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									P!nk Research

By Hailey Reckart
I was named Alecia Beth Moore by my
  parents James Jr. and Judy Moore.
 I was born and raised in
Doylestown, Pennsylvania.
I was born September 8th
 When I was 14, I was in a band called
  Basic Instinct. But my band mates
 soon voted me out because they were
 black and I was white. They also said
   that I didn’t fit well in the pictures.I
recorded my first song when I was 14.I
 had jobs for a minimum wage such as
Pizza Hut, McDonald’s, Wendy’s, and a
Gas Station.When I was 16,I was a lead
   singer in a band called the Choice.
 Released in April 2000, the album “Cant
   Take Me Home” earned multiplatinum
status and more than 2 million copies were
   sold.I was an outspoken campaigner
PETA.(People for the Ethical Treatment for
 Animals). In 2006,I made the music from
  the movie “Happy Feet.” have sold 30
          million copies worldwide.
 I am a determined, brave,
sarcastic, controversial, and I
      can’t stay quiet.
I seemed to accomplish my goal with
 Funhouse. I won my first Grammy in
     2001 when I collaborated with
 Christina Aguilera, Lil’ Kim,and Mya
   from “Lady Marmalade” and with
   songwriter/singer Tim Armsrtong.
I wanted to become a singer
   and have an album with
   tender topics,and deep
 emotions with my sense of
I do many difficult stunts. I was injured on
one of them. I chipped a bone in my wrist
and cut my thigh falling off of a car during
     the video shoot of “Stupid Girls”
I recorded music for people to
 listen to and enjoy.I donated
$50,000 to the Breast Cancer
     Research Foundation.
There were rumors about how
I got my nickname, Pink, but I
have had my nickname since I
        was a little girl.

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