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									Your Personal Health Information is no Longer Private health- information?id=powerkeg            Februray 2, 2013

The government now has access to your personal health information

In what many will consider a major violation in
personal privacy….

….General Practitioners are now being forced to
turn over your personal healt h inf ormat ion to
the National Health Services (NHS) for collection.

These confidential records will include, waist size,
drinking habits, smoking preference, and all known

Other personal health information being turned

         The data includes weight, cholesterol
         levels, body mass index, pulse rate, family
         health history, alcohol consumption and
         smoking status.

         Diagnosis of everything from cancer to
         heart disease to mental illness would be
         covered. Family doctors will have to pass
         on dates of birth, postcodes and NHS numbers. Read more here.

Health officials are stating that the information collected will only be used for system analysis and
for working out strategies to improve patient care.

Officials also say the data will be deleted soon after collection.


         …a document outlining the scheme even raises the prospect of clinical data being
         passed on or sold to third parties.

         It states: ‘The patient identifiable components will not be released outside the safe
         haven except as permitted by the Data Protection Act.

         ‘HSCIC … will store the data and link it only where approved and necessary,
         ensuring that patient confidentiality is protected.’ Read more here.
So the window is open for this information to be released to a third party and patients will not
have a right to opt out.

Who will have access to your personal health information?
This remains unclear.

Jeremy Hunt the National Health Secretary stated that he wants to have millions of people’s
records in the system, that can be transferred to hospitals, doctor’s offices, home health care
services, and local councils.

This is a lot of different organizations that would have access to your personal health information.

And the idea that all of these separate entities would be able to protect and maintain security on
millions of people’s data, including zip codes, and dates of birth…..

….is scary to say the least.

And the shear magnitude of information collected, if ever breached, would be a nightmare for the
private citizens, who had no say in why their information was collected and shared in the first

Which leads to this….

Does the collection of your personal health inf ormation and sharing by the NHS,
violate your Civil Liberties?

So now we are faced with how does this violate your civil liberties?

Or does it?

Up until now, the information between a physician and their patient remained between those two

       Phil Booth of the campaign group NO2ID said an unprecedented volume of data
       would be ‘sucked up’.

       ‘People have to trust in the notion of medical confidentiality. They expect to be able to
       talk in confidence to their GP,’ he said.

       ‘They don’t expect their private conversations to be uploaded on to a national
       database where they will be made available for any number of purposes for the
       benefit of persons unknown.’ Read more here.

Regardless of whether the intentions of the NHS and the Federal government where to streamline
the process of healthcare this is a monumental collection of personal data.

It certainly begs the question, who exactly would have access to this information and why?

Is it for the betterment of the patients, the physicians, or a way for the government to have more
I would love to hear your thoughts on this.

Feel free to leave me your comments below.

Should the NHS have the right to your personal health information?

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