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					                 WHEELING WALKS

                      30 Minutes or More

Presented by Wheeling-Ohio County Public Health Dept. and West Virginia University Department of Community Medicine

                                   WHEELING WALKS
     The Wheeling-Ohio County Public Health Department and West Virginia University Department of Community Medicine

                    Official Worksite Registration Form
Name: _____________________________________________________________________________________

Title: ______________________________________________________________________________________

Phone: _______________________Fax______________________________E-mail_______________________

Company Name: _____________________________________________________________________________

Division/Location: ___________________________________________________________________________

Mailing Address _____________________________________________________________________________

City: _______________________________State_____________________Zip:___________________________

Type of Business/Industry: ____________________________________________________________________

Total # of Employees: ________________________________________________________________________

    Fax this form to Wheeling Walks Campaign (740) 695-3820, register on-line at, or
    Mail this form to Wheeling Walks Campaign Headquarters, 66599 Anna Dr., St. Clairsville, Ohio 43950

      Wheeling Walks 30 Minutes or More
                                                                                                 This Coordinator’s Guide is Divided into Four Sections:
                 Challenge                                                                      1. Get Ready – Planning and Schedule Issues
             Coordinator’s Guide                                                                2. Get Set – Promotion and Publicity Ideas
                     (All Coordinators receive a T-shirt)
                                                                                                3. Go – Running the Challenge
The Let’s Get Walking Challenge is an eight-week,                                               4. The Big Finish – Celebrating the End of the Challenge
interactive program designed to help individuals establish
a more healthy and active lifestyle through daily moderate
                                                                                                Simple To Do Checklist:
Use and copy the program materials as designed or adapt                                         ♦ Here’s your Wheeling Walks 30 Minutes or More
the materials to fit your company’s specific needs.                                                Challenge start and end dates: April 17, 2001 to June 9,
The Goal of Let’s Get Walking is to promote 30 minutes or                                       ♦ Fax the official site registration form to the Wheeling
more of walking on almost every day of the week                                                    Walks 30 Minutes or More at (740)- 695-3820, register on-
(5days/week). This can even be done in three 10-minute                                             line beginning 4/01/01 at, or mail
segments. This moderate physical activity is recommended                                           to Wheeling Walks 30 Minutes or More, 66599 Anna Dr.,
for all Americans by the U.S. Surgeon General’s Report on                                          St. Clairsville, Ohio 43950
Physical activity and Health. The materials are designed to                                     ♦ Promote Wheeling Walks 30 Minutes or More Challenge to
make your job as site coordinator easy.                                                            your employees and Collect Participant Registration forms.
                                                                                                ♦ Reproduce and distribute the weekly information sheets.
                                                                                                ♦ Track employee participation, completion, and evaluate
 If you decide to administer the Wheeling Walks 30 Minutes or More Challenge (with or
 without modification) within your company you and your employer agree that the West
                                                                                                ♦ Upon completion of the Wheeling Walks 30 Minutes or
 Virginia University Department of Community Medicine, The Wheeling-Ohio County Public             More Challenge, fax the coordinator evaluation to
 Health Dept., its members and staff, bear no responsibility whatsoever for any damages, or        Wheeling Walks, complete on-line, or mail.
 claims of damage, that you or your employer have, or may have, in any manner arising from
 your decision to administer the Let's’Get Walking Program within your company.

 The information included in the Wheeling Walks 30 Minutes or More Challenge is not
 intended to be a substitute for professional medical advice. You should not use this
 information to diagnose or treat a health problem or disease without consulting with a
 qualified healthcare provider. Please consult your healthcare provider with any questions or
 concerns you may have regarding your condition.

How It Works:
! Employees register to participate in the Wheeling
  Walks 30 Minutes or More Challenge.                    GET READY! - Planning and Schedule Issues
! The Challenge runs for 8 consecutive weeks.            Low Budget Ideas That Work:
! Receive and read the weekly information sheets,             • Consider a nominal registration fee for the program
  which can be given out together or sent weekly to              ($5 or less) then use that money to purchase
  participants.                                                  program incentives. Companies have found this
! The Challenge asks participants to track their                 idea especially effective at increasing the perceived
  walking daily. Participants are asked to accumulate            value of the program by participants and it improves
  30 minutes or more of walking 5 days per week.                 program adherence as well!
  This can be done in as little as three 10-minute
  segments daily.                                             • Seek out contributions from local vendors,
                                                                 restaurants, health facilities, or movie theaters for
The Weekly Handouts:                                             gift certificates, discount coupons, or prize
There are 8 weeks of reproducible pages designed for             donations.
weekly distribution to participants to increase their         • Use fame and fortune! Everyone likes to see his or
awareness and understanding of walking behaviors, as             her name in print. Write stories to publicize the
well as to keep them motivated, interested and focused           success of participating employees. Turn them into
on the Wheeling Walks 30 Minutes or More Challenge               “Wheeling Walks 30 Minutes or More Challenge
goals.                                                           Poster People”.
1. Making Walking Fit Your Lifestyle.                         • Stretch budget dollars by offering a few prizes as
2. The Wonders of Walking                                        opposed to giving something to everyone (drawings
3. Stretching                                                    work best if everyone feels they have an equal
4. What’s Blocking You?                                          chance at winning… but make sure the criteria for
5. Are you low on water?                                         being entered in the drawing is fair and is based
6. What’s Blocking You Part 2                                    upon completing predetermined program
7. Adopt-a-Couch-Potato                                          benchmarks).
8. Ways to Keep Moving Forward

GET SET! – Promotion and Publicity Ideas                           •   Print articles and registration form in company newsletter
Promote the Wheeling Walks 30 Minutes or More                          or other communication materials.
Challenge                                                          •   Distribute the participant information and registration form
       Publicize the Challenge and give employees time to              to all employees via inter-office mail.
       complete and return their participant registration forms.   •   Don’t forget stalls of employee restrooms! The back of the
       Use as many ways as possible to promote the program             door is a great place to pick up information.
       to your employees or members. For example:
• E-mail announcements                                             Promotion Materials Provided in this kit include:
• Electronic bulletin board postings                               • Easy-to-Copy flyer (which can be blown up to a larger
• Regular bulletin board postings (blow up the copy ready             poster size)
   flyer, add your site specific registration information and      • Easy-to Copy participant information sheet and registration
   copy on bright paper)                                              form
• Make presentations about the program at employee staff
   meetings. Give us a call at 740-695-3683 to schedule a
   campaign representative to assist you with a presentation.
• Set up a promotional booth in a high traffic area (break
   room, cafeteria, fitness center, employee entrance) and use
   balloons, banners and posters to attract attention.

                                     PARTICIPATION INFORMATION

What is The Wheeling Walks 30 Minutes or More Challenge?                can’t talk normally while exercising, slow down or
                                                                        decrease the intensity of the exercise.
The Wheeling Walks 30 Minutes or More Challenge is an               •   Anyone with two or more cardiovascular risk∗ factors
eight-week program beginning on April 17, 2001 and ending               should consult with their physician prior to startin a
June 9, 2001. It is designed to help you establish a more               walking program.
healthy, active lifestyle through daily moderate activity. This     •   Seek medical attention immediately if you suddenly feel
program is fun, non-competitive and designed for persons of all         dizzy, faint, break into a cold sweat, or if you feel pain or
ages and abilities. Your Wheeling Walks Challenge is to                 pressure in your mid-chest area, left neck, shoulder or arm.
accumulate 30 + minutes of moderate walking, 5 days per             •   Have fun in the Wheeling Walks 30 Minutes or More
week, each week for 8 weeks. This can be done in three 10-              Challenge and don’t over-do it! Attempt to develop a
minute segments.                                                        healthy habit that you will enjoy for a lifetime.

