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					           Google AdWords: Customize Your
             Keywords With Match Types
Getting the most out of your Google AdWords campaign is all about finding the right
keywords, knowing how to match them, and knowing when it's appropriate to use specific
match types. Each match type is unique and serves a specific purpose.

I want to focus on the specific match types you can use for your keywords. This is an often
overlooked process in keyword entry but the rewards can be huge. There are four match types
for keywords and one special type: broad-match, phrase-match, exact-match, modified broad-
match, and negative keywords.

Broad-match: The standard keyword entry into your ad groups (without quotes, brackets, or
a negative symbol). Let's say one of our broad-match keywords is golf clubs. Broad match
will show you results for singular and plural searches as well as misspellings which is great.
But broad-match can also be extremely vague. If using broad-match the following searches
may trigger our keyword:

• golf club
• golf 9-iron clubs
• Nike drivers
• golf organizations
• golf groups

Some of these searches may be exactly what you are targeting but you have to be careful not
to attract attention you don't want. If you only sell new clubs you do not want to be seeking
the attention of people searching for used clubs. When they click your ad they'll be wasting
your money! You definitely don't want that and the user won't want to waste their time
searching for something you don't have.

Phrase-match: This type of keyword is used by placing quotes around your keywords. For
example "golf clubs". By placing quotes around your keyword this ensures that the search
term remains in the same order without having other words inserted in the middle. The
following searches may trigger our phrase-match keyword ad:

• golf clubs
• used golf clubs
• golf clubs for sale

The following searches would not trigger your ad:

• used golf club
• golf 9-iron club
• golf Nike clubs

Exact-match: These keywords are used by placing brackets around your keywords. Again,
with our example it would look like [golf clubs]. Your ad would only be triggered when users
search the term golf clubs, and nothing else. The following are examples that would not
trigger your ads:

• Nike golf clubs
• golf clubs used
• golf 9-iron clubs
• golf clubs for sale
• golf clubs used by Tiger Woods

Modified broad-match: These keywords can be used by placing a plus sign in front of every
word you use. In our example it would look like +golf +clubs. This type of search ensures that
all of the words in your keyword are searched when your ad appears. The following are
examples that would not trigger our ads:

• Nike drivers
• Golf organizations
• Golf groups

Negative keywords: Though all keyword types are important, negative keywords may be at
the top of that list. These can be used by placing the negative (subtraction) symbol in front of
your keyword. What this does is excludes your ads from being shown for that negative
keyword. This will narrow down your ad impressions but it allows you to reach the specific
audience that you are targeting. In our example organizations and groups are words with
similar meaning to clubs. The issue is we are targeting the definition for equipment, not golf
organizations or groups. So to enter these words as negative keywords it would like -
organizations and -groups. Doing this would prevent the following searches from triggering
your ads:

• Golf organizations
• Golf groups

Each of these keyword types should be used throughout your campaign. By properly using
these you will notice higher click through rates, lower bounce rates, and hopefully higher
quality scores. All positive things for your account. Remember Google AdWords does take
the past history of your campaign into account when calculating quality score, so the quicker
you can turn things around the better off you will be!

If you have any questions or comments about Google AdWords or anything else marketing
visit my blog - A Marketing Mindset. I will answer any questions you may have and hope to
help you improve your campaigns. I currently manage all aspects of marketing at Strouse, a
die cut adhesive manufacturer in Westminster, Maryland. This includes AdWords, PR, social
media, content creation, website updates, and much more.

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