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					                                       O S P O A M O N T H L Y T R O O P E R N E W S                             V O L . 2 6 , N O . 1 2               D E C E M B E R 2 0 0 9

                                       Parole a cop killer? No way!
                                       Murderer Michael Sture stays in lockup ..............2, 3
                                                                                                                                Want inspiration?
                                                                                                                                Take a little time to read
                                       Last-Minute Santa                                                                        Jeff’s remarks about it
                                       Fulfill visions of sugar plums at OSPOA .................. 8                                                Page 2

Kids and cops shop together during annual Douglas County “Shop With a Cop”
                                                                                               Nearly 20 area kids and their ‘Santa       family. The officers helped the kids
                                                                                               helpers’—Douglas County area law           pick out and pay for the gifts before
                                                                                               enforcement officers and Kmart asso-       helping wrap them. Before leaving,
                                                                                               ciates - had their Saturday morning        each child was given their own stock-
                                                                                               brightened during the area’s annual        ing and a gift.
                                                                                               “Shop with a Cop” event at the Rose-          “These kids come from unique and
                                                                                               burg Kmart store.                          at times difficult family situations,
                                                                                                  For over two hours Saturday morn-       often only coming in contact with
                                                                                               ing, Dec. 5, police officers from Oregon   police officers in bad situations. Our
                                                                                               State Police, Roseburg Police Depart-      goal is to let them know that we are
                                                                                               ment, Douglas County Sheriff’s Office,     there to help them in a positive envi-
                                                                                               Myrtle Creek Police Department,            ronment. We want them to know we
                                                                                               Sutherlin Police Department and            do care about them and think they
                                                                                               Winston Police Department helped           are special,” said OSP Sergeant Steve
                                                                                               the children shop for special gifts for    Mitchell.
                                                                                               the upcoming holiday season.                  All law enforcement agencies and
                                                                                                  Douglas County Deputy Dwes Hutson       participating officers expressed their
                                                                                               said the children were paired with a       sincerest appreciation to the Kmart
                                                                                               law enforcement officer and given a        associates who work very hard each year
                                                                                  osp photos

                                                                                               $30 gift card to buy presents for their    to make this event a success.

OSP makes tasty delivery to Special Olympians in broken bus
                                   home. We thought nothing         of assistance we would have                 Trooper Neville.
Theodore Geise                     of it until the bus began to     requested of him.                              Much to everyone’s surprise,
Courtesy               lose power in Grants Pass. The      This started as a joke, but              the troopers agreed to pick up
                                   bus gradually slowed until it    the other volunteers and I                  a pizza order and deliver it to
I had the pleasure of volunteer-   reached a crawl, before dying    wondered aloud if it was pos-               us post-haste. Within the time
ing with the Douglas County        on the side of the freeway on    sible to have pizza delivered               it would have taken the local
Special Olympics bowling           the top of a hill on the 56th    to a broken-down bus on the                 pizza chains to deliver the
event over the past weeks.         mile.                            side of the freeway. It was                 piping-hot pies to us directly,
On Saturday, Nov. 14th, I             Much to the surprise of       still over an hour before help              another state trooper, Sgt.
accompanied these intrepid         the volunteers and coaches,      arrived and we were all grow-               Mark Byrd from the Cen-
athletes to Medford for the        none of the Special Olympi-      ing hungry, with the exception              tral Point office, delivered us
Regional Championship, and         ans (or volunteers or coaches    of Lisa who was living a bus                warm, cheesy deliciousness.
let me say that the enthusi-       for that matter) panicked. We    driver’s nightmare.                         When we attempted to pay
asm and positive energy was        all stayed cool as cucumbers        One of the volunteers, Pat-              them back for the meal, they
amazing. Several Douglas           as phone calls were made in      rick, decided to test the local             refused. So not only did the
County Special Olympians           an attempt to contact the bus    pizza chains by seeing if they              state police deliver us hungry     up with our dinner, the hoots
brought home gold, silver          dispatch to send rescue.         would deliver us some warm                  Roseburgers pizza, but they        and cheers from the group
and bronze medals, and even           After a time, rescue was      dinner while we were out in                 paid for it too! Another officer   of Special Olympians was
the ones who did not were          contacted and another bus        the cold. He called two well-               hailed Trooper Byrd a hero         enough to warm the cockles
still hailed greatly for their     was on its way from Roseburg     known pizza chains, spoke                   and promptly delivered to          of anyone’s heart, and this
accomplishments.                   to take us all home. In the      with the managers, and was                  him a high-five.                   story goes to show that there
   There were 26 of us on          meantime, an Oregon State        dismayed to find that neither                  Shortly after the pizza was     are astounding people in this
the bus ride home back to          trooper named Neville out of     pizza company would make                    consumed, the replacement bus      world. Even something as
Roseburg. The bus driver, a        Grants Pass checked in on us     a special exception to deliver              arrived (driven by a friend of     small as going out of one’s
wonderful woman named              to find out how we were get-     four cheese pizzas to an inop-              mine) and we were safely on        way to help people can make
Lisa, found it unsettling that     ting on. He offered to provide   erable bus filled with Special              our way in a warm bus with         a world of difference.
smoke was belching from the        any assistance he could, but     Olympians. Patrick, however,                our tummies full of warm
                                                                                                                                                   Theodore Geise of Roseburg is a consumer service lead
exhaust pipe as we made our        I don’t think he would have      was determined to get us all                pizza.                             with First Call Resolution by day and a fiction writer by
way onto the freeway back          ever bargained on the type       a hot meal and contacted                       When the police showed          night. He can be reached at

    V i s i t   O S P O A’ s       W e b    P a g e :   w w w . o s p o a . c o m                     T o    E - m a i l   O S P O A :      l e i g h t y @ o s p o a . c o m
PA G E    2       D E C E M B E R       2 0 0 9                                                                                                   O S P O A          T R O O P E R             N E W S

