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					Minutes Annual General Meeting Jasper Community Team Society April 15, 2009, 11:00 a.m. Emergency Services Building Present: Dave Maludzinski, Co-Chair, RCMP Nancy Taylor, Co-Chair, Community Representative Paul Schmidt, Victims Services, Treasurer Cristin Murphy, Childcare Services, Jasper, Secretary Brian Skehill, Municipality of Jasper, Director Laurie-Ann Reddick, Mental Health Services, Director Cheryl Karpo, COS, Casework Manager Annegret Keyes, CFSA Betsy DeClerq, GYRD Janice Yeaman, YREC Laura See, NABIS Tasha Symon, AHS, Addictions Garry Boldt, CFSA Christopher Read, MOJ, Culture and Recreation Raymond Blanchette-Dube, Jasper Elementary School Marie Pierre Paquin, Jasper Employment Services Marjorie Luger, Yellowhead Emergency Shelter Leslie Dolan, Youth Justice Michael Quick, Social Norms Coordinator Brenda Zinck, Recorder, A/Team Coordinator

Regrets: Adult Learning Council & Adult Literacy Program, Parks Canada, Aspen Health Community Health, Jasper Food Bank, Ministerial Association, Jasper Health Advisory Council, HIV West Yellowhead, K. Waxer, Ex-officio, Jasper Seniors Society, Rotary/Hotel, Disaster Services Call to Order Meeting called to order by the Chair at 11:05 a.m. Approval of Agenda Motion: That the agenda be approved with the addition of June 7th event Moved by Janice, Seconded by Anna. Carried Approval of Minutes Motion: The minutes from April 23, 2008 AGM be approved. Moved by Laurie- Ann, seconded by Brian. Carried. Business Arising - none Annual Report from the Chair Nancy Taylor gave the report (to be attached to the minutes)


The group expressed their appreciation to Nancy for the report. It was noted that a date was not set for COS to move into the new offices. Election of Officers The floor was turned over to Janice who presented the nominees. She outlined the by-law, which deems that Dave and Nancy were required to step down from Co-Chair/Executive positions but that the other executive members were able to let their name stand. Further nominations welcome from the floor. Nominations for Co-Chair Andrea Watson Paul Schmidt Laurie Ann Reddick Christopher Read Each present nominee gave a short speech and a letter from Andrea was read out. Secret ballot was conducted. Laurie- Ann and Paul were elected as Co-Chair There was a query about a voting proxy, but this is not a part of the by-laws. It was agreed to review this by-law, as well as a policy on dual votes, that is if a person is present representing two organizations in an official capacity, would there be two votes allowed. Action: Executive The slate was put forward: Cristen Murphy – Secretary Brian Skehill, Director Andrea Watson, Director Laurie Ann nominated Anna for Director. Declined Laurie Ann nominated Tasha for Director. Tasha declined. Dave nominated Raymond for Director Raymond declined. Anna nominated Marjorie for Director Declined. Chris nominated Betsy for Director Declined. Janice nominated Brian Skehill and Christen for Directors.


Seconded by Laura. Treasurer – Christopher agreed to let his name stand as Treasurer. No further nomination for Treasurer. Christopher won by acclamation. Nominations called three times Laurie Ann moved nominations Cease. Carried Great job, Janice. Motion Moved by Marjorie that the ballots be destroyed. Seconded by Brian Carried. Your new executive: Laurie-Ann Reddick, Paul Schmidt, Co-Chair Cristin Murphy, Secretary Christopher Read, Treasurer Brian Skehill, Andrea Watson, Directors One vacant director’s position. It was agreed to seek an additional director at the next Team meeting. Audit Paul Schmidt, Treasurer, submitted the audit on behalf of the audit team, himself and Christopher Read. Thank you to the audit team for their report. There was clarification on audit versus financial review. The by-laws of the society confirm that an audit can be performed by members of the team (as per bylaws #13, 14) One item which arose from the audit was the issue of setting a budget for Santas Anonymous. This will be taken into consideration at the start of the SA Program for this year. There was discussion on possible funding, as the Team is always seeking new funding. Dave reminded the team to watch for funding opportunities coming across to your organization, which may benefit the Team. Please forward any such opportunities to Bob.


It was agreed that the next years’ budget be reviewed in an upcoming meeting. In an upcoming meeting – a budget to be set for next year and review of last year’s budget. Action: Bob It was noted that lunch would not be provided due to funding situation. Other business : Discussion took place on the details of the June 7 barbeque. A chart was circulated of who had agreed to do what. This will be further confirmed by email. Information about the t shirts will be forthcoming via email as well. Deadline is May 1 for t-shirt order. Paul suggested a banner be done which will have all the members’ logo on it. It was agreed that whoever was taking care of any decorations would be in charge. It was further noted that there is $1,000 available from the Community Development Fund to be used for food or shirts. It was agreed that food was the priority. Members should be prepared to pay for their own shirts/hoodies. A meeting to be set up for organizing committee: Shawnee, Brian, Les, Kathleen, Janice. Brenda to set up date and contact New Business Presentation Michael Quick presented Social Norms Marketing Plan. His contact information: Phone: 780 – 883 – 0495 Email: Dave spoke briefly about his time on the executive of the team. He reiterated his time on the team has been very interesting and informative and he spoke about the importance of this Team to the Community. The value of this model in the community is invaluable and he thanked everyone for the opportunity and for their service on the team. A small gift was given to the retiring chairs form the incoming chairs. Anna spoke briefly on the history of becoming a Team and a society. Bob is working on this historical aspect of the team and an award program to recognize publicly those who have and continue to serve on the executive.


Next team meeting: It was agreed to meet as much as possible on the 3rd Wednesday of the month, which puts the next meeting to June 17th , 11 a.m. in the Emergency Services Building. Please remember lunch won’t be provided – bring a bag lunch if you wish. Adjournment Moved by Nancy, seconded by Christopher Adjournment at 12:45 p.m.