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					          THE WELLS CHRONICLE
Vol. 2— Closing Issue         Wells, BC, Friday, January 1, 2009                 $2.00 at the stand
                   Serving the communities of Wells, Barkerville & Bowron Lake

   Happy New Year!
Page 2                                THE WELLS CHRONICLE                                   January 2010

            Pooley Street Café sends out the biggest “Thank You” — ever!
            …to all our Wells patrons and out-of-town guests who came for
                      Christmas Dinner on December 12th 2009.

                  Your support was more than we dreamed possible.
             After we’d run out of food, prepared more and run out of that,
                  we realized that learning on-the-job can be difficult.
               However, we will strive to meet your expectations in 2010
         as we continue to offer our best service here at the Pooley Street Café.

                                   Happy New Year Everyone!
                                  Brendan and Terry Woodman

THE WELLS CHRONICLE has invited submis-               THE WELLS CHRONICLE has been sold at the
sions on issues and events in the Wells, Barker-      following locations in Wells, BC:
ville, Bowron Lake area, including: letters, poems,   ⇒ Amazing Space Gallery
stories, club news, and anything else that has        ⇒ Wells Service Station
benefited and informed our community for the 27       ⇒ Northwoods Restaurant
months from November 2007 to January 2010.            ⇒ Wells General Store
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lished by Aleta Wallace. Contact Information:         ⇒ 4-Mile Store & Coffee Shop
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Box 174, Wells, BC V0K 2R0                            ⇒ Caryall Books
Phone/Fax: (250) 994-3454                             ⇒ One World Treasures (Baha’i Store)
The email addresses:                                  ⇒ Cariboo Keepsakes                   THE WELLS CHRONICLE extends sincere thanks                    to all these retail establishments for their support
...are no longer associated with publishing the       over the 27 months from November 2007 to January
Wells Chronicle as a monthly newspaper for our        2010. Your assistance and participation has been
communities of Wells, Barkerville, Bowron Lake.       exemplary and without it this publication would not
This newspaper is closed as of January 2010           have been possible.
Volume 2 Number 13, the Closing Issue.
The website: will remain          Again — Thank You Everyone!
online until August 2010 for your reference. AW           Aleta Wallace, Editor & Publisher
January 2010                          THE WELLS CHRONICLE                                                Page 3

If you have gone by the Wells Fire Hall on Baker        pleasant task was completed over a few nights and
Street lately you have probably noticed the like new    in the process the volunteers even uncovered some
appearance of the building. This is thanks to a re-     items of historic interest that will be retained for our
cent restoration project completed in November          local museum.
with the help of a generous grant from the Heritage
Legacy Fund of British Columbia and the fund rais-      The structural work in the hall required that the fire
ing efforts of the Wells Volunteer Fire Brigade.        trucks be temporarily relocated so that the building
                                                        could be raised. This presented a real problem for
From the outside of the building you well see the       the Fire Brigade until Richard Wright and Amy
improved look of the structure resulting from the       Newman stepped up and offered the use of two
exterior restoration and painting work that was un-     storage bays being used by the Theatre Royal for
dertaken in September. The objective was to restore     sets and equipment. Thanks to their help and some
the building and maintain the original 1930’s exte-     temporary heating and alterations provided by the
rior appearance without sacrificing its functionality   District of Wells, the Brigade was able to relocate
as our only working Fire Hall. Along with this          the fire trucks and equipment needed to maintain
work, in the spring the Fire Hall signage will be       fire protection coverage while the Fire Hall was out
taken down and restored to compliment the build-        of service.
ing’s historic appearance.
                                                        With the exterior and interior restoration work now
The exterior restoration however was only one part      complete, the Wells Volunteer Fire Brigade contin-
of this important project. Also completed was criti-    ues to provide active fire protection to the commu-
cal structural reinforcement work necessary to keep     nity from this historic building. If you are a resident
the Fire Hall in service. Working from plans pro-       of Wells or New Barkerville and would like to vol-
vided by our consultant, Access Engineering Con-        unteer a few hours a week to this essential commu-
sultants, the main floor of the hall that carries the   nity service, the Wells Volunteer Fire Brigade wel-
weight of the fire trucks was reinforced from the       comes your interest. Practices are every Wednesday
ground up. New posts and concrete pads were in-         night from 7 PM to 9 PM at the Fire Hall on Baker
stalled, the floor joists were doubled, and a new       Street and prospective new members are always
plywood floor was laid. In addition, the building       welcome to attend.
was lifted with new sills and exterior waterproofing
applied.                                                  24K Nuggets In Your Pockets & A HUGE BOUQUET

