with club DJ – Ewan Neilson from Killer Kitsch at the Buff Club.

II. Launch Programming Sport may not be suitable to do live so will possibly pre-record everything. Everything has to be planned in advance and details sent to Patric and Adelle. Doesn’t need to be exact but should give a breakdown of the topics/types of topics that will be discussed and preferably a list of songs too as there are strict guidelines set out in the licenses regarding songs. Show proposals can be submitted via the website – deadline given of Monday 9th for submitting show proposals. 1

Minutes of Radio Caley Meeting held on Wednesday 28th January 2009 at 4pm in Room NH208
Recording schedule is on the website. Speak to your section head ad they can book your slot. Those who still need to sort out training on the equipment are advised to contact Michael. III. Training Training on broadcast law and the limitations of the licences will be held on Thursday 5th February, 2pm-3.30pm and Friday 6th February, 10am-11.30am in NH208. Please email beforehand with the session you’d prefer to attend. IV. PR Budget allocated for launch - £1500 £1000 to be kept for further publicity throughout the semester. Options discussed were: USB Sticks – 512mb - £6 each. (x100) ‘Freebie’ Hoodies - £5 each (x100) Crew Hoodies – £10 per hoody. Hoodies to be almost the same, except crew hoodies just have the word “crew” on the back. Blue & White were decided as the colours. Blue hoody, white text. Janika & Bec also looked into beer mats, pens, sweets, badges, bunting, etc. Idea of putting stickers on computer screens in Saltire – Wouldn’t be allowed as is defacing uni property. Volunteers were keen on the idea of having freebie bags as well as hoodies. Balloons…initially to be branded but voted to make them plain but in blue and white to keep costs down. Billboard advertising? Option to be looked into. Banners – canvas and roller. To be looked into. Josie (the Students’ Association Media & Communications Co-ordinator) could give advice and estimates for cost. Ads in ad boxes on university computer desktops. I “heart” Radio Caley pin badges T-shirts Inflatables


Minutes of Radio Caley Meeting held on Wednesday 28th January 2009 at 4pm in Room NH208
Utilising Facebook/Bebo/Myspace for free advertising. Radio Caley notepads Flyers & Posters to be designed by Josie.

Action: Janika & Bec V. Logo A vote was taken on the Radio Caley logo. 2 liked it, 13 didn’t. It was decided that Josie (the Students’ Association Media & Communications Co-ordinator) would design some new logos to be posted on the website for consideration. Ideas for new logo were: Basic text stating Radio to save giving the web address in other PR materials. Transparent background Possibly keeping the blue & white colour scheme.

Action: Josie to design. Volunteers to vote.

VI. Feedback/Forums on website A discussion was had regarding the possibility of listeners providing feedback on the site, either as comments on the show pages or on a forum. A couple of people volunteered to be moderators if there was a forum. However, there have been issues in the past with forums and this may not be given the go-ahead. Contact forms will be added to profile pages of presenters and feedback can be left via these. Action: Ewan

5. ANY OTHER BUSINESS Union has been booked for Monday 16th A fan has been requested for in the studio as it gets stuffy. 3

Minutes of Radio Caley Meeting held on Wednesday 28th January 2009 at 4pm in Room NH208
Bec suggested that some volunteers (and willing friends) take part in a random danceathon like in the T-Mobile adverts to get publicity in an unusual way. To be done on a random day, not launch day.

Meeting Closed at 6.30pm Date of Next Meeting: Will be communicated via email/website.