     Senior Trooper Jeff Leighty

  Support, strength, resolve and dedication are inspiring to see
  I hope you all enjoyed a safe and happy Thanksgiving       Michael E. Sture, who murdered OSP Sgt. James                   Maj. Matt Lawson
  holiday, and that your Christmas will be good too.         Shepherd on May 22, 1980, in rural Clatsop County.              HHC 41st IBCT (MNC -1)
      The past month has been very busy. As I write this     At the hearing, I met Virginia Shepherd, James Shep-            TF Jungleer
  we are preparing for what is likely the last contract      herd’s widow, as well as his children and friends. Af-          APO AE 09342
  bargaining meeting of the year, on Dec. 8th. Unless        ter inmate Sture was questioned by the Parole Board,
  an agreement can be reached, it is likely that arbitra-    Virginia Shepherd spoke about the impact of her hus-            1st. Lt. April Lang
  tion will occur in February. The AOCE (corrections)        band’s murder on their family. She spoke of James’s             C Troop, 1-82 CAV
  recently reached a tentative agreement which has           parents, who never recovered from the tragic loss,              TF Stetson
  yet to be ratified as of this writing.                     and of their children, who grew up without their fa-            Camp Liberty, VBC
      On Tuesday, Nov. 24th, I was privileged to par-        ther. The strength and resolve shown by Virginia and            APO AE 09344
  ticipate in the rally to support PPB Officer Chris         her family was inspiring. I was honored to be present
  Humphries in Portland. I received a call from PPA          on behalf of all of the OSP family. I would also like           1st Sgt. Gavin McIlvenna
  President Scott Westerman on the previous Friday,          to recognize all of the retirees and current members            HHT 1-82 CAV
  requesting our presence. Even though it was a short        who wrote to the State Parole Board in opposition of            TF Stetson
  notice, I nevertheless sent the information to the         granting parole to Michael Sture. After listening to            Camp Liberty, VBC
  OSPOA reps in the area, hoping to get some re-             Sture, my own opinion is that he has no human qual-             APO AE 09334
  sponse. I was disappointed to see only one other           ities whatsoever. I’ll quote retired Lt. Dick Wiese, in
  OSPOA member there among more than 300 PPA                 part: “Do the right thing and keep this son of a bitch          MSgt. Carlos Barrientos (pictured on page 4),
  members who attended. It was inspiring to see the          in jail until he dies. His ‘life in prison sentence’ should     Sgt. Dan Diamond, Sgt. Joe Godek,
  participation and solidarity of their members. Most        mean exactly that.” I couldn’t have said it better. In          Maj. Bob Banks, Sgt. Travis Neubauer
  impressive was the logistics that were required to put     the end… parole denied.                                         41st IBCT
  this rally together in a short four days. They are cur-         There should be some news on the contract and              TF Guardian
  rently conducting a “no confidence” vote on their          where we’re headed following the Dec. 8th meeting.              COB Adder
  chief and police commissioner. It’s a serious decision     I’ll post more information on the OSPOA website at              APO, AE 09331
  and one that in the end I hope will put them on the        that time.
  road to better relationships with the city. Lack of sup-                                                                      A large Postal Service flat rate box is only $13.95.
  port from management is the chief contributor to           Don’t forget our members deployed overseas!                     The OSPOA just sent each member a package con-
  lack of morale. Many of us know what it is like to go         As most of you know, we have eight OSPOA mem-                taining beef jerky, pepperoni, snacks, an OSP T-shirt
  through something like this. We went through it in         bers currently deployed in Iraq. Please take time to            and hat, and an Oregon flag.
  the not so distant past.                                   send them a letter—or better yet, a care package.
      On Nov. 25th, I attended the parole hearing of         Here are their addresses:                                           Until next month, STAY SAFE!

Sentiment was loud, clear and unanimous: No parole for OSP trooper killer

                                                                                                                     November 10, 2009

                                                                                                                     Oregon Board of Parole
                                                                                                                     2575 Center Street NE, Ste. 100
                                                                                                                     Salem, Oregon 97301-4621

                                                                                                                     Ref: Parole Hearing of Michael E. Sture on November 25, 2009

                                                                                                                     Members of the Parole Board,

                                                                                                                     My name is Jeff Leighty, I am a Senior Trooper with the Oregon State
                                                                                                                     Police and President of the Oregon State Police Officers’ Association.
                                                                 virginia shepherd , widow
                                                                                                                     I am writing this letter to request that you deny the parole of Michael E.

                                                                                                                     On May 22, 1980 Senior Trooper James Shepherd was ambushed and
                                                                                                                     killed without provocation.

                                                                                                                     Life imprisonment for the killing of a police officer should mean exactly
                                                                                                                     that. Michael Sture should spend the rest of his life in prison not only for
                                                                                                                     the crime that he committed but as a deterrent to others.

                                                                                                                     Senior Trooper James Shepherd gave his life for the citizens of Oregon.
                                                                                                                     To serve only twenty nine years of a life sentence for this Murder is an
                                                                                                                     affront to his family and all who protect and serve the citizens of Oregon.

                                                                                                                     Jeffrey M. Leighty
                                                                                                                     Oregon State Police Officers’ Association

michael sture , murderer                                                                                                                       osp sgt . james p . shepherd , deceased
O S P O A        T R O O P E R                N E W S                                                                                      D E C E M B E R      2 0 0 9        PA G E      3