Berlin Contracting, well known in the area for the        to Harold and Dianne Andreesen from the Hubs
quality of their work and extensive experience in         Motel. Thank you Harold for all of the hours you
building restoration in both Wells and Barkerville        have helped me shovel and break up ice around the
was the primary contractor for both the exterior and      garage the last two winters. Dianne and I know that
interior components of the project.                       the plowing is your play time on the quad. We can
                                                          see this in your expression as you hit the snow
In preparation for the work it was necessary to           banks. Thank you Dianne for your patience when he
cleanout some 70 years of accumulated debris in the       helps out while there are many things do at the Hubs.
basement of the Fire Hall. Thanks to the efforts of         Thank you so very much. It is most appreciated.
our Volunteer Fire Brigade members this not-so-                                                          Sandra
Page 4                                THE WELLS CHRONICLE                                 January 2010

                                                      Wells Seniors Association News
                                                 The Wells Seniors Association held their Annual
                                                 General Meeting on Monday, December 21st, 2009
         The Wells Hotel would like to           and elected new officers. They are: President –
         extend a HUGE thank you to their        Lois Herrick, Vice-President – Linda Davis, Secre-
         patrons on December 12th for            tary – Judy Halverson, Treasurer – Gayle Sketchley,
         their patience and understanding        and Board members: Barb Schmode and Jim
         during Christmas festivities. We        Sketchley.
         appreciated all your kind words of
         encouragement as well as your           We will have the Meeting Room open for three days
         comments and advise. We are             per week in January – Monday, Tuesday, and Fri-
         always striving for better ways to      day, from 1:00 to 4:00. Membership fees of $5.00
                                                 are now due for the 2010 year if you haven’t already
         serve you.
                                                 paid yours! If you have paid, your cards are at the
                                                 Meeting Place, ready to be picked up.
         To the staff of The Pooley Street       Mondays will be known as Menday and will be open
         Café and The Wells Hotel…bravo          for all men in the community, aged 50+, to enjoy the
         on a job well done under pres-          room facilities. Come in for a chat over coffee, play
         sure! And a big thank you to            golf on the Wii, play bowling on the Wii, use the
         SANTA for visiting us, to Andrew        computers or get assistance with computer ques-
         and Mr. Galbraith for providing         tions, play cards, or whatever you men would like to
         beautiful music and song, and to        do! Tournaments will be set up for gold and bowling
         everyone on Pooley Street who           if there is enough interest. Call Jim at 250-994-2352
                                                 for more information.
         participated in the “light up”…you      Tuesdays will be a regular drop-in day for any mem-
         are great neighbours…it was fan-        bers and the local stitching group will meet on this
         tastic.                                 day as well. For more information, call Linda at 250-
                                                 Fridays are BINGO days! These are open to all
          We wish you all the best in 2010       adults in the community, regardless of age, and
          and look forward to serving you.       there is no drop-in fee. Cards are $2.00 for the first
                                                 one and $1.00 for all others after the first. Great
                                                 prizes are ready to be won, so come on down and
          ~Take a step back in time with         have some fun! Call Judy at 250-994-2339 for more
                The Wells Hotel~                 information.

                                                 If you would like to contact us for more information,
                                                 please call the Meeting Place during open hours at
                                                 250-994-3223, call Lois at 250-994-3399, or e-mail
                                                 us at              — LD
January 2010                                THE WELLS CHRONICLE                                                       Page 5

