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					Stateline Friends Weaving Retreat Saturday Classes 2 Hour Classes
S209 Little Shaker Tape Woven Chair Steve Atkinson S210 Trinket Basket Marjorie Babbitt

16" back height x 8" Seat Height x 9½" W x 9" Depth This child's or doll chair is easy and quick to weave. Makes a great gift for a young child or doll collector display or even baby shower gift! Student has choice of many colors of shaker tape. Chair is stained, varnished and ready to weave on. ALL LEVELS Saturday 8am-10am $35 S211 Crosses 'n Twining Marjorie Babbitt

6½"W x 7½"L x 4" without handle A wooden base with attached handle make this a quick and easy basket to weave. Dyed spokes and weavers alternating with natural create the plaid pattern on the sides. Other color combinations will be offered. ALL LEVELS Saturday 8am-10am $18

S212 Spirals Necklace Judy Wilson

2¼"L x 2½"H plus neck cord 5½" W x 6¼"L x 4¾" H without handle A wooden base, hand carved oak handle, dyed and natural spokes and weavers create this basket with a distinct design. Attention to shaping and weaving tension to keep this basket oval. Color choices will be offered. ALL LEVELS Saturday 11am-2pm $18
Choose from many variegated colors of thread and create this spiraled necklace to wear home. Pendant has both closed and open coiling. Open coiling allows the core material to peek through for an earthy effect. Sliding, adjustable neck cord is embellished with matching beads.

Students need to bring sharp embroidery type scissors, small awl and personal light. ALL LEVELS Saturday 1pm-3pm $26

4 Hour Classes S414 Concho Necklace Judy Wilson S415 Victorian Wicker Heart Laura Lee Zanger

2⅛"W x 2⅜"H (plus neck cord) This brand new necklace is coiled with 9"W x 8"L x 1"H one color of 6 ply silk with larger beads. Pendant contains turquoise discs, glass The heart design is woven with the use of & clay beads. Class will cover coiling a template, simple twining and a braided techniques, hand skills, neatness and border. It makes a beautiful wall some shaping. Students should be able to decoration, simple and elegant. wear their necklace from class to show Student needs to bring 12 wooden off their skills. Pendant has sliding, adjustable neck cord. Choice of thread clothespins to class. color. Student needs to bring sharp ALL LEVELS embroidery scissors, small awl and Saturday 8am-Noon personal light. Magnifier is most helpful $25 (can be borrowed or purchased from the instructor) ALL LEVELS Saturday 8am-Noon $38 S416 Two Way Randing Basket Julie Kleinrath

S417 Hyannis Picnic Purse Nathan Taylor

10" W x 7" L x 6½" H without handle and 10½" H with handle Woven on a wood base this basket features two hands of chain waling surrounding French randing going in two directions. Woven in smoked and natural and finished with a square, notched handle. INTERMEDIATE Saturday 8am-Noon $45

6"W x 9½"L x 4½"H without handles Learn to weave this basket for a limited time at this reduced price! Students will learn mold weaving and a new rimming technique to create an heirloom basket. This purse-style basket features a two piece cherry lid and double swing handles. ALL LEVELS Saturday 8am-Noon $49

S418 Turquoise Annetta Kraayeveld

S419 Lacey Diamonds Lisa Adkins

1¾" W x 1¾" L x 1½"H A touch of the southwest! Turquoise beads, silver seed beads and a tiny turquoise gem stone swing handle add the finishing touches to this miniature basket. Weaving with natural and dyed black ash and waxed linen, this basket starts square and ends round. Molds are used to aid in shaping. Students should bring a magnifier and/or light. INTERMEDIATE Saturday 8am-Noon $45

8½"W x 10"L x 6"H This pretty open-weave basket is created with the diamond weave and it begins on a 4"x6" oval base. Other techniques include triple weave and a locked quadruple coil. INTERMEDIATE Saturday 8am-Noon $40

S420 Double Decker Shaker Tape Stool Steve Atkinson

12"W x 12"L x 12"H Steve designed this double decker footstool to hold your magazines or newspapers under the seat. Looks great in any decor and the seat is woven in checkerboard or diagonal weave design using Shaker tape. The student has a choice of 2 colors in the design as instructor will bring a wide assortment of colors. The pine stool comes ready to weave; sanded, pre-stained and pre-varnished. (To be used as a footstool only - NOT a stepping stool.) ALL LEVELS Saturday 11am-3pm $50

6 Hour Classes S614 Double Rimmed Waste Basket Nancy Carlson

11"W x 13"L x 14"H Looking for a different rim for any basket other than the ho-hum flat/oval inside and outside rim? This waste basket is not your typical basket as it was developed by three different weavers during a 'Black Bag' exchange. Want to know what 'Black Bag' was - just ask? The last person was I and I chose to lash on a flat/oval rim before applying a Gretchen border. It is a great 'different', sturdy rim that is applicable to any basket. You can make this basket unique as there will be a variety of accent materials to use if you do not want to use the cherry accent, which will be available. INTERMEDIATE Saturday 8am-3pm $48

