Minimum Sample and Test Requirements by keara


									SD 508 Method of Sampling Glass Beads in Bulk Containers


Scope: This test covers the procedures for sampling glass beads furnished in bulk containers.


Apparatus: 2.1 2.2 Tube sampler. Sample container (cement can).


Procedure: 3.1 Tube sampler Obtain beads from 3 different locations in the bulk container using the tube sampler. Some amount of downward force will have to be exerted on the tube sampler to make sure it penetrates the depth of the bulk container. Empty contents of the tube sampler directly into a clean and dry sample container. 3.2 Bead Gun Flush a 5 gallon bucket full of beads prior to starting application of the marking. Then obtain a cement can full of beads from the bead gun. Then obtain a second, and a third cement can of beads from the bead gun that has been dropping the beads when the truck stops to start painting additional lines. Typically, a sample to be taken prior to starting, a sample taken after painting one edge line/centerline skip and a sample taken after painting the second edge line.


Report: Sample identification on the DOT-1.


References: DOT-1 mso.mat 9-08

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