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									                                  Gold Bullion Bars

Gold bullion bars are the most commonly purchased form of bullion. You can
purchase gold bullion bars from almost anywhere around the world from certified
dealers. For this matter it is easy to obtain gold bullion bars. Bars come in various
weights and sizes ranging from as small as one gram to as big as 400 kilograms.
Gold bars are the easiest form of gold to measure. This article will provide you with
some information regarding the types of gold bars available, their weight, purity, and

There are two different types of gold bars that you can purchase, minted bars and
cast bars. Cast bars are gold that have been produced by directly melting down the
gold. The gold is melted down and poured into a mould that has specified
dimensions. Cast bars for the most part have little or no markings. Minted bars are
typically cut from cast bars that have been rolled to a uniform thickness. The cutting
is normally done with a die to create blanks that are then stamped with markings.
The majority of minted bars have a design or motif on the backside.

You can purchase gold bullion bars in a variety of different sizes. The smallest
sized gold bars are produced for the purpose of using them in jewelry and this is a
0.3 gram bar, the largest sized bar is owned by Mitsubishi and it weighs 250kg. If
you wanted to purchase a small sized gold bar in the United Sates there is the 1/2oz
and 1 ounce gold bar available and the largest bar you can purchase in the U.S. is a
32.15 oz. gold bar. In Europe you can purchase gold bar as small as one gram and
as big as 1000 grams. The most commonly purchased bar by banks and gold
reserves is the 400 oz. bar known as the ‘London Good Delivery’ bar.

The majority of gold bars consist of a purity of 99.5% to 99.9% pure gold, which
means they are nearly 24 karats of pure gold. The purity of the gold bar can be
different depending upon what country the bar was produced in. If you were to
purchase a gold bar from Thailand their standard gold content is 96.5%. You will
want to find out the purity of the gold bar before purchasing it. You do not have to
be too concerned about how pure the bar is because what you pay is always based
on its weight in gold. Gold bars are the purest gold bullion you will be able to
purchase as gold coins and gold jewelry typically have a combination of alloys to
make them more durable.

If you have a larger sum of money to put towards a purchase in gold bullion bars I
recommend you buy a large bar over purchasing several small bars. The reason
being is because there are added production costs to each bar so instead of paying
several production costs on many bars it is better to buy one large bar and only pay
for the one production cost. Gold bars are issued at a low premium above the
prevailing value of its gold content. To buy gold online and see special offers for
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