How do I get started?                                               ∗ Cardiovascular risk factors include:
• First complete and submit your registration form.                       • More than 50 years of age
• Second, track your weekly participation using the weekly                • Diabetes
  Walking Activity logs.                                                  • Blood pressure at or above 140/90
                                                                          • Family history of heart disease
Health and Safety Concerns and Participation reminders:
                                                                          • Chest pain or chest pressure
• Listen to your body while you exercise. If you feel like you
   are exercising too hard, you probably are. You should
   rarely feel “winded” or out of breath while walking.
• Talk with your program coordinator about how to monitor
   your heart rate while exercising.
• Take the “Talk Test’. A good way to tell if your activity
   level is too strenuous is to see if you can talk normally
   while exercising. If you can do the activity and talk, your
   pace is probably about right. If you are out of breath and

Individual Registration Form
Step # 1
Complete this registration information and return
to your Worksite coordinator.
    Yes! Register me as a participant in the Wheeling
    Walks! Challenge.

Signature: __________________________________

Name: (please print clearly):

Age:     _____________________________________

Phone: _____________________________________

E-mail: ____________________________________

The information included in the Wheeling Walks 30 Minutes
or More Challenge is not intended to be a substitute for
professional medical advice. You should not use this
information to diagnose or treat a health problem or disease
without consulting with a qualified healthcare provider. Please
consult your healthcare provider with any questions or
concerns you may have regarding any existing condition.

                                                           Definition Page
1. Moderately active – The CDC and American College of Sports Medicine have defined moderate physical activity as 30 minutes a
   day of walking for at least 5 days a week.

2. Barriers – Another word for Roadblocks. Anything that can temporarily stop you from achieving your physical activity goals.

3. Conversation rule – A good way to tell if your activity level is too strenuous is to see if you can talk normally while exercising. If
   you can do the activity and talk, your pace is probably about right. If you are out of breath and can’t talk normally while
   exercising, slow down or decrease the intensity of the exercise.

4. Roadblocks – Anything that can temporarily stop you from achieving your physical activity goals.

5. Detours – Anything that can help you get back on the walking track.

Each log submitted represents an entry into a drawing for                successfully meeting their Challenge goals each week
fabulous prizes.                                                         or write articles featuring individual participants.
                                                                         Another way to encourage participation throughout the
Challenge Logs                                                           Challenge is to have a drawing for a few Challenge
      This requirement is based on the participants’                     prizes at regular intervals throughout the Challenge.
      completing 30 minutes of moderate walking (this may                Many companies distribute incentive prizes to
      be in three 10-minute segments) on at least five days              Challenge participants every 1 to 2 weeks, as well as
      during the week.                                                   distributing a special award at the end of the Challenge.
                                                                   Promote Community Events Sponsored by the Wheeling
                                                                   Walks 30 Minutes or More Campaign.
GO! - Running the Challenge
                                                                   •  Wheeling Walks! Website @
Let the Challenge Begin                                            •  Kickoff Celebration- April 17, 2001 at Wheeling Civic
       The program runs for eight consecutive weeks. Here are         Center
       a few suggestions for running the Challenge from start      • Mark Fenton Media Day-April 24, 2001 @ 9AM at
       to finish!                                                     Wheeling Park High School
Distribute the Challenge Sheets                                    • Mall Kickoff – May 1, 2001 @ The Ohio Valley Mall
       In organizations with multiple locations, it may be best    • Physician’s Press Conference-May 8, 2001 @9AM at
       to recruit a coordinator for each site to help with the        Ogelbay Lodge
       distribution and collection of Challenge materials.         • Mayor’s Walking Cup-May 16, 2001 @ 12PM Main St.
Track Participation                                                • Intergenerational Walk-May 25, 2001 @6PM at Wheeling
       Tell participants the procedures for completing and            Civic Center
       returning the Challenge log forms each week. This can       • Ogden Newspapers 20K Distance Run-May 26, 2001
       be done by having participants return a copy of their       • Campaign Community Celebration-June 9, 2001
       weekly log form to a specified coordinator or by using      Log onto our website or call Campaign Headquarters at
       electronic reporting mechanisms, like email, if feasible.   740-695-3683 for more information.
Keep the momentum going.
       Stay in touch with participants throughout the
       Challenge. For example, share information about the
       total number of participants, numbers of employees

Ways to Keep’em Moving: Using Incentives & Prizes                 •   If you have a bigger budget, offer a grand prize drawing.
        Use prizes and incentives with the Challenge to               Your company can provide a $100 gift certificate or
        increase participation, employee involvement and              provides a health club membership for one winner.
        participant success. Why? Many researchers in worksite
        health promotion report that the simple use of            Suggestions for weekly challenges:
        individual incentives increases both employee
        participation and ultimate employee completion of
                                                                  •   Week 1 – Post signs giving employees ideas how to add
        worksite health promotion programs. Try these simple
                                                                      walking to their daily routine. Ask your employees daily if
        and low-cost ideas:
                                                                      they have walked using e-mail and flyers in conspicuous
Registration Ideas:
                                                                      places (bathroom stalls).
• Have a drawing and give away a couple of prizes to
                                                                  •   Week 2 – Plan a lunchtime walk for employees. Get a local
   participants who register (see resource guide for incentive
                                                                      donor for new walking shoes and have a raffle for anyone
   item ideas).
                                                                      who has joined the campaign.
• Provide incentives to registered participants who recruit
                                                                  •   Week 3 – Have a fitness professional give a demonstration
   someone to join the program.
                                                                      on stretching techniques. Check with local hospitals and
• Provide everyone who registers with an incentive item to            health clubs for speakers.
   encourage registration.
                                                                  •   Week 4 – Have employees submit the best ways to
Participation/Finishing the Challenge Ideas:
                                                                      overcome common roadblocks and give a prize for the
• Offer a drawing at regular intervals during the program. For        most creative.
   example, hold drawings after the 2nd, 4th, 6th, and 8th week
                                                                  •   Week 5 – Get a donation of bottled water and give to
   of the Challenge. Enter the names of all participants who
                                                                      anyone who takes a 10 minute walk during a work break or
   report successfully meeting their challenge level goals for
   that week.
                                                                  •   Week 6 – Promote a family walk after work. Encourage
• Offer an incentive to everyone who successfully completes
                                                                      participants to attend a community walking activity.
   all 8 weeks of the Challenge or offer a tiered program
                                                                  •   Week 7 – Sponsor a walk with a buddy luncheon or after-
   based on the number of weeks completed. (Complete all 8
                                                                      work walk.
   weeks… receive a T-shirt, Complete 6 weeks… receive a
   lunch bag, complete 4 weeks… receive a water bottle or a       •   Week 8 – Have a Grand Finale walk and give small prizes
   lapel pin. A logo sheet is included.).                             (stickers) to everyone attending!

The Big Finish!                                                        there is a signature line on the certificate for someone from
Celebrate the End of the Challenge                                     your company to sign. Have the company wellness
                                                                       coordinator, medical director, human resources director or
Depending upon the size of your organization and the number            the CEO or President of the company provide this “official
of participants, finish the Challenge in some noteworthy way.          signature” on your certificates. Fill in each participant’s
Here are a few ideas:                                                  name and program participation level.
• Share the Challenge results with all participants by sending     •   Celebrate the end of the LGW Challenge with a “Fitness
    a completion announcement flyer, memo or article in a              Finale Lap” – a short, 10 – 30 minute walk on work time or
    company newsletter. Tally the results of all participants as       during the lunch hour. Officially recognize participants,
    well as the participant evaluation form. Share some                hold drawings for prizes, and/or present the completion
    “success stories” of participants who were particularly            certificates.
    successful in the program.                                     •   Promote a company presence at the Wheeling Walks
• Make sure everyone feels like a winner at the end of the             30Minutes or More Finale to be held on June 9, 2001.
    program by distributing Completion Certificates using the
    ready-to-copy original provided in this packet! Note that

The following activity sheets can be collected and                 and/or incentives can be issued using the Challenge
used as the coordinator wishes. Some suggestions                   Logs.
are to turn in after 2, 4, 6, or 8 weeks. Prizes

Name______________               Name____________                 Name______________               Name______________
Age_______________               Age_______________               Age_______________               Age_______________
Week 1                           Week 2                           Week 3                           Week 4
Activity Check                   Activity Check                   Activity Check                   Activity Check
Use the form below to            Use the form below to            Use the form below to            Use the form below to
monitor your daily walking.      monitor your daily walking.      monitor your daily walking.      monitor your daily walking.

