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DISTRICT SCHOOL COUNCIL Monday, March 30, 2009, 7:00 p.m. Administration Centre

7.00 p.m. 7.05 p.m. 7.08 p.m. 7.10 p.m. 7.30 p.m. 7.40 p.m. 7.50 p.m. 7.55 p.m. 8.00 p.m. 8.30 p.m. Welcome and Introductions Approval of the Agenda Approval of the Minutes of February 23, 2009 AISI Cycle 4 & Draft of 2009/10 District Calendar - Barry Future High School Programming - Barry Trustee Update - Keith Fowler Provincial ASCA Conference - Barry Other Business Roundtable Reports by School Representatives Adjournment

Next District School Council Meeting Dates April 27, 2009 – District ESL Program and Support May 25, 2009

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Lethbridge School District No. 51 District School Council

DISTRICT SCHOOL COUNCIL Monday, February 23, 2009, 7:00 p.m. Administration Centre

1. Welcome and Introductions Dennis called the meeting to order and welcomed everyone at 7:00 2. 3. No additions to the agenda No changes made to the minutes 7:00

7:05 7:10

4. Ruth Reiter - Alberta School Council Association. 7:12 Ruth has two children who attend St. Paul’s school. She got involved with building a playground at the school, and when that was complete, she joined the School Council, and the District School Council. Last year she went up to Edmonton to attend the ASCA Conference and AGM. She found the conference to be very interesting, and thoroughly enjoyed it. She loved meeting people from different areas, seeing what challenges they faced. By Sunday (the AGM) she ended up putting her name forth as one of the directors for the ASCA. It has been a busy year, but a great one. This year’s conference is on the Implications of the Information Age. As every School Council in the District is a member of the ASCA, all schools can send a delegate to the conference. (The District will pay the registration fee for one delegate from every school council. The school council usually will help with costs for the gas and accommodations) 5. Trustee Update –Keith Fowler 7:30 See Keith’s update. The ATA is advocating for the elimination of the Grade 3 PAT. The board has not made a decision about this yet (it will be discussed at the board planning retreat). If we have thoughts, they can be sent to Dave Hancock, the Lethbridge MLA’s, and the school board. There is a private member’s bill coming before Government that basically is recommending ending grade three PAT’s. There is a Special Education Funding meeting on March 2. Anyone interested in attending contact Cynthia Parr at the Board office. 6. Town Hall Meeting Results 7:40 There were 192 people that attended, which is up from last year. Things seemed to run very smoothly. Very impressed with the number of students who attended and participated in the evening. They were not afraid to share their ideas, and became engaged in the evening. There was a high priority placed on the need for “Focus on highly effective teaching and learning across all subjects.” This was very important to students (9.5/10). The District is looking at doing a District wide AISI project starting next year that would help staff to learn how to teach students differently. 7. Other Business 7:50 Questions for Mr. Weadick Is the province looking at creating a Super Board for the Province? Short Answer – No. It seems to make sense to have local management of School Districts, but perhaps in the future there may be a time when it might make sense for some regions to create “Super Boards”. Generally though, things seem to be working well as they are. Mr Weadick does not see significant reductions in education, but budgeting will be a challenge for the next year or two. The provincial budget will probably come out the first part of April. School Boards will probably get some indications prior to this, so that they can start to formulate their budgets. Feel free to contact him with any questions. (


Roundtable Reports by School Representatives


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Lethbridge School District No. 51 District School Council

Mr. Litun – 3rd Academy closing – Lethbridge Public School District was approached as to whether or not they would like to have 3rd Academy as part of the School District. If it is not supported by the public board, they can then apply directly to the province to become a Charter School. School Act prevents the district from having an alternative school that only deals with special education. The school can then apply to the province to become a charter school, but there are challenges that 3rd academy would have to meet (eg. Number of students enrolled). GS Lakie – Cheerleading Squad – 1st place in Edmonton and Red Deer, and are going to Nationals. Dramatic production Snoopy –tickets only went on sale today but are selling quickly. Davidson – Had pancake breakfast Feb 6 – went well. SNAC committee getting started – First area to look at is nutritious snacks for parties etc. Senator Buchanan – Tshirts and hoodies went on sale. School Council is hosting a Family literacy night during education week. Bingo coming up. Report Cards coming up on March 13. Fleetwood – School dance coming up in April. Had a Spelling bee on the 100 th day of school. The last Hot lunch day was good. There was a group of students, parents and teachers that presented at the healthy school symposium. A group of teachers presented at the AISI conference in Calgary. Wilson – 3 students attend the town hall meeting. Have started a course called Brand New Girls – applied for a $5000 grant. Grade 8 having a renaissance fair. Basketball complete, badminton starting. Paterson – PT interviews – Feb 12-13, Gr 8 French class went on their Quebec trip. Gr 7 French classes will get to choose if they would like to go in Feb or later on in the year. Year end activity for Grade 8 students - going to Calaway Park. Gr 8 band going to Banff Festival. The choir will be going to a special retreat also held at the Banff Centre, but at a different time. Tiger Pride week – this week This week is designed to create a feeling of community throughout the school, have a lot of fun, and raise some money. There will be daily activities for students and staff to participate in. The fundraising goal is $14 000. In conjunction with Tiger Pride week, trying something new this year. The School Council is hosting a Parent info night, which will take place tomorrow. Starts at 7:00 – Parents will have the opportunity to attend two sessions, with three being offered. (One on renovations, one on technology, one on what to expect in high school) General Stewart – Cookie dough fundraiser, even though they had already raised all the money they needed for the year (parents really liked the cookie dough) Doing the spring fling dance in April. Talent show in April as well. Grade 5 – starting skating program. After school skate every Thursday for all interested students. All of the classes are using their Smart Boards now, and both students and teachers love them. Churchill – Changes in the wind – new principal coming. Basketball winding down. Curling zones are in Taber soon. U of L and U of C are coming to talk to the grade 12 students. Rugby starts soon. 3 rd Annual International Festival – performers come from different backgrounds and different restaurants, and show off their foods or talents or businesses. Building bridges program was held for Grade Nine students last week. It was very successful. Thanks to Barry for including parents and students in the process to select a new principal. It was very much appreciated. Lakeview – Wellness campaign has been very successful. Mike Mountain Horse – School Dance – March 12. “One Book, One School” is launching tomorrow. Gr 5 basketball started. Westminster – 100 days of school celebration with different activities. CHIPS program (Children Having Incredible Personal Success) – reached a goal – had a hot lunch (hamburgers) The school attended Aggie Days – lots of fun. Council is deciding where to spend the fundraised money. LCI – school council bylaws being revamped. Lots of trips coming up for students – New York, Austria, The Vatican. Council meeting is tomorrow night. 9. Adjournment Dennis adjourned the meeting at 8:30
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Lethbridge School District No. 51 District School Council

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