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									               Article: Time Warner Cable Tries to Win Back Ex-Subscribers

Time Warner Cable (the second largest cable provider in the country behind Comcast) recently

announced its marketing campaign efforts targeted at former subscribers to regain and rebuild

their confidence in the company’s current video service offering. The company’s new slogan,

“The Better Guarantee” will be featured in its ads to convince its target market (new and existing

subscribers) that its services have been upgraded and better than what were offered in the past.

Cable providers, like Time Warner Company have lost most of its subscribers to satellite and

telecommunication providers such as Verizon and AT&T, DirecTV and Dish Network.

The advertising campaign will cost Time Warner at least $50 million. The company intends to

use traditional advertising media as well as social networking websites using broadcast, print and

direct mail ads. Ads will focus on specific improvements made in Smartphone apps, on-demand

TV options, narrower windows of time for home service calls, in addition to faster internet

service and home security service. A 30 day money-back guarantee policy will be one of the

company’s strategies to convince former subscribers along with featured testimonies from actual

subscribers as to why they chose to do business with Time Warner Cable again. Some ads will

specifically challenge Verizon on its statement promising monthly savings, which it has yet to


Despite Time Warner Cable year over year losses in earnings and subscriptions and below

average rating as a cable provider, like others, the company is making strategic moves to

recapture subscribers expressing discontent in providers’ high monthly bills and set up boxes that

are slow.



1. Time Warner in its advertising campaign seeks to?

   A) Regain ex-subscribers and new subscribers to its improved cable services

   B) Promote the launching of its new services

   C) Raise awareness of its existence to new and potential subscribers

   D) None of the above

   Correct answer: A

2. What factor(s) mentioned in the article as the reason(s) why subscribers are discontent with

satellite and telecommunication providers?

     A) Poor customer service

     B) High monthly bills

     C) Set up boxes that are slow

     D) Both B and C

  Correct answer: D

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