Accumulate 30 + minutes          Accumulate 30 + minutes          Accumulate 30 + minutes          Accumulate 30 + minutes
of moderate walking 5            of moderate walking 5            of moderate walking 5            of moderate walking 5
days per week.                   days per week. 30                days per week. 30                days per week. 30
30 Minutes can be                Minutes can be                   Minutes can be                   Minutes can be
accumulated in three 10-         accumulated in three 10-         accumulated in three 10-         accumulated in three 10-
minute segments.                 minute segments.                 minute segments.                 minute segments.

Day      Minutes Walked          Day      Minutes Walked          Day       Minutes Walked         Day      Minutes Walked
Mon.                             Mon.                             Mon.                             Mon.
___________________________      ___________________________      ___________________________      ___________________________
Tues.                            Tues.                            Tues.                            Tues.
___________________________      ___________________________      ___________________________      ___________________________
Wed.                             Wed.                             Wed.                             Wed.
___________________________      ___________________________      ___________________________      ___________________________
Thur.                            Thur.                            Thur.                            Thur.
___________________________      ___________________________      ___________________________      ___________________________
Fri.                             Fri.                             Fri.                             Fri.
___________________________      ___________________________      ___________________________      ___________________________
Sat.                             Sat.                             Sat.                             Sat.
___________________________      ___________________________      ___________________________      ___________________________
Sun.                             Sun.                             Sun.                             Sun.
___________________________      ___________________________      ___________________________      ___________________________
Total Minutes Walked Per Week:   Total Minutes Walked Per Week:   Total Minutes Walked Per Week:   Total Minutes Walked Per Week:

______________________           ______________________           ______________________           ______________________

Name______________               Name____________                 Name______________               Name______________
Age_______________               Age_______________               Age_______________               Age_______________
Week 5                           Week 6                           Week 7                           Week 8
Activity Check                   Activity Check                   Activity Check                   Activity Check
Use the form below to            Use the form below to            Use the form below to            Use the form below to
monitor your daily walking.      monitor your daily walking.      monitor your daily walking.      monitor your daily walking.

Accumulate 30 + minutes          Accumulate 30 + minutes          Accumulate 30 + minutes          Accumulate 30 + minutes
of moderate walking 5            of moderate walking 5            of moderate walking 5            of moderate walking 5
days per week.                   days per week. 30                days per week. 30                days per week. 30
30 Minutes can be                Minutes can be                   Minutes can be                   Minutes can be
accumulated in three 10-         accumulated in three 10-         accumulated in three 10-         accumulated in three 10-
minute segments.                 minute segments.                 minute segments.                 minute segments.

Day      Minutes Walked          Day      Minutes Walked          Day       Minutes Walked         Day      Minutes Walked
Mon.                             Mon.                             Mon.                             Mon.
___________________________      ___________________________      ___________________________      ___________________________
Tues.                            Tues.                            Tues.                            Tues.
___________________________      ___________________________      ___________________________      ___________________________
Wed.                             Wed.                             Wed.                             Wed.
___________________________      ___________________________      ___________________________      ___________________________
Thur.                            Thur.                            Thur.                            Thur.
___________________________      ___________________________      ___________________________      ___________________________
Fri.                             Fri.                             Fri.                             Fri.
___________________________      ___________________________      ___________________________      ___________________________
Sat.                             Sat.                             Sat.                             Sat.
___________________________      ___________________________      ___________________________      ___________________________
Sun.                             Sun.                             Sun.                             Sun.
___________________________      ___________________________      ___________________________      ___________________________
Total Minutes Walked Per Week:   Total Minutes Walked Per Week:   Total Minutes Walked Per Week:   Total Minutes Walked Per Week:

______________________           ______________________           ______________________           ______________________

Make Walking a Part of Your Lifestyle                                                  Wheeling Walks Challenge Week #1 (3 pages)

Because you are busy and there is always more to do than there is time to do it, it is important to make walking a part of your
day…not something in addition to all the things already on your “to do list”. Schedule time for walking, like you schedule all of your
other important appointments.

                                                                       •   People who are usually inactive can improve their health
                                                                           and well being by becoming even moderately active on a
      The Week 1 Challenge                                                 regular basis.
                                                                                        Overcoming Barriers
       is to: Make walking a                                           Many people will have to work up to walking for 30 minutes
      priority in your life by                                         each day. But recent studies have shown that even a 10-minute
      finding simple ways to                                           walk, three times a day has the same benefit as one 30-minute
        add walking to your                                            walk. And even better news is that walking just 30 minutes a
            daily routine.                                             day on almost every day of the week cuts our incidence of
                                                                       having a heart attack in half. Some ways to overcome barriers
                                                                       to walking include:
                                                                       • Start slowly with realistic goals to build confidence.
                                                                       • Walking doesn’t have to be at a strenuous pace. Use the
Make walking a “Healthy Habit” for a lifetime!                             “conversation” rule.
The Surgeon General has stated that:                                   • Engage friends and family members in your walking to
• Physical activity reduces the risk of developing or dying                enhance relationships.
   from some of the leading causes of illness and death in the         • Walking the dog, walking to your car, and just a short stroll
   United States.                                                          at lunch are all ways to get in a 10-minute walk.
• Regular physical activity can:                                       • Plan walking in advance and stick to a routine with a friend
   ! Substantially reduce the risk of developing or dying                  or colleague
      from heart disease, diabetes, colon cancer, and high             • Be prepared! Keep a pair of walking shoes in the car for
      blood pressure.                                                      any walking opportunity.
   ! Reduce symptoms of depression and anxiety, improve                • Keep your walking partners phone number handy.
      mood, and enhance ability to perform daily tasks.

Walking Technique                                  jumbo-size magic marker              regular walking are the dividends of
If you thought you mastered walking at             against your palms). Swing           making a daily investment in your
age one well, think again. Fitness                 your arms naturally as you           health. Human behavior is motivated
walking isn't an afternoon stroll, but             walk, but try not to let your        by the “pay-off”…without it, there just
even a novice can begin moving with                hands extend above your chest.       isn’t enough reason to change your
an easy walking program that will help         •   Keep your steps short and            routine.
to get you fit, toned, and on track for a          fast. The faster you move the
healthier cardiovascular system.                   better your cardiovascular           Put a check mark by the statements that
Before you get started, let's run through          workout. Keep an even stride         best describe the reasons why you feel
some easy-to-follow walking tips. By               and maintain a steady pace.          exercise and good health are important!
following these key steps, you'll reduce       •   Heel-to-toe motion. As you
your risk of injury, ensure that your              walk, your heel should be the               Live longer
body works at its peak. Remember to:               first part of your foot to hit the          Have more energy/get more done
                                                   ground. Roll through the ball of
                                                                                               Manage your weight/lose weight
   •   Stand up straight. Look                     the foot and push off with your
       directly ahead. Imagine that a              toes. This motion reduces the               Feel better
       string is attached to the top of            risk of shin splints and tendon
                                                   pulls.                                      Sleep better/Need less sleep
       your head and is lifting you
       from the ground. Keep your                                                              Reduce daily stress and anxiety
       shoulders back and relaxed,          What Motivates You to Walk?                        Boost self-confidence
       chest lifted, and tailbone           Another important aspect of sticking
       pointing down to the ground.         with your commitment to walk is to                 Feel younger/Look Better
   •   Relieve the stress points.           think about why you value your health!             More energy to enjoy life
       Relax your shoulders and shake       If you know the true “pay-off”, you are
       out any tension from your arms       more likely to view the time it takes to    The Physical Benefits of
       and wrists. Bend your arms at        walk as an investment in you health         Regular Walking
       the elbow about 83 degrees.          and not a waste of your time.               In addition to the mental pay-off, there
       Wiggle your fingers and then                                                     are many proven physical benefits to
       hold your hands in loose balls       How do people who walk regularly            regular walking as well. It is important
       (pretend you're clasping a           stick with it? The values and benefits of