 January … is the crucial time for Mail Run planning…           mitment on the part of the whole family, and this prepara-
at this point everything seems to be on schedule.               tion is presently ongoing as Warren gets his team ready
  Today the weather and snow conditions are absolutely          to participate in the 2010 Iditarod, which will commence
perfect and if yesterday’s Fun Run is any indication, par-      in Anchorage Alaska on March 6, 2010.
ticipants are in for a great time as they travel over the         But there will be time for the Palfrey dogs to take part in
Gold Rush Trail.                                                this year’s Mail Run and the public is encouraged to
  Mail Run Organizers will be having their final “big” plan-    come out to the different Mail Run venues to see all the
ning meeting on Tuesday January 2nd, later in the month         dogs and participants but especially to see the Iditarod
there will be meetings with volunteers, stamping of enve-       dogs and to meet Warren and his family.
lopes will commence, trail grooming and marking will be           The various venues where you can see the action are
ongoing and scores of other small tasks will be com-            listed on the Mail Run website:
pleted, to ensure the success of the Mail Run.                    Mail Run organizers want to thank our ever-growing list
  Envelopes have been on sale for over a week. Now that         of supporters and sponsors. Their names are all listed on
the Christmas season is behind us, local Mail Run adver-        the Mail Run website. Donations of goods and services
tising will commence in full force. We have printed 5000        are very much appreciated. Local businesses have
envelopes this year and while we probably don’t expect          opened up their doors to act as venues for envelope
to haul all of them over the Gold Rush Trail, it would be       sales, they have donated fuel, snowmobile supplies, trail
great if we did! Mail carriers will be officially sworn in on   marking supplies, snow plowing services, fencing….the
Friday morning at 9:00 am in front of Quesnel’s down-           list is a long one. Other businesses have provided dis-
town post office and this year we are re-activating an old      counts on purchases of goods and of services….this is
Mail Run tradition that was originally started by Jo and        very much appreciated. The Mail Run ‘shops locally’ and
Pete Kawa.                                                      only purchases items away from Quesnel when it is clear
  All mail bags will be sealed with a special leather hand-     that they [cannot] be acquired locally.
tooled dog sled that will bear the official cancellation          2010 souvenir items will be available early in the new
stamps… when the mail bag is turned back to the Can-            year. We are pleased to feature newly designed “Gold
ada Post Superintendent in Wells at the end of the jour-        Rush Trail” toques…when you see them you will want
ney over the Gold Rush Trail. This leather memento will         one. And 2010 will see the fourth in our series of Mail
be cut off the mail bag and given to the mail carrier as a      Run mugs, featuring this year’s artwork. Any coffee
very special keepsake.                                          drinker worth his java will tell you that coffee tastes much
  Yesterday’s Fun Run saw the participation of 13 dog           better when served in a Mail Run mug. It is always inter-
teams, it was a 6 dog race over a 10 km [stretch] of the Gold   esting to visit the home of a Mail Run supporter, inevita-
Rush Trail; some teams didn’t compete but just ran the route    bly there will be mugs on display and usually they are
for fun. There are an increasing number of sled dog kennels     used every day.
in the Quesnel area, and almost all had a presence at the         This is a special plea to all participants to register early.
Fun Run, along with teams from Prince George.                   The deadline for registrations for participants in 2010
  Over the summer, Warren and Kate Palfrey, along with          is January 18th. We would like to have all of the formali-
their three boys Sam, Peter and Jesse moved to Quesnel          ties associated with registration completed before you
from Yellowknife, bringing their large kennel of Alaskan        arrive at the Thursday night Mushers’ Meeting. Registra-
Huskies with them. Warren has competed in the last              tions are starting to come in and we say thank you to
three Iditarod sled dog races, finishing 19th out of almost     those who have taken the time to complete the paper-
70 starters last year. He also competed in the 2009             work. Please call or email with any questions or special
Yukon Quest, finishing in 9th position. Preparation for         requests, we want to make your participation as enjoy-
these premiere sled dog events requires a full-time com-        able as possible. Happy New Year everyone! — JD
Page 6                                THE WELLS CHRONICLE                                        January 2010

                                                         Wells Works 13th Annual a success!
                                                         Island Mountain Arts 13th annual Wells Works
                                                         was a great success thanks to all the many
                                                         talents and supporters! This year we an array
                                                         of talents such as, Caroline Anders, Ron and
                                                         Gail Dunn, Danette Boucher, Kara Haack,
                                                         Claire Kujundzic, Lindsay Read, Megan To-
                                                         pham and many more. Wells Works will be
                                                         exhibiting until January 18th 2010, and we en-
                                                         courage everyone to come out and enjoy this
                                                         fantastic show. Thank you again to all the art-
                   -Wells Works photo by Julie Fowler    ists that exhibited and musicians, writers, story
                                                         tellers, who performed at out coffeehouse!
                                                         Thanks again everyone!

                                                         I’d like to give a special thanks to Claire Kujundzic
                                                            for helping me hang the show! It looks great!
                                                          Thanks again! And a special thanks to Paul from
                                                          the Art Rush gallery for helping us with the snow
                                                                             load!! You rock!

                                                                     Gallery hours are:
                                                          Tuesday thru Sunday from 10 am to 6 pm

                                                                     Kids Holiday Craft Day!!

                                                         The kid’s holiday craft day was a great way to
                                                         spend a Sunday! Homemade birdfeeders,
                                                         snow globes, and the ‘Home Alone’ sound
                                                         track made for a fantastic way to spend an
                                                         afternoon. Thanks again to all the kids that
                                                         came out, we had fun as usual! Island Moun-
                                                         tain Arts would like to wish everyone a Happy
                                                         Holiday and a prosperous 2010!

         -Kids craft photo provided by Laurie M Landry                      -submitted by Caroline Anders
January 2010                          THE WELLS CHRONICLE                                             Page 7

  Here is a link to a story published in a Washington newspaper both in print and online, about a ski
  trip that I led last winter(they got the wrong year in the article). The 6 clients stayed and skied in
  Wells and Barkerville both before and after their trip and their photo collections include a lot of
  shots of each town, beautiful in winter. Thanks especially to the Hubs and the Wells Hotel, the
  charm of Wells and the magic of Barkerville in winter for making that trip a success.          --dave

  I think you would be interested in reading this.

  Link to the story:

  Dave Jorgenson/Cheryl Macarthy
  Whitegold Adventures
  Bear's Paw Cafe
  Frog On The Bog

  The District of Wells Superintendent of Public Works, Dennis Manuel, worked on Christmas Day
  (even though he and Wanda had family visiting from out of town) to complete the Handicapped
  Washroom on the main floor of the Wells Community Hall in time for the New Year’s Eve Dance.
  That kind of dedication and professionalism is worth more than gold. That’s the spirit of Wells…
  Thank You Dennis! … and Thank You Wanda! … from the Friends of the Wells Community Hall.

