Five Benefits Of Google AdWords Marketing by badribadri185


									           Five Benefits Of Google AdWords
You have probably seen a number of Google AdWords marketing campaigns while surfing
the Internet, but have you considered using it for your business? Maybe it seems too
complicated, or you're not sure if it's cost effective. Well, it turns out that a Google AdWords
has a lot to offer - let's take a look at five benefits of Google AdWords marketing.

1. You only pay per click.

The problem with marketing and advertising in the past is that sometimes, you would pay a
large sum of money for minimal results. Your fliers ended up in the bin, the advertisement
was not memorable to customers, or just didn't result in any increase in business. It has made
marketing and advertising industry a risky, and often costly business.

Thanks to Google AdWords marketing, this is no longer a problem. Since you only pay when
a person clicks on your ad and then on your website, you're only paying for results!

2. Free advertising.

Even if you're getting a low click rate, your advertisement is still being seen by your audience.
If you have a click rate of 5 per cent, that means for every 100 page views, five people clicked
on your ad - but those other 95 page views still displayed your company name and brand to
your target audience!

3. The better you ad, the less you pay.

To ensure that paid ads are still as important as unpaid, organic search results, Google rewards
the most relevant ads. If your Google AdWords marketing campaign is successful, it will be
placed higher than your competition and you'll end up paying less - that's because Google
monitors your click-through-rate (CTR) of each ad, or what percentage of browsers clicks on
your advert. Ads with a higher CTR will pay less than competing ads, encouraging marketers
to create relevant and effective advertisements.

4. Easy to measure.

Speaking of CTR's, Google makes it easy to monitor many aspects of your Google AdWords
marketing campaign. You can measure the number of visitors, cost per visitor, cost per
campaign, cost per enquiry and the cost per sale. By monitoring your AdWords campaign
closely, you can see when it is and isn't working, and change it for better results.

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