to note which health benefits are
important to you.
                                                      Handle on Hypertension                                •    Prepare for a 5K or 10K walk this
Weight Watch                                          Lower your blood pressure and your                         year. What better way to focus
Shed extra pounds and abdominal fat                   risk of stroke.                                            your efforts than to have a goal in
(the fat around your belly)…the fat                                                                              sight?
most closely linked to heart disease.                 Balance Blood Sugar                                   •    Add weight training to your fitness
Regular activity can help you lose                    Lowers the risk of developing non-                         program. Strong muscles work
weight or maintain a healthy weight.                  insulin-dependent (Type II) diabetes                       more efficiently, reduce your
                                                      mellitus.                                                  chance of injury, and burn calories
Heart Health                                                                                                     faster!
Reduces your risk of heart disease and                Bone Benefits
reduces the risk of having a second                   Improve bone density, reducing the risk
heart attack in people who have already               of osteoporosis and fractures as you get              Begin the Wheeling Walks
experienced one heart attack.                         older.
                                                                                                            Challenge by making a
Cholesterol Count                                     Anti-Aging Agent                                      commitment to walking 30
Increase your “HDL” (High Density                     Physical activity can slow the aging                  minutes on at least five days of
Lipoprotein, the good cholesterol) and                process, helping you to look and feel                 the week each week of the
lower your triglyceride levels.                       younger than your actual chronological                campaign and incorporate
                                                      age.                                                  walking into your daily routine!
Cancer Check
Reduce your risk of colon cancer.                      Tips to help you stay motivated
                                                      •   Find walking buddies to share
                                                          goals, challenges, and successes.
                                                          Find a local walking club. Group
                                                          walks are fun ways to meet other
                                                          active people and mix up your
                                                          standard routine.
The Wheeling Walks 30 Minutes or More Challenge is adapted from the National Association of Governor’s Councils on Physical Fitness and Sports, Let’s Get
Physical 2000 Challenge.

The Wonders of Walking!                                                       Wheeling Walks Challenge Week #2 (3 pages)

                                            walking and author of Walking off             hiking or walking paths near you. Make
                                            Weight and Walk the Four Seasons,             sure you take along a bottle of water.
       The Week Two                         “walking is one of the best forms of
      Challenges are to:                    exercise because it requires no special       If the shoe doesn’t fit… don’t
      Learn the benefits                    equipment and costs nothing." Maybe           wear it!
      of walking and to                     that’s why research shows that                No matter where you walk, remember
       understand the                       walking/hiking is the nation’s leading        that your feet work hard while
                                            outdoor activity with 133.6 million           exercising. If you’re doing any activity
      benefits of proper
                                            Americans participating.                      on your feet make sure you invest in
                                                                                          shoes that work as hard as your feet do
                                            Get With the Program                          and are the right shoes for that type of
                                            Discover ways to walk more. Instead           activity.
It’s simple! Walking doesn’t require a      of your morning jolt-me-up cup of
huge investment – other than a good         coffee, how about a wake-me-up-stroll?
                                                                                          Get new shoes.
pair of shoes. You can do it anywhere,      A short walk around the block each
                                                                                          If you’re an avid walker, your shoes
any time, in any weather! It doesn’t        morning is a great way to start the day.
                                                                                          lose their cushioning and support every
require any special skill, talent or        Take a different route to the copy
                                                                                          300 to 500 miles. Average exercisers
equipment. You can do it by yourself,       machine or restroom at work…find the
                                                                                          should replace their shoes every six
or with others. It’s easy to increase the   longest route and walk it every time.
                                                                                          months or so; people who work out
intensity of walking as your fitness
                                                                                          four or more times per week may need
level improves.                             Venture outside for the scenic views
                                                                                          to replace their shoes every three to
                                            and fresh air of Mother Nature’s health
                                                                                          four months. And remember shoes do
According to Rob Sweetgall, one of the      club – the great outdoors. Check out
                                                                                          not have to cost a lot to be adequate.
nation’s most avid proponents of            local nature centers in your area for

“Based on what we now know, everyone can find some time to include more activity in their day. The key is to
think of small ways to get your body moving, which will add up to big dividends in terms of better health.”
-Dr. C. Everett Koop (former US Surgeon General)

                                             •   Make sure your shoe's sole is           Match the shoe to the activity
                                                 supportive and flexible. You want       It’s not just a marketing ploy that
                                                 to have a toe box (the front part of    manufacturers make so many different
                                                 the shoe) that's wide enough so it      types of athletic shoes. Running shoes
                                                 won't hinder your toe push-off or       absorb shock, tennis shoes control
                                                 pinch your toes. You'll also need a     motion, and basketball shoes deliver
                                                 firm mid-sole to support your           good traction. Walking shoes are more
                                                 arches.                                 flexible in the forefoot, with a lower,
                                             •   Go for a practice lap around the        more rounded heel than running shoes
                                                 store. Ask yourself: Is there enough    this allows for better shock absorption
                                                 room for you to wiggle your toes?       in the heels and balls of the feet and
                                                 Do the shoes rub against your           also more support than a running shoe.
Get the Right Shoes                              heels? Are the shoes comfortable
Unlike other sports, the only essential          even when wearing a thick pair of       Don’t buy on price.
equipment you need to get started on a           socks?                                  Seek a shoe source with qualified,
walking program is a comfortable pair        •   Don't buy shoes that need to be         trained sales people; not just cheap
of athletic walking shoes and some               "broken in." Your walking shoes         shoes. For the best fit, bring the socks
well-cushioned socks.                            should fit comfortably when you         you plan to wear with the shoes.
Some things to keep in mind when                 leave the store.
shopping for shoes:                          •   Go "alternative" fibers. Cotton         Take a practice run or walk.
                                                 socks soak up moisture and              Walk or jog around the store to test the
•   When you walk, your heel is the              perspiration, which can create
    point of first contact with the track                                                shoes for fit and comfort before you
                                                 rubbing and result in blisters. Look    buy. If you do make a purchase, some
    or pavement, so you want to have             for mixed-fiber socks or sock liners,
    one-quarter inch to one-half inch of                                                 stores will allow you to return or
                                                 which draw moisture away from           exchange the shoes as long as they
    cushioning under your shoe's heel.           your skin.
    The cushioning protects and                                                          haven’t been worn outside. Take this
    stabilizes your heels. It also reduces                                               opportunity to spend an extended
    shock to your ankle and knee joints.                                                 period of time wearing your new shoes

What to do for sore feet
If your feet hurt, you're not going to                shoes too tightly or too loosely. The                 •    Blackened toenails are common and
enjoy your walk. Some common foot                     pinching and rubbing may cause                             painful, and are caused when your
problems are fairly easy to treat and                 blister-forming irritation.                                big toe hits the front of your shoe.
easier still to avoid. Here's how not to                                                                         Keep your toenails neatly trimmed
get sidelined:                                        •   Pounding usually causes aching                         and filed. Check your shoe size and
• To avoid blisters, stop them before                     arches when you walk. The first                        wear double socks on the smaller
    they start. Keep your feet dry. Steer                 thing you need to do is check your                     foot if the shoe is too loose. Most
    clear of cotton socks, which soak                     form. Are you landing on your heel                     people have one foot that's larger
    up perspiration and stretch out of                    and pushing off with your toes? If                     than the other. Always buy your
    shape. Wear socks made with fibers                    the problem persists, arch supports                    walking shoes for the larger foot.
    that draw moisture away from your                     might help; if that doesn't work,
    skin. Or slip on a sock liner under                   consult your podiatrist or a sports
    your cotton socks. Rub petroleum                      doctor.
    jelly on your feet and between your               •   Corns and calluses are painful, and
    toes before gearing up. This will                     the more you ignore them, the                     This week take a walk during
    reduce irritation that can lead to                    worse they get. Check your shoes to               your lunch hour!
    blisters. And finally, don't lace your                make sure you've got a comfortable
                                                          fit. And toss thin socks: You need
                                                          to have a nice cushion between
                                                          your feet and inside your shoes.

The Wheeling Walks 30 Minutes or More Challenge is adapted from the National Association of Governor’s Councils on Physical Fitness and Sports, Let’s Get
Physical 2000 Challenge.