Widow said: “Don’t let cop killer free”
Past, present district attorneys support family of slain OSP trooper in plea to parole board                                In Tacoma thousands turn
                                                to a lengthy prison term in the         never any closure in something
                                                                                                                            out for Lakewood police
Cannon Beach Citizen                            Oregon State Penitentiary. The          like this,” she said. “I want to    officers’ memorial service
                                                shooting death shocked the              do my best for Jim.”
The Svensen man convicted                       community and Shepherd’s                   Lt. Duane Stanton, com-          TACOMA, Wash. — About 20,000 mourners, mostly
of shooting an Oregon State                     fellow officers, and left his           mander of the Oregon State          members of law enforcement from Washington state
Police trooper to death 29                      family grieving.                        Police Astoria Area Command,        and across the country, honored four slain officers
years ago was up for parole                        Virginia Shepherd, the slain         said Sgt. Shepherd’s death          who were remembered Tuesday as heroes and loving
Wednesday, Nov. 25th.                           trooper’s widow, was at the             deeply affected the law enforce-    family members.
   Michael Sture pleaded guilty                 parole hearing, speaking in             ment community and the                 A procession of 2,000 cars followed the flag-draped
to murdering Sgt. James P.                      opposition to Sture’s release. “I       broader community. “It makes        caskets of Sgt. Mark Renninger and Officers Ronald
Shepherd and was sentenced                      feel that I have to do it. There’s      people feel less safe when they     Owens, Tina Griswold, and Greg Richards to the Tacoma
                                                                                        see somebody is willing to kill     Dome, where the memorial service was held. Several
Parole denied for OSP officer killer                                                    a police officer,” he said.         candlelight vigils have been held for the officers since
                                                                                           Although Stanton never           the shooting on Nov. 29, but Tuesday’s memorial ser-
Oregon Parole Board said it                     but still shot him again twice          knew Sgt. Shepherd, his memory      vice and procession are believed to be the largest in
would not release Michael Sture                 in the head. “When I grew up            lives on through a photograph       state history.
for at least three more years                   it wasn’t good to let something         that hangs near the exit door          “I would have gone through any door with Mark and
                                                suffer. You kill something, you         of the OSP office. The inscrip-     I trusted him with any mission,” said Assistant Chief
                                                kill something,” he said. “You          tion reads: “They shall neither     Mike Villa, of the Tukwila Police Department, where
By The Associated Press and                     take responsibility.”                   shun responsibility nor shrink      Renninger once worked. “I will not forget Mark, the
The Daily Astorian                                  Shepherd’s widow, Vir-              from duty in the face of danger.    good that he did or the life that he led.”
                                                ginia Shepherd told The Daily           In memory of Sgt. James P.             The Lakewood officers were killed by a lone gunman
   SALEM - The Oregon parole                    Astorian before the hearing,            Shepherd, killed in the line of     Nov. 29 before the start of their shift. Authorities say
board says a man who con-                       “There’s never any closure              duty on May 22, 1980.”              Maurice Clemmons singled them out and spared employ-
fessed to killing an off-duty                   in something like this.” At                “We see his face every time      ees and other customers at the coffee shop in Parkland,
Oregon State Police officer 29                  Wednesday’s hearing, she said,          we go in and out. It serves as      a Tacoma suburb about 35 miles south of Seattle.
years ago will not be released                  “The Shepherd family has one            a daily reminder to be con-            Clemmons was shot to death last week by a Seattle
from prison for at least three                  question for Mr. Sture: Why             stantly vigilant and honors his     police officer after a two-day manhunt. Prosecutors said
more years.                                     after 29 years - since you stole        presence,” Stanton said.            he received help from family and friends, and seven
   Parole board Chairman                        our family member from us                  Two years ago, through the       people have been arrested.
Aaron Felton called it a “hor-                  - you have never apologized             efforts of Mel Jasmin, the U.S.        “Our dad was a hero to many even long before he
rible, dreadful, savage crime”                  to any of us?”                          Marine Corps North Coast            became a policeman,” said Richard’s teenage son,
and told 52-year-old Svensen                        Sture said in response, “Can        Detachment 1228 created the         Austin. “The way he lived his life spoke volumes.”
resident Michael Sture he                       I take it back? No. Can I offer         Clatsop County Law Enforce-            Lori Lightfoot and Sheila Chandler, both police
needs to “own that as part                      closure? No. There isn’t any-           ment Officer of the Year Award      detectives from Fresno, Calif., were among officers
of who you are” and begin                       thing I can do or say.”                 in honor of Shepherd. Any           who traveled from as far away as New York, Chicago
rehabilitation.                                     Sture said the murder was           active or retired law enforce-      and Canada for the service. They said the deaths of
   Sture was 23 and fresh out                   necessary for his own survival.         ment person may nominate an         the four Lakewood officers brought back memories of
of prison for a theft convic-                   “I have my life because he              active, certified law enforcement   four Oakland police officers killed during a traffic stop
tion when he killed Sgt. James                  lost his,” Sture said. “That            person employed or assigned to      and a shootout in March.
Shepherd on May 22, 1980.                       brought me to a place that              Clatsop County for this memo-          “It’s just disbelief,” Lightfoot said. “It’s unbelievable
   Sture told the panel he                      even though it was a tragedy            rial award. The recipient this      that it could happen again.”
encountered Shepherd in the                     and it was wrong, it opened             year was Oregon State Police           Gov. Chris Gregoire said that the sacrifice would not
Knappa woods and suspected                      my eyes to my own self.”                Sr. Tpr. Jim Pierce.                be forgotten, adding: “We owe the children of these
he was a police officer who                         Clatsop County Circuit                 Al Grogan, a retired senior      officers, all nine of them, a present and a future that
might send him back to prison                   Judge Hollie Pihl changed the           trooper who served with Sgt.        is safe and secure.”
for parole violations. Sture                    original sentence of 25 years           Shepherd, has a strong opinion         Pamela Battersby, a friend and co-worker of Griswold,
said Wednesday “I dropped to                    to natural life in prison.              about his killer. “He shouldn’t     said Griswold liked dressing up and going out, but that
one knee, pulled the hammer                         On Wednesday, Sture told            be released,” Grogan said. “This    she was also a tomboy rode motorcycles. She met not
back on my weapon and shot                      the three-person panel he               was premeditated, thought out.      only the women’s standards on physical fitness tests
him off his motorcycle.”                        wasn’t seeking parole, adding,          The guy was waiting to snipe        “but the men’s as well,” Battersby said.
   Sture said he knew Shepherd                  “I haven’t done anything to             somebody.”                             The elder sister of Owens said that her brother fol-
was dead from the first shot,                   deserve parole.”                           He said Sture ambushed           lowed their late father into law enforcement.
                                                                                        Shepherd, who was on a motor-          “They were two peas in a pod,” said Ronda LeFran-
                                                                                        cycle, in the woods in Knappa       cois. “I know they are in heaven together.”
    WE SHALL NEVER FORGET                                                               and used two guns to kill him.         Cpl. Jack Hundial, of Surrey, British Columbia,
    they shall neither shun responsibility nor shrink from duty in the face of danger
                                                                                        Another trooper, Brian Johnson,     was one of 1,000 Royal Canadian Mounted Police in
                                                                                        who went to look for Shepherd,      attendance. He said he and his colleagues wanted to
              Amos B. “Spud” Helms                                                      was held at gunpoint by Sture,      show their support because “it could have been any
                                                                                        but wasn’t shot.                    of us.”
            Service: LaGrande                                                              At the time, Sture was wanted       “I think about their families,” he said. “I don’t think
    August 1, 1931–December 29, 1931                                                    on a warrant and needed a           you ever find true closure for something this tragic.”
                                                                                        motorcycle to escape. He was           Floral arrangements lined the stage at the sports
  Amos B. “Spud” Helms, a former                                                        captured in Central Oregon          arena, as well as two motorcycles, a drum set and a
  semi-pro baseball player and one-time                                                 after a big search.                 NASCAR race car. Griswold and Owens both loved
  member of state traffic police was shot                                                  In addition to Virginia Shep-    motorcycles, Owens played the drums, and Renninger
  in the abdomen as he and Captain Lee                                                  herd, at least two other people     was a big NASCAR fan, according to Lakewood Mayor
  Noe approached a suspect vehicle at a                                                 opposed Sture’s release at the      Dennis Fountain.
  service station in LaGrande. Helms died                                               parole hearing in Salem Wednes-        The service included a 25-minute photo slideshow
  73 days later from his wound. The car                                                 day. Retired former Clatsop         of the officers. It ended with a bell rung 21 times and
  matched the description of the vehicle                                                County District Attorney Bill       a presentation of the flags from the officers’ caskets to
  used in a hold-up in Idaho Falls. Captain                                             Park, who prosecuted the case       the families of the fallen.
  Noe fired at the suspects who were later                                              against Sture, will appear at          Owens and Richards will be buried during private
  captured, convicted and sentenced to                                                  the hearing by telephone. Josh      funerals Wednesday. Renninger will be flown back
  life imprisonment without possibility of      granted a conditional pardon in 1942,   Marquis, the county’s current       to his home state of Pennsylvania on Wednesday for
  parole for the murder of Helms. One was       and the other was paroled in 1950.      DA, will communicate his            burial.
                                                                                        opposition by letter.
PA G E     4        D E C E M B E R      2 0 0 9                                                                                                                 O S P O A      T R O O P E R      N E W S

