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					                          Slice of Bread
                                            Monthly Newsletter of Bread of Life Lutheran Church
                                        1415 17th Avenue Southwest, Minot ND 58701 (701) 838-3360

       May, June 2010                                        *     *        *
                                                       Jeff Hoverson, Pastor
                                        Email:        Cell phone: (701)833-5601

                                                                            Pastoral Acts
   Special Happenings May/June                                                      Baptisms
                                                                           Ryder Roland Magandy
                                                                            Rayna Jean Magandy
May 9 - Mother’s Day/Confirmation                                     Kash Remington Robert Beckedahl
       Saturday worship 5:00 PM                                              Bereavement
       Sunday worship 8:45 and 11:00 am                                       Elroy R. Peterschick
       Confirmation service at 11:00 am

          Summer Worship Schedule
Beginning the weekend of May 15/16 the worship
schedule through Labor Day weekend will be:
      Saturday worship 5:00 PM
      Sunday worship 9:30 AM
                                                                        In memory of Geneva Nettleton
                                                                     from Ole & Laurie Honadel
Pentecost Celebration – May 22/23                                        In memory of Tony Foltyn from
       Saturday worship 5:00 PM followed by barbecue                 Kevin & Tracey Lawson
supper                                                                  In memory of Elroy Peterschick
       Sunday worship 9:30 AM followed by recognition                from Hilda Farstad, George &
coffee. High School seniors will be honored. Those with              Jeanice Officer, Joylea Knutson,
birthdays or other significant events in their lives will also       Ray & Judy Mock
be recognized                                                           In memory of Geraldo Borge
                                                                     Arguello by Hilda Farstad, George
                                                                     & Jeanice Officer, Joylea Knutson
Metigoshe Day Camp at BOL – June 1-4
       For youth entering 1st through 6th grades

Community Family Night/Carnival –
                  June 23
       5:30-9:00 PM Games, music, pop corn, supper,
                                                                         Memorial Day will be May 31
inspirational time, vintage cars, much more                              Remember those who serve and
                                                                         have served in our Military.
       Day Camp at
       Bread of Life

    Camp Metigoshe Staff                Community Outreach
    Will be at Bread of Life                   and
        June 1-4, 2010,
          9 am-3 pm
                                        Carnival Fun Night
                                             Something for everyone

Your youth are invited to join us          Wednesday, June 23,
for an exciting week of vacation            5:30 – 9:00 PM
Bible school-Camp Metigoshe
Day Camp!                               Potluck Meal beginning at 5:30,
                                        Carnival Games, Bounce House,
                                            Dunking Booth, Prizes,
There will be fun, worship,               Inspirational Time – 7:00 pm
games, snacks, singing, crafts      Special Music -The Prairie Gospel Singers
                                                 Fun for all ages
Day Camp is for youth entering           Put the date on your calendar
1st through 6th grades.                    Plan to be a participant
                                          Plan to help as you are able
Contact the Bread of Life           Each year this community event has grown
Church Office (838-3360) for                    bigger and better.
                                       Many hands are needed to make it
more information and to register.   successful. If you are available, there is a
                                     place for you to help with this fun event.
                                     There are big jobs and many little ones.

                                                If you can help,
                                        call the church office 838-3360
                                                    838-       721-
                                        Doug Berg 838-9289, 721-8729
From Pastor Jeff
Hello friends,                                                                       May 2010

 Well, my last newsletter for Bread of Life has arrived. Hard to comprehend that six years ago I had
my initial interview in this same office. I am so thankful for that first phone call to the call committee
chair at the time, Sandy Gilbertson. It began the best six years of ministry. Remembering this desk
and just having a sense of knowing that God was going to call me here. That next morning, God was
calling us to Bread of Life.

Knowing the hurdles that were overcome to get here, JoAnn and I became convinced that this was the
Lord’s assignment for us. After just a few weeks it became apparent that God had made a good fit.
We did ministry together. Doug Berg was the president at that time and, from him on down the line, I
watched God use so many of you in wonderful ways. Many of you began to pray more, many became
more involved with youth, many of you led worship, many of you worked hard behind the scenes,
cleaning, running the sound booth, leading women’s groups, coming to men’s classes, helping with
funerals, going with me on visitations, helping to bring God’s Word to Bread of Life as well as Douglas,
reading the Bible more, bringing your Bibles more. These just to name a few.

