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                                   SPECIALIST AREA:                   School Nurses
                            DOMAIN A: PLANNING AND PREPARATION
   ELEMENT                     1                            2                            3                         4
                 Nurse demonstrates             Nurse demonstrates           Nurse demonstrates        Nurse demonstrates
       A1:       little understanding of        basic understanding of       understanding of          deep and thorough
Demonstrating medical knowledge and             medical knowledge and        medical knowledge and     understanding of
    medical      techniques                     techniques                   nursing techniques        medical knowledge and
knowledge and                                                                                          nursing techniques.
skill in nursing

              Nurse displays little or          Nurse displays partial  Nurse displays accurate        In addition to
              no knowledge of child             knowledge of child and understanding of the            accomplished level nurse
              and adolescent                    adolescent development. typical developmental          displays knowledge of
              development.                                              characteristics of the         the extent to which
knowledge of
                                                                        age group, as well as          individual students
  child and
                                                                        exceptions to the              follow the general
                                                                        general patterns.              patterns.

                   Nurse has no clear goals     Nurse's goals for the        Nurse's goals for the     Nurse's goals for the
                   for the clinic or they are   clinic are rudimentary       clinic are clear and      clinic are highly
       A3:         inappropriate to either      and are partially suitable   appropriate to the        appropriate to the
  Establishing     the situation or the age     to the situation and the     situation in the school   situation in the school
  goals for the    of the students.             age of the students.         and to the age of the     and to the age of the
      clinic                                                                 students.                 students and have been
 appropriate to                                                                                        developed following
the setting and                                                                                        consultations with
  the students                                                                                         students, parents, and
     served                                                                                            colleagues.

                Nurse demonstrates              Nurse displays               Nurse displays            Nurse's knowledge of
                little or no knowledge of       awareness of                 awareness of              governmental
       A4:      government regulations          government regulations       governmental              regulations and
 Demonstrating and resources for                and resources for            regulations and           resources for students is
 knowledge of students available                students available           resources for students    extensive including
  government, through the school or             through the school or        available through the     those available through
community, and district.                        district but no              school or district and    the school or district and
     district                                   knowledge of resources       some familiarity with     in the community.
regulations and                                 available more broadly.      resources external to
   resources.                                                                the school.

                   Nursing program              Nurse's plan has a           Nurse has developed a     Nurse's plan is highly
                   consists of a collection     guiding principle and        plan that includes the    coherent and serves to
                   of unrelated activities,     includes a number of         important aspects of      support not only the
   Planning the
                   lacking coherence or an      worthwhile activities, but   work in the setting.      students individually and
                   overall structure.           some of them don't fit                                 in groups, but also the
   program for
                                                with the broader goals.                                broader educational
both individuals
  and groups of
 integrated with
    the regular
school program.
                                   SPECIALIST AREA:                   School Nurses
                                     DOMAIN B: THE ENVIRONMENT
   ELEMENT                     1                           2                            3                           4
               Nurse's interaction with        Nurse's interactions with    Nurse's interactions with   Students and teachers
               at least some students          students and teachers        students and teachers       seek out the nurse,
B1:            and teachers are                are a mix positive and       are positive and            reflecting a high degree
Creating an    negative or                     negative.                    respectful.                 of comfort and trust in
environment of inappropriate.                                                                           the relationship.
respect and

                   Nurse makes no attempt      Nurse's attempt to           Nurse promotes a health The health and wellness
                   to establish a health and   promote a health and         and wellness program    program throughout the
                   wellness program in the     wellness program             throughout the school.  school is guided by the
B2:                school as a whole, or       throughout the school                                nurse but maintained by
Establishing a     among students or           are partially successful.                            teachers and students.
culture for        teachers.
health and

                   Nurse's procedures on       Nurse as rudimentary         Nurse's procedures are Nurse's procedures on
                   students and staff are      and partially successful     effectively performed on students and staff are
                   not successful and are      procedures performed         students and staff.      seamless, anticipating
B3:                disorganized.               on students and staff.                                unexpected situations.
Following health
protocols and

                   No guidelines for           Nurses's efforts to          Nurse has established       Associates work
                   delegated duties have       establish guidelines for     guidelines for delegated    indendently, indicating
                   been established, or the    delegated duties are         duties and monitors         clear guidelines for their
                   guidelines are unclear.     partially successful.        associates' activities.     work. Nurse's
B4:                Nurse does not monitor      Nurse monitors                                           supervision is subtle and
Supervising        associates' activities.     associates' activities                                   professional.
health                                         sporadically.

                   Nurse's office is in        Nurse's attempts to          Nurse's office is well      Nurse's office is
                   disarray or is              create a well-organized      organized and is            efficiently organized and
                   inappropriate to the        physical environment         appropriate to the          is highly appropriate to
                   planned activities.         are partially successful.    planned activities.         the planned activities.
                   Medications are not         Medications are stored       Medications are properly    Medications are properly
                   properly stored.            properly but are difficult   stored and well             stored and well
                                               to find.                     organized.                  organized.
physical space.
                                    SPECIALIST AREA:                  School Nurses
                                   DOMAIN C: DELIVERY OF SERVICE
  ELEMENT                      1                           2                           3                          4
                   Nurse does not assess       Nurse's assessments of      Nurse assesses student     Nurse conducts detailed
                   student needs, or the       student needs are           needs and knows the        and individualized
      C1:          assessments result in       obligatory but not          range of student needs     assessments of students
   Assessing       inaccurate conclusions.     individualized.             in the school.             needs to contribute to
 student needs                                                                                        program planning.