AAST conducts first-ever law enforcement training conference during summer in Tampa, Fla.
                                     the Virginia State Police, and       Bridge over the Mississippi
Gerry Gregg, AAST                    other excellent speakers. The        River collapsed during rush                                 Col. Steve Flaherty of the Virginia
Oregon State Director                three-day training event held        hour traffic two years ago.                                 State Police discusses the VSP’s
                                     August 10–12 in Tampa, Fla.,             Law enforcement officers                                role following the Virginia Tech
AAST sponsored its first ever        connected law enforcement with       on the federal, state, and                                  mass shooting of 2007.
training conference this             experts in the field of manag-       local level, as well as civilian,
               summer—               ing critical incidents.              college, and military security
               the National             Honoré, who retired from          professionals took part in
               Law Enforce-          the U.S. Army after serving as       educational tracks that dealt
               ment Training         commander of the Joint Task          with these and other critical
               Conference &          Force in charge of post-Hur-         incident topics.
               Expo—and it           ricane Katrina New Orleans,              The second annual NLETC
               was a top-qual-       spoke on leadership and pre-         is scheduled for August 22–25,
               ity event with        paredness in the 21st Century.       2010, again in Tampa. I antici-
nationally renowned speakers         Flaherty gave an insider’s           pate that another captivating
and relevant topics. Attendees       view of the 2007 Virginia            slate of guest speakers will be
had rave reviews about the           Tech campus tragedy from a           on tap. I hope some of our
speakers and the topics.             law enforcement perspective,         OSP officers will be able to
   Law enforcement officers          while Sheriff Rich Stanek of         attend. Proceeds go directly to
traveled from as far away            Hennepin County, Minn.,              the AAST Scholarship Foun-
as California to hear key-           conducted training on how            dation.
note speaker Lt. Gen. Russel         he and his department were           For more information about the NLETC, visit http://www.
Honoré, Col. Steve Flaherty of       put to the test when the I-35

                                                                          OSP and will always love the                              Northern Command Awarded                Marion County Communica-
                         E-MAIL BAG                                       job. I am just glad/blessed to                            for professionalism                     tions Center in Woodburn,
                                                                          have a job waiting for me when                                On Oct. 13th, 2009, at the          the Clackamas County Com-
                                                                          I return from the deployment.                             2008–09 Oregon APCO-NENA                munications Center, Santiam
Goodies to the Middle East           home when I get my 2 weeks           I hear about all these soldiers                           conference, the Northern Com-           Canyon Communications
   Jeff, Thank you so much for       R&R next month.                      who don’t have jobs back home                             mand Center was a co-recipient          Center in Stayton and the Linn
the box of goodies. It is great to      The missions here have been       so they extend their military                             of the Critical Incident Award.         County Sheriff’s Office were
know that we have people out         pretty good to us, we leave the      deployment overseas to get                                This award recognizes any               recognized for their response
there in our community that          wire about twice a week and          paid. There are a couple of                               individual, team, center or             and handling of the bomb-
stand by us. Well the deploy-        head into the city, up north. We     soldiers in my unit that have                             centers, who by deed or act,            ing incident in Woodburn
ment is almost halfway over          get to see the countryside and the   been here for almost 2 years                              make an extremely noteworthy            in which OSP Senior Trooper
and we will be home soon.            city. This is my second combat       straight! I told them they were                           contribution which results in           William Hakim and Wood-
The weather is not as bad as         tour; things sure have changed       crazy, but I understood why                               the successful handling of a            burn Captain Tom Tennant
when we first got here (120          from last time (2004–05)             they were here.                                           major incident or combination           lost their lives and Woodburn
PLUS) it has been high 80s and          But I sure can’t wait until           Anyhow, once again thanx                              of incidents beyond the average         Police Chief Scott Russell was
at night it gets to about high       I get back home and back to          for everything and I will talk                            or normal activity level.               seriously injured.
60s... and it is cold. I guess it    work. I actually miss work, I        to you later.                                                 The Northern Command                   The Northern Command
will be even colder back at          am not crazy (ha ha) I love                                     daniel diamond                 Center, along with the North            Center was commended for
                                                                                                                                                                            their professionalism in the
 osp member msgt . carlos barrientos                                                                                                                                        face of this tragic event. As
                                                                                                                                                                            events were unfolding, more
                                                                                                                                                                            information became avail-
                                                                                                                                                                            able and the activity level
                                                                                                                                                                            increased, the center con-
                                                                                                                                                                            tinued to function as a unit,
                                                                                                                                                                            with personnel stepping up
                                                                                                                                                                            to assist as needed.
                                                                                                                                                                               Lt. Molly Cotter shared “as
                                                                                                                                                                            I have seen so many times in
                                                                                                                                                                            my 19-year career, our staff
                                                                                                                                                                            remained professional and
                                                                                                                                                                            worked hard to get the job
                                                                                                                                                                            done even though inside they
                                                                                                                                                                            were grieving and having a
                                                                                                                                                                            difficult time. I am proud of
                                                                                                                                                                               The staff in the dispatch
                                                                                                                                                                            center would also like to rec-
                                                                                                                                                                            ognize TCII Val Bradley for
                                                                                                                                                                            arranging for critical incident
                                                                                                                                                                            personnel to be available for
                                                                                                                                                                            anyone in the center who
                                                                                                                                                                            needed to talk to someone
                                                                                                                                                                            and for arranging for food to
                                                                                                                                                                            be brought into the center so
                                                                                                                                                                            everyone was available at the
                                                                                                                                                                            consoles as needed.
                                                                                                                                                                               In addition the staff would
                                                                                                                                                                            like to thank the department,
                                                                                                                                                                            especially Cpt. Steve Duvall,
                                                                                                                                                                            for keeping the dispatch center
                                                                                                                                                                            involved and updated on
                                                                                                                                                                            information as it became
                                                                                                                                                                                          kevin iverson – ncc
O S P O A       T R O O P E R           N E W S                                                                                               D E C E M B E R            2 0 0 9                   PA G E             5