And, yes, there was tensions and disagreements. I really appreciate the support from so many in our
choice to home educate, even though I know it is not easy for some to understand. I want to be sure
you know that I respect you teachers. We need good teachers like you for these kids. Our decision to
educate our own is not related to your quality. I think most of you are better than I am at teaching.
Our reasons have to do with our conviction that education is our job as parents. So, please consider
yourself thanked and appreciated as a teacher. Our schools and our churches need good, Christian
people like you.

I have really enjoyed the sessions for pre-marital couples, baptisms, and yes, even funerals. And who
could forget Julia Peterson jumping with the kids in the jumping castle at the carnival that year. She
also made the clown outfits. All for the kids. Denalie and the carnival committee deserve kudos as
well. One of my favorite times has been the children in the children sermons. You kids are all a
blessing to me and to the church. Most importantly, to God.

The latest tension that led us to a vote, a split and a new church, has not been easy for anyone.
There is no play book on how to proceed here. All will be strained for awhile, but I do believe that, with
God and His Word, all will work for good to those that love Him. Romans 8:28. I believe it is a move of
the Holy Spirit. We don’t often understand God at the beginning of a change. I believe we will
understand more and more as God moves forward.

Allow me to encourage this thought: this leaves us all with an opportunity for self-examination. To re-
visit the things we learned from His church like confession and forgiveness, trust, patience, conviction,
reconciling, etc. Now is the time to employ them. While we are being tested, we can all grow in our
faith. We can all find our way to the steering wheel of Christ’s church wherever that may be.

       His Word is the only guide that can steer us properly
       God’s Word is able and true.
       God’s Word is alive. His Word became flesh and dwelt among us. John 1
       God’s Word is trustworthy. “Every Word of God is flawless…..” Proverbs. 30:5-6

As far as our next mission, looks like the Lord is keeping me in Minot, so feel free to call anytime.
God’s mission for me has always been to bring people to Christ……

I hope to thank many more of you in person.

See you around – coffee is on me – love in Christ, pastor jeff
                                                       Recognition Sunday
                                                    As we celebrate the presence of the Holy Spirit
     .                                              and the “birthday” of the church on June 23 we
                                                    will also honor those with birthdays,
                                                    anniversaries, and other significant dates. High
                                                    School seniors will also be honored at the Ice
Pentecost Celebration Weekend will be May
                                                    cream and cake fellowship after the service. If
22/23. This is the time we ask for RED
                                                    you have a special day this month, come so
geranium donations. We use them as a part of
                                                    you can be honored. Others, please come and
the Pentecost services and then we will plant
                                                    be a part of this special day in the church year.
them outside. We ask that you also wear RED
to church on that day.
                                                    In the future, the 3rd Sunday of each month will
                                                    be designated for special recognitions.
RED is the color for Pentecost Sunday. RED
symbolizes the fire of the Holy Spirit. The Day
of Pentecost is the culmination of the Easter
celebration. The risen Christ, having shown
himself to His disciples and having ascended,
sends the promised gift of the Spirit to the
expectant church. In other words, we are
celebrating the Holy Spirit and the “birthday” of
the church.

Cost per plant is $5.00 and payment must
accompany the order. Please make checks             Best wishes are extended to those who are
payable to Bread of Life. Orders must be turned     graduating from colleges and high school
in to the church office no later than May 17.       The high school graduates that will be
                                                    recognized at BOL as a part of the
Number of plants_____at $5.00 each =______          Pentecost celebration May 23, 9:30 AM are:

In loving memory of (deceased):                            Zach Bucher
___________________________________                        Nicholas Erickson
  Summer Worship                                           Ryley Godejohn
                                                           Chelsey Hett
  Schedule                                                 Ashley Maercklein
  Beginning the weekend of May 15/16 the                   Joshua Melom
  worship schedule through Labor Day                       Samuel Olson
  weekend will be:
        Saturday worship 5:00 PM                    These youth will be recognized with a gift at
        Sunday worship 9:30 AM                      the worship service and will be honored at
                                                    the fellowship time.