Hi Everyone,                                           Blessed are they who never read a newspaper,
The District of Wells is assembling our website        for they shall see Nature, and through her, God.
materials for the trails project. If you have good                     Thoreau, Essays and Other Writings
trails/recreation photos you would be willing to
let us use, please contact me. We are looking
for all activity types (dog sledding, snowmobi-
ling, skiing, hiking, snowshoeing, etc).
Jason Griffin
Marketing & Economic Development
District of Wells
Phone: 250-994-3330
Fax: 250-994-3331
Page 8                                    THE WELLS CHRONICLE                                         January 2010

Backward Glance –
Rambles Around British Columbia – 1958                                 The Old B.C. Prospector
By Sandy Phillips
In 1958, in celebration of B.C.’s Centennial Year, a small         He sits in his shack for the winter is cold
booklet was printed and distributed by Mr. Murdock                And flames of ambition he still tries to hold.
McLeod of Vancouver BC. This booklet featured short           The bright sun of March sends a warming light in
stories and original poems written by Mr. McLeod during         As he sits by the door so warped and so thin.
his travels around British Columbia. In the Preface of the
booklet, McLeod wrote;                                     The window panes were cracked and patched up with dough
                                                             And strips of newspaper that checked sunlights flow
           “This book is not sponsored by The Centennial        To cast shadows on the floor so worn and old
Committee or any Organization. It is what I think is worth     Like the sides of a speckled trout dark and gold.
writing about British Columbia, where I travel.
          Rambling around British Columbia for the last         The long silent nights and the lonely sad days
Fifty Years, I have noted many changes and have heard           Give time to reflect on the world and it’s ways
many strange tales.                                            When ambition soared as he viewed the terrain,
         All Poems are original. They will brighten life       Saving his cash while building castles in Spain.
whether you sail or drift along. This book, Rambles
Around British Columbia, is 95¢ plus 5¢ tax; total $1.00.”       He talks to me and to pals who quit life’s tour
                                                                And answers himself as he rocks o’er the floor
                                                                In his home made rocker with powder box seat
                                                                 While a shaggy deer skin lies under his feet.

                                                                From the East to the West he had traveled far
                                                                 Mining paid a good wage to follow his star.
                                                                  He stuck to his drilling and riding the cage
                                                                While time relentlessly turned each daily page.

                                                              The old timer spoke of great strikes they had made
                                                                 And Bill had found silver where in veins it laid.
                                                             So they made up their packs and things needed most
                                                              And hit the canyons where the sun would you roast.

                                                               Their first strike was silver, the assays ran high;
                                                                The bankroll got thin, to the mine they did hie.
                                                              Prospecting costs money and packers come dear
                                                               So they saved every dime to bring later cheer.

                                                           The next year they dickered and soon made a sale
                                                             Twenty thousand in stock, five hundred in kale;
                                                         The shares they would sell when the mine did produce –
Small personal histories and views such as this booklet,    This sewed up the claim so the mine was no use.
give us unique glimpses into ones past.
[The following poem is] reprinted from pages 16, 17 & 18.
January 2010                               THE WELLS CHRONICLE                                  Page 9

    Old Bill was now fifty, his lungs were not good;
   Too much drill dust and gas of rotten mine wood;
    The mine was dripping wet and Bill got a cold,
   They called it pneumonia, he died though not old.

    My next partner, Joe, was all set to commence;
    Had plenty ambition and rare common sense.
    We had leased a claim and in lead it ran high,
     Figuring assays and what profits would buy.

  We shipped out two cars to give us needed dough;
    Returns from the smelter came back very slow.
  Penalized for zinc, price of lead had now dropped,
  With charges for transport, the profits were stopped.
                                                             ~ TAKE A STEP BACK IN TIME ~
      Low silver and lead prices gave us a turn,
                                                                           Cozy rooms
   We returned to the mines a pay-cheque to earn.
      The profit on our cars we just forty cents,            Roof-top hot tub with exceptional views
 Costs plenty to prospect; you need more then sense.                Licensed Family Dining
                                                                   Country Pub with free pool
Joe said, “H --- I’m through, the game just can’t be beat;        Hearty Continental Breakfast
     Tin-horns own the layout, better use the feet.
                                                                   Wireless Internet for guests
   They slipped us a cold –deck, their aces run wild;
    A man playing their game has sense of a child.”
                                                                   Ask about our customized
       Well Joe got a farm and a swell little bride            winter packages and special rates!
       But I stayed a fool and to prospecting tied.
          Then I to the Cariboo, placer to try,
      Searching for nuggets that are hiding so sly.             RESERVATIONS: (250) 994-3427
   It takes some learning, there’s sluice boxes to set,
        Hydraulics to place, and water pipes to get.        
     The seasons are short and the winters are cold,        
        You earn every nickel you get for your gold.

