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									NetCee Systems, Inc. Announces Availability of the Ultra Packet Processor

Fremont, CA, February 02, 2013 --( Shakeel Mustafa from NetCee Systems, Inc., a network
solutions company, announced the availability the Ultra Packet Processor, an ultra high speed deep packet
inspection engine with broad applicability in protocol analysis and pattern recognition. The Ultra Packet
Processor can identify and process over one Trillion types of protocol at more than 50+ Gbps (five times
faster than the current Industry Standards, 10 Gbps). A Trillion types of Protocol comes from all the
possible combinations of Protocols that can be identified from Layer 2 (Data Link Layer) to Layer 7
(Application Layer).

Applications include:

* IPv6 routing lookup tables at ultra high speed

* High speed protocol analyzers

* Stateful protocol identification

* Flow, application and session monitoring

* Quality of service and prioritization

* Application layer firewalls

“The idea of the Ultra Packet Processor was to provide an ultra high speed deep packet inspection
solution at low cost. Today's packet processing techniques are either expensive or operate at low speeds.
Our Linux-based operating system runs on low cost, off the shelf hardware,” said Shakeel Mustafa, of
NetCee Systems. “The Ultra Packet Processor runs at 50+ Gbps and addresses the challenges that
customers face with high speed packet matching and classification. Although, today's devices can identify
real time application protocols, they can neither report nor maintain the information about the state of an
individual connection and associated QoS parameters (delay, packet loss, jitter, out of sequence packets)
in the millions of VOIP or Video connections traversing over multitude of Routers across the Internet.”

AboutNetCee Systems
NetCee Systems is a developer of embedded networking solutions for enterprises. Its other solutions
address high speed QoS and the analysis and improvement of QoS of Ethernet/TCP/IP/UDP/RTP traffic
over LAN and WANs based upon its deep packet inspection technology. NetCee is based in Fremont,
California. For more information please visit or contact Shakeel Mustafa at or call at (650) 283-7312.

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