OSP troopers and collision reconstruction unit
are awarded by Oregon Peace Officers’ Assn.
Oregon State Police troopers              community                                acts in the performance of
and an OSP technically-trained               Two OSP officers presented            police or community service.
unit recently received two spe-           the “Distinguished Service               Award recipients are recog-
cial awards from the Oregon               Award” were Sgt. Mark Davie,             nized for a significant and
Peace Officer’s Association               OSP Albany Area Command,                 lasting contribution to the law
(OPOA) during their annual                and Sr. Tpr. James Pierce,               enforcement profession.
awards banquet in Newport.                OSP Astoria Area Command,                   In recognition for their unit’s
The OPOA presents awards to               for the difficult and profes-            work, the OSP Collision Recon-
law enforcement personnel who             sional work they completed               struction Unit was a recipient
have performed exemplary                  during the aftermath of the              of the OPOA “Unit Citation
deeds or services on behalf               Woodburn bombing inves-                  Award”. Under the direction of
of their communities during               tigation. Specially trained              Statewide Program Coordina-
the previous year.                        in collision reconstruction              tor Sgt. Mike Stupfel, the OSP
   The first OPOA award,                  and crime scene mapping,                 Collision Reconstruction Unit
the “Distinguished Service                Sgt. Davie and Sr. Tpr. Pierce           is comprised of three Region         Left to right: OPOA President Mark Posler, Senior Trooper Skinner (OSP
Award”, is given to any Crimi-            worked tirelessly as part of             Reconstructionists, 16 area          Ontario), Senior Trooper Craig (OSP Bend), Senior Trooper Willis (OSP Rose-
nal Justice Employee for                  the investigation into the               command reconstructionists,          burg), and Senior Trooper Pierce (OSP Astoria)
exceptional accomplishments               tragic deaths of an OSP bomb             and 31 area command techni-
that distinguishes them while             technician and a Woodburn                cal crash investigators.             ists are required to provide                Representing the OSP Col-
performing highly creditable              police captain, and critical                The OSP Collision Recon-          training to outside agen-                lision Reconstruction Unit at
or unusual actions. One of                injuries to the police chief             struction Unit is one of the         cies, mentor all police in the           the OPOA awards banquet
the factors considered in pre-            for Woodburn.                            only police organizations in         proper application of collision          were Sr. Tpr. Scott Skinner,
senting this award is that,                  The second OPOA award,                the nation to require their          reconstruction practices, pro-           OSP Ontario Area Command;
in an exceptional manner,                 the “Unit Citation Award”, is            Collision Reconstructionists to      vide case preparation, and               Sr. Tpr. James Pierce, OSP
the recipient(s) successfully             presented to an established              hold and maintain accredita-         be available at any time to              Astoria Area Command; Sr.
conducted a long-term inves-              group that distinguishes them-           tion from the Accreditation          respond and provide on scene             Tpr. Jeff Willis, OSP Roseburg
tigation or solved a neigh-               selves and brings credit to the          Commission for Traffic Acci-         expertise for OSP and any                Area Command; and Sr. Tpr.
borhood problem that had                  law enforcement profession by            dent Reconstruction (ACTAR).         other requesting law enforce-            Joe Craig, OSP Bend Area
a tremendous impact on the                highly credible and unusual              OSP Collision Reconstruction-        ment agency.                             Command.

OSP trooper in Roseburg office wins state award for high standards
                                          “I thought (working for the              stopping cars hauling illegal        “heavy criminals.”                           Ladd “not only allows
Kathy Korengel                            OSP) was and still think it’s a          drugs to helping out at com-            These days, Randall also              (troopers to take special
The News-Review                           great job. Any time you find             munity events.                       volunteers for details outside           assignments), he encourages
                                          a nugget like that, it’s nice               He likes the people he works      the Roseburg area, includ-               it,” Randall said. “If you’re
Oregon State Police Senior                to share it.”                            with and the camaraderie             ing helping with security at             not involved with something
Trooper Dave Randall likes                    In 1979, 541 state troopers          he feels, something he said          Oregon State University foot-            extra he’s going to ask you
being held to high stan-                  patrolled state highways. By             he missed when he left the           ball games and serving on                to be.”
dards.                                    2007, layoffs had slashed that           Marine Corps.                        the OSP honor guard.                         “He’s an outstanding leader.
   That’s why he joined and               number to 254, even though                  In between the Marine Corps          And when he’s not cruising            He leads by example,” he con-
stayed in the Marine Corps                the number of vehicles in the            and OSP, Randall spent 10            state highways in his patrol             tinued, noting how Ladd will
for five years, he said during            state had soared 65 percent in           years as a local parole officer.     car, Randall likes tinkering             encourage troopers to read
a recent interview at OSP’s               that same time period.                   He believes that helps him           around his home and spend-               books on leadership too.
Roseburg office. It’s also why                So in 2006, the Legislature          appreciate that most of the          ing time with his wife, Marie,               “I love this job,” Randall said.
he joined OSP more than 10                upped OSP funding to hire                time now “we’re pretty much          and their three children.                “There’s no other job I want.
years ago.                                new troopers. Randall and                looking for voluntary compli-           But he credits much of his            I like the people. I work with
   “They have the highest                 Terry were hired to get the              ance ... trying to get (people)      interest in extracurricular job          high-quality people.”
expectations of their people,”            job done.                                to do what’s best for them,”         duties, as well as his happy
said Randall, 47.                             At first, Randall said he and        like buckling their seat belts,      work environment, to the                 You can reach reporter Kathy Korengel at 957-4218 or by
   Recently he received an                Terry had a hard time finding            far easier than dealing with         leadership of Ladd.                      e-mail at
award for the high standards              qualified applicants, as the
he set — and met — in helping
to recruit many other troopers
                                          economy was so strong.
                                              “We’d just go out to as
                                                                                   Graduating Springfield recruit trooper
into the OSP fold.                        many job fairs, colleges and             receives oustanding student award
   Randall, along with Albany-            military bases as we could,”
b a s e d Tr o o p e r K e n Ter r y,     he recalled. “We talked to as            An OSP recruit trooper assigned      Class No. 315. Recruit Trooper           and the academy staff. The
received one of OSP’s exem-               many people as we could.”                at the Springfield Area Com-         Michael Berland, 33, was pre-            student selected must display
plary service awards in August.               Wi t h i n t w o y e a r s , t h e   mand office received an award        sented the “Victor G. Atiyeh             exceptional professionalism
The awards recognize some                 dynamic OSP duo had filled               as the outstanding student of        Award” named in honor of                 by demonstrating an exem-
of OSP’s best and brightest at            139 new trooper positions.               the graduating Basic Police          the former distinguished gov-            plary attitude and outstanding
award banquets held every                 They probably recruited closer           training class as he joined          ernor of the state of Oregon,            achievement in leadership,
two years.                                to 200 people, Ladd said, if             39 other graduating recruits         in whose term of office the              academics, health & fitness
   “A harder-working guy I’m              you factor in the vacancies              representing state, county,          current academy became a                 and survival skills.
not sure I think I’ve ever met,”          filled as troopers transferred           and city public safety agencies      reality. This prestigious award             The other OSP graduate,
said Lt. Doug Ladd, who has               or retired.                              in Oregon. The graduation            is presented to the outstanding          Recruit Trooper Charles Rohlf,
supervised Randall for about                  Randall and Terr y “did              marked the conclusion of 16          student of each basic class as           25, will report to the La Grande
six years. “He’s a great family           splendidly, brilliantly” in their        weeks of integrated basic police     selected by their fellow students        Area Command office.
guy, a real salt-of-the-earth             recruiting efforts,” Ladd added.         training from the Department
person. He’s a 10.”                       He attributes Randall’s success          of Public Safety Standards and
   Randall said applying for              to the fact “he believes deeply          Training (DPSST) in Salem                         Deep Thoughts by Jack Handy
the special detail of recruit-            in what he’s doing.”                     which provides statutorily
ing new troopers came to him                  Spending time with Ran-              required training.                      “If you’re in a war, instead of throwing a hand grenade at the enemy,
naturally.                                dall, that conviction shows.                Two recruit troopers, 31             throw one of those small pumpkins. Maybe it’ll make everyone think how
   “I was always interested               He likes the variety of duties           city police, and 7 county sher-         stupid war is, and while they are thinking, you can throw a real grenade
in training and going to job              his job offers, he said, from            iff recruit officers made up            at them.”
fairs,” he said enthusiastically.         helping at crash scenes to               the graduating Basic Police
PA G E     6       D E C E M B E R        2 0 0 9                                                                                                                            O S P O A                     T R O O P E R                           N E W S