  Pentecost Saturday
  As a part of the Pentecost weekend, the BOL
  Men in Mission will host a barbecue supper        Suddenly        “A sound like the blowing of
  after the 5:00 PM Saturday May 22 service.        a violent wind came from heaven and filled
  There will be hamburgers, potato salad, beans,    the whole house where they were sitting.”
  etc. Put the date on your calendar and plan to    Acts 2:2
  be a part.
                                                   As the school year again comes to a close we
                                                   say thank you to all who have helped to make it
                                                   a good year. Thank you to
                                                           - The parents who faithfully bring their
                                                   youth each week so they may be fed with the
            Confirmation                           “Bread of Life” – the story of Jesus and His
Congratulations to those youth who are             great love for all.
confirming their faith in Jesus Christ:                    - Those behind the scene persons
                                                   who pick up the ball and keep things going
              Shawn Danielson                      when needed.
              Alexander Davy                               - RaeLynn Mapes who shared her
              Dylan Ellis                          musical talents to lead the Sunday students.
              Jennifer Hamilton                            - The Sunday teachers, The
              McKenzie Kranz                       Wednesday guides and leaders, who are
              Clay Poole                           here so faithfully each week.
              Samantha Redding                             - Misty Weed and James Sprandel,
              Kyler Roteliuk                       coordinators of the Sunday program.
              Randy Small
              Nathan Weatherspoon                  When you have the opportunity, give them your
                                                   personal thanks for the many hours they have
Let us give thanks for the church leaders,         spent. Say thank you to the teacher of your
teachers, friends, and family members who          youth.
have nurtured these students through the

