Lataji, Shankar Mahadevan to collaborate on a peace album

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					Shankar Mahadevan's dream came true when he recorded his first-ever duet with Lata Mangeshkar
earlier this month. A devotional the music for the song was composed by Mayuresh Pai.

We now learn from very reliable sources that the enterprising Shankar Mahadevan is planning a peace
album with the Nightingale. Containing songs about healing the world, the songs, we are told, would
convey the same therapeutic effect as Lataji's 'Ae Mere Watan Ke Logon' and 'Jo Samar Mein Ho Gaye

Says a source close to the project, "It was Shankar's ardent wish to do a heal-the-world album with Lataji.
Now when there is strife, violence, hatred and negativity all around us, Shankar feels the time is right to
get his dream project on the road."

We learn that Shankar spoke to Lataji about the project. She has agreed to devote ample time this year to
his therapeutic time.

Says our source, "Lataji feels everyone needs to use their skills craft and vocation in life to strive for
amity. She will collaborate with Shankar for songs that would address the question of world peace."

Interestingly, the album will be multi-lingual. Says our source, "Lataji and Shankar would be singing in
Hindi, Marathi, Sanskrit and even in English. Language would be seen as moudable tool to express the
theme of world peace."

Work on the album will begin right away. It should take a good part of 2013 to be completed. When
contacted Shankar Mahadevan said, "Yes, Lataji and I are planning a multi-lingual album for the nation.
But it's too early to talk about it."

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