Stretching                                                                             Wheeling Walks Challenge Week 3 (3 pages)

                                          stretches, or perform them as part of             warmed up. This is a great way to
        The Week 3                        your “cooldown” routine when you are              "“cool down"” from your activity, and
.                                         completed with you walk.                          it is relaxing, too!
      Challenge is to
       learn proper                       Warm Up & Stretch Out                             Stretching Tips
         stretching                       Warming up your muscles, ligaments                " Do not bounce
     techniques and                       and tendons before you begin any
     to stretch daily.                    physical activity can reduce your risk            " Use slow, controlled movements.
                                          of injury. Start your activity slowly,
                                          and always spend the first couple of              " Stretching should be relaxing…
                                          minutes of the activity getting used to             don’t forget to breath while you are
                                          the increased effort that exercise places           stretching. Try exhaling gradually
Warm-up and Stretch by
                                          on your body. If you take the time to               as you perform each stretch.
walking normally for 5 minutes            warm-up before you begin your
to increase your heart rate               physical activity routine, chances are            " Stretch until you feel a slight
slowly. Then for 20 minutes               you will minimize the possibility of                tension or pulling sensation…
walk briskly,. Remain erect,              muscle soreness later.                              stretching should not be painful.
taking full strides and swinging
your arms easily. Cool down               Simple stretching exercises can reduce            " Hold each stretch for 10 to 30
                                          fatigue and muscle stiffness from a                 seconds each.
with a 5-minute slow walk to              long day at work, tension from traffic
lower your pulse safely.                  jams and too much sitting. Regular                " Don’t force a stretch beyond your
                                          stretching also increases your flexibility          comfort level. With regular
Walking is the best stretching exercise   and can help reduce the risk of injury              stretching over time, your
for walking but here are some other       from physical activity. Ideally,                    flexibility will improve.
stretching techniques you can learn.      stretching should be a part of your
Remember, stretching is most effective    physical activity routine, and muscles            " Stretch daily.
on “warm” muscles, so walk for a few      respond to stretching best after they are
minutes before performing these

                                                                                       Shoulder Rolls
Side to Side Looks                          Neck Rolls                                 Put your hands on your waist; slowly
Look straight ahead; slowly turn your       Slowly lower your chin down towards        rotate your shoulders in a circular
head to one side. Hold for 10 seconds,      your chest. Roll your neck toward one      movement forward and around. Repeat
then return to the center. Repeat 3 times   shoulder, hold for 10 seconds, and then    10 times forward and 10 times back.
on each side.

                                            gently roll to the opposite side. Repeat
                                            3 times.
                                                                                       Lower-Back Stretch, version#1

                                            Shoulder Shrugs
                                            Sitting in a chair, slowly lift your
Ear to Shoulder Stretches                   shoulders up to your ears by squeezing
Slowly lower each ear to the                your shoulder blades together hold and
corresponding shoulder; hold for 10         tighten for 10 seconds, then release the
seconds, then return to the upright                                                    Sit on the edge of a stable chair with
                                            tension. Repeat 4 to 6 times.              feet on the floor. Slowly bend forward
position. Repeat 3 times on each side.
                                                                                       from the waist until your hands touch
                                                                                       the floor and you feel a stretch in your
                                                                                       lower back. Hold 10 to 15 seconds,
                                                                                       then slowly rise back up. Repeat 3-5

Lower BackStretch, version#2                          Calve Stretch                                         Quadriceps Stretch
                                                      While standing about 1 –2 feet from a                 While standing 1-2 feet from a wall,
                                                      wall, place one foot close to the wall,               use one arm to balance against the wall
                                                      and extend the other foot behind you, in              while you use your other arm to reach
                                                      a step position. Place both arms against
                                                      the wall, and gradually lean towards the
                                                      wall, keeping your back leg straight,
Sit on the floor, and clasp your hands                and ideally, your rear foot flat on the
behind your knees. Slowly roll                        ground. Keep your low back flat and
backwards (be sure to do this on carpet               gently press your hips forward. Hold
or a padded surface), until you are lying             10–30 seconds. Repeat 2-4 times for
on your back. Slowly pull your knees to               each leg.
your chest, while pressing your lower                                                                       behind you and grab the opposite leg
back into the floor. Hold 10 to 30                                                                          just above the ankle. Gradually pull the
seconds, then unclasp your hands and                                                                        leg up and back, while keeping your
lower your knees. Repeat 2-4 times.                                                                         knees close together. Hold 10 to 30
                                                                                                            seconds. Repeat 2-4 times for each leg.
Additional Stretches
These additional stretches may be
helpful for maintaining or improving
the flexibility in your lower back and
legs and can be done if you have extra                                                                      This week concentrate on
time.                                                                                                       Stretching.

The Wheeling Walks 30 Minutes or More Challenge is adapted from the National Association of Governor’s Councils on Physical Fitness and Sports, Let’s Get
Physical 2000 Challenge.

What’s Blocking You? Part 1___________________Wheeling Walks Challenge Week #4 (4 pages)
Everyone has lots of reasons why they don’t participate in physical activity. Some people call these excuses, we call them Roadblocks
and, like a real roadblock, there are always Detours available to get around them. Check out the most common “roadblocks”, as well
as the ideas to “detour” around each roadblock that you identify with.

                                               Roadblock: The “No-Time”                       •   Remember that walking doesn’t
                                               Roadblock                                          require a special change of clothes.

.      The Week Four                           “I don’t have time to exercise. I’m too        •   If you are creative, walking doesn’t
       Challenge is to:                        busy with work and the kids’ school                require a special place to walk.
         Develop an                            and activity schedules. I’m always in
    understanding of how                       the car just driving people to and from        •   Remember safety and create your
                                               all of their activities.”                          own walking trail.
     common roadblocks
    can prevent you from                                                                      •   Take a ten-minute walk during a
                                               Detour – Not Enough Time/Too
       being physically                                                                           break at work, or before or after
           active.                             Focus on getting a few (2 to 3) small              your lunch break.
                                               amounts (10 to 30minutes at a time)
                                               instead of trying to block out one,            •   Look at your daily schedule and
                                               larger period of time into your day.               determine where time for walking
Five of the Most Common                                                                           can be added
Roadblocks & Detours for                       •   Choose casual walks that require
                                                   less time, or can be done in several       Roadblock: The “Nothing-is-
Getting Around Them
                                                   short blocks of time.                      Convenient” Roadblock
                                                                                              This roadblock is similar to the “No-
                                               •   Choose times of day that don’t             Time” roadblock. “It’s not convenient
                                                   require a special change of clothes.       for me to find a place to exercise. I
                                                                                              can’t exercise during the workday,
                                                                                              there’s no place to change, shower or

clean up. There isn’t a health club (or a   “I’m just too tired to do anything else.   Detour – Too Old?
club that I can afford) near me.”           By the time I get home from work,          Regular, moderate walking is beneficial
                                            make dinner, wash the dishes and get       no matter what your age. People who
                                            everything else done, I’m just             are sedentary report feeling older than
Detour – Try Reprioritizing                 exhausted.”                                they really are, and people who
Your Time                                                                              exercise report feeling younger than
                                            Detour – Too Tired?                        they are!
Don’t let walking be last on your list of   Activity is like a jump-start to your      See your physician for
things to do. If you wait until             internal battery and afterwards you’ll
everything else is done, you’ll never       be energized, awake, and ready to go.
have time for yourself. Return your         Walk early in the day if this is one of
phone calls while you walk on a             your roadblocks, before your regular
treadmill. Also, you may surprise           daily activities have zapped your
yourself by discovering times for           energy. Walking will help you sleep
walking that are already available in       better and you’ll wake up feeling more
your daily activities.                      rested. Try this simple strategy: When
                                            you start to feel drowsy, either during
•   Park 10 or 15 minutes from work         the day or when you are home early in
    and walk the rest of the way            the evening, take 5 to 10 minutes for a
                                            short walk around the office or the
•   Walk a different route to the lunch
                                            neighborhood, and see what happens.
    room or copy room.
•   Walk and talk with a co-worker,
    husband, or friend.                     Roadblock: The “I’m-Too-Old”
                                            Roadblock                                  recommendations and clearance to
•   Borrow a dog on a leash or a child
                                            “”I’m too old to exercise. At my age,      start, and when you do get started, take
    in a stroller and take a walk.
                                            I’m sure there’s nothing I can do to get   it slowly. Try to walk 30 minutes or
                                            myself back into shape. It’s hard to       more on at least 5 days of the week.
                                            teach an old dog new tricks.”              But remember this can be done in three
Roadblock: The “Too-Tired”                                                             10-minute segments.