     For poor men the placer’s the very best bet,
                                                                           Find us on
   You cannot be gypped out of gold that you get.
    The years passed so swiftly and now I am old;
   My savings are small and my bones feel so cold.

    The Prospectors are fools to give their lone vote
       To millionaires stogies so we stay the goat.
       If we supported labour and used our dome,
     I’d have a nice house, not a shack for a home.
Page 10                                     THE WELLS CHRONICLE                                             January 2010

  To all my advertisers, subscribers, submitters, retail outlets, supporters, critics, most especially to my husband,
  Mike Wallace, and my printer, Big Country Printers, thank you for your staunch effort over the run of this paper.

  A series of events have come together that result in this being the last issue of the Wells Chronicle from my computer.

  Economic, family, and personal matters, all of which are too lengthy to detail here, are the motivating factors for
  this bittersweet decision on my part. I truly regret that I must make this decision and hope that my efforts over
  the 27 months of publishing this iteration of the Wells Chronicle, from November 2007 to January 2010, prove to
  be valuable as cultural history for our small part of the world.

            I suppose it was an ambitious enterprise, but I hadn’t thought so when I began the exercise.
            No doubt it could easily be seen as a conflict of interest from several points of view.
            Hopefully, all of my readers are reasonably pleased with the ethical guidelines I set for content.

  The backlog of commitments I made in 2009, will still have me dealing with a packed and relentless calendar for
  another three months. Just about the time I clean up the list, the ‘season’ will be at hand. So I expect to collect
  on a little R&R in 2011.

  The email addresses for the Wells Chronicle website will have an automatic response coming back to you ask-
  ing you to re-direct your email to aleta@ for any correspondence.

    The Wells Chronicle website will remain online until August 2010 for your reference:

  It has been the greatest privilege to serve our communities of Wells, Barkerville, & Bowron Lake through the
  production of this monthly newspaper. The 27 months of the Wells Chronicle has, in its many pages, docu-
  mented the events, growth, and character of our area, marked many babies born and the passing of current and
  former residents. Our children have participated and been lauded for their achievements. And your editor has
  proven how very human she is through a never-ending array of errors. None-the-less, it has been great fun!

    From the bottom of my heart and with great appreciation, I thank each and every one of you.
                         Aleta Wallace, December 29, 2009 — 6:58 pm

Wells Community Potluck                 14 January 2010 Thursday                 Wells Community Hall
Gold Rush Trail Dog Sled Relay       22-24 January 2010 Friday-Sunday            Troll – Wells – Barkerville
Cariboo Jack Ski Event                  23 January 2010 Saturday                 Barkerville – Stanley
Olympic Torch Relay in Quesnel           29 January 2010 Friday                  Quesnel
WATS Gourmet Ski Tour                  20 February 2010 Saturday                 Wells
January 2010                           THE WELLS CHRONICLE                                          Page 11

               Wells RCMP Report                       our vigilance in this area. Cst Erickson and I have
                by Cst. Greg Trainor                   spoken to both main drinking establishments in the
                                                       past as well as many locals and made [them] aware
Here we are again in the grips of Old Man Winter       that we can help people get home if needed. We are
with lots of snow on the ground and the mercury in     not a taxi service but would rather help out than
my thermometer often gong further south than I         have to deal with a bad situation later. In the not so
want it to. It seems that the cold came early this     distant past a few locals were charged for impaired
year. Since my last article there have been several    driving and a rift was formed in the community.
single vehicle crashes on Highway 26 with many in
the area known as Wingdam. There was also a seri-  Peoples lives are greatly affected when they lose the
ous single vehicle closer to the 2400 Forest Service
                                                   ability to drive and that anger/frustration can be
Road in which both occupants suffered serious al-  misplaced. Having dealt with many impaired driv-
though non life threatening injuries. In my opinioning investigations I know that a lot of guilty drivers
all of these were caused by the driver traveling too
                                                   tend to lay blame on the police or those that re-
fast for the road conditions and as most of them   ported the offense and fail to acknowledge that the
involved the vehicle crossing the center line and  blame lays solely with them. They don't tend to
going into the oncoming ditch they could have been deny that they are/were impaired but are upset at
very serious if another vehicle had been coming at being caught. The Royal Canadian Mounted Police
the same time. Advanced driving training teaches   is dedicated to the concept of “Safe Homes and
drivers to know the capabilities of their vehicle, Safe Communities” and it does not matter if you are
know their own ability to drive, and to know the   driving 2 blocks, 2 miles, or for 2 hours, if you have
environment. It is when one or more of these thingsconsumed alcohol to the point where you are above
is ignored or overlooked that a driver can get intothe legal limit and are caught driving then you will
trouble on tricky road conditions. Please drive    be charged for Impaired Operation of a Motor Vehi-
safely.                                            cle (this also includes snowmobiles). We want to
                                                   have safe roads for our friends, families, and
Some local citizens have spoken to Cst Erickson neighbors.
and myself in regards to impaired drivers. It was
brought to our attention that people are drinking On behalf of the Wells RCMP Detachment, we
more than just a social drink then driving away hope everyone had a nice Holiday Season and wish
from the bar. Some individuals have been spoken to everyone the best in the New Year. Until next
about this and advised that we will be increasing time....

