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									How to Make Gift Certificates
Gift certificates are a popular option for giving gifts for any occasion.
Retail stores, food service facilities and special service personnel all
offer customers the opportunity to buy gift certificates. You can make
and offer gift certificates as an added service for your business.

1Select a theme for your certificate.<You can create a very formal,
casual or humorous certificate depending on the products or services that
are being offered and to whom they are being given.

2Determine if you will have graphics on the certificate. The pictures or
clip art should correlate with the business or purpose of the
3Decide what text will be on the gift certificate. There are some
components that every gift certificate should entail.Include the business
or person's contact information and where the certificate can be
List the services or products for which the certificate can be used.
General certificates may only list a dollar amount.
Add a date when the certificate will expire. This is optional. Some gift
certificates never expire.
The certificate will need blank lines for the recipient's name to be
written or typed and a blank area to write the name of the person giving
the certificate.

4Set up the page using a word processing or design program. Consider a
program with clip art if you want pictures on the certificate.
5Create a portrait or landscape blank page, depending on the desired
6Change your margins to a smaller size so the certificate prints closer
to the edges.Each certificate will consume only a portion of the page.
You can print 2 or 3 certificates per page.

7Type in all of your information and arrange it on the top half of the
8Add graphics and any other decorative characters that you want to be on
the certificate.Borders often create a formal and impressive look around
the perimeter of the gift certificate.
The more details or uniqueness you add to your certificate the better.
These certificates are harder to copy or counterfeit.

9Copy and paste the gift certificate image on the page as many times as
it will fit.
10Print the certificate on a plain, color or watermarked paper.The type
of paper used often affects the overall impression of your business.

Search the Internet for sites offering free templates for gift
certificates. You can lessen the time that it takes to make your own gift
certificates by entering your information into the template and printing
the certificates.
Always include an envelope with the gift certificate when selling one to
a client or customer.

Gift certificates that are too general or generic can be recreated very
easily. Honoring false gift certificates can cost you money and time.

Things You'll Need
Paper (cardstock preferred)

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