2 Google AdWords Techniques To Boost Your Sales by badribadri185


									    2 Google AdWords Techniques To Boost
                Your Sales
Google AdWords is one of the best platforms for advertising your products and services
online. I like AdWords because you can test quickly, and your ads go "LIVE" immediately.
This will let you know whether or not your ad and campaign is working out for you or not.

Now AdWords offers multiple tools to help you with your pay per click (PPC) campaign.
They include Google Analytics, and Google's free keyword tool. People use these 2 tools
everyday to analyze their business, and to find other opportunities to earn more money from
the information that they're gathering.

In today's lesson, I want to share with you some of the best techniques that I know of that will
allow you to have success with Google AdWords. You may have heard of these techniques
before, and that's all fine and dandy - there's nothing like a "refresher". But if you're brand
new, you will definitely want to check these 2 techniques out. Here's the first one:

1) Get lots of keywords

The Google keyword tool doesn't exist for no reason. It's there so that you can get and use as
many low competition, low cost keywords that you can find. The more keywords you can use,
the better. You will want to insert these keywords into your AdWords campaign, and bid for
them at a low price so that you can get the best return for your money.

If you can't bid incredibly low for a keyword, then bid at a price that will get you a lot of
traffic - yet will still allow you to earn money (or break even) on every sale that you make.
You should also consider determining what the average lifetime value of a customer is. This
will let you know how far negative you can afford to go to get a customer.

But there are other keyword tools that you can use also to find lots of keywords to bid on. One
of them is called "Keyword Discovery". It's available on a month-by-month basis, and you
have to pay for it each month. But it can really deliver to you the keywords that you need...
including up to 10,000 keywords. Here's another AdWords technique you can use:

2) Watch your money

Your money can go by fast if you don't monitor your campaign. It's easy to set up an account,
but harder to make money from it. If you invest $100 into your campaign, make sure you have
a strategy that will allow you to recover that $100 in the form of new customers, backend
customers, and backend products.

You should consider selling relatively high priced items if you're going to invest a lot of
money into AdWords. This is a great way to recoup your investment, and start profiting on
the backend like you should do - because this is where 80% of your total business income will
come from.

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