Adrian Larsen, Bench Marker: corrections deputy and bench-press champion
                                    didn’t let that stop him                          won his weight class at the
By Mychal Gresham                   from fulfilling his dream                         World Association of Bench-
Clackamas County                    of a job in law enforce-                          ers and Deadlifters (WABDL)
Sheriff’s Newsletter                ment. “Ever since I could                         National Championships—
                                    remember growing up in                            with a staggering 667-pound
Clackamas County Correc-            Milwaukie, I wanted to be a                       bench press.
tions Deputy Adrian Larsen          cop,” he says. It also didn’t                        That’s an Oregon state
understands the meaning of          stop him from managing an                         record. It’s also a Police/
hard work.                          astounding feat of physical                       Fire Division world record.
   Larsen, 29, was born with        and mental strength: On                           And Larsen is now working
dislocated hips—but he              June 13, 2009, the deputy                         toward lifting more than 700
                                                                                      pounds at the WABDL World
A new tool for your tool belt                                                         Championships in Reno this
                                                                                      October. The world record
I have been busy traveling          ies, family lodging, etc.                         in his drug-tested division
throughout the State meet-             Example claims profile for                     is 705.
ing with as many troopers as        a couple major injury traffic
possible to roll out the avail-     accidents that occurred within                    Lifting past limitations
able Aflac plans. While I have      the past four months involv-                         Looking at Larsen, it’s obvi-     to qualify at a weight—and                                             “And like most people, he
met hundreds of Troopers, I         ing Portland Police Officers.                     ous he has passions outside          a fourth chance if the lifter is                                       didn’t believe I could lift as
have realized the difficulty of     This plan would have paid                         of his 12-hour-shifts at the         attempting to break a world                                            much as I said—or that I
being able to talk with every-      in excess of $23,000 for one                      jail. Many are tempted to            record.                                                                wasn’t a steroid user.”
one on the initial go-around        accident and $44,000 on the                       ask, but many simply gawk               Larsen says he’s received                                              Larsen is tested before every
of visits.                          second accident. That’s a true                    at Larsen’s biceps—which at          an enormous amount of                                                  competition. There is a WABDL
   The one tool I especially        value and why you should                          first glance have the circum-        support from coworkers at                                              division where lifters are not
think every Trooper should          include this plan on your                         ference of an average man’s          the Clackamas County Jail.                                             tested; the bench record in
be aware of is the Accidental       tool belt.                                        abdomen.                             Some of them even work                                                 that untested division is over
Injury plan. This plan pays            If you would like more infor-                     “I first started weightlift-      out with him on occasion.                                              1,000 pounds.
out a benefit for any type of       mation please give me a call. I                   ing when I was a sophomore           “When people or prison-                                                   “I’ve always been a big
injury that occurs to you or        will come meet you regardless                     in high school,” Larsen says.        ers ask me if I’m a lifter, I                                          kid, and lifting just came
your family members. This has       of which facility you work. I                     “At that point, I struggled          say yes—but they usually                                               natural to me,” said Larsen.
been by far the most popular        have traveled as far South as                     to bench 225. By the end of          don’t believe me when I tell                                           “I never had the best train-
plan offered to the OSPOA,          Central Point and North to                        my senior year, I was able to        them how much I can lift,”                                             ing routine—doing the same
with 163 policies. The 2nd most     Portland. I have been as far                      bench 430.”                          Larsen says. “So I just keep                                           thing over and over for maxi-
popular plan is the Cancer          East as Ontario and West as                          Because of his hips, Larsen       it simple and don’t really                                             mum reps—but I got stronger
plan at 42 policies.                Newport.                                          must stretch his legs straight       go into details.”                                                      nonetheless.”
   A typical injury usually            I’m working with your local                    out on the bench—giving him                                                                                    Want to learn more about
pays out around $300–$500 to        reps to get meetings sched-                       no balance or leg drive. (At         Just saying no to                                                      Corrections Deputy Adrian
completion. This may seem like      uled in Astoria, McMinnville,                     this writing, he’s also recov-       steroids –and winning                                                  Larsen’s weightlifting career?
a small amount but that’s not       Tillamook, Albany, Roseburg,                      ering from a broken leg.) He           “Once I was in a store and                                           Visit his Primal Power Systems
the main purpose for having         Salem and the Portland offices.                   says a high-school teacher           a man asked me if I was a                                              Web site at www.PrimalPow-
this plan in your toolkit. Using    If you don’t see me there I                       told him that he would never         bodybuilder,” Larsen recalls.                                
the plan once per year helps        am happy to meet with you                         be able to bench press 400
you keep the plan virtually         individually at your conve-                       pounds.
“free.” A lot of us use the plan    nience.                                              “Once I became involved                      DO YOU KNOW THIS TROOPER?
once or twice per year covering        Winter is fast approaching,                    in power lifting in 1996, my             The first to e-mail with the correct answer wins an OSP pin and is entered to win a model patrol car.

the costs for the plan.             along with winter sporting                        goal was to break as many
   The true value of the plan       activities - snowboarding,                        records as I possibly can,”
is how much it pays for major       skiing, tubing etc. Give me a                     Larsen says. He now runs
accidents. This is the area that    call and get onboard today.                       a power-lifting team called
exposes the weakness in health         All enrollments require                        Primal Power Systems—usu-
insurance. Health insurance         your signature and must be                        ally training three times a
pays 80% of your doctors            done in person. Most claims                       week for two to three hours
and hospitals costs. The rest       matters are processed by my                       at Nelson’s Nautilus with his
comes from you. Insurance           office. If spouse’s have ques-                    teammates.
companies don’t reimburse           tions please have them attend                        During WABDL competi-
the income you lose during          the meeting.                                      tions, six judges tell each lifter
the recovery period for either                                                        when to press and when to rack.
you or your family. The State’s     Paul Frampton, AFLAC rep for OSPOA—503-347-7410   Each lifter gets three chances
                                    cell, 503-554-8786 fax.
disability plan will pay 60%
of your base income minus
taxes. That leaves you with             FROM THE EDITOR
roughly 35% of your current             Trooper Dave Rzewnicki
base income to survive on.
How many months’ savings
do you carry to make up this           Correction... I was asked to add a little
income difference? Is that what     background to last month’s article, “How To
you have this savings for? Or       Beat a Speeding Ticket: Photo Radar.” This
was it for retirement or your       was sent to me by a member to show what
children’s college funds?           they found out on the Internet. I found it
   Hopefully you will never         interesting and was told by someone in the
have a major accident. But,         photo radar field that it was mostly incorrect information, so we
if one does occur you will be       didn’t give away any trade secrets.
thankful you have this plan            Congrats to Tom Van Dyke. He identified the “Mystery Trooper”
in your toolkit.                    as Detective Sr. Tpr. Richard L. Davis of the Medford Patrol Of-
   Our Accident plan has huge       fice. Please make contact with Rhonda for your OSPOA trinket and
benefits for Hospital stays         chance to win a brand new car!
($1,000 first night, $250 day          Keep those cards and letters and articles coming.
thereafter), Life flight, Surger-      Please be safe out there.
O S P O A    T R O O P E R            N E W S                                                                                                                         D E C E M B E R                 2 0 0 9        PA G E     7