The “Nothing-I-Enjoy-Doing”                           where, and with who allows for really                      •   Never use ankle weights. The
Roadblock                                             endless variety.                                               added weight can injure your
“I just don’t like to exercise. I’ve never                                                                           back and joints.
enjoyed exercise. I hated gym class in                Let people know you are now a                              •   Always carry I.D. and change
school. I wasn’t into sports, and I’m not             “walker”. Make the declaration and                             for a phone call.
competitive. And, I hate to sweat!”                   join the revolution
                                                                                                                 Signs of Overexertion
Detour – Don’t Enjoy Walking?                         Walk Safely                                                You may be walking too fast if you
 Many people need more variety and                    Although walking is one of the safest                      can’t catch your breath, feel
options in their walking routine. Look                ways to exercise, being “street wise”                      lightheaded or dizzy, feel your heart
for walking, hiking, or other types of                reduces your risk of accidents or                          pounding, or have chest or arm
clubs in your community. Some health                  injuries. Walking safely also means                        pains. Sow down immediately. If
clubs will let you attend onetime free to             watching for signs of overexertion, and                    you have a knee or ankle strain or
see if you like it. Remember, what’s                  calling your doctor if a medical                           blisters, stop your walks until you
exciting for someone else may be                      problem arises.                                            heal.
totally boring to you, but be open to
other's suggestions and invitations to                Safety Tips                                                Call Your Doctor
join in. Still don’t enjoy walking? Be                    •    At night, walk with a buddy and                   Call your doctor if you feel any
creative but remember safety!                                  wear reflectors or reflective tape                chest pain or have an injury, such as
♦ Walk with a friend                                           so drivers can see you.                           an ankle strain, that doesn’t heal
♦ Walk the dog                                            •    Walk on smooth surfaces, such                     after a few days of rest.
♦ Walk a trail                                                 as dirt paths or sidewalks. You
♦ Get a Walkman and sing while you                             could trip and fall on an uneven             This week write down what your
    walk!                                                      surface.                                     main roadblocks are and how
♦ Listen to a book on audiotape.                          •    Avoid neighborhoods where
                                                                                                            you can overcome them!
Walking is not competitive – it is an                          there are barking dogs; some
ideal cooperative activity. How, when,                         dogs may bite.

The Wheeling Walks 30 Minutes or More Challenge is adapted from the National Association of Governor’s Councils on Physical Fitness and Sports, Let’s Get
Physical 2000 Challenge.

Are You Low on H2O? ___________________________Wheeling Walks Challenge Week 5 (2 pages)

Questions & Answers about                 more during hot and humid weather –
water!                                    especially if you’re working or playing
Whether you’re just beginning a           outdoors. When performing physical
physical activity routine, or you’re an   activity, try to drink often (for example,            The Week Five
avid runner training for a marathon,      every 15 to 30 minutes). You won’t                   Challenge is to:
water should be your number one liquid    have to consume as much with each                    Learn about the
of choice… and lots of it! During         drink, and you won’t risk that bloated                importance of
summer’s hot, humid days, adequate        feeling by gulping too much fluid at
                                          one time.                                             drinking water
water intake is even more important.                                                           on a daily basis .
Why?                                      Plain Water?
Large portions of our bodies are          Water is Best! While other fluids
composed of water, and every day our      contain water, they also contain sugars,
bodies lose water many different ways,    coloring, caffeine and other chemicals.      Wait ‘til I’m thirsty?
including urine, sweat and tears. This    One of the main jobs of pure water is to     Thirst is not an accurate gauge of your
water needs to be replaced.               keep your body hydrated so it can            body’s need for water. In fact, if you
                                          operate smoothly. So, drink 8 glasses of     wait until you’re thirsty, you’re
How Much?                                 pure water each day in addition to           probably past due for water and a little
Six to eight 8-ounce glasses of water     anything else you drink.                     dehydrated. Keep a full water bottle or
each day is reasonable for most adults                                                 a glass of water with you at all times
on most days. But you should drink                                                     and sip on it throughout the day.

When?                                      carbohydrates will aid performance by
Whenever you’re heading out into the       supplying additional energy.                 Tips for getting more water into your
heat (especially in the sun) – even for    * Contrary to popular opinion a              daily routine.
moderate activities like gardening or      relatively small amount of sweat is salt
walking – begin drinking water as          (0.2 to 0.4%) therefore unless the           •   When in doubt drink water!
much as two hours ahead of time, and       climate is extremely hot or the activity     •   It’ll save you money in restaurants.
try to consume about 2 glasses of water    is over an hour in duration additional       •   It is readily available.
during this time. As long as you remain    salt should not be needed.                   •   Keep a water bottle handy.
in the heat, sip 5 to 10 ounces of water   * Always try to drink more fluids than       •   Bottled water or tap water. There is
or sports drink every half-hour and        you need. A smaller quantity at                  no difference – it’s whatever you
continue drinking after you’ve returned    frequent intervals helps optimize                prefer.
indoors. Don’t be fooled by cool           hydration.                                   •   You can drink more water if it is at
weather – you still need to drink water!   * The World Health Organization                  room temperature.
                                           recommends drinking 6 to 8 large
                                           glasses of water a day. But it must be       Every day this week start your
Practical Recommendations for              remembered that this is only to
Fluid Replacement                          maintain normal fluid balance and does
                                                                                        day with an 8-ounce glass of
* Don't rely on thirst. Drink before,      not take into account the extra fluid        water!
during and after any physical activity.    demands of exercise.
Get into the habit of taking on fluids     Drink at least half a liter of water
during training as well as competition.    before exercise to ensure your fluid
* If the exercise lasts for less than an   levels are up to start and then continue
hour the body should have sufficient       taking in as much as you can during
electrolyte and carbohydrate supplies to   exercise.                                    The Wheeling Walks 30 Minutes or More
maintain optimal performance.              * Finally, as a fitness professional a key   Challenge is adapted from the National
Therefore, for short periods of exercise   role for you will be to educate and          Association of Governor’s Councils on
                                                                                        Physical Fitness and Sports, Let’s Get Physical
water is just as good as sports drink.     motivate your clients to adopt 'good         2000 Challenge.
* If exercise lasts for over an hour a     hydration practices'.
drink with electrolytes and

What’s Blocking You? Part 2_____________________Wheeling Walks Challenge Week #6 (3 pages)
Here are some more common roadblocks to regular walking. Remember, that for every roadblock, there can be many detours
available. Look to see if any of these are roadblocks for you, and then identify at least one detour that you could use to get around it
and get back on track.