                   Medications are             Medications are             Medications are            Medications are
                   administered with no        administered by             administered by            administered by
                   regard to state or          designated individuals,     designated individuals     designated individuals,
     C2:           district policies.          but signed release forms    and signed.                and signed release
Administering                                  are not conveniently                                   forms are conveniently
medications in                                 stored.                                                stored. Students take an
  students.                                                                                           active role in medication

                   Nurse's work with           Nurse's efforts to          Nurse's classroom          Nurse's classroom
                   students in classes fails   promote wellness            presentations result in    presentations for
       C3:         to promote wellness.        through classroom           students acquiring the     wellness are effective
   Promoting                                   presentations are           knowledge and attitudes    and students assume an
    wellness                                   partially effective.        that helps promote a       active role during the
through classes                                                            healthy lifestyle.         presentation
  or classroom                                                                                        demonstrating healthy
 presentations.                                                                                       life choices.

                   Nurse has no                Nurse's plans for           Nurse's plans for       Nurse's plans for
                   contingency plans for       emergency situations        emergency situations    emergency situations
                   emergency situations.       have been developed for     have been developed for have been developed for
 C4: Managing                                  the most frequently         many situations.        many situations.
  emergency                                    occurring situations, but                           Students and teachers
   situations                                  not others.                                         have learned their
                                                                                                   responsibilities in case of

       C5:         Nurse declines to           Nurse collaborates with     Nurse initiates            Nurse initiates
 Collaborating     collaborate with            classroom teachers in       collaboration with         collaboration with
with teachers to   classroom teachers to       developing instructional    classroom teachers in      classroom teachers in
    develop        develop specialized         lessons and units when      developing instructional   developing instructional
   specialized     educational programs.       specifically asked to do    lessons and units.         lessons and units,
  educational                                  so.                                                    presenting resources to
 programs and                                                                                         enhance the lessons.
  services for
 students with
diverse medical
       C6:         Nurse adheres to the plan   Nurse makes changes in      Nurse makes revisions in   Nurse is continually
Demonstrating      or program, in spite of     the nursing program         the nursing program        seeking ways to improve
 flexibility and   evidence of its             when confronted with        when they are needed.      the nursing program and
responsiveness     inadequacy.                 evidence of the need for                               makes changes as needed
                                               change.                                                in response to student,
                                                                                                      parents or teacher input.
                                    SPECIALIST AREA:                   School Nurses
   ELEMENT                     1                             2                           3                            4
       D1:        Nurse does not reflect on      Nurse’s reflection on       Nurse’s reflection          Nurse’s reflection is highly
  Reflecting on   practice, or the reflections   practice is moderatley      provides an accurate and    accurate and perceptive,
    practice      are inaccurate or self-        accurate and objective      objective description of    citing specific examples.
                  serving.                       without citing specific     practice, citing specific   Nurse draws on an
                                                 examples and with only      positive and negative       extensive repertoire to
                                                 global suggestions as to    characteristics. Nurse      suggest alternative
                                                 how it might be             makes some specific         strategies.
                                                 improved.                   suggestions as to how the
                                                                             nursing program might be
                  Nurse's reports, records,      Nurse's reports, records,   Nurse's reports, records,   Nurse's approach to
      D2:         documentation are              and documentation are       and documentation are       record keeping is highly
   Maintaining    missing, late, or              generally accurate, but     accurate and are            systematic and efficient
 health records   inaccurate, resulting in       are occasionally late.      submitted in a timely       and serves as a model
 in accordance    confusion.                                                 manner.                     for colleagues across the
with policy and                                                                                          school.
  reports in a
timely manner.

              Nurse provides no                  Nurse provides limited      Nurse provides thorough     Nurse is proactive in
              information to families,           though accurate             and accurate information    providing information to
              either about the nursing           information to families     to families about the       families about the
     D3:      program as a whole or              about the nursing           nursing program as a        nursing program and
Communicating about individual                   program as a whole and      whole and about             about individual
 with others. students.                          about individual            individual students.        students through a
                                                 students.                                               variety of means.

                 Nurse's relationships           Nurse's relationship with   Nurse participates          Nurse makes a
                 with colleagues are             colleagues are cordial,     actively in school and      substantial contribution
                 negative or self-serving,       and nurse participates in   district events and         to school and district
      D4:        and nurse avoids being          school and district         projects and maintains      events and projects and
Participating in involved in school and          events and projects         positive and productive     assumes leadership role
a professional district events and               when specifically           relationships with          with colleagues.
 community.      projects.                       requested to do so.         colleagues.

                  Nurse does not                 Nurse's participation in    Nurse seeks out             Nurse actively pursues
                  participate in                 professional                opportunities for           professional
                  professional                   development activities is   professional                development
                  development activities,        limited to those that are   development based on        opportunities and makes
     D5:          even when such                 convenient or are           an individual assessment    a substantial
  Engaging in     activities are clearly         required.                   of need.                    contribution to the
 professional     needed for the                                                                         profession through such
 development      development of nursing                                                                 activities as offering
                  skills.                                                                                workshops to

                  Nurse displays a lack of       Nurse usually displays      Nurse displays high         Nurse can be counted on
                  professionalism in             professionalism in          standards of                to hold the highest
                  interactions with              interactions with           professionalism and         standards of
D6:               colleagues, students,          colleagues, students,       confidentiality in          professionalism and
Showing           and the public. Nurse          and the public. Nurse       interactions with           confidentiality in
Professionalism   does not respect               usually respects and        colleagues, students,       interactions with
and maintains
                  confidentiality.               abides by the rules of      and the public.             colleagues, students,
                                                 confidentiality.                                        and the public. Nurse is
                                                                                                         sought out by colleagues
                                                                                                         and others for
                                                                                                         professional insight and

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