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									                       Tips to Sell Your Diamond at High Cost

        My Dad keeps on comparing good deeds with diamond. It’s his habit. It doesn’t
make much sense for me. But the day I saw my friend wearing a diamond ring, her ring-
finger told the story. I felt the real charm of diamond. Diamond is diamond!! It’s actually
the best friend of girls. They never say a YES to sell their diamond jewellery.

       At the same time there are people who want to sell their diamond when situation
demands to do so. If your diamond jewellery is old, outdated, unwanted, or even
broken, you certainly want it to sell and make money out of it. Here are certain tips for
those who want to sell diamond and make good cash for their pocket.

Know how the valuation is done:-

       Do you have any idea about how the grading of your diamond is done? If you are
serious about selling your diamond, you must know the grading process. The grading is
usually done basing on “the 4 C’s”. They are Colour, Cut, Clarity and Carat Weight.

     Colour is the total tint or hue from yellow to white.
     After the full cutting process of your diamond it shows the final shape. This in
      turn determines the Cut for the grading.
    Clarity is regarded as FL or Flawless or I3 that signifies that the diamond has lots
      of inclusions.
    Last one is Carat Weight. Here the diamond is put on a scale to calculate its
      These are at least some basic knowledge you must require before selling your
diamond for a perfect price.

Go for a good buyer:-

       There are a lot of buyers in the market who claim to pay you the maximum for
your diamond. Don’t trust them at the first sight. Make a good and thorough search in
the market, discuss the matter with your friends, relatives and decide who to sell your
       Go and meet your buyer. First let him know about your product and price. Then
check out his registration, certification and complaints against him. Know him thoroughly
and go for the final step.

Stick to a standard price:-

        Be firm not to sell diamond at a cheaper rate. Remember, that’s diamond and
it’s always priceless. Keep the appraiser’s note with you while going to the shop for
selling you diamond piece. If the buyer fixes the price less than 50% of the appraised
price, then simply go to another buyer.

Pawnshops are the worst-case options:-

       Though you are going to sell your diamond, still you are the sole owner of your
piece and you love it. A pawnshop will hardly offer you 10% of its appraised value. It’s
evident that the shop will keep your diamond in the display rack with a price 80% more
than you got from him. So you will regret.

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