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									The high cost of lead-acid batteries, and lithium battery costs decline, the more
important question is the lithium battery is much lighter than lead-acid batteries.
With the rapid development of the industry of mobile power pack , intelligent digital
products, electric bicycles and electric vehicles, lithium battery industry will further
promote the development.

      Three new industries to support the the lithium resources industry chain
growth. From the point of view involv ing lithium industry trends, new materials, bio-
medicine and new energy will be the fastest growing areas of demand for lithium
resources. Expected compound annual growth rate of demand for lithium res ources
over the next five years were 10 to 12%, 12 to 15%, 20 to 25%. New materials
industry is the main focus areas containing lithium lightweight new materials, rare
earth metallurgy, ceramic materials, petrochemicals, fine chemicals, etc.; bio-
pharmaceutical industry, mainly focused on the antiviral drugs, statin cholesterol-
lowering drugs; new energy industries mainly focus in the field of lithium battery,
new energy vehicles.
      The upstream of lithium carbonate industry Aspect is a battle of the cost of the
Lithium ore extraction of lithium. Belong to the basis of lithium products from
upstream lithium carbonate product pattern, industrial-grade lithium brine production
costs, compared with the low cost of production of ore, the overall supply and
demand for slightly larger than in the form of demand; battery grade lithium
carbonate product deep processing of lithium products, brine production costs and
considerable ore production costs, the overall supply and demand pattern for slightly
less than the demand; future the sector weightings of the two techniques depends
on the level of cost control of the two techniques.

      Downstream market will start step by step. From the trend of the development
of the industry, the driving factors of the lithium battery market is mainly affected by
the technical, cost, and policy factors, technical factors reflected in the consistency
and power of lithium battery production management, cost factors cf lead-acid the
price competitiveness of the battery, the policy is mainly reflected in the government
efforts to support the lithium industry, especially efforts to implement subsidies.
Considering the impact of three dimensions, the lithium battery market will
progressively start.
       Decided to invest in technology maturity timing. As the graphene anode
materials <from the technical maturity of the lithium battery industry in accordance
with the sort of technical maturity diaphragm < lithium hexafluorophosphate
electrolyte salt < cathode material electrolyte < anode material. New energy vehicle
market has not really start, power battery demand has not been real heavy volume
point in time, the investment in the diaphragm and hexafluoro phosphate lithium can
take into account the investment income and the safety margin to the future to see
two lines, one is technical progress line, graphene technology to obtain a
breakthrough application prospects gradually clear over with graphite alkene stock,
another line is the market demand line, with the new energy vehicle market start to
significantly boost the market demand, you can increase the amount of investment in
the electrolyte, the the positive anode material leading enterprises .

       Investments involv ing lithium industry can follow the three logic mainline. From
lithium resources, the maturity of the industry and technology development trend,
we believe that the investment in the lithium battery industry chain can refer to three
main lines,

       First, concern has been with strong profitability and growth more determined
lithium products deep processing field, such as lithium, butyl lithium catalyst level of
lithium chloride and other new materials and biomedical field, proposes a focus
Ganfeng Lithium;

      Lithium battery industry chain bottlenecks, such as the diaphragm and
hexafluorophosphate lithium is now in the stage of accelerated technological
progress, domestically produced alternative investment value;

      Third, if the lithium battery to start than-expected Shanshangufen, the China
Baoan positive and negative materials and electrolyte leading companies and
industry chain upstream Tian Qi Li, Ganfeng Lithium Lithium Carbonate leading
enterprises will substantial benefit.

       In short, with the development of the portable mobile power pack industry,
mobile power will increasingly become a popular choice for consumers, everyone
with a smart phone, everyone use mobile power situation is bound to arise. The
development of this industry, will inevitably bring mobile power accessories lithium
battery technology continues to evolve, the outbreak of the lithium battery industry
will usher in the industry.

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