                                                        Groceries ~ 2340 Pooley Street ~ Hardware

                                                        ~ Internet ~                            ~ Cariboo ~
                                                        C.A.P. Site                              Raw Gold
                                                        Fax Service                             Proserpine
                                                       ~ Local Art ~                           Conklin Gulch
                                                       Handcrafted                                 Gold
                                                       Items & Gifts                            ~ Nuggets ~

                                                           Grizz & Carol Pinette, Owner/Operators
                                                        Box 259, Wells, BC V0K-2R0 Phone (250) 994-3301
                                                        Email: Fax (250) 994-3341
Page 12   THE WELLS CHRONICLE   January 2010
January 2010   THE WELLS CHRONICLE   Page 13
Page 14   THE WELLS CHRONICLE   January 2010
January 2010                                THE WELLS CHRONICLE                                                   Page 15

      China Research and Initiatives
        - W.G. Quackenbush, December 17, 2009
  I was in Guangdong in November to establish research
connections and to promote Barkerville. Judy Campbell
and I went along with Lily Chow. Lily did all of the trans-
lating, connecting and leading of our little group. Our first
days we followed Senator Lillian Dyck around as she
visited her father’s home village (His last name was Quan
and he had come from China and subsequently had been
unable to return and remarried late in life). So, we got to
see the UNESCO World Heritage Sites that are associ-
ated with these villages – there are about 10,000 villages
– each with their own element of a Diaolou – a protective
tower. They centre in the Wuyi county districts around
Guangzhou (Canton).
  The villages are quite interesting in their layout – a
broad cement platform boarder on the edge of a crescent
shaped pond. The houses, of brick and reinforced con-
crete face onto this wide expanse. First one row of
houses, then closely, or even with no space between, a
second row, then a third and a fourth row, each a foot or
so higher. Then, perhaps there will be an open space                                          Canada Village
with a Diaolou facing onto the space, with the villas of the
more wealthy residents, if there are any, situated behind,
or forming a part of the Diaolou complex. The Diaolou           where the money that was sent back came from Canada.
are generally towers that look like minarets. They were         And, they are all pretty well abandoned, as most of the
used for both defense and flood protection – the area is        villagers have moved into the city in order to take advan-
in the low lying delta of the Pearl River.                      tage of the great boom going on (7% growth last year).
  The majority of the villages and Diaolou were built with      However, even in the cities, there are the remnants of
overseas Chinese money, principally after 1920 and be-          this village structure, as the old roads follow the elements
fore 1936, but a few of the Diaolou date back as much as        of Feng Shui, as is seen in the villages and the older
400 years. Most of the money came from places like              structures have similar appearances. It is really too bad
Malaysia and India, etc. where there was less repressive        as most of the houses appeared to be quite serviceable –
measures on the Chinese than in North America. The              they are made out of cement and with a bit of cleaning up
Middle Eastern influence in the architecture is felt to have    would be in useable condition – one would have to really
been the greatest influence in the construction. One            mean it to do much damage to these structures.
interesting aspects of these villages is that they were           Senator Dyck was greeted by the Quan clan at her
primarily clan villages and many of the people have the         home village with a lion dance and tea ceremony in her
same last name (the Chinese system is to place the last         father’s old home. One of the aged villagers could also
name first). Most of the structures were never occupied         remember some of her father’s children from his first
by the builders as they remained wherever they were,            marriage and when they lived in the house. They were
sending money back to build these structures. There             all excited to welcome back their long lost relatives.
was even one village that they call the Canadian village,                                            … continued on page16
Page 16                                      THE WELLS CHRONICLE                                               January 2010