                                                spouse to join you. If you can find              Detour: Too Embarrassed?
             The Week Six                       someone to walk with on an occasional            Wear loose fitting, comfortable
          Challenge is to: Map                  basis, you may be able to motivate               clothing. Find an environment where
                                                yourself to exercise alone once in               you are comfortable. Believe it or not,
          out a detour to each
                                                awhile.                                          but the same clothing used for an
             of your major
                                                                                                 evening of TV watching is perfect
              roadblocks.                       Where to find an interested buddy?               walking attire. The Ohio Valley has
                                                • School                                         great trails and well-lit streets – seek
                                                • Church                                         areas with well-maintained sidewalks.
                                                • Neighborhood                                   Walk by yourself or to music and you
Roadblock: The “No-One-To-                      • Work                                           don’t HAVE to keep up with anyone.
Walk With” Roadblock.                           Broaden your horizons and test the               Ask the health club staff about walks
“Walking by myself is too boring. I             waters! This may be a great way to               for beginners and/or people of larger
need somebody to make me walk. And              meet people!                                     size (many clubs are offering these
nobody I know has the same schedule.”                                                            classes). Invest in a treadmill and walk
                                                Roadblock: The I’m-Too-                          in the privacy of your own home until
Detour: No Support?                             Embarrassed” Roadblock                           you feel better about your body and
Look for classes provided by your local         “I’m just too far gone and out of shape.         fitness level.
school district or for groups who meet          I’d be embarrassed to even be seen               Some Trails to try:
to walk. The Ohio Valley                        walking. I can’t wear those exercise             • Wheeling’s Heritage trail
Runners/Walkers Club is a good one in           clothes, I’ll look terrible in sweats and I      • The Edgewood section of Wheeling
the Wheeling area. Take your dog for a          couldn’t keep up with anyone,                    • Wheeling Jesuit University outdoor
walk; put the kids in strollers. If they        anyway!”                                             track
are old enough ask them and your

•   The Ohio Valley Mall’s Walksport       Walking is FREE! And most quality         “uptime” on a beautiful local trail. Use
    Program                                health clubs will be happy to offer       you walk as private time to meditate
                                           advice on walking locals and              and to connect with nature, yourself, or
Roadblock: The “It-Costs-Too-              performance tips - give them a call.      your higher power.
Much” Roadblock                                                                      Roadblock: The “I’ll-Just-Get-
“It’s just too expensive to exercise.      Roadblock: The I-Don’t-Have-              Sore-Or-Hurt-Myself”
Who can afford those machines they         Any-Willpower” Roadblock.                 Roadblock.
sell on TV or a health club                “I just can’t stick with an exercise      “I’ve heard people are worse off if they
membership. Without spending a lot of      routine, I’ve tried. I know I should      start exercising than if they just stay
money, there really isn’t any exercise     exercise, but I’ve never been able to     sedentary. Besides, my muscles are
you can do that would really help get      finish an 8-week exercise class or        never stiff or sore until I try to exercise
you into shape.”                           motivate myself to go to a class          and then I’m sore for days.”
                                           regularly. There’s always something
Detour: Too Expensive?                     else I’d rather be doing, anyway.”
Think about all of the affordable                                                    Detour: I’ll Hurt Myself!
options there are and stop waiting until   Detour: No Willpower?                     See a physician if you’re concerned
you have more money to join a club or      This probably means you haven’t made      about some aspect of your health
buy an expensive piece of equipment.       health a priority in your life or you     (especially your heart), or anytime you
(Remember the stairs are the original      haven’t found and activity you enjoy      change your physical level, but most
stair-climbing machine!). Check out a      doing. Walking with a friend or family    apparently healthy people of any age
school track , the YMCA or the             member can give you the motivation        can safely engage in moderate levels of
YWCA. Even some indoor tracks may          you need to begin and continue a          walking without prior medical
be available and free to the public at     walking program. Incorporating            consultation. Invest in the right kind of
various times. Walk at the mall. Many      walking into your daily routine will      shoes, and warm-up slowly before you
malls have walking programs that are       make walking a healthy habit              do anything. Use common sense and
free or inexpensive to join.               Use walking as a way to connect with      listen to your body if you’re not feeling
Remember: you can walk right outside       yourself or others. Instead of time on    right.
your own front door…on Mother              the phone, enjoy time side by side with   Weight-Loss Maintenance
Nature’s track!                            your friend or family member. Instead     From 1960 to 1990, the number of
                                           of “down time" on the couch, try          Americans who walked to work

dropped from 6.4 million to 4.5                       sending an e-mail. But researchers
million.                                              believe that it has dropped. And small                The most important thing is to
From 1977 to 1995, the number of local                differences add up. The cumulative                    get off the couch. Walking is as
miles traveled in cars by the average                 reduction in energy expenditure can
                                                                                                            close as we’ve come to a magic
American rose from 26 to 39 a day.                    lead to a ten-pound weight gain each
The typical American child spends                     decade so it is a major contributor to                bullet to improve health.
almost 40 hours a week as a “media                    the obesity epidemic.
consumer” in a home that contains                     But walking 30 minutes a day on 5
three TV’s, three tape players, three                 days a week can help! Walking has bee                 This week go for a walk with
radios, two VCR’s, two CD players, a                  found to cause a 40% reduction in the                 your family!
video game player, and a computer.                    risk of diabetes, heart disease, stroke,
No one knows how many calories the                    and gallstones in people that walk just
average American burns, especially the                30 minutes a day! The Surgeon General
“micro” energy spent on daily activities              and the Centers recommend it for
like walking down the hall instead of                 Disease Control.

The Wheeling Walks 30 Minutes or More Challenge is adapted from the National Association of Governor’s Councils on Physical Fitness and Sports, Let’s Get
Physical 2000 Challenge.

Get off the Couch! ____________________________Wheeling Walks Challenge Week #7                                       (2 pages)

“Couch potatoes” are a bumper crop in this country. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention report that less than 25 percent
of adults exercise at the level recommended by the Surgeon General. And our kids are inactive, too. But most people know that
physical activity offers tremendous health benefits. Regular walking is good for everyone – young children and senior citizens; men
and women, people of all races and ethnic backgrounds benefit from regular and moderate walking.

                                              ♦ You tend to lose muscle as you age.         ♦ Walking can help your body cope
                                                Regular walking is a good way to              with stress better. You may also
                                                slow the natural loss of muscle.              improve your self-esteem,
               Th                             ♦ Maintaining strength in your legs,            emotional state, energy level, sleep
        The Week Seven                          lower back and stomach area may               and general satisfaction with life.
         Challenge is to                        also help prevent back problems.
        adopt-a-couch-                        ♦ Aging also causes your bones to get
                                                weaker. Weak bones are more
            potato.                             likely to break. Bone strength is
                                                linked to regular walking. Bone,
                                                like muscle, gets stronger the more
                                                it is exercised.
                                              ♦ Death rates are highest for people
                                                who are not physically fit. But you
                                                don’t have to be a jock to benefit
                                                from exercise. Regular moderate
                                                activities can help you improve
                                                your health.
Walking has heaps of benefits                 ♦ Every time you move, you burn
♦ Like other muscles, your heart gets           calories. If you eat more calories
  stronger with use. A strong heart             than you burn each day, you will
  reduces your risk for heart disease           gain weight. Walking burns

Adopt-a-Couch-Potato                       ♦ Remember the goal is to help the       T – Talk to your TATER
Getting couch potatoes off the sofa and      TATER.                                     about walking.
doing moderate walking can help them       ♦ Ask the TATER how you can help         A – Ask your TATER how you
reduce their health risks. Support from      them to incorporate walking into
family and friends can help inactive         their daily routine.
                                                                                        can help them get started.
people become more active.                 ♦ Keep in contact with the TATER         T - Take Time to walk with
                                             and let him or her know you care.           your TATER.
Physically active employees or family      ♦ Offer praise and encouragement         E - Encourage your TATER!
members can provide support,                 when the TATER starts to walk.         R - Remember when you help
encouragement and assistance as the        ♦ Express confidence in your TATER             and encourage other, you
person begins walking                        even if there has been a temporary           help and encourage
                                             lapse in walking.
The focus of this week is to support and                                                  yourself.
                                           ♦ Don’t preach or nag.
encourage people who are not walking
                                           ♦ Remember when you help and
to build moderate walking into their         encourage others, you help and
daily lives.                                 encourage yourself!
How to start                               How does this help me?
♦ Read and understand the benefits of      In the end, your TATER will not be the
  walking                                  only one to benefit from your efforts.
♦ Identify your couch potato               You will probably feel good about
  (TATER)                                  having helped a friend or loved one
                                                                                    This week take a walk with a
♦ Explain the benefits to your             take the first steps toward improving    buddy!
  TATER.                                   their health. And boosting you own
♦ Suggest walking at the TATER’S           self-esteem by helping someone is        The Wheeling Walks 30 Minutes or More
  ability level. If you have been          great medicine for you! Encouraging      Challenge is adapted from the National
  walking regularly you are bound to       others and demonstrating Your            Association of Governor’s Councils on
  be more fit, so don’t expect him or                                               Physical Fitness and Sports, Let’s Get Physical
                                           dedication to walking will help you to   2000 Challenge.
  her to match you.                        continue your own walking regimen.

