Poster by shitingting


									       ARTISTIC PROJECT

       Earlier this year in math we made a poster about disease. It was a group project. I

worked with Jordan and Joe. It was a terrible combination but we came out with a great

final product. Really I’m not kidding it was like the best poster I have ever been involved

with. T’was amazing. Anyhow, we used a sort of death, mayhem and anarchy theme. We

had like tombstone/chalk boards it was great.

       Artistic skill came in a lot in this. But creativity came in even more. We had to

find good, lucrative ways to put in the requirements and details. We came together with

our creative minds and banged out god-like work. I almost cried when it was done. We

even used contrasting and complimenting colors. It stayed with the same theme the whole

time and it all made sense and 100 percent of the math was right. It was just perfect. Mr.

Kleinman, in order to not break all the other kids hearts never officially said it was the

greatest thing he’d ever seen but we saw it in his eyes.

       The actual project was to find the amount of infected people if there was a

contagious disease. So the prompt was; Say there are 60 people infected in a plane

coming into Phoenix, they get off the plane and they each infect 1 person a week, and

that person they infected also infects 1 person a week and so on and so forth. So we had

to make an equation that we could just plug in time and get the answer to how many are

sick. Then we had to graph it.

       I really liked it a lot. It was a very fun and exciting project. I wish we had more

projects like that. Its pretty easy for me, I don’t have a hard time being creative and

coming up with stuff from the top of my head. I like doing it a lot.

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