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					Raja ram mohan roy
Born: May 22, 1772
Died: September 27, 1833
Achievements: Founded Atmiya Sabha and Brahma Samaj. Played a key role in abolition and Sati.
Fought for the rights of women.

Raja Ram Mohan Roy is known as the 'Maker of Modern India'. He was the founder of the Brahmo
Samaj, one of the first Indian socio-religious reform movements. He played a major role in abolishing the
role of Sati. Raja Rammohan Roy was a great scholar and an independent thinker. He advocated the
study of English, Science, Western Medicine and Technology. He was given the title 'Raja' by the Mughal

Raja Ram Mohan Roy was born on May 22, 1772 in village Radhanagar in the District of Hooghly in
Bengal. His father Ramkanto Roy, was a Vaishnavite, while his mother, Tarini, was from a Shakta
background. Raja Ram Mohun Roy was sent to Patna for higher studies. By the age of fifteen, Raja
Rammohun Roy had learnt Bangla, Persian, Arabic and Sanskrit.

Raja Ram Mohan Roy was against idol worship and orthodox Hindu rituals. He stood firmly against all
sort of social bigotry, conservatism and superstitions. But his father was an orthodox Hindu Brahmin.
This led to differences between Raja Ram Mohan Roy and his father. Following differences he left the
house . He wandered around Himalayas and went to Tibet. He traveled widely before returning home.

In 1814, Raja Ram Mohan Roy formed Atmiya Sabha. Atmiya Sabha tried to initiate social and
religious reforms in the society. Raja Ram Mohan Roy campaigned for rights for women,
including the right for widows to remarry, and the right for women to hold property. He actively
opposed Sati system and the practice of polygamy.

He also supported education, particularly education of women. He believed that English-
language education was superior to the traditional Indian education system, and he opposed the
use of government funds to support schools teaching Sanskrit. In 1822, he founded a school
based on English education.

In 1828, Raja Ram Mohan Roy founded the 'Brahma Samaj'. Through 'Brahma Samaj, he wanted
to expose the religious hypocrisies and check the growing influence of Christianity on the Hindu
society. Raja Ram Mohan Roy's efforts bore fruit when in 1929, the Sati system was abolished.

In November 1830 Ram Mohan Roy traveled to the United Kingdom as an ambassador of the
Mughal emperor to plead for his pension and allowances. Raja Ram Mohan Roy passed away on
September 27, 1833 at Stapleton near Bristol due to meningitis.

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