Booster Club Meeting by keara


									Booster Club Meeting April 6, 2009 1. President, Darlene Chance, called meeting to order. 2. Secretary, Debbie Whelihan, read minutes from last month’s meeting. 3. Treasurer, Tim Carley, read treasurer’s report. *$4,611.11 is the balance. *$600 must be left in account for startup money for next year. *$400 – Military Officer Camp *$200 – Social Officer Decorations 4. Scholarship committee will be composed of Kelly Johnson and Debbie Whelihan. *Seniors have forms and forms are due April 28th COMPLETED. *If necessary, a point system will be used to determine amount of scholarship. Otherwise, the senior will get the maximum amount voted on by board. *High school teacher will read and grade essays. 5. Senior gifts were discussed and voted to purchase by Darlene Chance. 6. Spring Show was not as profitable as expected. *Next year spring show make only 100 copies of program. Sell programs at front door and in the stands. Girls bring copying paper and cardstock for programs throughout the year. *Cut down in concession stand for food. *Door money did best and went to Ms. Crackel. 7. Booster Club books will be audited by a 3 member auditing committee. This committee is composed of Brenda Armstrong, Janae Cline, and Theresa Currie. This auditing will take place Saturday, April 11th, at 11:00 at Mary Gathright’s house. Treasurer, Tim Carley, will also be present. 8. Mandatory tryout meeting is Thursday, April 9th at 7:00 in the main auditorium at the high school. *Tim Carley is checking on signs to advertise this meeting. *Tim Carley will explain the importance and benefits of joining the Booster Club at the meeting. Dues are $10 for one adult and $15 for two adults. *Door prizes will be given – T-shirts, bells, bear, etc.

9. Vendor’s Day is May 18th at 6:00. *Volunteers are needed to work various tables. *Various tables will be run by the Booster Club this year. *Hat/Boots table takes time. **New boots are being ordered this year. No half sizes are available – go up in size. **Adults will be sitting at the table taking the orders, but the BB girls will do the actual fittings of the hat and boots. *New T-shirts and hoodies are being designed. Would like everyone to have same shirt to stand out more and show support for the girls. Possible suggestions for hoodies are zipper front and pullover. 10.Rhonda’s Recital is May 21st at White Oak Middle School at 6:30. *Tim Carley will be in charge of concession stand. *Volunteers are needed to help in concession stand. *We will have a craft table with flowers, and bears. 11. Spring Banquet is May 23rd at Kingwood Country Club at 7:00. *Decorations will be balloons, votive candles, and mirrors alternating at tables. *Tickets will be sold. *No children allowed – adults and dates only. *Helium tank will be rented for balloons, approximately $70. 12.Officer positions were opened for nominations. Paper was passed around for nominations to be written in. It was put to a vote and accepted to vote for new officers after the military officer tryouts have been completed in May. Therefore, voting will take place at the May Booster Club meeting on the 11th. New officers will take over June 1st. The ballot nominating committee is composed of Liz Wilson, Brenda Armstrong, and Theresa Currie. 13.Booster Club officers explained the duties of their position. *President – Make sure things get accomplished, be in charge of the meetings, and make sure things run smoothly. *Vice President – Help the president *Treasurer – Keep records of the in coming and out going money *Secretary – Take the minutes and send them to the website to be published *Parliamentarian – Keep order at the meetings *Historian – Take pictures, make flyers, tickets, send pictures to local paper, and prepare end of the year scrapbook *Two positions are appointed:

**VP of fundraising whose job is mainly to get as much donated as possible for the activities, such as water for football games, food for breakfast with Santa, etc. **VP of Activities whose job is to get volunteers to work the various functions throughout the year, such as chaperones for games, people to work the talent show, etc. This person also keeps track of the hours worked by adults for the BIA accounts. *If interested in any of these positions please contact the nominating committee or Darlene Chance. 14.If you have any pictures of the girls this year, please put them on a CD and get them to Rhonda Carley as soon as possible for the end of year scrapbook. 15.Director’s Report *The expense form for the tryout meeting was discussed. *Forms need to be made for Vendor’s Day. *Everyone must have the new style of boots. *Ms. Crackel thanked everyone for their help at the spring show and a wonderful year. The year was a great success shown by all the trophies and plaques. *The routines and the decorations were great at the Spring Show. The door was a success, also. *Signs are needed at the two entrances to both middle schools, ninth grade campus, and the high school to remind everyone of the mandatory tryout meeting on Thursday, April 9th. Meeting starts at 7:00 and ends around 7:45. *Team tryouts start on April 20th with final tryouts April 24th. *Officer tryouts start on May 4th with final tryouts May 8th. 16.Meeting was adjourned. 17.Next meeting has been changed to May 11 at 7:30 in the high school mini

auditorium. New officers will be elected.

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