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					      Experience the Sikkim Adventures

Sikkim is one of the most excellent spots for adventure travel in India. There are
several Sikkim tourist places where you can find pleasure through the adventurous trip
and can make your imagination come true. If you are an adventure lover and a daring
traveler, Sikkim adventure holidays is the great opportunity to explore yourself.

You will find everything from trekking to biking or river rafting and mountain climbing
when you will decide for adventure tour in various Sikkim tourist places.

Trekking :-

There are so many amazing Sikkim tourist places for trekking. Sikkim offers many
charming trekking routes for the trekkers. You can experience the pleasure and
excitement related to trekking and can have amazing moments. Through trekking you
will get a clear view of lofty peaks, variety of blossoming flowers , dense forests,
winding rivers, spring and to know the village or mountain life. Some of the great treks
can make your trekking experience more excited like Dzongri - Goecha la Trek,
Kanchenjunga Base Camp Trek, Singalila Ridge trek, Green Lake treks etc. Trekking in
Sikkim will of course be one of the most memorable experiences for the trekkers.
Trekking in Sikkim is exciting both in spring and during autumn.

Mountaineering :-

Sikkim Himalayas is the finest place for mountaineering. In the southern part of
Himalayas there is an extensive range of peaks like Kanchenjunga, pandim, Narsing,
Kabru, Talung with its absolute beauty. One needs to obtain permit for mountaineering
on this peak. Mountain climbing are among safest and more enjoyable one. When a
mountaineer visit Sikkim, his utmost desire is to climb the Rocky Mountains or high
altitude mountains. You can enjoy dominant the mountain with peak climbing in Sikkim.

Mountain Biking :-

The most excellent part of Mountain Biking is that it is customizable. As most of the
routes of Sikkim are appropriate for mountain biking, you can easily explore many of
the mountains of Sikkim. The familiar places that you can cover up for mountain biking
are Pelling & Ravangla Region. The starting point for mountain biking in Sikkim is

River rafting :-

River Rafting is the adventure sport most enjoyed in Sikkim. Teesta & Rangit River are
the perfect rivers for safe River Rafting. This rivers are covered by the thick forest
from both the sides. The white water waves of the river Teesta and Rangit gives you
the daring experience of River Rafting. Teesta River is offering one of the best
rafting stretches in the world. Rangit is a tributary of the Teesta which offers more
challenges to the experienced rafters.

Kayaking :-

Kayaking is made on the Teesta River and it is arranged specially for the groups. This
particular sport requires only the expertise. A very good Fiberglass kayak is accessible
on hire.

Yak Safari :-

Yaks are bovine mammals which makes the adventure sports tour more interesting and
the most memorable. You will have a great kind of experience through the Yak safari.
It means that you are supposed to have a journey on Yak and cover different trekking
points and Rivers. The most well-liked trials are Dzongri area & Tsomgo Lake.

Hang Gliding :-

Hang Gliding is a type of aero sports. It makes you to fly over the sky like the birds.
At some parts of Sikkim, Hang Gliding adventure is available. It is one of the fast
developing areas for Hang Gliding adventure sports.

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