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                                                Expedia reached more than 1.1 million Facebook
                                                fans through a sweepstakes campaign that in-
                                                creased its fan base by 750 percent over six weeks.


Company background                              Goals
Expedia is the world’s largest online travel    Expedia wanted to kickstart its presence on Facebook. The company
company, serving millions of travelers          felt that to harness the power of social networks and word-of-mouth
every year. Expedia operates localized          marketing, it first needed a critical mass of fans for the Expedia
websites for seven markets, including the       Facebook page. The company’s goal was to quickly and efficiently
U.S., Canada and the U.K.                       build a large base of excited, engaged brand advocates and to create
                                                additional value for Expedia’s partner suppliers.
Build a large fan base quickly and efficiently   Approach
                                                Expedia worked with Context Optional and Efficient Frontier to build
                                                a Facebook campaign that would accelerate growth of the company’s
An interactive, social sweepstakes promot-
                                                fan base and to engage users. The core of the campaign was an inter-
ed through Premium and Marketplace Ads
                                                active sweepstakes called “FriendTrips.”
and Sponsored Stories

                                                To enter the contest to win vacation packages, people had to “pilot”
   750 percent fan base increase in six         a virtual plane and fill it with five friends. Once their friends accepted
   weeks, for a total of more than              the invitation, they were then encouraged to create their own virtual
   1.1 million fans.                            flights, so the experience was inherently social and encouraged viral

   More than 400 percent reduction in           spread. Expedia also gave away daily prizes to keep people engaged
   Expedia’s cost-per-fan over the course       and returning to the page throughout the campaign.
   of the campaign.
                                                FriendTrips was promoted through a multi-channel marketing cam-
                                                paign, which included print advertising, email marketing to Expedia’s
                                                subscribers and a Facebook Ads campaign. Expedia used a combina-
                                                tion of Premium Ads, Marketplace Ads and Sponsored Stories.

                                                The Premium and Marketplace Ads used social context to capitalize
                                                on people’s interest in their friends’ activities and recommendations.
                                                Expedia continually optimized the ads’ performance by evaluat-
                                                ing the ads’ audience, targeting insights, creative and bidding. For
                                                example, highly engaged audience segments were targeted with
“The power of social influence is clear in the inverse relationship
between total fans and cost-per-fan in the Expedia campaign.”
Justin Merickel, VP of Marketing and New Product Development at Efficient Frontier

relevant and specific creative content that would help            750 percent fan base increase in six weeks, for a
continue the momentum. The team also used imagery and            total of more than 1.1 million fans. Expedia can now
language connected to current public events, such as The         reach nearly 177 million friends of those fans through
Royal Wedding, to attract users.                                 Friends of Connections Targeting.

                                                                 Expedia was mentioned on peoples’ Facebook walls 15
Sponsored Stories, which increase the visibility of people’s
                                                                 to 30 times more than prior to the FriendTrips campaign.
interactions with brands by featuring them on the right
column of Facebook pages, were used as the fan base              More than 400 percent reduction in Expedia’s cost-per-
grew. Whenever people played FriendTrips, an App Used            fan over the course of the campaign.
Sponsored Story was created and featured in their friends’
                                                               “As the total quantity of acquired fans rose, the efficiency
News Feeds. In a similar vein, when people liked the
                                                               at which Expedia could acquire a new fan improved,”
Expedia page, a story about that action showed in their
                                                               explains Justin Merickel, VP of Marketing and New Product
friends’ News Feeds.
                                                               Development at Efficient Frontier. “The power of social
                                                               influence is clear in the inverse relationship between total
                                                               fans and cost-per-fan in the Expedia campaign.”

                                                               More than half of the clicks in the campaign were social,
                                                               meaning the ads displayed to people showed a friend
                                                               who was already an Expedia fan. “This demonstrates the
                                                               influence of endorsements from friends,” Justin contin-
                                                               ues. “Compounding this effect, the rising number of fans
                                                               resulted in a wider distribution of socially endorsed ads
                                                               and contributed meaningfully to the lower cost-per-fan as
                                                               the campaign progressed.”

                                                               What’s next
                                                               Expedia continues to actively manage its Facebook experi-
                                                               ence. It publishes offers and tips to deliver value to fans.
                                                               And Expedia actively participates in wall discussions for
                                                               improved customer relations.

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