    It’s Not Too Late
 Registration materials for Metigoshe
 Ministries and Camp of the Cross are in the
 church narthex. Bread of Life Women pays
                                                   Remember Dad June 20
 ½ of the camp registration. Camp is a great
 experience for the youth who attend. Make          What Makes a Dad
 sure your child doesn’t miss out. If there is a   God took the strength of a mountain,
 financial need beyond this scholarship,           The majesty of a tree,
 please let the church office know.                The warmth of a summer sun,
                                                   The calm of a quiet sea,
                                                   The generous soul of nature,
                                                   The comforting arm of night,
                                                   The wisdom of the ages,
                                                   The power of the eagle's flight,
                                                   The joy of a morning in spring,
                                                   The faith of a mustard seed,
                                                   The patience of eternity,
                                                   The depth of a family need,
                                                   Then God combined these qualities,
                                                   When there was nothing more to add,
                                                   He knew His masterpiece was complete,
                                                   And so, He called it ... Dad
                                                   Author Unknown
We salute all mothers                                The “Ministry Families” rotation has now
                                                     completed two years. We thank everyone who
and those who serve as                               has participated and helped with the weekly
                                                     needs of the congregation. Whatever your
a role model in the life                             involvement level, your cooperation has been
of a child.
                                                     There is now a need for some restructuring and
A strong woman works out everyday to keep            as we move forward there will no longer be a
her body in shape…. But a woman of strength          monthly potluck.
kneels in prayer to keep her soul in shape.
                                                     Each month the servant ministries will be posted
A strong woman isn’t afraid of anything… But a       in the narthex. The members of the monthly
woman of strength shows courage in the midst         group will also be posted. We encourage all
of her fear.                                         members/friends of the congregation to help
                                                     out as they are able. Simply fill your name in
A strong woman won’t let anyone get the best         where you can help. If you have questions,
of her… But a woman of strength knows God            please call the church office, 838-3360. Please
will catch her when she falls.                       respond faithfully, as we all share the load and
                                                     the joy of God’s church. “Growing To Serve”
A strong woman wears the look of confidence…
But a woman of strength wears grace.                 Special needs during the summer include lawn
                                                     maintenance and building maintenance projects.
A strong woman has faith that she is strong          There is a servant task for anyone willing to
enough for her journey… But a woman of               help.
strength has faith that it is in the journey that
she will be come strong.                             If you are not physically able to
                                                     participate, you are asked to support the
Take some time to recognize those                    congregation with your prayers.
special women who have influenced your
                                                     BOL Women
                                                    Come join MERRY CIRCLE for Bible Study and
                                                    Fellowship on Weds, May 5 and June 2, 1:30
                                                    PM in the church fellowship room.
Summer Worship
Beginning the weekend of May 15/16 the              HOSPITALIZED?
worship schedule through Labor Day                          If a member of your household is
weekend will be:                                    hospitalized (or you have any pastoral need)
                                                    let the office know (838-3360). Office hours
      Saturday worship 5:00 PM
                                                    are 9 – 1, Monday – Friday. There is also
      Sunday worship 9:30 AM                        voice mail so you can leave a message at
                                                    any time.
                                               7 Shawn Danielson, Cathy Henderson
                                               8 Troy Erickson, Shariese Long,
                                               10 Bob Grosz, Cindi Mintie
                                               12 Dreu Hood, Chad Anderson
                                               13 Dan Stromberg
MAY BIRTHDAYS                                  14 Aaron Gilbertson, Kathy Goetz,
2 Gavin Argent,                                       Robert Magandy, Joyce Olson
3 Jacob Hanson, Andrew Bender                  15 Zach Bucher
4 Brayden Erickson                             16 Brad Morrison
5 Don Fricke, Taryn Warman                     17 Andrea Gilbertson, Doug Goetz,
7 Kim Francis, Cody Sundby, Leslie Herslip            Steve McCarty
9 Justin Dupre’                                19 Ben Juelich, Roger Luck,
10 Kara Haugenoe                                      Tylar Novlesky
12 Kim Flaten, Jennifer Ingold,                21 Donalda Jensen, Logan Walker,
13 Jordan Dupre’                                      Joshua Groninger
14 Brett Novlesky                              22 Randy Small
15 Curtis Sitter, Megan Bender                 23 Jessica Ehli, Lane Mardikian
17 Evan Hanson                                         Sandy Drevecky
18 Adam Melom                                  24 Gordon Lien, Corrinne Sand
19 LouAnn Getzlaff, Alan Henning, Bob Mintie   25 Lydia Hoverson, Lindsey Riely
21 Nathan Branson, Renae Jesperson,            26 Gerry Hedberg, Bill Venable
         Malenius Klimpel                             Jenifer Stavem
22 Rondel Roteliuk, Geraldine Aslakson         28 Bev Donovan, Savannah Kelly, Marcus
23 Kyle Haugstad, Kendra Bercier                       Eberle, Dennis Lahti, Chase Hiller
        Josh Weatherspoon                      29 Kiana Keller
24 Tina Boyce, Elizabeth Nerem                 30 Katie Abrahamson, Kiyanna Hall
25 Kaleb Burnham, Krista Harju
26 Mary Ann Fitchner, Carol Olson
28 Jessica Kesler, Jerry Lawson,
29 Eric Gilbertson, Janice Hewitt              JUNE ANNIVERSARIES
30 Mandi Lembcke, Tifany Hiller                1 Don & Carmen Fricke, Bob &
                                                       Jennifer Will
                                               3 Dan & Sandy Gilbertson
                                               4 Brad & Denalie Morrison
MAY ANNIVERSARIES                              5 Alan & Kim Flaten
3 Bill & Dawndi Kesler                         7 Lon & Sandy Drevecky
4 Brad & Renee Harju                           8 Andrew & Emily Hanson
11 Rod & Joyce Shuman                          10 Travis & Tiffany Grosche, George & Jeanice
12 Terry & Barb Ebach                                  Officer, Wayde and Jennifer Sick
15 Bill & Micky Venable                        11 Nathan and Mandi Iverson
19 Daren & Renae Jesperson                     17 Rusten & Lisa Roteliuk
21 Daren & Brenda Sandstrom                    18 Bob & Marilyn Grosz
                                               19 Ben & Maxine Juelich
                                               23 Ron & Ardis Neshem,
                                                       John & Kim Haugen
JUNE BIRTHDAYS                                 24 Tom & Kathy Henderson,
1 Kelly Drevecky, Brandon Goetz,                       Steve & Kim McCarty
        Julianne Bonner                        25 Kevin & Tracey Lawson
2 Melanie Abrahamson, Avary Sick               27 Jamie & Heidi Bender
3 Joshua Kesler, Jaden Long, Robbie            28 Bill & Marlys Klimpel,
         Port, Erik Schoenberg-Carton                  Roger & Rebecca Luck
5 Ian Thompson, Darren Groninger               29 Dan & Kari Danielson
6 Tamara Helebust, Mikayla Lemere              30 Chad & Jennifer Cuddigan
   Shannon Kranz, Embert Sveum                         Cameron & Jessica Schilken

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