Getting my Internet Business Started

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					Getting my Internet Business Started

By Brenda R Pagel

Getting my Internet Business Started

Brenda R Pagel

Plug-In Profit Sit

I have a little experience in the business world, but not
much. I was a Mortgage Broker for about a year. That’s
about it. Before that, I was a delivery driver for five

I was going from job to job trying to find the “right” one.
Busting my butt for corporate companies who really only
cared about numbers. How much I can make or do for
them. I was just another number in their system.

That’s when I started working on the Internet. I had been
thinking about it for quite a while. I was very skeptical.
The way I see it though, it’s no different than working for a
large company as a Mortgage Broker, except I’m the boss!

I started my business online a little over a year ago.
I stopped for a while, because of unforeseen circumstances.
Then I got back into it.

I am involved in several affiliate programs.

•Six Figure Income

•Push Button Publishing


•The Internet Marketing Center

•Sure Fire Marketing

Which can all be found at:

Past failure and disappointments have motivated me.
Listening to the successful entrepreneurs helps to
motivate me, also. I know it can be done. It takes
willpower, faith and a little elbow grease.

I have an office set up across the hall from my bedroom.
I use a Pentium 4, 256 MB Gateway computer with a
printer and scanner. I recently switched from dial-up
Internet connection to cable modem. That makes a huge
difference. I will never go back to dial-up!

I do most of my business online. I have done some
mailing. The Internet is so much quicker and easier. I do
prefer using the Internet for most of my business.

The one thing I don’t like about the Internet is the fact
that I don’t get to deal with people face-to-face. But
that’s why I do a small part-time job away from home.
And that job is only 5 minutes from home. I don’t like
long commutes. Who does?

I do mostly publishing on the Internet. Promoting my
business and affiliate sites. And when doing this, I learn
some really neat stuff about other people.

I have learned that all walks of life can work from home
on the Internet. ANYONE can do it. It all depends how
much a person wants it.

If you are tired of having a boss telling you what to do,
this is the best way to work for yourself. There’s no
inventory, no commute, no alarm clock, and best of all,
NO BOSS. I’m the boss. If I fail, it’s my doing. Same
goes for success.

There’s no wrong way of working on the Internet. You
learn from trial and error. In other words, you learn as
you go.

There’s no better time than today to start your
own Internet business. I wish I hadn’t stopped when I
did. If I would have kept going, I would be way ahead
the game right now. But I’m glad I’m back now.
And this time, for good!

My advice to anyone getting started in an Internet
Business…don’t quit. There are a lot of resources out
there. You can get the answers to your questions. There
are a lot of people, like myself, willing to help others
get started.
There’s a real good book to help you out.
Think & Grow RICH by Napoleon Hill. A lot of people
that have become Millionaires have read this book.

When I am researching, I find people on the Internet to be
very interesting. Everybody has such different experiences.
Different products are fun to learn about too. There are
sooo many different tools on the Internet. The Internet is
truly amazing. It’s a huge place.

I have one website and many affiliate sites. My website
was built for me by, Stone Evans. And he will build a
website for anyone…for FREE. He’s a great guy. He calls
himself, “The Home Biz Guy”.

The best time for me to be working on the Internet is
early morning through mid-afternoon. My 14 year old
son is at school and it’s quiet in the house. So when he
gets home from school, I can spend time with him, making
sure he does his homework and practices his sports.

My goal for the future is to make a six figure income
within the next five years. But no matter what, I will
not give up!

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