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									                           Changes in Gold Value

Gold has become a highly demanded metal over the past 10 years. The demand for gold is
far higher than its supply volume. The rate at which gold is mined has also reduced over the
past 6 to 7 years. Gold is a natural and perishable metal which has given way to its ever-
rising price. There was a time when people considered gold as a jewel-making medium but
now gold is eyed as one of the best long-term investments. Not only it is a great form of
long-term security, but it is also the most risk-free investment because gold prices would
definitely continue to be on the higher side. The changes in gold value might remain subtle
in the short-run but definitely it would be higher in the long-run.

Gold Value And Jewelry Market

Gold prices have created a serious impact on our jewelry markets that have suddenly
multiplied their worth manifolds. That is true because jewelry markets account for trillions of
dollars and the trend is continuing as value for gold and expensive natural stones are
growing steadily. The rate of increase in gold price has led to more demand for alternative
metals like silver, platinum and palladium. People who were using 24 carat gold are
switching to 18 carat or even lesser. They prefer jewelries made of mixed alloys like gold
and copper instead of gold alone. Demand for jewelries made of diamonds and semi-
precious stones are also on the rise.

Fluctuations In Gold Value
Since gold has become a big-selling item in commodity markets, investors and traders do
keep a close track on daily chances in gold prices. In commodity markets, gold is virtually
bought and sold and the difference in the sale and purchase value is treated as loss or profit
margin. Millions of market traders ventured into gold market as they found it to be less
risky. They keep track of gold prices through online commodity exchange websites. There
are special business channels that allow investors to check daily prices of different metals
like gold, silver, etc. The easiest way to check spot gold prices in different world markets is
to browse online.

Buying And Selling Gold Jewelry

Gold is an easily convertible metal which makes it one of the best forms of investment that
enjoys high level of liquidity. You can get instant cash by selling spot gold like gold coins or
bars at jewelry stores or gold dealers. Fluctuation in gold value is fairly minor and the loss is
always negligible compared to gains. This is the reason why people are investing in gold
rather than shares and mutual funds that are rather risky when compared to gold markets.
Price of gold jewelry is higher than spot gold prices because it involves the making charges
that add to the overall cost by 10% to 20%. However, when you try to sell jewelries you
wouldn’t receive money as per actual market prices. They depreciate it by 10 percent or
more depending upon the quality of the jewelry.

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