Counterfeit suspect, one of Fox 12’s most wanted, arrested in Portland
A man wanted in connection                                                     Fair in September was arrested    that started September 1, 2009     with computers, a printer                     Washington County Sher-
with a counterfeiting case that                                                Wednesday afternoon in south-     when OSP troopers investigated     and additional equipment                      iff’s Office, Portland Police
originated at the Oregon State                                                 east Portland by members          reports of counterfeit bills       and products used to make                     Bureau, Oregon State Police,
                                                                               of the U.S. Marshals Oregon       being passed at the Oregon         counterfeit currency.                         Multnomah County Probation
                                                                               Fugitive Task Force.              State Fair. Two suspects were         CHADLEY, who was recently                  & Parole, Clackamas County
                                                                                  RAYMOND TROY CHADLEY,          found inside the fairgrounds       the focus of Fox 12’s Most                    Probation & Parole, and the
                                                                               age 32, was arrested October      attempting to pass, and in         Wanted, was lodged in the                     Oregon National Guard.
                                                                               14, 2009 at about 4:00 p.m.       possession of, counterfeit         Multnomah County Jail.                           The counterfeit investiga-
                                                                               hiding in a basement of a         United States currency. The           The U.S. Marshals Oregon                   tion is being continued by the
                                                                               residence in the 4400 block of    investigation led troopers         Fugitive Task Force is com-                   United States Secret Service
                                                                               SE 100th Avenue. CHADLEY          and detectives to the Travel       prised of investigators from                  with the assistance of Oregon
                                                                               was wanted on a U.S. Marshals     Lodge in Troutdale where a         the U.S. Marshals Service,                    State Police.
                                                                               Service warrant for Probation     search warrant was executed
                                  multnomah county sheriff photo

                                                                               Violation and a Clackamas         and a counterfeit process-         Alligator found at Applegate River
                                                                               County warrant for Probation      ing plant was found inside
                                                                               Violation.                        one of the rooms. Numerous            An unusual find last week-
                                                                                  CHADLEY is allegedly con-      cut and uncut counterfeit          end on Applegate River in
                                                                               nected to an investigation        $20 bills were seized along        southern Oregon is an example
                                                                                                                                                    of the concern that Oregon
Depoe Bay shark confirmed as great white                                                                                                            Department of Fish & Wild-
                                                                                                                                                    life and Oregon State Police
The OSP Fish & Wildlife Divi-                                                                                                                       Fish & Wildlife Division (OSP)

                                                                                                                                                                                      osp photo
sion is continuing the investi-                                                                                                                     have related to problems sur-
gation into circumstances in                                                                                                                        rounding bringing in and then
the possession of a confirmed                                                                                                                       releasing non-native species                  the area from where it may
12-foot Great White Shark in                                                                                                                        in our State.                                 have come from, and it was
the Depoe Bay area.                                                                                                                                    On August 8, 2009 at about                 not known if the alligator
   According to Sgt. Todd                                                                                                                           4:00 p.m. OSP Senior Trooper                  escaped from an unknown
Thompson, on Aug. 8, 2009                                                                                                                           Marty Marchand responded                      home or was intentionally
at 8:00 p.m. an Fish & Wild-                                                                                                                        to a report that two small                    released by its owner. Oregon
life trooper was working on                                                                                                                         children went down to the                     state law prohibits the release
the Depoe Bay docks when                                                                                                                            Applegate River near Murphy                   of non-native species into
a shark was brought in by                                                                                                                           southeast of Grants Pass where                the wild.
a recreational tuna boat.                                                                                                                           they saw an alligator on a                       Due to safety concerns that
The trooper contacted the                                                                                                                           log. Senior Trooper Marchand                  may arise trying to capture
boat occupants after they                                                                                                                           confirmed the report and felt                 the alligator before it returned
had already gutted the shark.                                                                                                                       the 3 1/2 foot alligator could                to the water, the trooper shot
                                                                   osp photo

They indicated the shark had                                                                                                                        not be captured alive before                  and killed it before climbing
become entangled in their                                                                                                                           it may have got back into                     out onto the log and retriev-
crab gear and was pulled to                                                    released to the Hatfield Marine   possess great white sharks.        the water.                                    ing it.
the surface when they pulled                                                   Science Center and positively     Investigation continues.              There were no homes in                        Anyone with information
in a crab pot.                                                                 identified as a Great White by                                                                                     regarding where the alli-
   The shark was tentatively
believed to be a Great White
                                                                               the National Marine Fisheries
                                                                               Service and ODFW.
                                                                                                                 Prelim post-Thanksgiving                                                         gator may have originated
                                                                                                                                                                                                  from is asked to call Senior
and was seized.                                                                   Under state and federal        holiday period statistics                                                        Trooper Marchand at (541)
   On August 9th the shark was                                                 law, it is unlawful to take or                                                                                     955-6373.
                                                                                                                 Preliminary information indi-      with 13 DUII arrests followed
OSP recruits 4-legged trooper                                                                                    cates the 2009 Thanksgiv-
                                                                                                                 ing holiday period fatalities
                                                                                                                                                    by the Portland Area Com-
                                                                                                                                                    mand office with 10 DUII
                                                                                                                                                                                                  Officer not charged in
                                                                                                                                                                                                  accidental shooting
with a real nose for narcotics                                                                                   matched the lowest recorded        arrests. The OSP Salem Area                   with machine gun
                                                                                                                 level since 1978 as one person     Command and The Dalles
ROSEBURG, Ore. — The Oregon                                                                                      is reported to have died in a      Area Command offices both                     AP, Oct 14, 2009, San Mateo,
State Police made a new hire                                                                                     traffic-related crash on Oregon    reported 5 DUII arrests.                      Calif. — Prosecutors won’t file
to their Roseburg Area Com-                                                                                      highways. The reported single         OSP troopers also reported                 charges against a California
mand, and they say he has a                                                                                      death matches the lowest           other contacts:                               police detective after deter-
real nose for narcotics.                                                                                         recorded number in 1978 and                                                      mining he accidentally shot
   The department has had                                                                                        is the lowest figure for this      * Over 5,400 traffic contacts                 a suspected gang member
Charger since October, after                                                                                     major holiday period accord-       * Over 1,200 speed-related                    with a submachine gun after
several weeks of training with                                                                                   ing to ODOT’s Crash Analysis          citations issued                           tripping on a curb.
his new canine handler. The                                                                                      and Reporting Unit.                * Assisting 465 disabled motor-                  San Mateo County Dis-
two have already been out on                                                                                        The one reported death hap-        ists                                       trict Attorney James Fox says
the roadways making drug                                                       large amounts being taken up      pened Friday night, November       * Responding to more than                     Det. Kurt Rodenspeil is not
stops.                                                                         and down the I-5 corridor.”       27th, at 8:20 p.m. when a             135 traffic crashes                        criminally liable for shooting
   Lt. Doug Ladd of the OSP                                                       They two spend nearly          60-year old Milwaukie woman                                                      24-year-old Joseph Ortega in
said, “This office has had a                                                   24-hours a day together and       died after being struck by a van      An example of one of the                   the heart in August.
narcotics canine assigned to it                                                they’ve already become close      while trying to cross McGlough-    successful enhanced enforce-                     A report on the investiga-
in the past, and that dog was                                                  friends. “We bonded imme-         lin Boulevard (Highway 99E)        ment efforts was reported                     tion released Wednesday says
the most successful canine in                                                  diately. I mean, the first day    on foot in a Gladstone-area        by OSP Coos Bay Lt. Steve                     Ortega was shot when the
the department’s history. So,                                                  I had him down there. He’s        non-crosswalk location. Oregon     Smartt with the arrest of 4                   detective lost his balance and
we made a concerted effort to                                                  a great dog, and he’s a hard      State Police (OSP) troopers are    DUII drivers, issuance of over                his gun discharged.
get a dog here again because                                                   worker.”                          continuing the investigation       200 citations for moving vio-                    Police say the shooting
of our past use and success                                                       The state police are already   into that incident.                lations, and only one minor,                  occurred as two men tried
with the dog, we know we’ll                                                    seeing success, even before          Other preliminary infor-        non-injury crash responded                    to flee in a car, with Ortega
be successful with this one                                                    Charger and Trooper Led-          mation indicates OSP troop-        to by troopers in their patrol                being shot as he tried to ram
as well.”                                                                      better’s training is complete.    ers arrested 53 DUII drivers,      area. “Several positive public                a police car.
   Trooper Jacob Ledbetter,                                                    They made a stop in Josephine     matching last year’s holiday       comments were received about                     Ortega remains in custody on
Charger’s handler, said, “I’m                                                  County, leading to a seizure      period total. The OSP Spring-      the high visibility enforcement               felony charges of assault with
specifically looking for the                                                   of nearly half a million dol-     field Area Command office          efforts during the busy holiday               a deadly weapon and battery
presence of drugs, especially                                                  lars in marijuana.                reported the highest number        period,” Smartt said.                         on a police officer.
PA G E                 8                D E C E M B E R                              2 0 0 9                                                                                                                                                               O S P O A       T R O O P E R              N E W S