Ways to keep Moving Forward___________________Let’s Get Walking Challenge Week 8 (2 pages)
Even though the Let’s Get Walking Challenge is coming to an end…your lifelong habit of walking has just begun. Use this as the start
to a lifelong commitment to walking and taking better care of you. In the long run, small changes really do add up and finding ways to
make walking part of your daily routine is the best strategy to success.
                                                your health, your energy level, your               comfortable and convenient indoor
                                                weight and your outlook on life!                   facility that fits easily into your
                                                Here are a few ways to keep you
           The Week Eight                       tuned into your activity schedule:             ♦ Have a Buddy! Walk with
            Challenge is to:                                                                       someone else on an occasional
           Learn some new                       ♦ Enjoy Yourself! Remember to                      basis, take your dog, child, spouse
             ways to “keep                          have fun, and walk the way that                or a friend along. Meet a co-worker
           moving forward”                          works best for you.                            over lunch for a short walk.
        with your walking
                                                                                              ♦ Set Realistic Goals! Set a weekly
             routine!                          ♦ Variety! Find ways to add variety              goal for yourself as well as a long-
                                                 to your routine. Anything you                  term goal and chart your progress
                                                 continue to do over and over risks             along the way.
                                                 the potential of becoming routine
Continue to challenge yourself by                and boring. Find ways to vary your           ♦ Reward Yourself! Whenever you
continuing to log your daily walking             schedule, route, or your routine to            meet a significant goal, reward
activity time! Keep a close eye on your          keep it interesting and exciting.              yourself with a day off, an evening
stretching and toning techniques.                                                               out, a new pair of shoes or a new
Challenge yourself each week to track                                                           audiotape or CD.
your progress.                                 ♦ Cycle With the Season! As the
                                                 seasons change each year, try to             ♦ Don’t Let a Lapse Become a
Over time, you’ll begin to see and feel          change your walking to fit the new             Relapse! Everyone goes through
how these small changes are improving            weather patterns. Do outdoor                   periods when he or she isn’t perfect
                                                 walking when possible but find a               or when they don’t feel up to their

   schedule. Just don’t let a temporary          Y                N                7 or more – Great! Your energy level
   lapse become a permanent relapse                                                should be reflecting your physical
   back to a sedentary lifestyle.         Are you varying your routine so as not   activity choices.
   Examine what prompted you to           to become bored?
   “throw in the towel” for that period                                            5 to 6 – Pretty Good! Keep up the good
   of time and find ways around that             Y               N                 work. Focus on simple solutions and
   roadblock the next time.                                                        changes you can live with.
                                          Are you enlisting your family and
A Simple Quiz to complete your            friends to walk also?                    3 to 4 – Keep At It! Review each week
Challenge!                                                                         of the Let’s Get Walking Challenge and
Answer the following questions below              Y               N                work on one area at a time: eventually
to see if the Let’s Get Walking                                                    your scores will improve.
Challenge helped you to make walking      Are you walking with a buddy?
a healthy habit.                                                                   Less than 4 – Don’t Give Up! See your
                                                  Y                  N             worksite health promotion coordinator,
Are you consistently looking for ways                                              or seek professional assistance in your
to add walking into your daily routine?   Are you walking almost every day (5      area. Remember walking is EASY and
       Y                N                 days a week)                             can be so much Fun!
Are you planning ahead so you aren’t
caught with not enough time to walk?                 Y               N
                                                                                   Reward yourself for completing
       Y                 N                Are you stretching before you walk?      the Let’s Get Walking
Are you scheduling your walk on a                    Y           N
daily basis?
                                                                                   The Wheeling Walks 30 Minutes or More
                                          Are you drinking enough water daily?     Challenge is adapted from the National
       Y                 N                             Y            N              Association of Governor’s Councils on
                                          How did you do? Rate your number         Physical Fitness and Sports, Let’s Get Physical
Are you keeping an activity log?          of Yes Answers:                          2000 Challenge.

                                   Wheeling Walks 30 Minutes or More
                                        Coordinator Evaluation
Name: ________________________________________________ Company: ___________________________________________

Phone: ________________________________________________      E-mail: _____________________________________________

1. This was the     first    second     third year we have
                                                             4. Please rate the LGW materials
   participated in a company sponsored walking program.            Very helpful     Moderately helpful      Not helpful

2. How did you promote the program to your employees?        5. Please rate the Coordinator instructions
   (check all that apply)                                          Very helpful       Moderately helpful    Not helpful
   ___Company bulletin announcements
   ___Newsletter                                             6. Please rate the weekly participant materials
   ___Bulletin boards                                              Very helpful       Moderately helpful     Not helpful
   ___Payroll insert
   ___E-mail or electronic bulletin board
   ___Fax Mail                                               7. As the program coordinator, what suggestions do you have
   ___Staff meetings                                            to improve, modify, or change the program in the areas of
   ___Registration displays                                     communications, material content, registration and/or
   ___Other (please describe):                                  record keeping.
   ____________________________                                 ________________________________________________
3. How many of your employees participated in the LGW           ________________________________________________
   Challenge?                                                   ________________________________________________
   Total # of employees: ____________________________           ________________________________________________
   Total # of LGW participants: ______________________          ________________________________________________
   Total # to complete (turn in log sheet +/or participant      ________________________________________________
   evaluations)the challenge: __________________

8. Did you sponsor any special events or make any special
   modifications or adaptations to the program materials?

           Yes                      No

         If yes, please explain:

    If you have any additional comments, ideas, or examples of how you modified or enhanced the program materials, feel
    free to add more details on another page.

    Upon completion of your LGW Challenge, please fax or mail this evaluation form back to Wheeling Walks Worksite
    Challenge 1-(740) - 695-3820. Wheeling Walks Campaign Headquarters, 66599 Anna Dr., St. Clairsville, Ohio 43950

                                     Wheeling Walks 30 Minutes or More
                                           Participant Evaluation
Name: ______________________________________________________________________________________________________

1. As a result of the Let’s Get Walking Challenge, I have:       ______________________________________
   (check all that apply)                                        __________________________________
   ____ added short amounts of walking to my daily schedule
   ____ increased my weekly exercise time                        5. The one thing I would change about the LGW Challenge is:
   ____ drink more water during the day                             ________________________________________________
   ____ stretch before exercising
   ____ joined a health/fitness club                                ____________________________________
2. The activity levels and weekly challenges were:
                                                                 6. My motivation for participating in the LGW Challenge
   ____ too easy                                                    was:
   ____ too difficult
   ____ just right                                                  ____ to win a prize
                                                                    ____ to improve my personal health
3. I     would      would not participate in this Challenge if      ____ encouragement from a co-worker
                                                                    ____ because I thought it would be fun
   it was offered again.                                            ____ I enjoy the challenge of programs like this
                                                                    ____ other (specify) _______________________________
4. The best thing about the LGW Challenge was:

7.    As a result of my participation in LGW, I am:   8. Overall, I would rank the Let’s Get Walking Challenge as:

     ____ more energetic                                 ____ Excellent
     ____ more productive
     ____ less stressed                                  ____ Good
     ____ eating better
     ____ losing weight                                  ____ Average
     ____ more fit
     ____other (please describe)                         ____ Fair
                                                         ____ Poor
     ____________________________________                                Please return this
     ____________________________________                              completed evaluation
     ____________________________________                             form to your Challenge
     ____________________________________                                  Coordinator.

               Wheeling Walks 30 Minutes or More
 The West Virginia University Department of Community Medicine and the Wheeling-Ohio County Public
                                         Health Department

                                     This certificate is presented to

                     For successfully completing the Let’s Get Walking Challenge
                 Presented this ______________day of ______________________,2001.

By__________________________________                    ___________________________________

Title ____________________________                      Bill Reger Ed.D
                                                        WVU Department of Community Medicine


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