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Completed the 2012 season with a fourth position in the constructors’ championship, Lotus F1 Team
made quite excited about the Formula 1 racing season this year. So, I wonder if the team based in
Enstone, Oxfordshire became the first team to launch a new grandstand.
The car named the E21 does look a bit similar to its predecessor, the E20. However, Lotus has made
some changes to adjust to the new Formula 1 regulations. One of the most significant regulations is the
use of vanity panel to cover the upper part of the muzzle of the car. But Lotus itself has not done is
change the panel but has perfected the muzzle part.

“We did not do it because the cosmetic panels will add a few grams heavier. However we managed to
find a cosmetic panel that not only looks good, but provides advantages especially for downforce, “said
Lotus technical director, James Allison. One of the new changes are implemented to increase the
aerodynamics of the car exhaust. To create additional downforce, Lotus also apply the concept of a new
body design similar to the design belong to last year jawaran F1 Red Bull-owned team.

Kimi Raikkonen with Romain Grosjean will return to the rider mainstay of Lotus accompanied by Jerome
D’Ambrosio as reserve driver. While the former GP2 champion, Davide Valsecchi will be the third rider
and Nicolas Prost as a tester.

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