  We then went to the Quan clan library where Lillian, her                                          at 8PM down at the end
brother Winston Quan and her son Nathan all added to                                                of Nathan Road in Kow-
the book of generations that stretches back 25 genera-                                              loon where about 40 of
tions. The town of Chikan where the library is located is                                           the buildings in Hong
now being preserved for use as a film set. The residents                                            Kong light up like fire-
remain and carry on much of their life as they have for                                             works going off and
centuries – except with cell phones and televisions –                                               dance across the night
everyone has them.                                                                                  sky with a sound system
                                                                                                    that is amazing. And
                                                                                                    the people… Judy and I
                                                                                                    got to one corner and
                                                                                                    just stood there for 10
                                                                           Jiangli Village          minutes, mouths hang-
                                                                                                    ing open, feeling like the
                                                                 country bumpkins that we are.
                                                                   And, we accomplished what we set out to do in making
                                                                 contacts with the Wuyi University for research purposes,
                                                                 arranging to set up an exhibit on the Chinese in the Cari-
                                                                 boo at the Wuyi, Overseas Chinese museum in Guang-
                                                                 zhou and promoted Barkerville to every Vice Mayor and
                                                                 official in the region – it was not all about being a tourist,
                                    Chikan (Quan Library)        as the hand shaking aspect filled most of our days. With
                                                                 Prince George gaining international flight status and Can-
  We also visited a number of the monumental heritage            ada now having preferred status for Chinese tourism, this
sites, including Clan gardens, Buddhist temples, etc. It         trip was most advantageous for us to position the north of
was good to see the contrast between the everyday and            British Columbia as a destination. Our pitch, of course, is
the past as the apartment blocks that are springing up           in the relationships with the past and the people who
everywhere – for mile upon mile, freeway upon freeway,           helped build Canada. We are hoping that those people
sky scraper upon sky scraper. All of this contrasted with        who count Canada as the home for their relatives will
the winding alleyways just off of the main thoroughfares         come to visit.
filled with little shops, each the size of a car garage – with
business being carried out in a very relaxed manner – a                               Photos provided by Bill Quackenbush
tobacco store, next to a cell phone store, next to a day
care, next to a fruit stand, next to a small restaurant, next
to a hair salon or someone out on the street making belts
or wire kitchen implements - with a small rest stop with an
ancient tree in the middle, where the streets divided.
  And then there was Hong Kong… this is definitely a
world class city. The tourism is huge and if you want a
tailor made suite for $250 – ready in 7 hours, then there
will be an East Indian tailor who will take care of your
needs (they certainly thought I needed one) – or a Chi-
nese jeweler selling gold and silver – or a high end
woman’s clothing store… and the lights. The light show                             Photo by Zhang Lianyan
January 2010                                THE WELLS CHRONICLE                                                  Page 17

             BARKERVILLE Delegates Welcomed Home by Approved Destination Status
BARKERVILLE, BC, December 9, 2009 –                            bia’s further development as Canada’s Pacific Gateway.
  The Canadian Tourism Commission’s recent announce-           “Guangdong Province – B.C.’s ‘sister’ province - is very
ment that Canada has been granted Approved Destina-            interested in Barkerville,” said Judy Campbell. ”And offi-
tion Status by the People’s Republic of China was a re-        cials there are very pleased with the job we have done in
markable “welcome home” gift for a team of Barkerville         preserving and interpreting the history of Canada’s Chi-
delegates returning from Guangdong Province.                   nese immigrants.”
  Judy Campbell, Barkerville’s Chief Executive Officer,          “As such, Barkerville is poised to play an important role
and William G. Quackenbush, Barkerville’s curator, joined      in any future trade, investment, and tourism opportunities
Canadian Senator Lillian (Quan) Dyck and Overseas              that arise from Canada’s new agreement with China on
Exchange Association of Guangdong Province director            Approved Destination Status.”
Lily Chow in Guangdong this past November, as part of            Prior to this crucial ADS development, marketing organi-
an eleven day research expedition aimed at better under-       zations like the Canadian Tourism Commission were
standing Barkerville’s extraordinary collection of Chinese     unable to promote directly to Chinese consumers. Now
archival records, photographs, and artifacts - many of         that Approved Destination Status has been awarded, the
which were brought to British Columbia by early immi-          CTC is seeking to implement a robust action plan to lev-
grants from Guangdong Province.                                erage the growing interest of Chinese travelers to Can-
  “The people of Guangdong Province still feel incredibly      ada, many of whom are eager to know more about Bark-
connected to those ancestors who left China in the late-       erville’s Guangdong connection.
19th and early-20th centuries,” said Campbell upon her           “This agreement represents great potential for the visitor
return to Barkerville. “The money these ‘Overseas Chi-         economy and future growth of the industry,” said Michele
nese’ sent back to their families resulted in significant      McKenzie, CTC’s President and Chief Executive Officer,
economic and social development at home, contributing          of the ADS [Approved Destination Status] announcement.
to the creation of schools, hospitals, bridges, and other        “The Canadian Tourism Commission will take full ad-
important community infrastructure.”                           vantage of this agreement and begin marketing business
  According to Barkerville’s curator, Bill Quackenbush,        and leisure travel opportunities to the Chinese people.”
many 21st century Chinese families possess a sincere           “ADS opens a very big door,” she concluded. “We look
desire to know more about the life and times of those          forward to mobilizing quickly to take advantage of the
ancestors who made the long and often arduous journey          2010 Olympic and Paralympic Games and promoting
to the Cariboo goldfields more than a hundred years ago        Canada’s image throughout this massive market.”
- what types of jobs they had, how they lived, what their      Through the support of Overseas Exchange Association
lives were like.                                               of Guangdong Province director Lily Chow, some of the
  “The more we learn about the historical migration of         CTC’s goals are already being met.
people from Guangdong Province to British Columbia, the          Ms. Chow, a retired school teacher from Prince George
more we realize the extent and the significance of the         who now lives in Victoria, has previously assisted the City
Chinese collections at Barkerville,” said Quackenbush.         of Prince George with a number of its own trade missions
“We have many artifacts that are not commonly found in         to China. A former director-at-large with the Barkerville
China today – buildings, images, and archival material -       Heritage Trust, Lily was instrumental in bringing a delega-
telling stories that have been lost on the other side of the   tion from the Overseas Chinese Affairs Office to Barker-
Pacific.”                                                      ville in 2006. She was also a driving force behind Barker-
  This growing interest from modern Chinese travelers          ville’s recent reciprocal visit to Guangzhou, Kaiping,
looking to reconnect with their ‘Overseas Chinese’ roots       Jaingmen and Taishan [November 2009].
makes Barkerville an invaluable asset to British Colum-
Page 18                                       THE WELLS CHRONICLE                                               January 2010

