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									                           Q2 Create An Introduced Species
In the year 2772 human scientists managed to make mixed species. They mixed different
animal genes together and produced crazy creatures with wacky features. Some creatures
were too dangerous to leave science labs while others were released into nature.

However, lots of these animals caused many problems around the world. Food chains
changed at a dramatic paces and when the creatures mated with other animals more hybrids
were created.

Elephales are a mix of elephants and whales they were brought to Senteria, Antarctica. They
have caused many problems for Senteria's citizens but they also have some good impacts on

Elephales caused many problems when they were introduced to Antarctica. The main
problem was that their diet consists of fish, plankton, grasses, small plants, bushes, fruit,
twigs, tree bark, and roots. And because there is no vegetation in Antarctica they survive on
fish, this causes disruption in the different food chains.

However they do elephales have a certain adaptation from sperm whales that REDUCES
GLOBAL WARMING. When they excrete their waste provides nutrients for
phytoplankton.Phytoplankton takes up carbon from the ocean as it grows and that carbon
stays trapped for around a million years.

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