S615 Fox Run Marilyn Wald

S616 Large Williamsburg Billy Owens

7"W x 7"L x 5½"H A double wall basket where he inside basket is created using traditional weaving methods. The outside basket is created using a cheese basket pattern. Wrought iron handles are used to finish the basket. What a great fun to put together this jewel of a basket. There will be several color choices for this basket. INTERMEDIATE Saturday 8am-3pm $32 S617 Oval Whirlwind Sock Basket Susan Coyle

10"W x 10"L x 12"H without handle This large, sturdy oak basket has a 10" square herringbone woven oak bottom, a 12" diameter round top and solid oak handle. I will share with the class how I select a tree, how I prepare the material and the 'Owens' method of rimming. ALL LEVELS Saturday 8am-3pm $70

618 Knotless Netting on a Canteen Gourd Susie Billingsly

6"W x 6"H 9"W x 11"L x 7"H
Learn double wall construction and cathead shaping in this very sturdy basket with hand carved, oak, bushel basket handles. The compensation on the outside wall will make the design for the overlay embellishment. Basket is woven in space dyed and natural reed. A very useful basket from the home to the garden.

Learn knotless netting on a canteen gourd adding beads for embellishment and a hook in the back for hanging. Easy and fun! Assorted colors will be available. BEGINNER Saturday 8am-3pm $50

INTERMEDIATE Saturday 8am-3pm $65

S619 Random Antler Karen Zane

S620 Oval False Twilled Spiral Basket Mary Smith-Stokes

5½"W x 9"L x 5"H Students will learn the technique to determine the number of spokes needed when using molds. They will also learn shaping and inserting of spokes into an oval base. The base is specifically designed and cut for the 'take-home' mold. The basket has an inside twill design as well as a false twill spiral design on the outside and a folded rim, lashed with a coordinated shade of waxed linen. Several color options will be available. Extra bases will also be for sale. INTERMEDIATE Saturday 8am-3pm $51

4"-6" antler Choose a framed antler and random weave around the frame adding embellishments to create a lacy, unique are piece. BEGINNER Saturday 8am-3pm $20

S621 Braided Gathering Karen Kotecki

S622 Big and Tall Cross-Stitched Basket Sherry Stephens

10"W x 12"L x 3" without handle and 10" with handle 11"W x 11"L x 11"H without handle The simple design of this reed basket hides the many weaving challenges it presents. *Learn to set up a large openweave base with narrow spokes over a D-handle.* Change the shape of the base from a rectangle to an oval with a clever twining technique. Learn to pair the narrow spokes to support much wider weavers. Finally, divide your paired spokes and crown your basket with 2 rows of braiding, one suspended above the other. Color choices available. *A pre-started base is available. Features three distinct areas of weaving: start with bold flat reed, next add the cross-stitch design simultaneously with the narrow flat reed, then finish with natural flat reed. The basket is large enough for many purposes with it's square wooden base and heavy duty handle. INTERMEDIATE Saturday 8am-3pm $48

The student needs to bring a spoke weight to class.
INTERMEDIATE Saturday 8am-3pm $55 S623 Willow and Star Mary Lou Kessler

12"W x 12"L x 9"H
This basket is constructed using a slotted wooden base and embellished with black dyed reed and fine cane. It is topped off with an oval knob/lid, featuring a willow tree and burgundy stars on a black background with burgundy rim. Shaping and packing of rows will be the primary challenges in creating this design which is large enough to disguise needlework projects or other treasured items.

INTERMEDIATE Saturday 8am-3pm $48

8 Hour Classes S824 Sampler Tote Dianne Gleixner S825 Birds of a Feather Karen Hobbs

7"W x 14"L x 12"H without handle Students can learn new weaves or perfect techniques they already know while weaving this large tote basket. Techniques include triple twining, paired weaving, stacked weaving, triple twined arrows, 4-rod wale, and French randing. Emphasis will be on shaping and encouragement will be given to students wanting to experiment with their own design. This tote will be topped off with sturdy leather handles. INTERMEDIATE Saturday 8am-5pm $63 S826 Nantucket CJ Lamp Kay & Fred Kohler

8"W x 7"H Students will be making two baskets starting with the inside basket. Using it as a mold, they will then weave the outside basket over it, starting with a wooden base. This basket is accented with a swing handle and feathers are applied. Basket is woven with natural and smoked reed. **Original pattern and permission given by Sherian Cody** INTERMEDIATE Saturday 8am-5pm $48

6" Diameter x 7"H The CJ lamp is woven on a puzzle mold that comes apart to take the basket off. Both ends of the spokes are tapered. The spokes & rim are rattan with cane weavers. The base & the lid will be made of walnut. The shade is not included. ALL LEVELS Saturday 8am-5pm $115