BARKERVILLE Delegates… continued—
                                                                    Barkerville has, in return, offered to host student re-
  “We can’t thank Lily enough for convincing us to take           searchers from China wishing to study Barkerville’s his-
this trip,” said Judy Campbell. “In order for Barkerville to      tory.
further develop its relationship with China, we needed to           “Barkerville’s Chee Kung Tong building, which was des-
return the visit we received from Chinese officials in            ignated a National Historic Site of Canada this past sum-
2006… but in these times of fiscal restraint, it seemed           mer, has historical and political significance in China,”
like a challenging ambition to realize.”                          said Bill Quackenbush. “We may, therefore, be eligible for
  “Because of Lily, and because of the incredible generos-        UNESCO World Heritage Site status.”
ity of the Overseas Chinese Affairs Office, the trip cost us        A proposal is also being developed for a research pro-
very little - less, in fact, than some of our in-province trips   ject that would identify the home villages of some of Bark-
to attend conferences and meetings.”                              erville’s Chinese citizens, and take copies of historical
  According to Tourism BC’s latest profile of the Chinese         photographs to those villages for identification purposes,
travel market, visits to Canada by Chinese citizens in            and to potentially locate any extant archival material.
2008 were up 8.6 percent from the year before.                      “These activities will raise Barkerville’s profile in China,
  In 2007, 159,927 Chinese travelers visited Canada, of           and among the many Chinese from overseas who visit
whom 99,405 entered directly through British Columbia,            these museums,” said Campbell. “We believe that in the
accounting for 62.2% of Canada’s Chinese market.                  long term this will result in increased visitation to Barker-
  Chinese travelers had the highest average length of stay        ville.”
in Canada, at 28 nights, and spent an average of                    “Now that Canada has received Approved Destination
$1,648.51 each more than visitors from any other country.         Status, we expect many new tours to British Columbia
  A recent survey by the Conference Board of Canada               will include Barkerville on their itinerary,” she added.
suggests ADS will boost the yearly rate of travel to Can-         “More research will reveal more about the significance of
ada from China by up to 50 percent by 2015.                       the Barkerville collections, and the possibility of World
  “Now that the City of Prince George is looking at new           Heritage status for all or part of Barkerville’s Chinatown
markets for its International Airport, Barkerville’s Chinese      may soon become a reality.”
history can be an important resource,” said Campbell.               “This will significantly increase Barkerville’s access to
“And as Northern British Columbia looks to China for new          funding, and increase its desirability as an international
trade and investment opportunities, our connection to             tourism destination,” concluded Campbell. “All in all, the
Guangdong Province will be a significant asset.”                  trip was a worthwhile investment.”
  As a result of Barkerville’s historic trek to China, curator      And thanks to the Canadian Tourism Commission’s new
Bill Quackenbush has been asked to write an article for           ADS announcement, the investment already seems to be
the academic Journal of Overseas Chinese Research.                showing a healthy return.
Barkerville has also been invited to mount a traveling              For a detailed, first-hand account of Barkerville’s historic
exhibit concerning the Chinese experience in the Cariboo          trek to China, please visit the historic site’s new blog at:
for Barkerville’s 150th anniversary in 2012.            
  Two venues for this exhibit have already been secured -
the Overseas Chinese Research Centre at Wuyi Univer-                      Part-time Paramedic Opportunities
sity, and the Guangdong Museum of Overseas Chinese                                  INTERESTED ?
in Guangzhou - and Campbell expects the exhibit will visit          For more info or a full application package contact
several other locations, including Hong Kong, Taishan                           Jody Hunter, 994-3229 or
and Kaiping.                                                        BCAS Human Resources Division -- Northern BC
                                                                      3732 Opie Cres., Prince George, BC V2N 4P7
  In addition, the Guangdong Museum has expressed
                                                                         Tel: 250-614-9982 Fax: 250-614-9983
interest in a permanent installation about Barkerville.           Web:
January 2010                                THE WELLS CHRONICLE                                                 Page 19

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