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   Department of State Police in Oregon through its support of quality legislative and statewide candidates.

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                      Sr. Tpr. Jeff Leighty, Chair • Tpr. Dan Swift, Treasurer • Sr. Tpr. Ken Snook
                     3905 River Road N., Suite B, Salem, OR, 97303 • Telephone 503-393-6535                                                      H, I, J                                                          K, L                                             M

           START EARLY FOR 2009

             TrooperPac Contribution Form
                     The Oregon Political Tax Credit                                                                                                 A Short-sleeve pique polo shirt with embroidered OSP logo. (Heather Gray, Navy Blue, Black) S. M. L, XL,
                                                                                                                                                         XXL $29
                                                                                                                                                     B Short-sleeve pique polo shirt with embroidered OSPOA logo. (Heather Gray, Navy Blue, Black) S. M. L,

      The Oregon Political Tax Credit is a marvelous device to permit you to pro-                                                                        XL, XXL $29
                                                                                                                                                     C Hanes Beefy-T pocket T-shirt with embroidered OSP logo. (Navy Blue only) M, L, XL, XXL $16
      vide financial support to political causes of your choice. It is real and it works.                                                            D Hanes Beefy-T pocket T-shirt with embroidered OSPOA logo. (Heather Gray only) S, M, L, XL, XXL $16
      Your contribution of $50 per individual or $100 per couple costs you noth-                                                                     E Summer or winter baseball caps with embroidered OSP logo. (Navy Blue only) $10

      ing. It is the one way you can actually direct some of your own tax money in                                                                   F Long sleeve Jerzees sweatshirt, fleece lining, zip collar with embroidered OSP logo. (Black or Navy) M, L,
                                                                                                                                                         XL, XXL $32
      the way that you choose! If you don’t use it... you will lose it!                                                                              G Jacket, Tri-Mountain Mountaineer, fleece lined, Navy w/Navy lining. OSP embroidered logo. M, L, XL,
                                                                                                                                                         XXL $60

                        Yes, TrooperPAC, I support your efforts                                                                                      H Ceramic coffee mugs, color OSP logo on one side, silver badge replica inside state outline on the other
                                                                                                                                                         side. 12oz. $7.50, 15 oz. $8.50
                             on behalf of public safety and                                                                                          I   Ceramic coffee mug w/OSPOA logo on both sides. 12oz. $7.50

                              law enforcement in Oregon                                                                                              J   Ceramic 22 oz. stein with color OSP logo on one side. $12.50
                                                                                                                                                     K Leading Edge fanny pack/concealed weapon holster. Holster can be used right- or left-handed. Two sizes,
                                                                                                                                                         large or small frame. (Black only) $40
      Name                                                                                                                                           L Briefcase, nylon, deluxe, expandable, with choice of OSP or OSPOA embroidered logo. $32

      Address                                                                                                                                        M Gold or silver OSP star or OSP patch pin. Specify tie tack or lapel pin backing. $3
                                                                                                                                                     N OSP Ford Crown Victoria collector car, 1:24 scale. Personalized license plates available. $52.50
      City                                                                 State                          Zip                                        O 16 oz. Stainless steel, double steel wall, insulated travel coffee mug. Price is $11.50.
      Phone                                                               Fax                                                                        *** Also (not pictured) Leading Edge cordura briefcase with concealed weapon holster (no logo). $60
                                                                                                                                                     TO ORDER MERCHANDISE: Call the OSPOA office or e-mail Rhonda at
      City                                                                  State                         Zip                                   Pennsylvania man fires                                             A Pennsylvania history buff                         about two inches in diameter,
      Occupation                                                                                                                                cannon, hits neighbor’s house                                      who recreates firearms from                         smashed through a window
                                                                                                                                                                                                                   old wars accidentally fired a                       and a wall before landing in
                                 Enclosed is a contribution to TrooperPAC of:                                                                                                                                      2-pound cannonball through                          a closet. Nobody was hurt.
           $500                                $250                 $100                                                                                                                                           the wall of his neighbor’s home                        State police charged Maser
           $50                                 Other                                                                                                                                                               in Uniontown, Pa.                                   with reckless endangerment,
                                                                                                                                                                                                                      William Maser, 54, fired a                       criminal mischief and disor-
         Per Oregon state statute, TrooperPAC must report the name, address, employer and occupation of                                                                                                            cannonball outside his home                         derly conduct.
          individuals and corporations whose contributions total $50 or more. If you are married and place
                  both spouse names on this form, please provide full information on both spouses.                                                                                                                 in Georges Township that                               He said he is sorry and he
            SEND CONTRIBUTION TO: TrooperPAC, 3905 River Road N., Suite B, Keizer OR 97303-4805                                                                                                                    ricocheted and hit a house                          will stop shooting them on his
                                                                                                                                                                                                                   400 yards away. The ball,                           property, near Pittsburgh.

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